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George Clooney: 'Farragut North' Takes Flight

George Clooney: 'Farragut North' Takes Flight

Helmet head George Clooney takes girlfriend Elisabetta Canalis for a ride on his Harley Davidson motorcycle on Saturday (September 4) in Malibu, Calif.

The 49-year-old The American actor is reportedly set to direct a big screen adaptation of the off-Broadway play Farragut North. The political drama reveals dirty campaign tactics of enterprising politicos. Philip Seymour Hoffman, Paul Giamatti, and Chris Pine (who played the role of Stephen in the L.A. production) are all in talks to star in George‘s directorial project.

10+ pictures inside of George and Elisabetta taking a ride…

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george clooney farragut north 01
george clooney farragut north 02
george clooney farragut north 03
george clooney farragut north 04
george clooney farragut north 05
george clooney farragut north 06
george clooney farragut north 07
george clooney farragut north 08
george clooney farragut north 09
george clooney farragut north 10
george clooney farragut north 11
george clooney farragut north 12
george clooney farragut north 13

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  • Anonymous

    It was 108 in the valley today. Why are they dressed for a chilly fall ride? She must be burning up in that scarf.

  • anonymous

    Probably older pics from an earlier photo op that they just now released.

  • Hmm

    George is not hot and most of his movies bomb. What’s up with that? Maybe people don’t like him as much as the press say they do? Hmmm

  • anonymous

    What an obvious photo op. They even got an American flag in the pictures because George’s movie The American is out. Doesn’t get more obvious than this. LOL.

  • Anonymous

    I checked the weather report out of curiosity. It was 105 in Malibu today. The low was 60, presumably in the middle of the night. Even if it was an early ride, leather jackets, gloves, long sleeves, and a scarf seem pretty extreme. Just how fast would you have to go to get a wind chill that would require all that gear?

  • anonymous

    Well, it would make sense and save time if they got several series of photo op pics at one time and just saved them for later release. That would be especially easy to do with motorcycle pics since you pretty much wear the same stuff and no one can see what shirt you have on under the jacket.

  • Anonymous

    You might be right. The only shadow is directly under the bike which would mean that the sun was high in the sky. Today that would have meant temperatures of anywhere from 85–105 depending on the time. What a weird thing to do.

  • anonymous

    Out of curiosity, I looked up the Saturday high for Malibu and the web site I looked at said it was 72. Still not cold enough for a scarf and all that at high noon. Regardless of when the pics were taken, it was obviously a photo op.

  • http://dlwater donna


  • Anonymous

    LOL Now, I’ve gone overboard. I checked the weather history for Malibu on Memorial Day 2010. The high was only about 70 that day. Maybe these photos are actually from Memorial Day. There would have been plenty of flags that day too.

  • Anonymous

    Who is Chris Pine?

  • anonymous

    Maybe this whole publicity arrangement thing is one big prank George is playing on everyone. I feel so punked.

  • antonio

    he doesn’t promove The American but promove his and Leverage!!!
    I think he can’t break with the ugly soccers-groupie for financial movies reasons…with nice S.Larson he broke for much less then hooker horse-face scandal…so they’re trying to clean the scandal
    in Italy all week the fake couple are over the Berlusconi gossip papers “Chi” and “Diva” presented as glamour couple and selling more papers.
    this photo are so funny!

  • to anonymous

    forget george and the girl friend. all i care about is the bike. it’s cool, i wish i owned one like that.

  • to anonymous

    chris pine was james kirk in star trek 2009 and he’ll also be in the sequel in 2012

  • Victoria QUEEN

    L’effet du a espresso est trop court et il y a le risque cardiaque par accélération du coeur. …
    deux à trois semaines après les dernières prises de la drogue. …café
    et cassé mas machine a café du a GEORGE
    accélération et des multiples brusque freinages. machine de une marque de haute technologie européen est tomber en panne!
    et ….. malgré l’accélération de mes sorties de séjours hôpitaux , moins longs qu’auparavant, ….je vous assure !
    Je dois appliquer la modification du contexte européen. …donc a m’aligner sur le modèle de mise en forme visuel. ..par GEORGE
    le café matin midi soir
    auto boulot dodo …
    je dois vous dire que tout ça c’est faute a GEORGE!

  • fake

    Ok this is obvious, now that his movie is coming this week, he is out every f-cking day with his trailer trash-horse like every day lol, so riddiclous, unfortunately old georgie it’s not working…next time change the plan…

  • Anonymous

    I think that even if there will be pictures revealed them in the bed this is fake PR, because she is a girlfriend of Davide Rombolotti, and criminal guys do not give their bitches to anyone. They’d likely bring them to the graveyard rather than to give others.

  • dr

    Very boring couple. Tomorrow will be sushi, then ride a motorcycle, then again, some restaurants have already seen. Really boring, I think it’s time to change the partner, George. We want something fresh meat

  • Cora

    Why is Canalis all bundled up? It was hot as blazes today. Not only does she have a scarf on, but she’s got her hands in his jacket pockets as if her hands are cold. These are really odd photos.

  • Cora

    @dr: Ah yes …. sushi, bike ride, dinner at Dan Tana’s, photo op with Rande & Cindy, rinse and repeat. *yawn*

  • Canalis look like my ass crack

    A few funny things …. google Elisabetta’s ugly brother, Luigi. Dude looks like freakin’ Everybody Loves Raymond’s Brad Garrett. Ewww. Guess ugliness runs in the Canalis family. Wonder if he is a cokehead, too? Or maybe he has brains or talent …. someone had to get them. Anyone think he’s proud that she wh0red herself out for fame? Just curious. I don’t know if it’s true or not, but Luigi is said to have studied radiology like his father but has a mountain of unpaid debts in credit cards. Is also said to have unpaid cell phone bills. Wonder if his sk*nky sis paid them off? Coworkers have said he likes to party more than he likes to be of service to others. He is said to have lost his keys for his job at work in hospital and hasn’t completed all hours of his residency. He has failed his boards many times. So do you think his sister’s “fame” went to his head, too? We shall see when she’s kicked to the curb after this weekend. Sounds like Cocaina Canalis family has a few matters to tend to.

    As for the photos? George is trying to milk every last second he can out of his arrangement with Canalis. She’s in no hurry to leave and he’s working overtime to be seen out because he still foolishly believes somehow it will HELP. Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha!!! What a gullible old dude … and George is, too!

    Arrividerci, Elisabetta. After “The American” is pulled out of theatres in 10 days, we will no longer get to rag on your ugly face. Back to the Boot you go.

  • ellles

    He never looks cool on a bike ever, he looks like hes on a moped.

  • Luciana

    @19 Yes, they been seen many times kissing in the dark, even her dog lives at his house!

  • rachel

    This old man is so boring. Always doing the same thing again and again. BORING. It’s time to retire Clooney. Go back in Italy and stay there. HAS BEEN.

  • Yawn!

    I think I’ll rent a movie this weekend since nothing good is in the theatres.

  • Steven Tyler & George Clooney

    Can anyone please tell me what in the h-ll George Clooney is doing in Maibu with Steven Tyler on the back of his bike? Now if I am not mistaken, isn’t Steven a lot shorter and more handsome than this? And besides, what would his daughters say if they knew their father was teaming up on one motorcycle with Clooney? Seems kinda, ummm, errrr GAY doesn’t it? I didn’t think George or Steven was, but maybe these photos prove it all wrong. It’s odd because I have seen many photos of them together over the past year. Aerosmith used to be so cool, but not now with their lead singer going the dung route and all. So Hollywood, I swear.

    Here’s what Steven and George’s conversation probably sounded like:

    Steven: I thought you wanted to bang my daughter, Liv.

    George: No, that’s what Stan Rosenfield kept telling me, but I had to break it to him that It was you I was secretly after.

    Steven: Yeah, but how will your fans react to that?

    George: Well, see I figure it won’t really matter because I have a cool movie coming out this weekend and I can tell everyone that you just picked me up in Italy and brought me back here just so that I could see it on Labor Day Weekend.

    Steven: Cool. Like that. But now what’s with the flag?

    George: Well, I figured it was kind of a double meaning type thing. The economy sucks balls right now, so the average person doesn’t even have money to go see a movie. I wanted them to see mine but critics keep saying it’s boring and dull. I figured if I flew the flag this weekend, they’d all see how patriotic i am in remembering our dead vets and go and see “The American”. Get it?

    Steven: But this is LABOR Day, not MEMORIAL Day!

    George: Wait, what?

    Steven: It’s LABOR Day, man! It was a day created to reflect upon the social and economic achievements of this country and it’s workers & laborers , dude. And right now with the country in a depression that our administration is trying to pass off as a double dip recession (not an ice cream cone, my friend), it’s really not a wise idea to be promoting anything that the hard working and overextended people of this country cannot afford to purchase. This is probably the one weekend out of the whole entire year that you should be remaining humble and reflecting on the good things that God and life has blessed you with instead of asking consumers for more of their dwindling money.

    George: Well, so is Memorial Day the same holiday or what?

    Steven: Forget it, dude. Get me the F off this bike already.

    George: I can’t make a u-turn up here and there’s no pulling off to the shoulder. Just let me pass this turning car up here on his right.

    Steven: But that’s ille …….


    George: Oh, f*ck Steven! Are you alright? You were thrown from the bike pretty hard!

    Steven: Why are you laughing, man?

    George: I just thought it was funny because this same thing happened to me one time years ago. It’s kinda like deja vu!

    Steven: I’ll give you deja vu! Help me up! I think my toes are broken.

    George: Just don’t tell anyone about this okay? I am going to pay that driver to shut up and I will take you to all my movie premeires this year, okay?

    Steven: Nah, man! I’m spent. You think you can just go around adjusting the truth? I’ll give you the truth: Take that f8cking flag off your ride, dude! You just made a movie called “The American” and said in interviews about how much you loved Italy because they seem to know how to live while Americans don’t. I don’t think this is the time to be tooting your own horn and accepting awards for being humanitarian when your own sentiments towards this country leave the average person fuming at the ear canals. Say, why did you endorse Obama as you did?

    George: So we could play basketball together. And I had a movie coming out. Look, I will call you a cab, but you’re gonna have to sign this paper right here.

    Steven: What’s this?

    George: It’s just a little confidentiality agreement. I make all my lovers sign one.

    Steven: For the last time, I am not your lover. All I wanted was to get a few photos and now you’re making me sign away my life. Not worth it. I’m writing a book about this.
    See you in the movies, dude.

    George: But I am in the movies. Go see “The American” this weekend. It’s all about Italy. Have a safe trip back to your pad. Thanks for the TMZ photo op. You did great.

    Steven: F-ck you man! I’m angry as h-ll and I’m not gonna take it anymore!

    George: Stonehenge! I was only going to Stonehenge!

  • Rob

    Stop with these two famewhores!

  • Rhiannan

    Steven Tyler and George Cloo

    Your post is too long. You should know nobody on the Internet reads anything that resembles a book. Better luck next time. Next…

  • Missis Sweet

    and yours is too short…. you should know that nobody interested in this

  • missy

    ew. he is so old.
    this guy is so self-important. pass.

  • Steven Tyler & George Clooney

    Illiteracy is no joking matter, folks. You see the poster “Rhiannan” above actually believes my last entry was a book. It’s sad, really, that one’s attention cannot be contained for more than 3 minutes to finish reading something as simply as what I wrote. Rhiannon, love, books contain pages and pages of written text. What I wrote above was a few simply paragraphs. I feel sorry that you’ve never read a book to know what one is, but if you should chance upon the opportunity, do take advantage of it because reading and responding on the gossip sites isn’t exactly expanding your miniscule mind. By the way, illiteracy is not entirely your fault. Aside from your lousy schooling which obviously passed you on through to get rid of your useless butt, your parents suffered from illiteracy, too. You see, your name is truly supposed to be spelled “Rhiannon”, after the Welsh lunar goddess whose name meant “Great Queen” and is said to inspire writers and poets and artists and royalty. But that is not your name. Your’s is just “Rhiannan” which means, well, nothing except that your parents couldn’t spell. You’re meaningless. Have an astute kind of day!

  • NarcisoLeBeau

    Is her brother Luigi a cokehead?
    He was fired for cocaine use by his employer in Switzerland and has an outstanding warrant for his arrest for cocaine charges there.
    Google the details if interested.

  • rachel

    All these photos op just in time for her episode in Leverage and for his movie…Who called the paps, George or his sk*nk? I bet it’s George. He likes this type of promotion lately. What an assh*le !

  • CharlieHorse

    man, it looks like she was dragged out of bed at the crack of dawn for this photo op.. didn’t anybody ever tell her never to go out looking like that? what an ugly mugly.

  • OMG

    I so want his life, the harley, the jobs the money, the fame, the villa, the industry respect , the looks, but uhhhhh not the jellus hags that are jellus of the woman he is with

  • emma

    I think this is an old picture right? I’ve seen it before….

  • Aerosweet

    @Steven Tyler & George Clooney:
    Stonehenge is a time portal, and now it’s clear why they were there yesterday here we will be tomorrow, will we be tomorrow. Evil Steven Tyler become good, he knows where you need to focus your efforts, and this inverted cone of economic … Labor Day is coming and then you understand that America in depression, Steven Tyler paints black not only toenails but also his fingernails. And there are real holes in consciousness, which are hard to patch up by only movies.
    The American is a good movie for Americans! All this smoothly-flowing Italian reality, Italian landscapes, lighting effects tension of the plot, they stop the insane acceleration and external noises, and lead to internal perception and peace. Where priest says words: “It is in your heart …”

  • OMG

    George gets the last laugh Bwahahahahahahahahah, And you know he really IS laughing LOL!!!!!!!

    George Clooney’s ‘The American’ Wins Weekend, Robert Rodriguez’s ‘Machete’ #2, Drew Barrymore’s ‘Going The Distance’ #5

    1. The American (Focus Features) NEW [2,823 Theaters] Opened Wed
    Friday $3.8M, Saturday $4.9M, Est 4-Day Holiday $16.5M, Est Cume $20M

    2. Machete (Fox) NEW [2,670 Theaters]
    Friday $3.9M, Saturday $3.9M, Est 4-Day Holiday $14.7M)

    3. Takers (Screen Gems/Sony) Week 2 [2,206 Theaters]
    Friday $3.1M, Saturday $4.3M, Est 4-Day Holiday $14.5M, Est Cume $40.5M

    4. The Last Exorcism (Lionsgate) Week 2 [2,874 Theaters]
    Friday $2.3M, Saturday $3M, Est 4-Day Holiday $9.5M (-57%), Est Cume $34.3M

    5. Going The Distance (Warner Bros) NEW [3,030 Theaters]
    Friday $2.2M, Saturday $2.4m, Est 4-Day Holiday $8.5M

    6. The Expendables (Lionsgate) Week 4 [3,398 Theaters]
    Friday $1.6M, Saturday $2.4M, Est 4-Day Holiday $8.2M, Est Cume $94M

    7. The Other Guys (Sony) Week 5 [2,607 Theaters]
    Friday $1.3M, Saturday $1.9M, Est 4-Day Holiday $6.6M, Est Cume $108M

    8. Eat Pray Love (Sony) Week 4 [2,663 Theaters]
    Friday $1.3M, Saturday $1.8M, Est 4-Day Holiday $6.5M, Est Cume $70.5M

    9. Inception (Warner Bros) Week 8 [1,704 Theaters]
    Friday $1.1M, Estimated 4-Day Holiday $6M, Estimated Cume $278.4M

    10. Nanny McPhee Returns (Working Title/Universal) Week 3 [2,708 Theaters]
    Friday $875K, Estimated 4-Day Holiday $5M, Estimated Cume $23.9M

  • Dexter

    The American is good for those who know going in what the movie is about. The cinematography is amazing. The sex scenes were very graphic. The dream would be be to have Clooney in a Cary Grant modern North by Northwest type of movie. Although Grant was 54 when he did the movie. I think a remake involving Clooney is in order.

  • anon

    @steven tyler & george cloo-

    Your post was hilarious! I laughed my ass off!!

  • busted

    20 million in 6 days..

    I don’t think George should laugh too loudly..

  • It’s really?

    George does not lead us up the garden path, but he leads Canalis, as a symbol of American depression which picked him up somewhere in the Old World, is always under coke and unlikely to tell you something intelligible because does not know whether she is more in this or underworld. The roar of chains on the hand, black clothes, a shapeless rag hanging to the floor… you go after her, in front of your eyes flicker and flash her boots … Oh my God! Where has gone front parts of these boots, there are holes, as in American economy…and from these holes coming out Italian fingers with black nails..F*uck! they creak when touching the floor tiles… it is impossible to bear this sound, it is ascoma…. Something must be done with this. It is real depression.
    These are legends of cunning George.
    Best Regards,
    Stan’s PR

  • Dee

    WOW! …How much passion for GEORGE here!!!

    What about CP I could not see it in the theatre so…..OF COURSE! I want him in the movie…..just hope his schedule allows it!!!!

    …and who is Anonymous!!!!

  • Dee

    Who is Anonymous?????!!!!!

  • Dee


  • saw

    I agree with you #19!
    George loves a in “the american” and in his life he loves a (her real bf) Davide Rombolotti’ s Hollywood Milano night club cokewo.hre!
    a good way making of The american movie promotion!
    listed here some of her several flirts. oh my god George!

  • saw
  • anonymous

    @Steven Tyler & George Cloo, that was hilarious.