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Chelsea Handler & Dave Salmoni Split

Chelsea Handler & Dave Salmoni Split

Chelsea Handler and her beau, Animal Planet hunk Dave Salmoni, have called it quits.

The laugh-out-loud comedian joked during her September 1st monologue, “I have been working for the E! network for over three years now, and in addition to hosting this chucklefest of a show, I’ve given many suggestions on how to improve the quality of their entire network. As you can tell by the current line-up of shows, they have taken none of my suggestions. So I’ve decided to consult for other networks.”

“Up until a couple weeks ago, I was working very intimately with the Animal Planet, but unfortunately, that contract was terminated,” she laughed. “However, I enjoyed being in bed with them and may hook up for an occasional project.” Ha ha! We love it!!!

Chelsea, 35, and Dave, 34, were spotted together last in late August at a concert.

Hope Chelsea brings a hot new date to the VMAs!!

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  • latam

    how crass

  • boston61

    Of course they did. This user needs to be sleeping with a Network CEO. She is a talentless loudmouth prostitute.

  • boston61

    Of course they did. This user needs to be sleeping with a Network CEO. She is a talentless loudmouth prostitute.

  • Dominic

    Chelsea is the hardest looking 35 year old ever! For comparisons sake I went online to find other celebs her age. Christina Hendricks, Angelina Jolie, M.I.A., Kate Winslet, Drew Barrymore, Milla Jovovich and Eva Longoria. I think all that bitterness she throws at people must be eating her face from the inside out.

  • aha

    Very good.
    Now she and Jennifer Aniston can hang out.
    Whenever Chelsea opens her mouth crap and piss are coming out of it (out of wrong holes).
    You are going to die alone.

  • Cleo

    No sh!t sherlocks….I had to bring the split to your attention. What we want to know is WHY??? It’s awful sudden after all the hoopla with them recently…and ya know there’s a story there… so find out and print that. This post is a waste of space and doesn’t tell us anything we didn’t know from watching her show last night (you get the eyeroll and loser sneeze) Get to the dirt and earn your money for Cry-eye…Geesh!

  • Summer

    Hahahaha, she’s the epitome of cool! I love her.

  • busted

    HA HA HA HA..

    I guess he found out she is a nasty horse face Bit@h.. good..

    I hope every guy out there dumps her just like her friend.

    Birds of a feather flock together.. Can’t stand this woman at all. NO TALENT HACK.

  • Rachel

    She is a loser with a capital “L”. She looks like 45 not 35. Is she best friend with Anniston…they can go man hunting like two losers?

  • Camille

    They look cute together, this is sad!!!!

  • Lucky Charm


    That’s because she’s changed her birthdate. Her real age is closer to 40 something.

  • trinilady

    check out the pics where they were at the concert he looks tense when realisation hits that he was set up

  • QueenOfTrashin

    Beau? No. Rebound guy from just breaking up with a long-term real beau? Yes.

  • the truth

    @QueenOfTrashin: Right on the money. Rachel bilson is doing the same thing too.cause they keep saying that she’s not dating these guys.

  • laverdadduele

    No surprise. What man in his right mind would stay with this annoying b.i.t.c.h.?

  • slippy

    Hey all LEAVE CHELSEA ALONE pleez -we all knew that Dave had to go back out to the jungle to film more animal stuff -it was a summer fling nothing more . You go girl -

  • mailey

    IT’S ABOUT TIME. he can do so much better.

  • queen bee

    Jared was reeeeally kind to her by posting that 80% airbrushed picture! LOL!! That woman is toxic. I’m so happy jen is friends with her and hanging out with her. Birds of a feather….troll together…

  • well

    Geez, is her picture photo-shopped or what? I haven’t seen that guy on Animal Planet in awhile and wasn’t he involved in fraud or something? Well, Chelsea was involved with promoting young girls into soft p.orn with her producing on ‘Pretty Wild’. Nasty ho.

  • Sammy

    Finally,he deserves better.She looks like a mix of a bit bull and a hooker with no talent at all!!


    He was sooooooo out of her league.

  • julie

    good, she’s horrible, he is so better off,.

  • SusaninJax

    CHELSEA ROCKS!! All of you haters on here make me sick! Are you that big of a looser that all you have to do with your time is sit on here calling her all these vile names when you don’t know her or anything about her! Just because she is a confident, opinionated, SUCCESSFUL woman you think the only way she’s achieved this is by being these names you’ve called her. I tell you why she’s achieved the things she has is because she’s TALENTED! Here’s a idea for all of you that hate her so badly, when you see her on TV, TURN THE CHANNEL!

  • Jermzy

    I seriously don’t understand why people are hating on her, what has she done that is so offensive/hurtful to you besides not get married yet? I find her to be the funniest comedian on TV (over Ellen, Conan and Craig Ferguson)- maybe I just love dry humor but I think she’s brilliant. It’s a shame they broke up but I love how she handled it in a cheery, light way.