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Miley Cyrus LOL-ing in Paris

Miley Cyrus LOL-ing in Paris

Miley Cyrus totes around a Chanel handbag as she enjoys a stroll with friends through Paris, France on Saturday (September 4).

The 17-year-old actress and co-stars Ashley Greene, Demi Moore, Tanz Watson and Ashley Hinshaw are/will be in town to continue shooting their new movie, LOL: Laughing Out Loud, out Spring 2011.

On Tuesday, Miley joined Justin Bieber onstage during his sold-out NYC Madison Square Garden concert. Justin‘s 3D movie was shot during the concert — directed by Step Up 3D director Jon Chu!

25+ pictures inside of Miley Cyrus LOL-ing in Paris…

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miley cyrus lol paris 01
miley cyrus lol paris 02
miley cyrus lol paris 03
miley cyrus lol paris 04
miley cyrus lol paris 05
miley cyrus lol paris 06
miley cyrus lol paris 07
miley cyrus lol paris 08
miley cyrus lol paris 09
miley cyrus lol paris 10
miley cyrus lol paris 11
miley cyrus lol paris 12
miley cyrus lol paris 13
miley cyrus lol paris 14
miley cyrus lol paris 15
miley cyrus lol paris 16
miley cyrus lol paris 17
miley cyrus lol paris 18
miley cyrus lol paris 19
miley cyrus lol paris 20
miley cyrus lol paris 21
miley cyrus lol paris 22
miley cyrus lol paris 23
miley cyrus lol paris 24
miley cyrus lol paris 25

Credit: Kevin Mazur; Photos: Fame Pictures, Wireimage
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  • Maggie

    She tries WAY too hard with her clothes. She looks plain silly. Real style should seem effortless.

  • linna

    ewwww I thought she really ends up with the slu*ty style.. I loved her style in the last days.. but now I am seeing her bra in the street.. eww this is so bit*hy .. what a brat.. tzzzz

  • Marie

    She has such weird posture, I don’t understand why she shoves her shoulders upwards like that. She looks tense as hell

  • Madison

    Whoa I thought that was Lindsay Lohan at first. lol. So now Miley is trying to be all edgy and against the grain. Who is she trying to kid…


    She looks really pretty. Love her Chanel bag!

  • Karimah

    I agree, just like a normal 17 year old and the bag is to die for.

  • hilary reg

    she looks like a barbie doll

  • Sara

    I think she looks gorgeous!

  • mandy

    actually miley is not trying at all which is exactly what makes her relatable and a real teen. me and my friends walk around in shirts like that!! and haters go get a life and do something that will get u somewhere!

  • Di

    Miley looks beautiful, I’m loving her hairstyle she has with her black dress (does anyone know the brand of the dress ?).
    I like miley she is cute and seems like a nice person.
    Thanks JJ for Miley’s posts!

  • eve

    she looks like. a .. ekhm… doll? weird. look very plastic. and in this ” costume = stylisation” looks younger than she is in fact.
    shes trying too much to look older and sexy. and it is stupid..
    she should utilize her age when shes got it. …..instead of arguing in next few years, how she hasnt got normal childhood or teen life or so.. i have a feeling it will end like this…

    why do people repeat these patterns?!

  • Macchiato

    she looks cute but what is wrong with the second pic her head looks huggeeee

  • Jennifer

    I don’t care if you’re 17, 27 or 37 – bra showing = tackiness¬≤

  • kara

    what about posting Gomez, Bieber, Cyrus, Jonas on Just Jared JR?

  • Sacha,

    @Marie: I always thought her posture was due to not being able to walk in heels because she leans forward so as not to fall but she’s holding her shoulders like that in the flat boot pics as well so idek.

  • Leila

    Miley’s still an annoying hillbilly but harmless…..

  • Maggie

    Not trying at all? Lol, ok. She’s just breezy and effortless in that lace bra and 40,000 accessories, including a massive cross no less. She’s a mess. I’m so excited for the day her tween fans wake up and realize their idol dresses like a cheap tramp.

  • V

    She looks super cute in the black dress…shame about her face.

  • commonsense

    Teenagers have such sheep mentality. Miley Cyrus is all about try-hard!

  • ciana

    @mandy: i totaly agree with u

  • http://j ivanka

    first pic, looks WRONG and third pic, the guy holding hands but checking out her butt LOL

  • Frisco

    OMG! Someone make this girl stand up straight! Her hunched shoulders are sooo unattractive.

  • anymouse

    she looks weird in her pictures, awkwardness does that to someone her age i guess. she isn’t a grown up, and her trying to act like one……makes her seem awkward. she shouldn’t be in such a hurry to grow up. her fan base is the tweens. young adults maybe……you should stick to what you know and you will go far. trying to be someone or something you are not. very embarrassed for the girl. where are her parents???? someone should be trying to teach her the facts of life? or anyone.

  • Shannon

    @anymouse: Have you ever thought hat this is the real her, and that her previous disney image was the fake one. You don’t know her, so you can’t possibly know what she is really like. The whole “stick to what you know” is just ridiculous. She shouldn’t have to do anything she doesn’t want to just to please everyone else.

  • wa

    in pic 2 she looks way too thin that’s why her head looks boog for her body

    so tired of her always showing her bra, somehow she thinks that’s so cool

    She is a cute girl but try soo hard

  • kikm

    love the outfit, makeup.. but her head is too big for her body

  • kls

    honestly she does look good & her style is on point (i love those ray bans so much!) but i kinda wish she wasn’t famous. it doesn’t seem to me she hus much talent.. just an annoying voice :/ just my opinion..

  • rock n roll queen

    @commonsense: older people have way more sheep mentality otherwise i wouldnt hear the same old crap from every one of them all the time atleast lots of peole whem bein younger r not afraid to be different

  • CaroleS

    The lbd and boots are awesome! Looks great.

  • bghasc

    i think miley shes going down shes going to become like britney spears

  • anymouse

    @Shannon: when something is “natural” it looks natural. she looks awkward and out of place. look at her stance, she doesn’t know how to wear those clothes that are meant for, ahem, older and …, ooops, ahem, i mean someone who goes out partying. at 17, school should be your priority. putting all her marbles in the music basket……not smart. as she is losing her fan base. and adults just aren’t into her kind of music. who is left???? know many adults who liked her Disney image and music. like i say, stick to what you know and you will go far. try to be something you are not…….don’t be in such a hurry to grow up Miley and look “weird.”

  • kika


  • jen

    she looks like a bobble-head in that one picture where she is wearing that really skim-py dress. Girl has no style but i do like her accessories (bag and jewelry)

  • Warren

    Miley is such a sexy dream girl! She is so beautiful with a great personality. I love how Miley dresses. I love how Miley talks and sings such great songs. She is a pretty good actress, but I love her singing best. She is even sexy dressed like Hannah! mmmmmm!

  • mimimi

    She’s going to be 18 in 2 months. She’s not a little girl any more . She can dress sexier if she wants to. There’s nothing wrong or abnormal about it. You can’t expect her to be the same as she was when she was 13. It’s not unusual for young women to start to come into their sexual/sexy sides in their late teens.

  • mimimi

    Adults have such a prudish, judgmental mentality.