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Elle Fanning: Venice Film Festival for 'Somewhere'

Elle Fanning: Venice Film Festival for 'Somewhere'

Elle Fanning premieres her new movie, Somewhere, during the 2010 Venice Film Festival at the Sala Grande Palazzo Del Cinema on Friday (September 3) in Venice, Italy.

The 12-year-old younger sister of Dakota Fanning was joined by her co-star, Stephen Dorff, and the film’s director, Sofia Coppola.

THR gave the flick two thumbs up: “Sofia makes a charming return to small-scale storytelling.” Can’t wait to watch it!!

FYI: Elle is wearing a Marc Jacobs dress and shoes. She accessorized with a sparkly Jacob & Co. ring.

25+ pictures inside of Elle Fanning premiering Somewhere

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Credit: Andreas Rentz, Pascal Le Segretain ; Photos: Getty
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  • anna

    woow she’s huge!! so much prettier than dakota too..

  • Sophie

    12?! Why are they dressing her as a 25 year old? Those heels and that dress, jesus.

  • Nadirah

    She’s 12?!

    She looks like a model!

    Both girls grew into beautiful little women.

  • Jayla

    yeah she’s tall and a little bit prettier than her big sis, but her neck is lllooonnnggg.

  • Maddy

    Lovely young girl, but can’t her parents dress her more appropriately for her age? Geesh

  • jane

    omg she’s as tall as the man with heals on! I can’t believe she’s 12, she looks sixteen! very pretty too..she should model

  • Sall

    My oh my how much she’s grown!! She’s def more beautiful than Dakota. She already has potential at being a model at 12, wonder what will happen in the next couple of years geez…

  • summer teeth

    some here…some there

  • amy

    the fannings sisters are two talented and classy girls. the disney girls are trashy impostors

  • Claire

    She looks 20, I remember Dakota was tiny and had tiny little teeth at her age. what roles can she get being this tall? Its like she look too old to play a 12 year old, and to young to play 16 and older, thats just weird. At least she is pretty.

  • Iffy Miffy

    12?! Wow. She looks almost grown up. Not good, let that kid be a kid.

  • coolpix

    She has a teenager’s body for her age, and if i had a daughter that magnificient and so young i would be quite scared to let her wear such a pretty dress and heels … the period we are living in has no limits what so ever.

    I’m sure model agencies have already targetted her.

    But overall she is as cute as her sister =)

  • rainbow

    Calm down people. She has long legs, but her face and body look like a normal 12 year olds’. The strapless is a bit mature, but she still looks classy.

  • commonsense

    If you look at Elle she’s not really inappropriately dressed it’s just that she naturally looks older than she is. I’ve seen pictures of her in jeans and a top covered from head to toe and she still looks 15 or 16. It’s only in her face that you see her real age. And while she’s wearing heels it’s not like she’s wearing stilettos.

    Plus why would their parents have Dakota dress appropriately for her age and Elle not, that wouldn’t make no sense.

  • Ali

    The girls’ parents have done a wonderful job with them. they are gracious and lovely. I think she looks beautiful and so does Sofia. Love Sofia’s films – can’t wait to see this one.

  • Sammy

    12 years old in high heels, makeup and a mini. Disgusting. Her parents are insane…

    And don’t talk to me about “Hollywood”, Nicole Kidmans daughter and Meryl Streeps daughter both looked like how a 12 year old should look when she accompanied her mom to awards shows.

  • Claudy

    12!? How tall is she!?

  • circa

    while i agree that 12 yr olds should not wear mini dresses & high heels she is at a big event so that could be why she was allowed & if you look at her overall she’s appropriately covered & her shoes looks like something a 12 yr old can wear because i guarantee those would look ridiculous on someone older further more she carries herself w/ so much grace & elegance both her & Dakota are absolutely stunning & talented.


    People need to chill the hell out. I think she looks gorgeous and adorable – the dress is baby blue- not low cut/ showing any chest/ cleavage. And looking at how tall she is, that’s probably a normal sized dress on someone with long legs. Tall people have that problem – proportionally, you don’t actually have to be wearing a shorter skirt for people to think that you are. I feel like people are only saying it’s inappropriate because they think Elle needs to compensate by wearing something younger looking to counteract her mature look – the fact is, I can totally imagine Dakota wearing something like that at 12 – she just would have made the outfit look younger and cutsier because she looked younger and cutesier – go figure people…..

  • Jaye

    She looks older until you get to her face, then she looks her age. The dress is pretty and she looks cute in it. It is too short for her since any bit of bend over you would be able to see her underwear. She’s having to bend her knees so that her undies don’t show. First time paparazzi takes a pictures of her butt people will be yelling that they’re pervs and should not be taking such a picture.

  • ash

    dang I thought it’s a very cute dress!

  • real

    She is dressed way to inappropriate for a 12 year old. The dress is too much for her age, and the shoes are too high.

  • Jenn

    Her parents are dropping the ball on this one. Dakota use to wear flats to red carpet events when she was that age. But they let Elle dress like a little tart.

  • hey

    people need to get a chill pill! she obviously don’t wear high hills like this everyday. is one time in a year event. i guess this is kinda of a “cinderella day” or whatever for a 12 year old. playing dressing up and all. she has all the right to do so as long as she keep it classy like she did it here.

  • hey

    LOL at you. a tart? really? this adorable girl, in a cute baby blue dress and cute golden shoes? i didn’t know tarts were into cuteness overload these days…

  • lisa

    she looks stunning


    that is a drop dead amazing dress. gorgeous, modest, simple, she looks wonderful…..can’t help it that she looks like a princess at 12, it’s just very natural…

  • well

    The dress is pretty and girly like but she has the wrong shoes with that. The shoes look like they belong to her mother.

  • WOW

    Shelooks pretty and age appropriate. Sofia Coppola looks fantastic. she usually looks schlubby. Is she pregnant?

  • very pretty

    oooh pretty girl and great color. She looks like a ballerina.
    The shoes are too clunky/chunky for that feather light dress

  • maria

    That baby blue color is really nice. Who knew Marc Jacobs makes cute things like this? Elle has always been the better actress of the Fanning sisters but she seems to be the better dresser as well.

    Sofia looks nice. Very understated and not trying to take attention from the stars since she is the director. The dress is black but short, young, chic, modern. This is the definition of the LBD

  • Deb

    Is Elle a ballerina? She giving off those vibes with that amazing posture and elegance in that stunning dress.

  • lylian

    I tried to post earlier but couldn’t so I’ll try again.
    I think this is one of the best dressed girls for a premier. Elle is a STAR and the sparkly outfit draws attention to this fact.
    Yet the colour and cut are just right – both young and fresh.
    The length I think is just right too. It’s short but not very short. And it’s not long making look dowdy.
    The high heels is such a sweet touch too. Many young girls love the idea of heels. And I certainly see nothing wrong with Elle wearing heels for this one special night in Venice.
    So to me, the whole looks is just right.

  • cm

    people need to get a grip. she’s just tall, that’s why the dress looks so short. if you check out her pictures from the photocall for the movie, she was wearing flats. obviously she dressed up for the red carpet.

  • mj

    @Deb: Yes, Elle does ballet – there have been candids on JJ of her leaving/arriving from her lessons. I think she looks cute, especially at the photo call posted today also :)

  • F

    she looks totally gorgeous and sooo tall! i mean, cmon 12 ?!!

  • plk


  • Catherine

    She’s 12 and still growing, she’s going to be HUGE!

  • plk

    The next Nicole Kidman

  • Anna

    She is such a beautiful girl. Dakota wasn’t that lovely when she was younger. This young lady is stunning. As for being tall ? I don’t think so. Our daughter, looks exactly like her, except our 15 year old is already 6 foot tall. My husband is 6’4 1/2 in. tall. Maybe Elle takes after one of her parents and Dakota is built more like the other. That happens.

  • Blaik

    Damn She is Tall, … “D” Rulz :P

  • Blaik

    @plk: : ) thumbs up

  • Erika

    I love her dress! She looks so cute…

  • Cristobal

    I believe we all read the article stating that she is 12. Please stop with the shocking comments about her age and height. We get it. She’s young, pretty and tall. I am not a parent therefore I will not pretend to be one, but I believe, from a fashion point of view, her dress is not “too grown up” nor are her shoes. It is very cute and fun plus it is the summer and very hot especially under hot flashing lights. You have to remember this is Hollywood and it is about appearance more than anything else. Stop calling her parent’s parenting into question and worry about your own life which I am sure is not worth blogging about. We all good? Good.

  • anon

    Oh wow she looks beautiful. Look at that adorable face. So fresh. Her dress is so pretty and the color makes her the red carpet standout all year. She’s tall but I think those 3 inch heels make her look even taller.
    Congrats to the Fanning sisters for having real talent and to their parents for making sure they have a real life outside of Hollywood work.

  • tenamoore

    Aww Elle looks lovely and i hope the movie goes well for her :)

  • anon


    If you google her you will see a youtube video of her on Ellen where she dances. Sweet, charming AND obviously loves to dance.

  • Kary

    Please, that is her night. Is her movie’s opening. I don’t see anything strange her dress and shoes. Elle is a beautiful girl.

  • maria

    she looks fine. just one little dress and people start going off.
    anyway, i do believe she does look prettier than her sister. and she is so tall. both fanning sister are talented and still have long ways to go.

  • xoxo

    She’s just really tall. She’s probably taller than her older sister.

    Same thing with the younger Kardashian (Jenner) sisters. They are both A LOT taller than Kim/Kourtney.