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Kanye West Pens Apology Song For Taylor Swift

Kanye West Pens Apology Song For Taylor Swift

It’s been an entire year since Kanye West ruined Taylor Swift‘s win for “Best Female Video” at the 2009 MTV VMAs.

Kanye already apologized on his blog but he also wrote an apology song too!

“I wrote a song for Taylor Swift that’s so beautiful and I want her to have it,” Kanye wrote on his Twitter. “If she won’t take it then I’ll perform it for her.”

He added, “She had nothing to do with my issues with award shows. She had no idea what hit her. She’s just a lil girl with dreams like the rest of us. She deserves the apology more than anyone…
When I woke up from the crazy nightmare I looked in the mirror and said GROW UP KANYE … I take the responsibility for my actions. I am not a bad person. Even in that moment I was only trying to do good but people don’t always need my help. Beyonce didn’t need that. MTV didn’t need that and Taylor and her family friends and fans definitely didn’t want or need that.

“I’ve hurt, I’ve bled, I’ve learned. I only want to do good. I am passionate I am human I am real. I wish I could meet every hater. I wish I could talk to every hater face to face and change there a opinion of me one conversation at a time. I wish they all knew how much I really cared about music and pop culture and art and peoples feelings. I wish they could accept that I’ve grown and only want to do good for the world. I want to help as many people as I can. I want to help starting with the music and ending with the smile. I want to win there hearts back so I can continue to bring my take on culture to the masses with a clean opinion.”

“It starts with this…” Kanye ended. “I’m sorry Taylor.”

DO YOU THINK Taylor will accept Kanye’s song??

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  • Chantelle Watts

    I think that’s a very humble and mature gesture.

  • vinha

    I liked it!

  • Lola

    That was nice :-)

    I look forward to hearing the song.. lol

  • jess

    if someone hands you an apology accept it so i think she should show how mature she is

  • Mili

    In America everything is a show!

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    …good for him. he’s a douchebag, he knows it, and he’s trying to fix it. but c’mon, as much as he owes her an apology song.. she owes him a thank you song. cause the min he jacked (kayned) her acceptance speech the sympathy she received trusted her career into the stratosphere. she owes him! …and we all know it. ahahahahahahahaha

  • lol

    I can’t fcuking stand Taylor Swift.

  • V

    Kanye & his mom (RIP) spitting an old verse [rare footage]

  • Catsup

    THe song is beautiful and oh yes i do think Taylor will accept the touching song ..absolutely.
    In fact i believe Taylor accepted Kayne’s apology a very long time ago. It semed like it was the ppl who were holding grudges . The media made it worse too making up rediculous headline stories adding ignorant messages that were not there..never were. Anything for a story. I can’t believe ppl pay money for that crap.

    Nice message above Kane:) Very passionate. I can feel the remorse in your words. And again i don’t believe you ever had to worry about Taylor Swift not forgiving you either. She is such a sweetheart you could see her forgivness in her eyes
    If that song is as beautiful as the message above maybe you two could get together and make a duo of it. That would be cool. Do something with it. It has a history behind it. right…make it kickazzz booyahh. lol booyah is for Neelah.

  • Janey

    Funny, I completely forgot about Kanye and Taylor. “Apology for what,” is what I thought when I read this headline. Kanye didn’t do himself any favors, but he did Taylor a big favor when he stormed the stage last year. He’s a genius artist who doesn’t think before he acts, she’s a mediocre singer/songwriter who lucked out and was made the focus of a lot of attention because she handled herself so well after the MTV incident.

    She should have sent him flowers for doing what he did!

  • Maddy

    A little too late for that Kann-Yayerz!! Next!

  • Andie

    Well as much I admire this gesture, why now, why on the vma week, why on beyonce’s bday,why in twitter and why bring up the incident again after a year. I’m sure Taylor already accept the apology a year ago and she already moved on.
    Can’t help to think that this may be a publicity stunt. I will believe him if he just met up with Taylor and talk and apologize to her, no media, no BS just him and her.

  • Kary

    good for him

  • Alaia

    I thought it was hilarious when the world hated Kanye after the VMAs. Ironically, the joke was on the public. He made Taylor more popular, unfortunately.

  • rocksss

    People saying that it should’ve been Taylor thanking him are incredibly ignorant. She already had her career when this whole incident happened. She had already sold millions of CD’s, she definitely didn’t need him for anything. And about this whole twitter apology, I have to say that he deserves respect and for people, especially the media, to stop picking on him. Someone who knows how to sincerely apologize and has the humility of doing it again deserves respect. We all make mistakes, it doesn’t matter what kind of mistake we make, at the end of the day a mistake is still a mistake, regarding the damage. And we make them to learn from them and become a better person, and I believe that after this whole incident, Kanye West did become a better person for good.

  • Melisha

    Oh gosh!!! I even forgot about the whole kanye Taylor thingy!! Why doesn’t kanye go help the world then instead of saying it!! There’s millions of people that need the help than these celebrities!!

  • Iffy Miffy

    Oh please. He’s just dragging it out again for more publicity. If he met up with her, apologised in person like a proper human being, it would have been one thing. Now, it’s all just – oh look PR PR! Nonsense.

  • http://j ivanka

    aaaw kanye:) nice

  • cat

    For a second i thought he might be joking or something..but after i read all what he has to say…he seems to be sincere about it..i always give people a second chance…yes, i do like his music…goodluck Kenye…

  • Ripple

    It sounds like a heartfelt apology so I hope she accepts. But I’m skeptical that he really learned from this incident.

  • jen

    he doesn’t need to apologize to her. Him doing what he did at the MTV awards has the best thing that happened to her, she became so much more famous than what she was with all the pity people took on her (and people who deny that are rather naive), thanks to him, she has become incredibly overexposed.

    Besides this apology is just more publicity on his behalf, didn’t he apologize a year ago and didn’t she accept it? ridiculous.

  • rock n roll queen

    maybe if she accepts this it will become the only good song she has ever sung

  • Not Impressed by AJ

    Why are Taylor Swift haters so ignorant? It’s like they never want to check facts before they post.

  • Not Impressed by AJ


    It’s not the best thing that has happened to her, that reply is ignorant.

  • to chantelle watts

    a very humble and mature gesture would have been to make this apology 12 months ago. this is not impressive. he just wants to be invited back to the grammys

  • Allie

    You know what I wish? I wish someone would introduce Kanye West to the comma and teach him a little about homophones.

    This issue has been dead for a while now and with all the success Kanye’s new music has been getting lately, I wish he would have kept it that way.

  • to jen

    not only does he want to be invited to the grammys but he also wants to perform. the message has been delivered to him from someone up high, apologize to taylor swift and make it look good.

  • jo

    Taylor already accepted his apology so for him to continue to go on about starts to come across as self-serving (which I know is a common trait in entertainment). I would say this to anyone wanting make amends or prove they’ve grown…LET YOUR ACTIONS SPEAK FO THEMSELVES and then shut up along the way.

  • snotty

    she shoud he maks great musik and i think she has moved on from this and so shoud the rest off the world

  • African Queen

    Why is he even apologizing to this no-talent, can’t-sing, weird-looking-thing for? And YES. I’ve heard her sing live, and she SUCKS. Badly.

  • Morgan

    Umm… this was for Taylor? Funny every sentence starts with I- and is also all about how he would change everybody’ s opinion of him. It had nothing to do with Taylor. What a tool.

  • offtheproperty

    If it’s Kanye, it’s classless.

  • Frisco

    Actions speak louder than words Kanye. Once a douchebag, always a douchebag.

  • Ash

    aaaaw nice


    I accept the idea (ideal) that perception is reality

    I was chilling with this white girl having a conversation and she cut me off and said… Hold up… I thought you didn’t like us?!

    That’s when you realize perception is reality. I’ve been straying from this subject on twitter but I have to give it to you guys raw now.

    Some people’s truth is Kanye is racist… It’s not my truth but I do believe it’s my Karma…. walk with me…

    With the help of strong will, a lack of impathy, a lil alcohol and extremely distasteful & bad timing … I became George Bush over night

    Remember in Anchor Man when Ron Burgandy cursed on air and the entire city turned on him? But this wasn’t a joke. This was & is my real life

    There are people who don’t dislike me… they absolutely hate me!

    If you google Asshole my face may very well pop up 2 pages into the search.

    Some people say… Why worry about “the haters?” This is bigger that just the concept of haters.

    I have a mission in life to bring truth and beauty through my music and the visuals that anchor around it

    …taking a 15 second blip the mdeia have successfully painted the image of the “ANGRY BLACK MAN’ The King Kong theory.

    People tweeted that they wish I was dead… No listen. They wanted me to die people. I carry that. I smile and take pictures through that

    I wear my scars… It’s almost like I have to where a suit to juxtapose my image and I won’t lie… IT WORKS!

    I wrote a song for Taylor Swift that’s so beautiful and I want her to have it. If she won’t take it then I’ll perform it for her

    She had nothing to do with my issues with award shows. She had no idea what hit her. She’s justa lil girl with dreams like the rest of us.

    She deserves the apology more than anyone. Thank you Biz Stone and Evan Williams for creating a platform where we can communicate directly

    We’re both artist and the media and managers are trying to get between us. Everyone wants to capitalize off this is some way

    I’m ready to get out of my own way. The ego is overdone… it’s like hoodies

    I know there are family members friends and fans that have literally fought for me.

    There are people who have named there kids after me… can you imagine that next day in school. Even though I don’t have kids…

    It’s not about race America. No one in our position ever stands up and says anything anymore.

    Who’s seen the play Wicked? I’ve seen it 4 times! Other than loving the music acting and costumes… it’s my story!!!

    With new found humility … who am I to run on stage? I would never ever again in a million years do that. Sorry to let you down.

    Yes I was that guy. A 32 year old child.

    These aren’t regular tweets… this is stream of consciousness … I want you guys to know and feel where my head is at…

    These tweets have no manager, no publicist , no grammar checking… this is raw

    Walk with me people… let’s break this down for real now. I might get in trouble again lol?


    A year later where do we stand?

    There’s a layer of… Entertainment… we are entertainers and this is only TV… not the War

    Why was it made into such a race issue. Taylor loves rap music… I love country music.

    When I right songs like Heartless I always say “is this melody good enough to be a country song or a broadway song?”

    I wish they could accept that I’ve grown and only want to do good for the world. I want to help as many people as I can.

    I want to help starting with the music and ending with the smile.

    I want to win there hearts back so I can continue to bring my take on culture to the masses with a clean opinion.

    It starts with this…

    I’m sorry Taylor.

  • Geena

    This is really sweet and quite humble, did not expect it coming from this guy, but maybe I did judge him too harsh and he is a better guy than I thought. Glad he learned from his mistake, it might have been quite distressed over his own faux pas if after a year he still mulls over it. Kudos to you Kanye, you got a new fan!

  • yo sista

    well let’s just say i’m not so sure HE wrote that! how about his PR team did that for him? Yeah makes sense his album is coming out soon

  • Audena

    @Morgan: It does start with him….he made those comments because his a douche bag…so he needs to address his problems..

  • To kanye west

    I hate you! so fake.. racist asxhole
    Taylor wouldn’t accept your apologize!!

  • ihateph

    i hope he calls out Lady xerox for being a thief .. I wonder what isabella blow look she will have this yr or what Madonna performance she will reenacted..

  • Go Ask Alice

    Good for him,ok. Better for Taylor because it gave her headlines for a week and then some.Free god pr. A gift.
    He apologized months ago,but still, I think,but late.
    Now,more pr for her and a little for him since MTV invited him back.

  • Alice

    I think that this is a good mature act. Kayne West was a reall Jack ass to poor Taylor last year its good that he’s finnally apologizing even though it’s quite late and apology but I’m sure and hopefull that that Taylor will accept. this.

  • Huff

    What a douche. Apology? Again, he’s stealing her light. He needs his career back. He just wants to get in her underage pants. Creep.

  • Jokergurl

    This is probably because he’s performing at the MTV Video Music Awards this year and he doesn’t want his fellow performers to still be mad at him. For example, Eminem stated recently that he would “punch Kanye if he bothers Taylor Swift”. Not really good to have Eminem mad at you.

  • wc

    Taylor won’t, she can pen her own songs, why bother ? Apology after a year? He just wanna bring this up to connect to the news and publicity


    “If she won’t take it then I’ll perform it for her.” Apologies with big obligations are just the bestest, aren’t they? RUN TAYLOR, RUN!

  • PDeff

    Please. He’s still grandstanding. There’s no correct way for her to respond. She remains the bitch any way you slice it.

  • Huff

    Taylor ought to get a restraining order

  • dan

    he’s just using the girl to promote his new album. the girl already accepted his apology a year ago, why dragging the situation again. kanye grow up!

    to the people who says that the incident is the best thing that happen to taylor is ignorant. the girl is already successful way way way before that incident.

  • MEI

    Fluck Taylor