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Kate Hudson & Matthew Bellamy: Groucho Club Couple

Kate Hudson & Matthew Bellamy: Groucho Club Couple

Kate Hudson and Matthew Bellamy have a date night on Tuesday (August 31) in London, England.

The 31-year-old actress and the Muse frontman, 32, tried to sneak out the back door of The Ivy before heading to The Groucho Club.

Kate recently told Elle UK she’s not looking for marriage but is still open to finding love.

“I think a lot of times people are terrified of love and stop themselves from experiencing it,” she said. “I don’t ever want to get that jaded. I do believe in love. I believe that when you really open yourself up to love, it’s the most beautiful thing.”

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  • seila

    love him so much, i like the couple, MUSE ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!♥

  • coco

    matt looks adorable as usual :3

  • titi

    ahaha in picture 4 you can see Dom’s shoulder ;) that blonde hair and leopard belt! poor Dom…I wish we could see his face, but I have a feeling he prefers to stay out of gossip.

    Sorry for my English :P

  • Tom

    Oh Matt, why. Why Matt?

  • waffle bowl

    @Tom: I was about to write the same thing. Seriously Matt, WHY? She’s gonna dump your ass and leave you broken-hearted just like she does with the other dudes. And you’re gonna hurt BADLY. This is not real love you found, this is a rebound relationship. You just broke up with your girlfriend of 8 years, come on, there’s no way you can fall in love again THAT quickly.

    I just hop this relationship doesn’t ruin the music.

  • ****

    Oh look who’s trying to be the flat-chested Gwyneth Palrow. Go away Kate Hudson, nobody likes you (as is evidenced by your failure of a film career).

  • mailey

    i love her hair!

  • Giulia Muser

    Oh, my Matt *-* He looks so beautiful! Hope he’s happy with Kate and hope she won’t hurt him =(

    @titi: Haha, yes it’s Dom :D <3

  • mrs.bellamy

    waffle bowl firts place his ex girlfriend broke with him, not him with her. ok. she blew away now is the time for kate.

  • Carolyn Carprenter

    Matt, your 14:59 is rapidly approaching as long as you stick with this ugly , meanspirited diseased hog. You have lost the respect of everybody except the Twilighters who think it’s “so cool:” that the’s dating a truly talentless actress. I used to respect you Matt… now you are no worth no more than the herpes she’s undoubtedly given you. Gaia was right to dump your sorry ass.

  • Kimberley

    @Carolyn Carprenter: Lol, do you realise how stupid you sound? What does who Matt dates have to do with anything? “lost the respect of everyone”… so you speak for everyone now do you? Oh, and by the way, I doubt it matters much to him whether or not he has the respect of a rude asshole such as yourself. Get a grip!

  • Kati

    Absolutely agree.
    I love their music for many years already. And I don’t understand why we must loose respect for Matt. It’s so childish. I just hope he will be happy and muse will be alright. Cheers

  • JJ

    I can accept he’s fallen for a Hollywood actress (kind of) but why go to places like the Ivy and this club that naturally attract attention from the paps?? Since when did Muse hang out in these celeb type places – oh yes, since Matt started dating KH! I just don’t get the whole thing really, it’s a shame to see Matt/Muse being part of this celeb scene now but what can we do. As long as they continue making good music, I will always support them though.

  • pizzahead

    Looking forward to this fling to end. It’s pointless they are both media whorse. All it is attention attention attention looks at me i’m with an awful actress who has a kid but all i do is sleep with different guys and go to clubs. Matt run as fast as you can you are hurting your image badly.

  • wingbat

    Yep, this is the perfect place to go to avoid media attention if you are dating another high profile person! He better not complain about the intrusion as he knew what he was getting into with Kate Hudson, though he doesn’t seem bothered about it from what I read in a mag interview recently, plus he grins at the paps when they’re taking their pics, so maybe he actually likes it all (God forbid). I will never understand this pairing, from day 1 I thought it was probably a rebound thing and I still stick by that.

  • ex-bellamy fan

    isn’t the expiration date on this one up yet?
    Some friends in the business who have known Matt for years went to the LA show and they said he’s changed so much since they saw him at Coachella (when he met that hag) – he wouldn’t even say hello to them, and one of the guys is a BIG shot in the music biz. Guess he’s really Mr. Hollywood Cliche Ego now for sure.

  • ex-bellamy fan

    For all her faults, Gaia kept his ego in check. Of course he loves the attention. I’m afraid we’re seeing Matt for who he really is now.
    I wonder how Dom and Chris can even stand him anymore.

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