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Bristol Palin: First 'Dancing with the Stars' Rehearsal Pics!

Bristol Palin: First 'Dancing with the Stars' Rehearsal Pics!

Bristol Palin grins from ear to ear as she begins rehearsals for Dancing with the Stars with her professional dance partner, Mark Ballas, in these recent photos.

The 19-year-old former first daughter of Alaska practiced her moves with Mark, a two-time champ on the program, for their debut performance on Monday, September 20!

Bristol will face off against celebs including The HillsAudrina Patridge, Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino and David Hasselhoff!

10+ pictures inside of Bristol Palin rehearsing for DWTS

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bristol palin first pictures dwts rehearsals 01
bristol palin first pictures dwts rehearsals 02
bristol palin first pictures dwts rehearsals 03
bristol palin first pictures dwts rehearsals 04
bristol palin first pictures dwts rehearsals 05
bristol palin first pictures dwts rehearsals 06
bristol palin first pictures dwts rehearsals 07
bristol palin first pictures dwts rehearsals 08
bristol palin first pictures dwts rehearsals 09
bristol palin first pictures dwts rehearsals 10

Photos: Greg Zabilski/ABC
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  • MlleF

    It would be a good occasion to say to the audience that her mother knows no shiit about politic….and wouldn’t give a damn about it if it was free to work for…

    But did she only kinow what her mother’s ideas…:)

  • Feather

    She’s a cute girl and she looks very sweet and I’m not a hater, but the truth is that she’s only on the show for be the knocked up daughter of a failed nominee for vice president. She is not a celebrity.

  • Buzzy

    It’s easy to grin from ear to ear when there’s nothing between them. There’s a special place in Hades reserved for John McCain for introducing the Lower 48 to the whole deranged Palin family.

  • nanny825

    I love Mark Ballas, I hope he wins again.

  • nanny825

    Excuse me, last time I checked this is a forum for Hollywood gossip, not a place to vent your rage about the political climate. If you want to express your political opinions, write a letter to the editor of the Washington Post, Weekly Standard, WSJ, LA Times, whatever. Leave politics off this forum please.

    She’s a 19 year-old-girl who has nothing to do with politics. Stop with the cheap shots.

  • missy

    she’s cute, I hope she does well.

  • .

    this site sucks

  • Correlation Accepted

    @nanny825: It’s an open forum. If the poster wants to make that comment s/he can. If JUST JARED doesn’t like it, he’ll remove it. And, newsflash, the H-wood gossip aspect of the site and the obvious political connection are relevant AND interrelated. Time time fire up the synapses, hon’.

  • Elaine Robinson

    I am so disappointed with Dancing With the Stars. Bristol Palin was a teenage unwed mother. What makes her a star? If this makes her a star I have about 200 more stars for you to choose from. This just lets everybody know that we continue to have double standards. Her mother may be a star to some of us but Bristol certainly isn’t. I know that it doesn’t mean very much but I won’t be watching the show this season. This is absolutely ridiculous. What kind of message are you sending to our young teens?

  • missy

    @Elaine Robinson:

    some might consider the brats in the WH, stars, get over yourself

  • Crittle

    Too bad she doesn’t seem to have any of the charisma her mother has. I think she’ll have one of those stiff, awkward, stunned Kate Gosselin things going on

  • S*8hallo

    Not a fan of the show since they got rid of ORIGINAL female host and former ET reporter Lisa Canning. Her charm and experience as a reporter was great addition.
    BUT last season drew me in with a very competitive cast. Won’t be watching this season.
    It should be called Dancing D-listers.

  • go bristol

    she seems a sweet nice pretty girl. i hope she wins.

  • Frisco

    Who did Sarah pay to get her daughter on the show? She’s not even a reality show celeb. Poor Mark; another losing season for him.

  • Elaine Robinson


    Please can you leave the White House out of this. I did not call anyone out of their name and now the Obama children are brats. Get over yourself! You are entitled to your opinion and so am I. I shouldn’t respond to you but the comment about the children in the White House was totally unnecessary. They have nothing to do with Bristol being on Dancing With the Stars!

  • ms bar jolie gaga

    Yeah, why is she a “Star”? For having a child out of wedlock while she was a teenager? Nice message. Whatever. That family:” so hypocritical. Media hungry hillbillies.

  • gillian


    IF this 19 year old girl has nothing to do with politics, then she has nothing to do with being a celebrity…. or anybody special for that matter…. shes the daughter of a failed politician, deal with it.

  • Web Surfer

    I would also have to agree. Having a child out of wedlock is not an easy situation and instead of spending time dancing and trying to be a “celebrity” she should be focusing on her family and trying to rectify the differences between her and the father of the child.

  • boston61


    RepubliKKKans suck!!!

  • Denise

    She’s a pretty girl, she seems to be taking care of her baby (unlike Kate Gosselin and her kids). I don’t remember Dancing with the Stars being anything more than D list anyway, it’s not like you are seeing Halle Berry – also an unwed mother – or any other really major celebrities dancing.

  • she is

    making a career out of being an unwed mother.

    Just another right wing hypocrite. She does what she wants – but Bristol and her mother want to tell YOU how to live YOUR life because they think you are too stupid to make your own decisions.

  • Go Ask Alice

    @she is:

    I agree.

  • Go Ask Alice
  • shoegal

    she agreed to do the show, which means she is setting herself up for criticism. if she wanted to stay out of the political arena, she should not have done appearances, etc. for her mother, a career politician. does anyone really believe that any teen mom can get on dancing with the stars on her own?

  • Marieme

    Agree #9

    And wow! What great mom! She has a very young child and still plans to rehearse hours a day for weeks? How fantastic!

    Between her and Audrina it’s hard to choose which one I want gone first. Let’s hope they leave one right after the other.

  • http://@ttitude karesme

    @Elaine Robinson: I couldn’t agree more. I love Dancing with the Star, but I won’t be watching until she’s out of the show. This is a big disappointement. She’s not a star and even if I’m just one in millions, I’m not going to make a star by watching….

  • http://@ttitude karesme

    Bristol Palin is not a Star. What happened here? This is such a weird decision for a show that I thought was a breath-of-fresh-air with their nice family-values style… But not any more. Why is Bristol Palin in this show? Is she a good role model? Is she in the same category of Shawn Johnson? Really? Shawn is an Olympic Gymnast, Bristol is famous for being the pregnant teenage daughter of a politician. What are we telling to young people here? I understand that she’ll be interesting to have in an interview show, if you’re Oprah, whatever. She’s not a B-list, C-list or D-list celebrity in the same sense of the other celebrities in the show. We already suffered the revolting Kate, but this time DWTS went to far. I won’t be watching this time… I’ll miss the Hoff…

  • dave

    her mom

    when you have a limited vocabulary, and lack common knowledge in simple basic areas of society and of the world, you turn into something like her, you can’t win in words, so you become violent, as they say she tried to be a bully to those weaker, and even tries to be a leader to those stupider than she, and this is 100 percent correct, point blank, she is a uneducated fool, slow in learning, and only those who follow her and listen, normal society know they are as slow as she is, or have their own hidden agenda, others countries have written articles about her in what i am saying, thats why they paid her to come to japan and speak, and the fool dont even realize all she can do is blab nonsense, and lies knowing the stupid and weak and those hidding behind their own agendas, dont even see it.

  • Digusted

    Mark Ballas is a huge jerk. Hope they get voted off first

  • Go Bristol!


  • Stars?

    The Situation? Audrina Patridge? David Hasselhoff? OMG. They are really reaching this season.

  • She’s a great person

    She’s a wonderful person who works hard at a day job who happened to make a mistake. She is making the best of it. I will vote for her sooner than the “situation”.

  • keli

    SHE IS NOT A STAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why is a single mom on DWTS? She is known for nothing other than being Palin’s daughter an having a bastard child.

  • keli

    she is a star for having a child out of wedlock?????? the producers need to re evaluate who they have deemed as “stars”. I WILL NOT be watching this season!!!

  • keli

    she is a star for having a child out of wedlock?????? the producers need to re evaluate who they have deemed as “stars”. I WILL NOT be watching this season!!!

  • Raven

    No she is not a celebrity. Only famous cuz..of her mom and having a baby out of wedlock. Nothing against her. She has not jacked my car or anything but, what has she done really to be chosen for “Dancing with the stars’? Oh well…Maybe, all that dancing will make her lose some weight. She’s kind of fat.

  • zzzz

    I am disgusted with the show’s choices of “stars”, and will not be watching. I even find these pics of Palin annoying, as she is a “star” for being a politician’s daughter and a Christian, right-wing unwed mother. Hypocrisy sucks!

  • KAren

    Thank you !!!! To much hate in this world.. Leave her alone…..

  • Pugetkid

    So Sad! Many, many people don’t seem to get it! The guys and gals picked for DWTS are not “Stars”–they are stars in that they will attract attention and “sell papers”–I.E. grab eyeballs and thus ratings.

    With Bristol getting almost as much attention as the rest of the cast combined it shows that Deena Katz has done a SUPER job with casting.

    One can tell by the super libs reaction–they couldn’t be impartial about anything!

  • james

    I think they copied this article on
    It sgot some funny onle liners about bristol. I think er dancing skills are prob awful unless they let her dance with a gun and a grizzly….she is still my fave on the show

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