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Charice: Glee Promo Video!

Charice: Glee Promo Video!

Check out these first pictures of Charice as Rachel’s (Lea Michele) new nemesis in Glee!

Check out the promo below for the premiere episode, airing on Tuesday, Sept. 21 @ 8PM on FOX. Don’t miss it!!!

Bones co-stars Emily Deschanel and Tamara Taylor host the below promo for the Emmy Award-winning show.

The Britney Spears episode, titled “Britney Britney”, will air the week after on Tuesday, Sept. 28!

Charice: Glee Promo Video!
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  • babyg


  • Dubya Bush


  • Weber from Brazil

    OMG can’t wait *———-*

  • John26

    Charice!!! Luv luv luv!!!!!! Can’t wait for Season 2!!!! Go Go Go Charice!!!

  • justabi

    I love Charice!

  • Dasha

    Wow i can’t wait, it sounds really great

  • bette

    Charice job is to make Rache/Lea role looks good. She´s not even starting yet and all Rachel/Lea fans are already hysterical. They feel threatened. This is exciting, can´t wait.

  • Michelle

    GREAT PROMO! SO EXCITED FOR FINN AND RACHEL :) They are adorable :) I can’t wait – and for Charice – it is going to be awesome. I LOVE SUE AND WILL TOO!

  • spring777

    A few seconds of Charice vs Rachel in the promo and Rachel’s fans gets hysterical and mean. To think she’s just guesting LOL!

  • WebScribes

    Rachel & Finn
    Rachel & Sunshine
    Sue & Will
    Sue & Bieste
    New Auditions
    It is going to be a great Glee Season
    Don’t worry Finn, Glee is writing a new history book ;-)

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l…

    …seriously, who the fcuk is this girl?!? …looks like she has a little fan base but for what?! ahahahahahahahhaa..

  • shadow

    charice woot2X!!!

  • Airis

    who is she?? she’s so ugly, for what is she famous?

  • marisa

    ok charice is good and all but they should have jessica sanchez from youtube on here, she is less known and has a great voice and might be a lot more likable. can’t wait for the show!

  • viz_intel

    excited to see glee s2 because of charice

  • lizabeth

    spoiler alert!the second season of glee is so bored!

  • Mitch

    Looks like we have another Finn in the club! (The singer in the shower) GO CHORD OVERSTREET! =D

  • Joey

    The singer in the shower is the new quarterback/religious kid/Kurt’s boyfriend. He’ll be a complicated character for sure

  • Cal2010

    @Airis: Airis, sounds like a Filipino. Pretty sure you know who she is, just trying to act like you don’t. Quit trying so hard to hate on her. Charice is famous and I doubt you’ll ever get close to her accomplishments or fame.Also, learn how to speak right. Instead of going on websites promoting hate, why not open up an English Grammar book?

  • Cal2010

    @Dubya Bush: Just like your mom’s face except nobody gives a sh*t to write about it.

  • Cal2010

    Little fanbase..check out her “little fan base” from Asia, Europe, Latin America, America, and Australia. Not to mention, she has elite fans like Oprah & David Foster who churns out Grammy winners like a factory. You probably think and talk out of your momma’s a** so I’ll forgive you for being ignorant. Check out her video at Eaton Centre in Toronto or her video in Bangkok. Talk about “little fan base”.

  • Felix13

    Wow Charice looks so cute with her pigtails, Glee season 2 is going to be awesome with her on there !! just counting down the days Σ=•D


    CUTE CUTE GIRL!!!!!!

  • Ben

    wow can’t wait for Charice… another step towards the top… there’s no stopping a great talent that she is! I have a friend named Airis and i hope you’re not the one who wrote in here smashing Charice unfairly. I don’t have friends who are haters like you. I’m from Canada and we love Charice most dearly here… probably the biggest supporter second to Thailand, Singapore or Japan.

  • champ1990

    Woot woot! Rock ‘em girl! You’re something that everyone will look forward to watch in Glee! So exciting! Bring it on!

  • champ1990

    @Airis, maybe you’re looking at yourself that’s why you’re seeing ugliness! Charice is a beautiful person, like everyone is. If you don’t know her, don’t judge her, everyone deserves the chance.

  • spring777

    @Cal2010: some people are so wrapped up in their own world they don’t even know what’s happening outside so just forgive them… :) Go Charice!!!

  • radon

    nice! can’t wait to watch charice guesting on glee.

  • JAbuan

    This is too cool. Can’t wait to see sunshine dominate Philippine news media after Glee premiers. Boy, Kris, Regine, and the many, many pinoys who love and support Ming (Sarah included), will be so beaming with pride. What a wonderful fairy tale.

  • Cal2010

    @spring777: I agree with you. People can’t stand to see others succeed. Just that sort of mentality in certain people. Charice is a great person. No doubt a humble one. Every celebrity has their share of haters and Charice is no exception. It just shows that she’s becoming more and more famous. Once she appears on Glee, more and more people will know who Charice is, if they haven’t already.

  • belmidi


    lizabeth, be more extra carefull in writing comments.check your grammar
    carefully it ‘s supposed to be boring not bored

  • http://charicemania notsofamous

    Sunshine Corazon is so cuuuuuuuuuuuute…

  • http://beccha05 BeckyM

    OMG Charice!!, well for those few who may not be so happy for Charice’s success and that She is not that beautiful as they say, OK don’t fret even Charice is saying that she is not that so pretty ( she has no hang ups about that beauty thing- but of course for me, literally she is a very attractive and most charming Asian beauty ) but then I say with that gigantic talent of hers, ( multiple talents I should say ), she stands the tallest and the most beautiful person gracing the music industry today, hehe (becchA05- talking about being a chaddicted Chaster, LOL ))

  • Rihr

    I will be supporting her no matter what! I will be watching Glee even if I have no clue what Glee is! hahaha. From JAPAN!

  • http://Yobhtron Yobhtron

    I’ve never watched a single episode of Glee but I will finally watch it when Charice appears on the show. Charice brings credibility on Glee since most of the artists in that show are mediocre, lip synched and auto-tuned singers.

    Whoever mentioned about Charice having a small fan base is ignorant. She is a YouTube royalty and has a mammoth fan base worldwide.

  • jen

    I was thinking of flagging all those hate comments but it’s just a waste of time, i’ll promote and cheer on charice instead.

  • http://jejepc jejepc

    At the top baby! Go Cha.. show them what you got! We’re soo proud of you. We’re looking forward for more updates on your casting at the glee.. we would love to see more of you.. we love you.

  • stefani

    Wow Charice and Lea sound amazing together! I love lea to pieces and I do think she is better, but Telephone is going to be epic! Charice is a good rival :) It’s all about perspective and preference :) Can’t wait for the new season! and those glasses make me laugh haha

  • ellen

    I love Charice. She’s very talented with her beauty inside and out. Amazing Charice!! Go girl!

  • helene

    I love Charice. She’s amazing!! can’t wait for GLEE. Just have no clue when they’ll show it here in Australia.. grrrr

    So friggen excited!! woot woot!!

  • sonia

    im watching season 2 for her

  • imnotcrazy

    Ewwwww…….. definitely gonna skip the episodes with her on it……
    Just saying……

  • musiclover99

    cannot wait to see Gle with Charice! I really hope that the show showcases how truly talented this girl is!

  • musiclover99

    cannot wait to see Gle with Charice! I really hope that the show showcases how truly talented this girl is!

  • drew

    can’t wait!

  • hawaiifanboy

    Charice! Glad to see a member in the cast who is actually a teenager!

  • flipmaya

    @Airis: Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. While you and some Filipinos think she’s ugly, the Koreans, Japanese, Americans and more think she’s cute. Besides, who cares? I would rather have someone who isn’t pretty and can sing instead of someone pretty who can’t sing. (Paris Hilton…enough said).

  • jayson

    @Airis: how could we know if you’re not ugly or may be a dumb one? character-wise, it points to that! warning: your insecurities and nightmares will kill you!

  • http://charicemania notsofamous

    @Dubya Bush: So What…Jealous much?

  • vil26216

    I’ll definitely watch Glee-2 because of Charice. Labyo….. Go Charice.