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Rachel Bilson: Nature Mart Pit Stop

Rachel Bilson: Nature Mart Pit Stop

Rachel Bilson is white hot while shopping with a female friend at health foods store Nature Mart on Saturday (September 4) in Los Feliz, Calif.

The 29-year-old actress admitted her fave fall beauty trend is berry lips! She told InStyle, “I love the idea of wearing a strong lip. This muted-red color goes with any skin tone, so I think most people can pull it off.”

FYI: Rachel is wearing Tkees flip-flops.

10+ pictures inside of Rachel Bilson shopping at Nature Mart…

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rachel bilson nature mart 01
rachel bilson nature mart 02
rachel bilson nature mart 03
rachel bilson nature mart 04
rachel bilson nature mart 05
rachel bilson nature mart 06
rachel bilson nature mart 07
rachel bilson nature mart 08
rachel bilson nature mart 09
rachel bilson nature mart 10

Credit: Fern; Photos: WENN, SplashNewsOnline
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  • zzzzzz….


  • G23

    Dear JJ,

    Please stop posting boring posts regarding Rachel Bilson, Hilary Duff, Kate Bosworth and the alike.

    Yours sincerely,


  • vinha

    oh God…

  • LALA

    Thumbs Up!! (since JJ took away this functionality. boo hoo)

  • LALA

    Thumbs Up!

  • Fern

    I’m 100% sure those are splash, not wenn. I got her going in, wenn didn’t…

  • Alias

    Why isn’t her “female friend”identified as “mystery female” like when you identify her ex fiance when he was out to dinner with a “mystery male”? Why is that?

  • Renee

    nice pink underwear Rachel


    I wish I could shop all day and not have to work. I would go out to lunch and buy fancy smoothies and laugh at all the people running to their stupid little thankless shiittty jobs.

  • PrettySimpleton

    Ok I have one question and I think it is pretty fair to ask .
    If she loves these trends so damn much why doesnt she ever actually use the trend?
    She likes berry lips but doesnt wear lipstick.
    She likes full 50′s skirts but doesnt wear those either.
    So she likes these trends but is never seen applying them for herself. Um…. ok that makes no sense whatsoever.

  • PrettySimpleton

    Something tells me the see through dress is on purpose, thats what slips are for so you dont look bad.
    Use one.

  • C3′sDream

    oooo Bilson undies this should make C3′s little day.

  • Novemberanne

    She has her bikini on under the dress. Her friend with her has a bikini top under her top as you can tell. It is a cover up dress. She has bought tortilla chips it looks like in a bag. She may be going to the beach or pool party. You people know what a beach cover up is don’t you? She looks chic and smart wearing a cute white cover up dress. Her friend kind of looks sloppy. Rachel is in good taste wearing the cover up. Her hair looks long and pretty. She looks great and to be getting on with life. Looks like the haters still don’t have a life!

  • Jamie


  • annie

    well november wheres ur life .smedlly bilson only shops and needs a lesson in hairstyling. yawn,yawnzzzzz

  • Jamie

    @Novemberanne: Hahaha, AGREE. :))

  • Martina

    I disagree with her. She wore a berry lipstick at some Phillip Lim opening a few months ago and she looked terrible. It did nothing for her skin tone and clashed badly with the current hair trend she’s rocking.

  • Jennifer

    all she does is shop! HOW IS THAT NEWSWORTHY?

  • Kelly

    Some of you are so odd. You think people need to get a life for “hating” on a celebrity on a freaking gossip blog? You guys are posting as well. So what makes you so different? Just because you have something nice to say because you happen to like her? If they need to get a life, than you probably need to get one as well because you’re on here posting just like everyone else is.

    Now that that is out of the way, I think she looks very cute. But I wish she would get a steady acting gig. Who knows, maybe she can’t. But it would be nice if that happened. I feel like she’s on her way to becoming a has-been.

  • boring

    this woman is boring as hell

  • Novemberanne

    @ Martina,
    Nope!! @ Phillip Nim’s opening it was a dark RED lipstick she wore. It was not flattering on her. The berry shades and Plum shades will be.

  • sara

    The Queen of Walking Around Doing Nothing
    aka Rachel

  • Novemberanne
  • @Kelly

    @Kelly: She was on her way to being a has been the second the Oc was canceled and Jumper didnt fair well with the audiences
    .Then when no Jumper 2 never happened. that was when she was done, stick a fork in her.

  • jenn

    gosh jared she’s not the only person in hollywood. so y do u keep putting her here like she is. she’s a NOBODY!!! know one knows her, no one wants to work with her, and NO ONE gives a SHTTTTT about her. period!!!!

  • Polish girl

    I’ve only been coming to this site for a few weeks but during that time I’ve noticed that Just Jared post a lot about Rachel Bilson even though she’s clearly no longer a star. Does this site have some kind of “contract” with Rachel and her PR people?

  • Brightside

    Shopping….with a mystery female…does she ever do anything but? It’s all she ever does….shop with her girlfriends. I mean I like a shop as much as the next person…but that’s all she does.
    I hope she doesn’t take her own advice about the lippy. She looks hideous in a strong coloured lippy.

  • PrettySimpleton

    @Polish girl: Her PR people make alot of arrangements for her . Let’s just say that.

  • stacy

    she looks really pretty, and happy <3 :))

  • hales

    @Polish girl: Polish girl: the last time there was a Rachel post was a few weeks ago.

    And she IS a star, unlike you.

  • hales

    @jenn: if she’s a NOBODY and no one knows who she is and no one wants to work with her and no one gives a SHITTTT about her, how come gossip sites are posting pictures of her shopping??? how come the paparazzi follow her?? how come she starred in the biggest teen show of the 2000s???
    oh and don’t give me the ‘she pays the paparazzi to take photos of her’ SHITT because no one can do that, if she did everyone would know (AKA SHE WOULD BE BLASTED BY PEREZ HILTON AND BIGGER MEDIA OUTLETS). Someone would surely report Hayden C/the OC star is a fame whore and no one wants to work with her. And no amount of money can hide that. If she was a diva, she wouldn’t get hired and Perez or some magazine/tabloid/gossip site ‘SOURCE’ would blast her.

    If no one knows who she is and no one cares about, how come you and 20+ other people are bothering to type these comments, click the submit button and reply to other people’s comments?
    You clearly care.

    The OC

  • lexy hates bilson

    Look how happy she is to see the paps! Love her big smile…I’m sure we’ll have pics of her later b/c we know how this “A-lister” has the paps knocking each other over to get her pic…like they do Angelina Jolie & Britney Spears!

  • G23


    Wow… you really have no idea. And I don’t hate Rachel Bilson (I am a huge fan of OC), but a lot of PR people do call up the paparazzi and notify them about their routines. It’s the same with Kate Bosworth – Reese Witherspoon and Hilary Duff. Did it ever occur to you that actors and actresses, who ACTUALLY have a movie coming out, such as Drew Barrymore, Justin Long, Christina Aguilera only really come up on JJ when they have a movie coming out?

    Rachel Bilson – No movie. Sure, she’s making an appearance on HIMYM; but that hardly warrants the amount of posts JJ have been putting up of her.

  • Brightside

    You don’t know much about how the celebrity industry works…do you! Why do you think these people hire personal agents and publicists? Duh…to get their image out in media territory! Which is what Rachel Bilson (along with many others) pay their publicists to do! Unfortunately being an unemployed d-lister means not many outlets are all that interested. So Rachel Bilson settles for the gossip sites like JJ, X17, TMZ etc but mostly JJ as she doesn’t have the media status to command the big time celebrity sites. She has done reasonably well out of the split, pumping it so that most of the major sites have covered it in some form…but it has yet to translate into any working benefits. I doubt it will…the world does not want another brainless OC idiocy drama! One was enough and lasted 4 years too long. An insult to intelligence.

  • sue

    hales, you need to go to and read what the writer over there thinks of Rachel. He is a Hollywood insider and his comments about her are not pretty at all.

    Laineygossip used to be head over heels in love with Rachel but in the last year or so the comments about her have been more negative than positive.

    Even which used to be one of her biggest cheerleaders and helped build her up isn’t too keen on her anymore.

  • shadowy

    Rachel BE@RDson is on the loose now looking for her next be@rding prospect but immediately, continously & shamefully DENIED!
    Jakey G. along along w/ that plain-looking & zlister Adam Samberg are both “smart” dudes I must truly say…

    Which is, for her, a total upgrade yes. After all, this is a girl who desperately needs a job. But for him? He doesn’t need a job. And he certainly doesn’t need a tv girl who’ll try to leverage one out of him.

  • Rachel’s Consistent HW Radar..

    Movie Radar – F-
    TV Radar – D-
    Fashion Radar – C-
    Gossip/Tabloid Radar – A+++

  • missy

    i like her whole outfit/hair in this.

    she seems to like the emo type like adam & hayden. she needs to get with a real man next.

  • Maggie

    Well, I guess Jared can’t post pictures of working actors, because they are working. So, we get the unemployed rejects of Hollywood who walk around doing nothing, shopping, and drinking coffee all day long…oh yeah and going to the gym. Rachel and Hilary Duff are the worst. When was the last time either of them worked?

  • blairite

    Hey Jared, when RashChel PRs sends you their check every month, do they also send you a list of adjectives, adverbs and sentences to use when you post about her?!
    The only thing she rocks is her normal dumb looking faces/smirks that she makes for her pre-arranged photo ops to where she “always fails” to look like she is a (genuinely) popular & working HW star.

  • lexy hates bilson

    Reese Witherspoon is an A-lister and I have no doubt the paps follow her around and she’s not calling them.
    I give Rachel credit – at least she’s not pretending she doesn’t love the attenion for a change. She’s all happy and giddy b/c the paps are following her around. I wonder if HC through her a bone and paid the paps as a b-day present for her?

  • comrade

    This Lil’ Moe has no career nor even prospect/s left. So she can whooore as much she wants. As a matter of fact, she could as she’s a thick-faced obtuse. That’s the only way to save what’s have left to her never-ever-to begin-with HW career.

  • gilmorie

    Yah imagine liking that “who is she or who’s that tart” w/ someone like JG?! And UNsurprisingly that JG & his pr are laughing their azz off regarding that hulabaloo – or more like implying/insinuating “what a nerve”!

  • JC

    She’s hot as hell

  • jorenda

    cute missed her!
    haters can jump off a cliff

  • PrettySimpleton

    @lexy hates bilson: Oh god shut up with you and your Hayden and her obsession. He wouldnt send her anything at this point besides maybe a well wish and I doubt even that.
    @jorenda: Haters can jump off a cliff?
    Awww no no fans of hers can jump off a cliff for all she cares about any of her fans. She doesnt care I am sure.
    Though she doesnt have many left so she probably is out of the habit of it by now. Most of her old fans have moved on to Leighton Meester on Gossip Girl.
    Haters wouldnt jump off a cliff because they have lives and reasons to live that have nothing to do with this little tarthead.
    Shes cute, but average girl cute and has NO real talent in sight to save her from fading further and further away.

  • C3


    Hey thanks for thinking of me. She is a sexy girl. I’m just going to have to disagree with you on this one photo though. She looks too damn thin. Her scapula is way too pronounced. But she has a pretty smile. It’s nice to see her walking outside and getting some sun and showing that beautiful smile. As for the dress, Rachel always looks nice in a dress. I hope she keeps it up. And I hope she starts adding carbs in her diet.


    It’s a fuquen summer dress. Most women I know don’t wear a fuquen slip with a short summer dress. Ask me how I know?

    Simpleton not everyone goes to your tight @ss church. LOL Jesus Christ I can tell you go to sunday school. Either that or your just another fuquen troll. You’re too much. LOL

  • amyamy

    I don’t understand that she is 29 years old and looks 12, and has no job. Young american actresses are so bad.

  • C3


    Rachel doesn’t need to be popular. Rachel doesn’t even need to work. She’s already got money. That girl is probably spoiled and taken care of for the rest of her life. She’s probably got a family that loves her very much. I think most girls who are brought up by rich families can’t help it that their daddies spoil them. And the toughest deal from that is that it makes it hard for a girl like that to go through hardships. I knew plenty of girls like that in when growing up. As long as she goes out and does things for herself and she’s happy I have no complaints about this woman. She’s a woman whose taken care of .

    I know plenty of women who don’t work and stay at home. What in the hell do they do that for? Because they are taken care of. They wouldn’t stay home and take care of the kids and do the dishes and all that if they weren’t being taken care of. They are no different than the girls who get all spoiled because daddy takes care of his girl with his money. Most of you middle aged women remind me of some of these women that don’t know the first thing about working or stepping a foot outside their front door. LOL.

    Rachel Bilson hasn’t let me down yet:
    She’s fuquen hot. She’s got a beautiful smile, a little too thin though but she never disappoints.

  • PrettySimpleton

    Actually I’m an atheist
    I’m just not in the practice of walking around the way she does. She doesn’t pride herself on her appearance at all it seems. Nor does she respect herself I think. Its all for sale as of now.
    Lately she is all look at me look at me since the split. Wearing a sheer dress like that just makes her look alot more desperate for attention then the girl needs to seem.
    She fancies herself a fasionista well thats fine with me, but if that is going to be her career choice at all she needs to step up her game and actually dress the part.
    For her sake I hope she stays away from the berry lip color trend it would do nothing for her at all. As she put it some people can pull it off, well not her. She should stick with what actually would work for her
    She wants to be a designer? Then she should go to fashion school while she is still youngish enough to do it, educate herself if the woman is even capable of it at all at this point. Even Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen went to school and they hardly share a brain between them.