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Victoria Beckham & Eva Longoria: Maze in Mayfair!

Victoria Beckham & Eva Longoria: Maze in Mayfair!

Victoria Beckham and BFF Eva Longoria dine at British chef Gordon Ramsay‘s London restaurant Maze in Mayfair on Saturday night (September 4).

“Out with @evalongoria who is looking amazing in one of my [Victoria Beckham] dresses from the fall collection,” tweeted Victoria, who wore a Miu Miu dress. “in love and light,vb xxxx.”

Eva finshed off her look with Ferragamo metal chain sandals and black hayers clutch. Other pics include Eva arriving in London earlier in the day via Heathrow airport.

You can follow Victoria, Eva, Gordon, and Just Jared on Twitter @vbfashionweek, @evalongoria, @gordonramsay01, and @jaredeng!

15+ pictures inside of Maze in Mayfair duo Victoria Beckham and Eva Longoria

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victoria beckham maze in mayfair 01
victoria beckham maze in mayfair 02
victoria beckham maze in mayfair 03
victoria beckham maze in mayfair 04
victoria beckham maze in mayfair 05
victoria beckham maze in mayfair 06
victoria beckham maze in mayfair 07
victoria beckham maze in mayfair 08
victoria beckham maze in mayfair 09
victoria beckham maze in mayfair 10
victoria beckham maze in mayfair 11
victoria beckham maze in mayfair 12
victoria beckham maze in mayfair 13
victoria beckham maze in mayfair 14
victoria beckham maze in mayfair 15
victoria beckham maze in mayfair 16
victoria beckham maze in mayfair 17

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27 Responses to “Victoria Beckham & Eva Longoria: Maze in Mayfair!”

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  1. 1
    ++Logan++ Says:

    victoria looks horrible.

  2. 2
    bettie Says:


  3. 3
    eva Says:


  4. 4
    John Hopkirk Says:

    JJ the restaurant is called ‘Maze’. Not Maze in Mayfair.

    Mayfair is the area of London it’s in!

  5. 5
    ivanka Says:

    i love victoria! but as a fan i have to recognize she is getting thinner again, and not looking good. also, i liked her dress:)

  6. 6
    mjnhbcfzujkm Says:

    ooooooomg v. beckham is so scary skinny!!! thats so not feminine…

  7. 7
    Whores_Of_Father_Trick_2gether Says:

    Oh pleease..These 2 women are like B-2-B marketing..I don’t believe they really care much for each other except for their own ladder of success. It is human nature! Victoria thinks she’s the **** bcoz a C-list celebrity wears her clothes..but even if Madonna has worn one of her dresses, her name association with Beckham generates enough buzz for another vcelebrity’s own publicity. BTW Posh looks awful for once..she looks like she had a terrible argument at home and called a g.f to meet up

  8. 8
    rocky Says:

    Eva looks hot

  9. 9
    Frisco Says:

    Victoria’s head is freakishly large for her freakishly scrawny body. Bobble head doll.

  10. 10
    Gege Says:

    Is Victoria allergic to food or something or she’s naturally skinny?? She looks hungry and scary, yuck!!

  11. 11
    Hmm Says:

    That’s crazy . She can’t be healthy ….. Look at her chest. I thought that pic was fake at first

  12. 12
    Sammy Says:

    100% agree with comment no.7

  13. 13
    Moon Says: did NO justice to Victoria for putting the PHOTOSHOPPED, a shot took from above, of VB’s picture as your main picture here!
    She looks GREAT! And I bet everyone here saying VB is scarily skinny don’t even LOOK AT HER OTHER PICTURES that you put up in here, JJ!!

    If you guys actually LOOK at her other pictures here, you can see that her head is NOT bigger than her body, and she is NOT scarily skinny or scrawny! In fact she looks healthier and more meat than she was in last February!

    Just go to Daily Mail and you can see that she looks great and her head is NOT big and her body is NOT as scrawny as you’ve seen in JJ here!


  14. 14
    nguyen tran gia linh Says:

    I Love Vic & Eva :)

  15. 15
    Shame on JJ! Says:

    JJ has PHOTOSHOPPED VB’s pic to the max!! Go to other websites and you can see that Victoria doesn’t look this skinny and her skin doesn’t even look this dark! Instead she looks the opposite – her skin colour is lighter, glowing healthily and she doesn’t even look as skinny as this!!

    Like #13 said..clearly other people here didn’t even look anywhere else EXCEPT for this JJ site and suddenly they knew for sure that this is what Victoria actually looks like..NOT!!

    Her head here looks big because it’s been photoshopped AND the paps who took the picture took it from HIGHER angle!

  16. 16
    John Says:

    All the websites show victoria that skinny. she is skinny cause she doesn’t eat.

    She was never naturally thin, she was in fact quiet chubby, then she around the time of her wedding she got obsessed with weight loss and now looks like an anorexic.

    I suppose she needs attention again, that’s why shes starving herself. Pathetic

  17. 17
    reno Says:

    In these pics Victoria’s new look kinda makes her look like a drag queen – a hard face with the long fake stringy hair and much make up.
    Eva looks her usual self.

  18. 18
    bilyana Says:

    eva looks amazing here

  19. 19
    Lara Says:

    VB looks horribly skinny in these pics, especially if you put one of hers next to a pic of a slim yet healthy looking Eva Longoria.

  20. 20
    mailey Says:

    vick, stop tanning. u look old. and leathery.

  21. 21
    Tomasina Says:

    Eva looks old and tired.

  22. 22
    ummahyk Says:

    Victoria looks like that crazy Red Queen from Alice in Wonderland.

  23. 23
    kika Says:

    Vicotria is stunning,classy woman!!!!!!

  24. 24
    boston61 Says:

    Victoria Beckhan is grotesque.

  25. 25
    Yarissa Says:

    victoria beckham is quite possibly the world’s most hideous looking so-called celebrity. She’s only still in the so-called fame game due to her marriage to beckham- if not for that her ugly ferret-looking a** would have faded loooonnnggg ago! She’s absolutely VILE- totally believes she is a legend in her own pea-sized mind, she’s a Digusting Example of a human being and should be held up as the poster child for ALL that’s wrong with celebrity and fame- especially since she does not deserve the $$$, wealth and attention. I totally agree with boston61- she is most definitely GROTESQUE! GO AWAY!!!!

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