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Charice: Glee Promo Video!

Charice: Glee Promo Video!

Check out these first pictures of Charice as Rachel’s (Lea Michele) new nemesis in Glee!

Check out the promo below for the premiere episode, airing on Tuesday, Sept. 21 @ 8PM on FOX. Don’t miss it!!!

Bones co-stars Emily Deschanel and Tamara Taylor host the below promo for the Emmy Award-winning show.

The Britney Spears episode, titled “Britney Britney”, will air the week after on Tuesday, Sept. 28!

Charice: Glee Promo Video!
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98 Responses to “Charice: Glee Promo Video!”

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  1. 51
    nodoubt Says:

    family bonding time comes sep.21! first time we will be watching glee with our two gleek daughters because of charice.

  2. 52
    pandays_wife Says:

    Go Charice, show them what you”ve got !! We love you , we”ll be watching Glee just because you’re on it. Simply said you’re just AMAZING !!!!!!

  3. 53
    Nic Says:

    I love Lea’s new hair. She’s gorgeous :)

  4. 54
    german Says:

    omg !! :D rachel looks like a dude….ewwwwwwww !!! go charice.!!! . show them what a real singer looks like!!! ..can’t wait…season 2 to start!! one more thing rachel’s fan pls.. respect

  5. 55
    carvin80 Says:

    @Dubya Bush:


  6. 56
    carvin80 Says:



  7. 57
    carvin80 Says:

    Glee will be more popular in ASIA and in some parts of Europe like ITALY? where Charice is popular. lets say that the creator or Glee is damn genius because he wants to market Glee in ASIA thats why he got Charice. Charice will be part of the Glee CLub eventually, lets see. but for now she cant go full time because of Asian Tour for David Foster and Friends concert and some Promo of her Album in Europe i guess. LABYO CHARICE!

  8. 58
    lai Says:

    Good luck to charice!!!

  9. 59
    freeagent Says:

    she still looks the same to me..

  10. 60
    aseret64 Says:

    Charice is full of talent. For those who dont know her yet, try listening to her music, visit youtube or Oprah website and you can see how talented she is. Who cares if she is not pretty, the girl is just so full of talent.

  11. 61
    Timmy Says:

    For those who doesnt know CHARICE,,,, she is 18 years old PoWERHOUSE VOCALIST, she is the singer behind the hit song PYRAMID with Iyaz, her debut album was # 8 in Billboard relased this year, she had appeared in Oprah live 4 times and the last was with justine Bieber, she is a pure talent, adorable, petite, and just bubly teen who loves to sing and perform, many young singers may be better singes than she is ,,, BUT,, this girl got charm that others dont have.

  12. 62
    Charicefans Says:

    We love Charice! Take care our superstar!

  13. 63
    agno Says:

    wow.. charice ganna make this show so exciting..

  14. 64
    Joan Says:

    @bette: Huh. No one is threaten. Make no sense Rachel is the lead female if Charice is there or not.

  15. 65
    Joan Says:

    Some of you need to realize no matter what Jared puts on there are going to be people who bash it. They are mean ass wipes that is all.
    For those who like Charice or Lea don’t do the same thing, don’t bash the other. Both young women are talented and both are attractive in their own way. No need to bash. Lea fans no reason to be threaten, it is a guest spot. Charice fans need to calm down too and stop with comparison and pushing Charice as the god of singing.

  16. 66
    Fran Says:

    @Yobhtron: They all lip sync to there own voice as will Charice have to do. And Charice will be auto tuned too. If you think Charic hasn’t been or will not be auto tuned you are crazy.

  17. 67
    Fran Says:

    Charice’s appearance will make little difference to the US viewing public. Other counries it may help.

    If other countries can get the songs on itunes it may help those sales. Overall, she is only set for some episodes so she will be in and out so no big deal. She get more exposure from glee, glee gets rival for Rachel. Win/Win and done.

    Her outfit is fugly but she is cute enough even though those stupid glasses.

  18. 68
    charisse Says:

    Luv yah charice

  19. 69
    Airis Says:

    …. I’m not Filipino, and I don’t know who she is, because I am spanish and we have never heard about her here, that’s why I asked, but sorry for no speaks so well, cabrones de mierda, ignorantes americanos, a little bit of spanish….

  20. 70
    Airis Says:

    Have to say, that I have search her on youtube and she’s not pretty but she is an amazing singer

  21. 71
    Cal2010 Says:

    @Airis: Show how vanity is the only thing important to you. Great that you think she’s an amazing singer, as do others, but it’s wrong to be so blunt about her looks. Sure, she ain’t your typical Megan Fox or Kim Kardashian, etc. but it doesn’t give you the right to put her down. Charice accepts the fact that she’s not like those celebrities. What do you want her to do, say “no I can’t be famous, I’m not pretty.” It’s people like you who have that mentality that make our society feel like we all have to be like celebrities to fit in. Ignorant Americans? Can you really say that without looking at yourself first? Ignorante Española instead. You focus on her being pretty, yet people focus on her talent. You won’t get anywhere in life if all you think about is whats on the outside. La belleza está en el ojo del espectador, no en los ojos de usted.

  22. 72
    Kurd Says:

    @ Airis…………. Just wait and see…. Go Gharice!

  23. 73
    crispy Says:

    People should not compare Charice who just turned 18 with Lea who is 24 years old. Both singers are amazing in their own right. Charice is not a looker for Hollywood standard, but hey neither some of the regular cast members.

  24. 74
    Will Says:

    @german, So, is it really necessary to you to attack Lea’s fans just to defend your appreciaton for Charice? Stop being so mean people. Every character/performer in Glee has his/her own fans, but Glee itself is just one. So, if we’re all Glee fans, do not start conflicts. Let’s celebrate how good is this show (sorry, that was really cheesy… ^_^).

  25. 75
    joan Says:

    Charice is cute!!! I am excited to watch her in Glee episode.
    She is getting better each day! Go girl at the top babe!!!!
    She will jbe oining David Foster and Friends on tour in Asia starting October 2010

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