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Bristol Palin: 'I'm So Excited to Get Into Shape!'

Bristol Palin: 'I'm So Excited to Get Into Shape!'

Bristol Palin and Mark Ballas continue to perfect their dancing in these new shots from Dancing with the Stars rehearsals.

The 19-year-old former first daughter of Alaska said that she can’t wait to get started dancing. “I’m looking forward to this,” Bristol told Access Hollywood. “It’s like I’m going to be working out as my job right now and that’s going to be my main focus and I’m so excited to get into shape,” she continued.

Bristol also shared that her son, Tripp, might drop by for practices! “I think he’ll come in for a rehearsal or two,” she shared. “He’ll love it!”

15+ pictures inside of Bristol Palin and Mark Ballas rehearsing for DWTS

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bristol palin dwts rehearsals 01
bristol palin dwts rehearsals 02
bristol palin dwts rehearsals 03
bristol palin dwts rehearsals 04
bristol palin dwts rehearsals 05
bristol palin dwts rehearsals 06
bristol palin dwts rehearsals 07
bristol palin dwts rehearsals 08
bristol palin dwts rehearsals 09
bristol palin dwts rehearsals 10
bristol palin dwts rehearsals 11
bristol palin dwts rehearsals 12
bristol palin dwts rehearsals 13
bristol palin dwts rehearsals 14
bristol palin dwts rehearsals 15

Photos: Greg Zabilski/ABC
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  • Katra

    She’s still not a celeb.

  • Sheldon Ashcroft

    She is really gorgeous now. For the record, she is kind of voluptuous in a minimalist sort of way.

  • Jane


  • lola

    This is what is wrong with America. The girl has now become famous and is being rewarded for having a baby when she was a teenager. If she hadn’t had that kid and all those magazine covers there is no way she would have been asked to be on the show. Bravo! Yay for teenage motherhood. Thanks to this kind of mentality we are now inundated wtih brainless talentless idiots like Paris Hitlon, Kim Kardashian, every other idiot who has a sex tape as well as the hills and jersey crap.

  • Erika

    Looks like she is haveing fun :)

  • smh

    I totally agree. She is not a celebrity. She’s notorious. She didn’t use a condom while having premarital sex. Her kid is an accident. So many have been ostracized in the past for this type of behavior. It’s still wrong, but now you get to be on a reality show. Terrible terrible message. Why doesn’t she go to school and get an education so she can raise her child not to be like her?

  • Iffy Miffy

    Poor Mark.

  • tina

    Yet another Palin being rewarded for her bad behavior and stupidity…….like mother like daughter……GAG me!

  • boston61

    RebpubliKKKans suck!! They are destroying our country. Traitors.

  • lisali

    People are so off the mark.
    What is wrong with a young woman who has taken responsibility for her actions and lives a healthy lifestyle going on a dance show?

    There is nothing harmful here.. she is paying her own way, shes not going to jail,doing drugs,drinking,hurting other people, living off taxpayers money.. yet people have these huge issues with her..wth ever. Look at the big picture.

  • one more thing

    the Palins are terrible, ignorant, hateful people and it is sickening JJ is giving these awful people publicity. We don’t want to live in an oppressive Sarah Palin Iran-style theocracy. This is America.

  • well

    if it isn’t Bristol-Joe-McCarthy-Jr.! Who should we demonize today, Bristol? Ask your mom who she’s demonizing and then do what you’re told. Brainless twit.

  • butterflier

    Bristol Palin is not a star. She is making money off not using birth control and getting knocked up as a teenager. That and the fact that she is the daughter of a nutjob former governor are her only claims to fame.
    DWTS continues to scrap the bottom of the barrel for participants. And the American public is to blame for watching this drivel. Folks, read a book!

  • SOS

    Remember when Sarah Palin called Levi Johnston “Ricky Hollywood?” Well, Sarah, who’s “Ricky Hollywood” now? Ugh, what a disgusting bunch….

  • Bristol is trying …so shut u

    Well I would rather see Ms. Palin than say Situation or Snooki on
    the celebrity list… Why is there show number one.. they are so
    sleazy and gross.. but Billy Bush loves that show..!!

    Bristol has not done half of what the other celebrities have done…
    So give me a break …..So what do you think is going to happen..
    PREGNANCY… NOW… HOW GREAT IS THAT..Get a education
    go back to school.. tell that to Jersey Shore and all the Housewives
    of >>>>>Beverley Hills New Jersey New York Chicago.. tell them
    to get off their fat butts …instead of bitching to each other on national

  • trish

    She is a very pretty girl, wish her luck!!!!

  • just saying

    Only because she’s white She’s 19 so she should go back to school with the money she tricked US Weekly into giving her for their exclusive of her engagement. just saying

  • well

    Someone should ask Bristol on live TV if she approves of her mother’s racism and McCarthyism. The Palins are shameful.

  • this

    is just so funny!

    Sarah Palin and her American Taliban crowd are BARKING about the evils of affirmative action because it’s not based on merit. And how, exactly, did Bristol get on this show? THE ONLY REASON Bristol is on this show or has any career at all is bc of who her mother is. IT’S PURE AFFIRMATIVE ACTION NEPOTISM.

    These hypocrites just sicken me.


  • DWTS’s Fun

    I am not from the USA. But i question’ why when this womens name is in type ~ Sarah Palin.. I ask Why does she frighten so many of you ppl? It’s like she owns you.
    What are you afraid of ? Her name starts a trail of return posts a mile long..well not quite lol i know that is an exaggeration. But she sure gets a major amt of attention seems like fear from the return posters.
    Even the fact her daughter is going on DWTS is killing some of you.
    It’s actually very funny.
    It always the same. It starts out with any Palin name in print and before it’s finished there are tons of posts regarding the mother Sarah Palin and your fear =dislike or hatrd of her. How can she hurt you? Seriously what are you so afraid of?
    Must be a crappy feeling,.. so owned.
    I never get an answer that makes sense so it usually looks like Sarah Palin is a Powerful Woman ..must be. Too much fear not to be.
    Oh well hope her kid gives you all lots to talk about. She is only dancing so try to remember she can’t hurt you either.


  • missy

    Can you imagine Moochie Obama on DWTS, she’d break their backs.

  • missy

    @DWTS’s Fun:

    people with commen sense scare the crap out of liberal weenies!

  • Red Velvet

    I prefer to watch her than Heidi Montag

  • mike

    @SOS: Absolutely, Sarah quits her job as governor so she can make millions on her book deals, her daughter is a joke, no better than Levi, Actually I’d rather watch him dance , the girl is homely.

  • anon

    She is not a celebrity. She should be in school, at home with her son who will hear and read that his entire existence has been nothing but a mistake. She should be at home repairing the damage she is doing to that kid. Why are we glamorizing people and reality show of individuals who have done nothing to contribute to society?

  • laverdadduele

    WTH happened to Mark’s hair?

  • zee edwards

    @lisali: That’s why Tripp’s other Grand Ma was arrested for selling oxycontin. It’s an insult to all the other actors, performers and athletes who have “worked” for their career. To bring this “high school” “baby momma” with no talent except for spreading her legs. and the other fool from New Jersey. Its sad the depths ABC has sank for ratings. I like the idea of her talking abstinence. when she’s still do-in Levi.. Remember the quickie engagement a few weeks ago? What a sow! (aka as mother grizzly)!