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Kate Bosworth Winds Up In The Hudson

Kate Bosworth Winds Up In The Hudson

Kate Bosworth steps out in a cute pair of Hudson sandals and Celine sunglasses while catching a departing flight out of LAX Airport on Friday (September 3) in Los Angeles.

The 27-year-old actress is likely en route to visit her boyfriend Alexander Skarsgard in Hawaii on the set of his new movie, Battleship!

On True Blood this season, Alex had a guy-on-guy scene with fellow vamp Talbot (Theo Alexander). “I’d never kissed a guy before on a show or in a movie, and that was Theo‘s first time as well, and we talked about it,” Alex told EW. “It goes from being this romantic, beautiful scene, and they’re getting rough with each other and getting it on – and [then] the turn where Eric just slaughters him. It’s such a rich scene. I basically said, ‘We’ve got to sell it in the beginning. It’s got to be passionate and beautiful because then the payoff is going to be so much more rewarding.’”

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  • LisaM

    RUN, ALEX, RUN!!!!! The FameWh@re is coming after you!!!!!

  • Ace

    Um….Why is half of this article about Alexander’s first gay scene?

  • Facts

    It’s more likely Kate’s on her way to Detroit Michigan where she starts filming the movie “The Reasonable Bunch” next week.

    The Reasonable Bunch” is a dark comedy, starring Ellen Barkin, Kate Bosworth, Martin Landau, Ellen Burstyn, Thomas Hayden Church, Ezra Miller and Demi Moore. Shooting begins September 8 in the Detroit MI area

  • carmelpop

    Is he even in Hawaii yet?

  • carmelpop

    JJ, interesting? How do you know what type of sandals these are? Unless your check did not bounce this week, and you were given inside info. Unbelieveable. Whateva, JJ, yes she is going to Hawaii.

  • evathediva

    Wow the smug smirk is gone. I wonder where did she put it? Perhaps she left in Alex’s home of Sweden, when he kicked her boyish bony butt to the curb. She is fake smiling. Soemthing happened, and I can bet you she is not on her way to see Alex.

  • Question

    JJ, you should report the news/rumor about her cheating on Alex, just to be fair for the readers here.

  • duh

    why does this fool insist on wearing her hair like this? You’ve got to be pretty to pull off this very severe look. And she kind of´….isn’t.

  • Top Gun

    She got ugly.

  • willow

    That’s Kate Bosworth?

  • willow

    Looks exactly like Kristin Chenowith.

  • Movie Watcher

    Do you even try to get your facts right?
    She’s on her way to Michigan to film a new movie with Demi Moore. It’s all over the Net.


    she bought new shoes, she bought new smile, did she bought a new man too?

  • evathediva

    It sounds like it will be a goo dmovie. I love Ellen Barkin and Burstyn.These are real actors along with Demi and Thomas Church. Kayr, must know someone to get the role. I don’t think she is that good of an actress. Maybe she will actually acr is this movie.


    she bought new shoes, she bought new smile,did she bye a new man too?


    she looks like a widow!

  • mickey

    ugly chick

  • Erika

    Nice outfit :)

  • tiger

    Why is Skarsgard always mentioned in her posts?
    It’s not like he’s claimed her as his girlfriend. He didn’t even take her to the Emmys.

  • i heart that

    She should not pull her hair back so tight like that. It’s very unflattering to her face shape.

  • L

    I read Kate is actually flying cross country to film a movie. Shocking, yes, she’ll actually have to do some work.

  • Slate

    Yep, new outfit.
    Ugly new shoes too.

  • high five

    @tiger: There is nothing else to write about her. Her career is dead and her ppl seem to pay this blog to plug them together.

  • well duh

    all together now *MOAN* god, kate worthless again, why is she on her, it’s not like shes been in anything lately, though i have to say good for her on getting that film with demi moore, lets hope it doesn’t get set back 2 years like straw dogs.. :O

  • Mac N Cheese

    This chick always has a shit eating grin on her face when she’s photographed by the paparazzi.

    You can tell she loves it.

  • Jason

    So hot, that Alex fella is one lucky guy.

  • Clue

    Is JJ sure she’s just not fashionable late to the Emmy’s? Or the after parties? She must be on her way to suck in another bit part in a movie that will never be released for years , if ever, or goes straight to dvd. er shoes are fugly as ever. Just because she gets them for free and has to advertise them on JJ is not cause to accept them. I take it she is back to calling the PAYparazzi on schedule? Funny how until the last few months that AS put his foot down that she hasn’t been doing her usual 8-10 monthly posts on JJ per her habit of the last 4 years. WEIRD, when people want to stay PRIVATE no one one can actually find them.

    Btw, it’s odd that JJ stopped the thumbs up/ thumbs down feature.. I guess the PR people that pay these sites were disturbed at how much approval the negative statement were getting. Another weird thing is that even though AS is mentioned in this post , it no longer brings up this article if you search for AS. You actually have to put in KB’s name to get to this article.Why is JJ/ PR now separating these two? We’ll see if the power of Beigeskull still reigns in the next few weeks.

  • Summer

    I don’t know why everyone hates her and praises her boyfriend so much. They’re equally gross and uninteresting people, except she’s much prettier than him.

  • Peanut Gallery

    Freshly botoxed no doubt

  • Lawton

    @Summer: She’s a homely chick without makeup. Her f*ck buddy is a good looking dude.

  • rap it up

    That’s not Kate Bosworth. It’s the girl from Pushing Daisies.

  • cheating ??

    JJ why have you not mention the cheating alligations??. is AS even in hawaii yet ??


    JJ how do you know that she is flying to hawaii and do you have facts that Alexander is even in hawaii show us some pics beacuse I have not seen any. filming for her new movie starts next week

  • JM

    Hey JJ, you’re so up onthe latest gossip yet you failed to post this little ditty.

    Guess Hobo’s PR people pay really well.

  • False Advertisement

    Geez JJ, your headline is very misleading. I almost had to throw a Ding Dong the Witch is Dead party.


    i cant understand why she always smile to the people who take her photograph and at the same time they write bad things about her .
    oh it must be the drugs!
    And something else, Whereeee is Alex?

  • wow
  • okay

    @wow… that pic must have been right before she was heard saying “go f**k yourself” to Alex and before she left the bar upset because he was so drunk and she cried she wanted to go home

  • true or false

    just checked out the celebitchy artical thanks JM and one poster says

    they were out together the day after the Emmys

    I did not see any reported or documented news or photographs or tweets? does anyone else know if this is true or false.
    it seems a little strange that there are no pics of them out and about after the emmys since he did not take her.
    we have been tortured by so many pics of them in sweden.

  • Eve

    Beautiful girl who has actually some talent. Unless a frog-faced one called Moronda Kerr, LOLOLOL!!!!!
    Besides, she’ll always be more relevant than a cheap panty model who showed her bare flat-ass on countless men magazines.

  • Kate’s New Movie(s)

    No wonder she’ s kept OB, Chris M and AS for so long . This is KB at her best. and greatest role. Finally , we understand her true talents. Use the real l “u” to access.*cking/

  • Weird

    Now if Alex stays with HER after she told him to “go f*ck himself” at WOW concert. Drove him crazy in Sweden by being too needy while he was working and insisting on VIP treatment all the way even though no one gives a sh*t who she is. Cheated on him with her ex boyfriend while in Massachusetts on vacation(every site on the web is stating this story along with UsMagazine) then he is more pathetic than her. He didn’t take her to the Emmys and she was not at any of the afterparties with him and she was in L.A. at the time. I know she is supposed to be filming a movie in Detroit starting this week.
    According to one of his past co-stars Alex was sad at the afterparties b/c he broke up with his gf!
    Go fiigure!! But like I said if he stays with her then he is the complete and total fool who is desperate. I mean come on!! All the beautiful women in the world and he stays with one that looks like Gollum and cheats on him too?

  • Kate’s New Movie(s)

    Substitute “u’ for * to see KB at her best and most talented..

  • Summer

    @Lawton- I actually find her so much more attractive then AS, and I’m a straight girl. His face is just… ugly.

  • Kate’s New Movie(s)*cking/
    Put “u” instead of ” * “

  • http://justjared mjforlife

    @41 LOL YEAH RIGHT poor Delphi loon so obsessed with Miranda that you have to post at the thread of someone who has nothing to do with her or Orlando.
    Speaking of which I am not saying I believe this story about her cheating on Alex but I bet she took the developments in Orlando’s life pretty hard I will always thing he was the love of her life .You have to see pictures of her with Orlando and the pictures of her with any other guy including Alex to see the difference.
    Orlando and Kate have always had a rocky on and off relationship I will never forget how happy she was to dance with Orlando and being at the same event as him just a couple of months ago it seemed strange to me seeing after ages Cher(Kate’s BFF) at the same frame as Orlando wonder if Kate thought he would eventually go back to her and now she is crashed .

  • Weird

    Look at this idiot!! Caught cheating on your boyfriend with your ex. And the one she really loves just got married to a beautiful Aussie with class and a real career. He also has a baby on the way!!
    Kate…you lose!!! Go away and get some pride, class, and a backbone. Stop calling the paps because you not and never do anything of any relevance. And stop having people talk about Alex under your posts. That is his career and fame. Stop using it trying to make people care about you. We don’t care about you and we only want to insult you especially now after you cheated. Like we have been saying once a cheater always a cheater. Kate got caught cheating on Orlando with James. Then she cheated with Chris Martin (Paltrow’s husband) and she was actually seeing Askars at the time. He is stupid for taking her back then. Now he justs looks duped. But if he stays with her well then that makes him ridiculous and a toy to her.

  • Clue


    Show us a picture of yourself, since you know the meaning of beauty.Why did you waste your time posting if you find him ugly? .I don’t get it. I dislike some of his actions and the company he keeps but I still think he’s gorgeous. I don’t understand why people like you just keep looking at someone you think is ugly. No one makes you click the link or type the name of someone you think is ugly. Why are you here? Did you run out of pills?

  • @ true or false

    well true or false they may have been out together after the emmys it was only ONE sighting cannot believe that no one got pictures I bet they were with friends and not alone. where are the camera phones

    this was reported by a waitress from her facebook thanks to the TPF

    The (sic) just sat Alexandar Skarsgard from TrueBlood and Kate Bosworth. (:
    3 hours ago via Mobile Web

    Comment: 1 No way really?!? I lovve him!! MmmNom nom nom
    2 Oh my goodness yes!! So amazing lookin.. When I dropped his check, in his sexy accent.. He’s like trueblood pays for this. Lol.