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George Clooney & Elisabetta Canalis: Long, Long Ago...

George Clooney & Elisabetta Canalis: Long, Long Ago...

George Clooney and girlfriend Elisabetta Canalis keep close as they leave Ago restaurant in West Hollywood on Thursday (September 2).

The 49-year-old actor signed autographs as he left the restaurant with his sweetheart. George and Elisabetta also visited Ago back in June!

FYI: The American, George‘s latest film, is in theaters this weekend! In the movie, he plays an assassin hiding out in Italy for one last assignment.

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george clooney elisabetta canalis ago restaurant dinner date 01
george clooney elisabetta canalis ago restaurant dinner date 02
george clooney elisabetta canalis ago restaurant dinner date 03
george clooney elisabetta canalis ago restaurant dinner date 04
george clooney elisabetta canalis ago restaurant dinner date 05
george clooney elisabetta canalis ago restaurant dinner date 06
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  • Meow

    Im sorry but she really really does look like Steven Tyler and it is so distracting.
    Some pictures from only certain angles she looks “OK” but everyother photo is like holy cr@p Yikes.

  • HIH

    I like her outfit :)

  • david

    OMG George’s squeeze is a man!

  • Jane

    Hate this man, he’s old and overrated and he does not act good.

  • Jenny

    And I like her GrandmaTrunks which she wears under Awards Dress. )) Where does she take those???

  • You Never Know

    Volturi supplying her with special pants for ceremonies! ;-)

  • Ronnie

    and these bag, boots and black nail polish also delivered by Volturi?

  • You Never Know

    These are heelstrap boots, for not to wash feet. Aeration to the external environment especially good for restaurants. Just George said that most important in the woman is a sense of humor. It is just that kind of humor. Bon Appetite, George!

  • analyser

    She looks prettier and different in the angles where you can’t see her face.

  • anonymous

    George Clooney is strange he never lets any of his girl friends speak to the press. All his girl friends have the Angelina Jolie look!

  • What

    Oh Goossssshhh!!! This lie will never gonna end! For instance, compare George’s haircut on Emmys and here, for couple days his hair could not become that longer.

  • M478

    Gorgeous couple!! So many jealous haters commenting here lol.

  • The French girl

    Of course you like her outfit , she is italian nobody dresses like an italian woman in this world.They are sooooooooo stylish and chic. Very classy people!!

  • soi

    They look great.

  • The French girl

    It seems like people here has no taste for beauty in general. A beautiful woman is not a fake blond with fake boobs and fake nails, a nose job…A beautiful woman has an interesting face , class and personality.

  • Rhiannan

    I agree. Elizabetta is beautiful, and not cookie cutter. The haters are jealous, obviously. I can just imagine what kind of bodies and faces they have…YIKES….SCARY!!!!!!

  • rachel

    She’s manly.
    He’s an idiot.

  • Dog

    Hey, it is George with his Italian charwoman, she wore all the most beautiful she has, especially this coat.. and with this bag she was caring a pizza in Italy;-) She is not aware that it is not a trend in LA. Also George is very afraid of her running away that’s why she has this chain on her hand; it is from George’s dog.

  • to anonymous

    i’m not surprised he doesn’t let any of the girlfriends talk to the press. how else is he going to maintain his privacy. personally, if i were his girlfriend i wouldn’t talk to the press either.

  • to what

    what’s your problem this time? i’ve blown up the pictures from the emmy and i’ve also blown up these pictures. neither i nor my friends see any differences in the hair. i also showed it to three hairdressers and they also say the same thing.

  • to dog

    for the record i live in LA and i’ve seen this exact same coat many times. in any case. if she likes the coat, which i don’t, then what’s the problem. the girl is allowed to wear what makes her happy.

  • What

    The length of hair falling on his forehead is much longer on these photos.
    Dog, I think that it was Eli the one who wanted to put him on a chain…

  • Dog

    no no, he has his own story

  • busted

    George’s latest film looks like another bomb.. I just don’t know why he chose not to even promot the film YES he is a big name in hollywood, but so are a lot of other men. They may not do a lot of promotion, but George did very little. NO ONE IN hollywood is that big..

    The movie does not look exciting although the reviews are not bad.. I guess George is seeming to be another Jennifer aniston.. A lot of talk about thier film status.. but the BO numbers don’t back it up at all. His last 100 millon hit was the Ocean’s movie.. too long ago..

    I actually like George, but he is another example of someong that does not live up to the hype. George has had bomb after bomb.. and I don’t care about the Oscar.. too many other men in Hollywood should have one.

    I doubt this will make 40 million domestic.

  • Dog

    @to dog:
    You are right, many charwomen are happy in those coats. In fact George bought it for her, he wants to get rid of her as quickly as possible and he recommends her to that couple behind for housework.

  • anonymous

    What an ugly man. But George looks nice.

  • anonymous

    @ What at #11, you may be onto something. His hair looks about half an inch longer in these photos than in the Emmys photos. It wouldn’t have grown that much in just a couple of days.

  • lol

    It must be fun being George Clooney. He has it ALL. He’s the modern day Cary Grant having more fun as he gets older. Love it. I’m kinda jealous!!!

  • rachel

    His new movie will be a FLOP.
    Bad script + G’s bad performance + no promotion =bad movie= FLOP.

  • emma

    Seems like he’s enjoying his life…

    George Clooney’s wise move September 3, 2010 – 10:39AM

    George Clooney claims Italy changed his life.

    The actor – who has been dating Italian television presenter Elisabetta Canalis for more than a year – admits he feels much less stressed since buying a villa in the European town of Laglio as he can escape the pressures of Hollywood.

    He said: “What changed my life in a very pleasant and unexpected way was buying the villa in Laglio. That was a pure investment decision – I thought I would maybe spend a few weeks vacationing there.

    “But then I realised how beautiful life was in Italy and how it really helped calm me and not feel so pressured. I could also work productively and bring my friends over to keep me company.”

    The 49-year-old bachelor – who has had a series of short term relationships since his divorce from actress Talia Balsam in 1993 – also admitted he has previously put his career before his personal life but is happy to have now changed his priorities.

    Clooney added in an interview with the Daily Mirror newspaper: “I was working so hard on my film projects that for a time I basically didn’t even think very much about how my personal life was evolving.

    “I didn’t care in the sense that I didn’t have a family or children to look after and I wasn’t involved in any long-term relationships.

    “Now, I still feel I haven’t done my best work although I’ve at least put myself in a position where I can keep doing what I love and enjoy the process.

    “I even have a bit of a personal life these days. I don’t want to make anyone sick but things are going pretty well for me.”

  • anon

    OT where can I see pictures of his villa? I mean has it been featured in any magazines like Architectural Digest?

  • Respectable

    “I even have a bit of a personal life these days. I don’t want to make anyone sick but things are going pretty well for me.”
    Yeah right, they are dating for a year and exactly “these days” all has become okay?hmmm..somehow not logical. Though there is other variant..his real lady has already finished with her young boys, which is pretty well for George. And Canalis as many others remains a contract lady, so that everyone would not touch his private life. No one would be speaking about this if Canalis was not making all engagement PR being involved by that into cocainescandal. This ruins reputation of respectable man and it is disgusting that it does not worry her at all!

  • Jessica

    I do not how much you speak truth, but for sure she does not love him. If I was on her place having such reputation I would vanish from his life for forever In THE SAKE OF LOVE!!

  • just saying


    GC has a good rep basically. She on the other hand is worse than that Sarah Larson but people can go with whomever they want, no? Or is there a new rule as to who you can spend time with, especially at almost 50 years old?

  • Lucy

    Some of you are ridiculous. I live in Europe and I would say that by most people here she would be considered to be beautiful and interesting looking. Not all of us like fake txts and hydrogen-peroxide blond bimbos. On top of her striking looks she has a great body. Anyway, none of it really matters. George Clooney is with her and she is with him and they seem to be getting on well and that is that.

  • Anonymous

    the thing is that Elisabetta also cannot escape these meetings, because according to contract, appearing everywhere with George, she promotes ‘Leverage’. What, she is a good actress? She was taken to TVSeries only because of considering this condition.

  • anon


    Oh God, not “The One” again! If there truely was a “The One” and she was putting up with all of this then she is just as messed up as this supposed “contract relationship” is. For my 2 cents, I think that they just like being together and when it’s done, it’s done. I doubt very seriously that Elisabetta thinks that this is a PERMANENT relationship. Get a grip!

  • ha

    what woman thinks their relationship with Clooney is permanent? Why can’t she just enjoy and reap the benefits of being Georgies’s girlfriend?

  • emma

    The Star Market: George Clooney Is the Mayor of Hollywood, but What’s His Actual Value in Hollywood?
    9/3/10 at 09:00 A

    Recently, The Wrap ran a story about Hollywood’s “Flop Squad,” and among the usual mix of overcast superstars with resumes full of clunkers (Nicole Kidman, Bruce Willis, Jude Law), you found one Mr. George Clooney. The inclusion of whom, it seemed to us, entirely misses the point of who George Clooney is. Did Leatherheads make back its budget? Who cares? He’s George Clooney! He’s Brad Pitt without the tabloids. He’s Harrison Ford before the earring and Calista Flockhart. He’s Tom Hanks, except you want to sleep with him, not wave at him over your backyard fence. In short, George Clooney is The Last Authentic Living Movie Star.

    But to what does his beloved-ness and apparent integrity translate? It’s true that his films that don’t have “Ocean” in the title are rarely blockbuster hits. And his integrity, while endlessly laudable, does occasionally lead to projects (like Leatherheads or The Good German) that you likely didn’t see once, and if you had, would never want to watch twice. Now his new movie The American — yet another arty, moody, beautiful-if-teasingly-slow Clooney-starring thriller — is set to open, and the marketing has been minimal, implying that not even its studio expects many moviegoers to show up. Should Clooney stockholders be looking to buy, sell, or hold?

    WHAT HOLLYWOOD THINKS: In short: Thumbs up. “People like him,” says the agent. “They want to root for him. He shows up at the Emmys, talks to just about everyone. So, whether he’s a good guy or not, he’s done a good job of creating the persona of being a good guy.” Says a manager: “If you look at his track record, he’s about 1:1 on hits and misses. But he’s the Mayor of Hollywood. Everyone loves and respect his choices.” If there’s one complaint, it’s that he’s somehow not even bigger. “On the commerce level, is he a worldwide box-office level star?” asks a publicist. “I don’t think people are rushing out to see a George Clooney movie.” To be a truly monumental box-office draw, you’ve got to be willing to co-star with CGI robots or blue humanoids. Clooney doesn’t want to do that, and at this point, he’s steered his image in such a way that it wouldn’t work anyway. “I don’t think George Clooney is a gritty, slick action star,” says an agent. “Clooney running around with a gun doesn’t work.”

  • Marry Cr.

    Elisabetta can think whatever she wants, but the reality is that contracts are expire sooner or late. And I agree with Jessica that here is not about love, other way she would not irritate American public with her appearance.

  • agree

    @Marry Cr.:

    Just like marriage contracts.

  • um

    nobody cares about who George is dating. I mean really. It’s a revolving door so none of his fans are invested in him in that way.

  • BigSammy

    are you hinting that he secretly married to someone? because these girls are obviously fake, it is seen on their relationships.

  • Victoria

    He looks drunk. Anyone know if he has a drinking problem?

  • Anonymous

    He is driving a car. He does not have such problems.

  • to what

    The length of hair falling on his forehead is much longer on these photos.
    of course it is, dear. i forgot you are the living breathing expert; first on angelina jolie and now on george. somehow, i doubt that he would feel honoured by your interest..

  • What

    Angelina Jolie? I do not have such problems. Kissssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

  • yawn

    OT I feel sorry for Jon Hamm. He’a already being called the poor man’s George Clooney. Just like George has been called the poor man’s Cary Grant.

    The one thing in Hollywood that you must prevent at all costs if you want to succeed is to avoid being called “the next” whomever. That’s like the kiss of death because it dismisses you as a person. Jon must counter any references to Clooney as he is about to be the newest big movie star.

  • anna

    @M478: soo true..she’s gorgeous and he’s soo sexy..why all the hating?? it could only be jealousy..

  • Ali

    I love George and he seems quite happy and balanced and respectful and funny. Leave him alone. He seems to enjoy this woman’s company. That’s enough. She is pretty and seems to enjoy him too.

    see Yahyah from Jimmy Kimmel in the background?

    I am looking forward to seeing “The American.” It has gotten good reviews.