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'Camp Rock 2' Rocks it to the Top

'Camp Rock 2' Rocks it to the Top

The Jonas Brothers and Demi Lovato drummed up 8 million viewers for Disney Channel’s Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam during its debut Friday night (September 3).

The TV movie ranked as TV’s No. 1 Labor Day weekend telecast ever among Kids 6-11 and Tweens 9-14.

Impressive for Kevin, Nick, and Joe but not as impressive as High School Musical 2, which pulled in 17.2 million viewers nationwide in 2007 — the most watched event ever broadcast on basic cable!

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59 Responses to “'Camp Rock 2' Rocks it to the Top”

  1. 1
    hanni Says:


  2. 2
    Dianna Says:

    It was terrible… i honestly couldn’t get past the 11mins of the sequel

  3. 3
    hanni Says:

    why has this site suddenly become just jared jr?

    Why is that Selena 18 yr old girl (who’s album has only sold 500,000 copies worldwide) center stage on this site because her new music video debuted on DISNEY CHANNEL?

  4. 4
    hanni Says:

    I wish Jared said something like this, a piece of the truth:

    The Disney Channel tween movie got 8 million viewers and has been promoted on the Disney Channel since December 25, 2010. The movie also has its own WORLD tour known as ‘Camp Rock The Final Jam: World Tour’.

    An episode of The Suite Life on Deck received 7.8 million viewers during its premiere and was not promoted at all. The ‘On Deck’ episode aired in the end of 2009 and Disney could not spend 1 dollar to promote the episode because the Jonas Brothers, Demi Lovato and Miley Cyrus are their only priorities.

  5. 5
    patry Says:


  6. 6
    Kathi Says:

    Havent watched it yet cause I’m german, but what hanni says is kind of true…

  7. 7
    LOL. Says:


  8. 8
    tiayahii Says:

    What’s the bet they make a camp rock 3 with a theatrical release just like hsm? It was also way too similar to hsm2 for me (which I much prefer).

  9. 9
    hanni Says:

    @tiayahii: impossible because camp rock 2′s ratings is weak.

  10. 10
    Lia Says:

    I 100% agree with you. Being a 15 year old and JB fan u would think I sat through the whole movie, but I couldn’t, tried to but it was too boring especially the dialogue in between the songs

  11. 11
    Lia Says:

    @Kathi: DON’T, it’s not worth your time

  12. 12
    linna Says:

    omg I fuc*ing hate wikipedia.. today they wrote that they ratings were 15,08 million viewers .. I was deeply impressed.. and know I am friggin shocked.. this is way to less.. but ya know demi & the jobros are just untalented dudes.. they can never reach hsm´s level.. they even don´t bet the ratings of camp rock 1 .. omg thats embarrassing..
    I cant agree with you more @hannii.. about the points of suite life on deck.. but with the selena´s stuf your not right.. selena is doing a great job in music.. her ablbum sold more than 700.000 copies just in the us.. and her single naturally went platinum here and round and round gold.. so she is good.. and a year without rain is a great song (:

  13. 13
    Zekemaster Says:

    LMAO 8 million? Isn’t that less than the first movie? xD High School Musical 2 got like 17 million and the Wizards movie got like 12 million.

  14. 14
    Lia Says:

    @hanni: true, I think Disney’s becoming superficial and they don’t really care about morals and making interesting movies for families as much as they care about making money

  15. 15
    meagan Says:

    iCarly has gotten higher ratings than that…

  16. 16
    LOL Says:

    I bet those 8 million just tuned in to watch Selena’s music video

  17. 17
    Lex Says:

    So much promotion, so little ratings

  18. 18
    ashley Says:

    man diss is tooo sad…i mean y ddid it get so loww..lets find out dat guys..watever may de script b..their promotions were going rock steady..every1 predicted it wud def. go way above 10 mil for sure…but y is dis low ratings..i think its demi n jo bros’ spoiler made its bad..ppl downloaded de movie illegaly …im sure many of dem saw it online..

  19. 19
    hanni Says:

    @linna: linna: I agree with you but selena’s album hasn’t sold 700,000 copies in the USA. The album has sold 500,000 in the USA as of July 2010 (source: Billboard). The album hasn’t been certified anywhere except for its Gold certification in the US so the album basically has a good solid debut at an international chart and then drops out of the chart 1-2 weeks later that’s why it’s not certified in foreign countries. And Round and Round didn’t go Gold, it’s not certified by the RIAA.

  20. 20
    ashley Says:

    heyy peeps..cmon lets find out de reason bhind de extremely low ratongs for CR@…was Demi..jobro..or their acti..or de SONGS9I don think so .dey were fab)..or de dialogues, script..lack of promotion or ppl din care abt it

  21. 21
    hanni Says:

    @linna: and I forgot to mention the album hasn’t sold ”more than 700,000 copies in the US or anywhere near 700,000 copies”. If it did, the album would be certified Platinum for the shipment of one million copies from distributors (Hollywood Records). A Platinum certification means retailers demand a million copies because the original amount of the album’s copies distributed by the distributors Hollywood Records is running out. So basically there aren’t enough CDs in stock, they’re running out of CDs to sell. If an album sells around 300,000 copies and the only remaining pile is 200,000 CDs, retailers/shops will demand additional 500,000 copies therefore a Gold certification becomes official. If her album sold anywhere near 700,000 copies, the album would be certified Platinum by now for one million copies but that doesn’t mean the album has sold 1 million copies, it only means the album has sold more than 500,000 copies (the exact amount is unknown). The same applies to Naturally, the single.
    There are currently 500,000 copies of Selena’s album in retailers in the USA. However that doesn’t mean 500,000 copies have been sold.

    The album’s Gold certification (the shipment of 500,000 copies to retailers) means the album is running out in shops/retailers so it has reached the 300,000 copies mark (sold somewhere around 300,000 copies).

  22. 22
    hanni Says:

    @LOL: LOL, seriously? 8 million people tune in to watch a music video of someone who hasn’t even sold anywhere near 700,000-1 million copies of her album?

    Jonas Bros’ album sold 530,000 copies in its first week and Demi Lovato’s albums have been number one. And people can just catch the music video after the movie premieres.. it’s not that hard.. so if 8 million people even cared about Selena’s music why aren’t they buying it??

  23. 23
    ashley Says:

    guys u all r talkin abt selena….lets find out y CAMP ROCK 2 wen into ****…dis was really speacial 4 DISNEY..dey had a countdown me dis is a big shame for dem now..

  24. 24
    ivanka Says:

    of course! cause hsm rocks and camp rock NOT.. and i agree with you about the selena hype, she is not even a good singer

  25. 25
    ashley Says:

    @ivanka: very true..its jus ger carisma dat cathes both bous n girls too…although she is way below in singing compared to demi miley n jobro,,…but in comedy she scores

  26. 26
    s Says:

    the 8 million may only be a predicted number or not even the correct number…other sources are saying at least 10 million tuned in, even more i unfortunately don’t have disney channel so i couldn’t watch it..

  27. 27
    lol Says:

    And guess what? Just like the first one, it was AWFUL

  28. 28
    sam Says:

    HAHAHA fail.

  29. 29
    Shaniqua Says:

    Why yall blaming Selena Gomez? This movie got low ratings because it stunk. At least Miss Gomez’s music video that aired afterwards was entertaining.

  30. 30
    Zac F Ron Says:

    I watched it, REALLY hoping that it would be better than the first movie like everyone speculated. But it was another disappointment.

  31. 31
    Jen Says:

    I kind of think it’s funny that Disney has been overpromoting this movie for almost a year now and it only got 8 million viewers. I mean, 8 million viewers certainly isn’t bad, but with alllll the freaking promotion they did for it, I thought it would have gotten around 12 million.

  32. 32
    Valerie Says:

    Wow I LOVED CAMP ROCK 2! it was funny, romantic, happy, sad…And i thought most people loved it, except everyone’s being negative here..I’m a jonas brothers fan so of course im going to watch the movie but the songs were way better than the 1st one. I guess jb has just lost fans, im 17 and i love jonas, it’s probably the kids who lost interest in them. Obviously camp rock is successful because of jonas and disney is smart to make money out of them!!

  33. 33
    Hannah Says:

    There will never be another High School Musical.

  34. 34
    Abby Says:

    Had a feeling it wouldn’t by-pass HSM2. HSM and HM where Disney’s cash cows and will be I think for many years to come. Atleast until they figure out something else to pull in little kids and make their parents spend billions on.

  35. 35
    Abby Says:

    @Hannah: I second that. Disney can try all they want to have another HSM but it just won’t happen and I don’t think the fans will go for it either.

  36. 36
    linna Says:

    @hanniii I don´t agree with you about selena .. greg of the band the Scene that round & Round went gold.. he is not lying .. & selena is doing a good job in music.. but I am not fu*king wasting my time.. with you.. I know selena & I am big fan of hers.. and do you know where I live.. I am from Kosovo.. & I fu*king know & love Selena Gomez

  37. 37
    lai Says:

    High school musical is still the Best.

  38. 38
    hales Says:

    @linna: Greg from the scene is incorrect, he may not be lying maybe someone or something misinformed about the sales of round and round.

    Because round and round is not certified GOLD (or anything) by the RIAA. That is a fact. If it was Gold, then it would have a Gold certification which it doesn’t.

  39. 39
    hales Says:

    @Abby: HM was never a cash cow, Miley Cyrus as an brand was.

    HSM is Disney Channel’s biggest, first and currently only cash cow.
    There are still HSM toys, clothes, furniture, food, staples etc. available in stores all around the globe especially in the UK and France.

    Most of the HSM stuff are quickly out off stock, HSM is the biggest cash cow Disney has ever created. Vanessa and Zac have staying power in Hollywood. The co-stars in HSM don’t.

  40. 40
    I n F a m o u s l y C o o l Says:

    …`there fan base is 10-16 year olds. ahahahahahaha.. is that a big accomplishment?

  41. 41
    ashley Says:

    heyy guys ..i finally found de root cause 4 CR2′s underperformance..
    lets take a look at their plus points..
    1) this tym they had a better script( atleast better than de previous)
    2)they had much much better music( trust e music really hit the bulls eye
    3)the stars the multi- platinum selling singin artist hu hav also proved deir acting in deir show JONAS LA
    4) it also stars the Teen superstar Demi Lovato hu already has a hug e popular sitcom among teens n young adults n alos proved extremely promising in her music career(Here we go again- single is PLATINUM certified)
    5)the movie introduce n upcoming R&B artsist n danncer hu gave n exhiliratin performance.
    6) for disney it was a very huge project n dey din leave ny stone unturned to make hit..n had done huge promotions

  42. 42
    ashley Says:

    now how cud such promising film underperform..well its bcoz it has de label of CAMP ROCK..yea guys ..i realy wish at CR2 was totally unrelated to CR1 n had a diff name…Camp Rock 1 was totally immature film n was n underdeveloped film..but still at the tym of its release it was in 2nd position…ppl saw but dey HATED it n soo dey completely got fed off CR
    CR2 isnt dat bad…de prob was de 1st part vich was soo horrible dat ppl din think dis 1 wud b so gud

  43. 43
    linna Says:

    @hales.. I agree with you that hsm was a cash cow.. but zac and vanessa are in nowhere as famous as they was in the hsm days.. their movies are a flop.. vanessas music careeer was a huge flop.. so how r they still famous.. kidding me they r now one a c-list-celebrity!!!! AShley is the one who is still famous in the whole world.. and her movies don´t suck as bad as vanessa´s and zac´s did..

  44. 44
    ashley Says:

    @linna: heyy read my reason dat i found for de underperformance of CR2…check if u agree wid it or not

  45. 45
    Mia Says:

    Well ofc it wasn’t gonna beat High school Musical! High School music is like… HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL! It’s good! Camp rock… not so much. I’m a huge Jonas Brothers fan but the movie is just not good. All of their older fans don’t like it. And yes, cr2 was better than the first one but still not that good. A lot of fans didn’t want to watch it because they didn’t like the first one. If they make cr3 they are gonna lose alot of fans so hopefully they realize that and leave Disney because that’s what they need to do before it’s too late.

  46. 46
    vith Says:

    @linna ok ashley is the only one that today is a disney girl of her co-stars on hsm movies zac and vanessa are doing great movies and ashley still do sharpay role i dont think is god and sad but hsm rocks and never be another movie like that srry for camp rock

  47. 47
    hales Says:

    @linna: you have no idea how wrong you are on so many levels, ashley isn’t famous in the whole world she never was, she’s in the z-list; she was never BIG to begin with, she was only the costar of HSM and Suite Life. vanessa and zac became international household names, hugely famous teen sensations because of HSM and they still have staying power in Hollywood because they are the lead faces of HSM, they are HSM. HSM is about them, not the costarring mean girl and the mean ”boy”.

    her ”movies”: she’s only had a small role in one theatrical movie, a childrens movie, that did flop although it was a high budget film (don’t compare Bandslam, an indie movie, to the major studio theatrical movie Ashley co-starred in because indie movies don’t earn that much money, its natural because they have limited releases).

  48. 48
    Susanna Says:


    Ashley is most definitely NOT famous around the world. She never has been. I don’t know where you even got that from. The fact that she’s going back to Disney to do yet another HSM pretty much speaks for itself. The truth is, HSM was not Ashley’s movie, it was Zac and Vanessa’s. Now whether they can make it has yet to be determind. But the difference is that both of them are branching out and growing up and away from HSM and are getting bigger roles. Ashley is still stuck as Sharpay. She’s nothing without Disney.

    As for this movie, I’m both surprised and not surprised. I figured all the promotion would backfire, but I thought it would at least do better than the first one. I guess the Jonas Brothers and Demi are not what they used to be. They hit their peek in 2008 and have been falling ever since. Their concerts don’t sell well, their shows are the lowest rated on Disney, people just aren’t interested. It would be in their best interest to decline a CR 3. Avoid the embarassment.

  49. 49
    Abby Says:

    @hales: Well I guess you could say that. Yeah what I kinda meant was Mileys name was a cash cow which kinda carried over to HM being a cash now. I agree I think Zac & Vanessa have proven they have staying power in hollywood. As for the rest of them I’m not really sure. I know Ashley’s fans (atleast a lot of them) are still very young. Which is kinda odd seeing as she’s the 2nd oldest of the cast yet still is stuck in her teen years.

    Girl needs to grow up.

  50. 50
    Abby Says:

    @linna: I’m sorry I really do love Ashley but girl you’ve got it all wrong. Who was the youngest person to be given a production compant at WB? Zac NOT Ashley. Who has over 9 movies in the works? Zac NOT Ashley Who is staring in a Zack Snyder movie? Vanessa NOT Ashley. I’m sorry but to say Ashley is the bigger star then Zac or Vanessa is like saying oil and water mix. It just isn’t true.

  51. 51
    hales Says:

    @Susanna: Demi never sold concerts, none of her albums have even sold 500,000 copies and none of her singles and albums are certified in any country which means she has never sold more than 400,00 copies of her music anywhere.

    Her first album hasn’t even sold 400,000 copies yet (it’s only sold 300,000 copies worldwide) and it was released in the beginning of 2008. Her second album only entered 4 charts and bombed in all of them, resulting into zero album certifications and sales less than 500,000 copies in total (worldwide sales).

    People didn’t tune in to watch Camp Rock 1 because of Demi, no one knew who she was. They watched the movie because of the Jonas Brothers (toured with Miley Cyrus, guest starred in the most-watched Hannah Montana episode, which got 10.7 million viewers). Afterwards, the media started paying attention to Demi due to the Miley feud and Demi-Joe Jonas dating rumors. She never had any star power to begin with, she never made a name for herself. She is still an opening act for the Jonas Brothers 2-3 years later. She has been an opening act for the brothers for approximately more than 2 years now. The Jonas Bros had star power, they earned millions from worldwide tour sales and album sales, but lately their albums have flopped. Their latest album, which was released over a year ago, hasn’t even achieved a Gold certification in the USA. E

    Even Vanessa Hudgens’ album got a Gold certification less than a year after its release. In 2008, the Jonas Bros’ 2008 album sold 525,000 copies in its first week. That is nearly 500,000 more copies than what Ashley Tisdale’s 2nd album sold and 200,000+ more copies of what Jonas’ 2009 album sold. The Jonas Bros were huge, now they are dust. Now Bieber has taken over but the Jonas Bros’ latest album was released before Justin Bieber even became a star and still flopped/bombed in the charts.

  52. 52
    hales Says:

    @linna: Vanessa’s music career wasn’t a huge flop, the non-promoted musical act sold more albums than fellow HSM costars Corbin Bleu and Ashley Tisdale.
    Vanessa’s 1st album, V, had sold 570,000 copies in the U.S. as of August 2009 (source: Billboard). Ashley’s 1st album has only sold 400,000 copies worldwide as of January 2010. Ashley’s 2nd album has only sold 60,000 copies (60 k) worldwide OVER ONE YEAR after its release.
    Vanessa’s 1st album has 2 certifications, one of which is Platinum (Argentina). Ashley’s album has only one certification, which is Gold in the USA.


  53. 53
    maria Says:

    its a great thing for disney because it was the number 1 watched movie for the year!

  54. 54
    maria Says:

    @Susanna: to say the jobros arent what they used to be and their concert arent selling well shows you dont know what your talking about. just look at some videos on you tube from some of their concerts you will see tons of fans at all of their concerts. jonas l a is not the lowest rated show on disney either. i really dont know where you get your information from. prob from wikipedia. people are still very interseted. the proof is the fans that show up for their concerts. btw cr2 was the highest rated show watched on cable for the year. i will agree with one thing you said they are way to talented to be connected to disney and need to get out on their own away from disney. you must be a beaver fan? LOL.

  55. 55
    mindaluz Says:

    i didn’t watch camp rock 2 because it’s another stupid movie and most of the casts don’t know how to act and selena gomez voice sucks how did she become a singer

  56. 56
    marie Says:


    “the proof is the fans that show up for their concerts”
    Read more:

    no. the proof is in the numbers. the proof is in the sales. which could include concert ticket sales, but just pointing out that technically, you’re wrong and the other person is right. the proof is in numbers. also, watching a bunch of people on youtube at a jobro concert isn’t valid enough to call proof. so go away. :P you must be a jobro fan. LOL. dumbf*ck.

  57. 57
    rhonda Says:

    i really enjoyed camp rock 2. the music was fun and the dancing was incredible. i would pick this over high school musical any day. at least the cast in camp rock 2 can actually sing and play their own instruments. they write their on songs, as well. you take auto tune off of some of the HSM cast and they would sound aweful.

  58. 58
    ellen Says:

    hate to tell you this but 8 million viewers were only its opening night in the u s. it pulled in 21 million viewers its opening weekend.. camp rock 2 was amazing.

  59. 59
    micaela Says:

    I am of Argentine and it is very difficult to know on the famous ones of other countries and with this page it is very much an easy mas; I love them

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