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Zac Efron: Wonderland Magazine Man

Zac Efron: Wonderland Magazine Man

Zac Efron gives his best brooding stare on the latest September/October 2010 cover of UK’s Wonderland Magazine.

The 22-year-old actor is set to star and produce the thriller Art of the Steal, which is based on Joshuah Bearman‘s Wired magazine article.

Pic centers on a con man who plans and executes a series of elaborate heists, all while leading a double life as an upstanding citizen.

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  • http://j ivanka

    james dean much? he looks good

  • amy

    He’s really beautiful. Looking forward to ‘Art of Steal’ as well.

  • tom


  • amandaefron..

    awwwwww….HOT:) love him^^<3

  • amandaefron..

    awwwwww….HOT:) love him^^<3

  • Marie

    He is very beautiful indeed, although the picture makes him look so young.

  • zefron


  • Meghan

    he looks like a woman in this picture

  • Afrika

    Jared, it’s BEYONCE’s birthday today. Do a happy birthday post for Beyonce. Please show some respect for the Queen. Thank you.

  • zac efron fan

    he look weird but still hot:) love him <3

  • susan1

    Zac is so cute in this picture.

  • rocky

    if it weren’t for that manly leather jacket, i’d think it was a girl. lol

    but helllz he is one PRETTY boy.

  • Emma Efron

    He does look really young in that pic & very beau i’m getting this magazine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And he is NOT GAY!!!!

  • pita

    Wonderland Magazine is on sale Thursday in the uk. so I can’t wait
    to get it.
    He is set to star and produce the thriller Art of the Steal looking forward for this movie.
    oh i love the picture he looks so young.

  • Robert Little

    @Meghan: he does horrible picture


    So pretty!

  • cissi efron

    LOVE HIM<3<3

  • mike

    like his new project

  • Emma Efron

    Beau means beautiful for a guy in French

  • Soni

    Will it be available here in the United States, especially California?

  • Sarah

    @ivanka: James Dean was badas.s & fcuking gorgeous. Zefron looks like a woman. He’s not hot. His skin always looks chimney fake-tanned, his hair’s constantly greasy, his lips are too thin and pouty in a curled up annoying way. Ew he does nothing for me.

  • xoxox

    I know most people still believe Zac is closeted, but I’ve never gotten that vibe from him lol. I just think he’s metro….and he’s a bit of a nerd turned heartthrob which is why he sometimes tries a little too hard to appear like a ladies’ man making people think he’s trying too hard to ‘appear straight’…..there are a LOT of closeted actors but I don’t think Zaquisha’s one of them…jmo ;)

  • efron

    zac IS AMAZING!!!!!!!you guys WHO hate him need to shut up

    don’t comment if you hate him ……

    he look soooooooo cute/hot love him:)

  • Malia

    That is a very nice picture of Zac. And the brooding look does resemble James Dean, except Zac is much more handsome.

  • Malia

    The problem with James Dean, he was an alcoholic and chain smoker and it showed on his skin. His eyes were always puffy and his skin was aged. He looked far older than 24. His hedonistic lifestyle really took a toll on his appearance.

  • Erica

    I love him, but he seems a woman in this pics

  • Karen

    It’s funny how I just watch Rebel Without a Cause this afternoon. And while I was watching James Dean I was struck by how today was the first time I noticed how young he looked—but of course he WAS. All the times I’ve seen the movie Dean’s broodiness just made him look older. But today I was less involved with the movie and charater so I was just looking at times at the actor doing this role and he is so obviously YOUNG. I think the characters he played in his few big movies made him seem older even though in Rebel and East of Eden he was suppose to be a teen.

  • Karen

    I think Zac is extremely handsome in this picture but I don’t think he really looks too brooding. He looks “serious” but too serene to be brooding. Actually he would look more brooding if someone would take one of the candid pictures a pap takes and use it for “brooding”. The thread just before this one of him and Vanessa at the airport and he is wearing his sunglasses is where he looks more “brooding”. I’ve seen other photoshoots where he has much more brooding pictures than this one. To me, brooding looks like the subject could do something dangerous or unexpected. In this photo I don’t see him doing either of those things. He just looks “reflective” and lost in thought.

  • Sally

    disgusting Zac Efron

  • Malia

    Zac Efron Next Generation’s Great Actor:

  • Tiptoes

    Looking good Zac.

    The Art of Steal looks like an interesting project. The release date though is still in 2013.

  • athena

    Thanks for the pic Jared.

    See what happens when you’re born from beautiful genes….Zac looks great and still youthful….thanks for that! I’ve never got the “gay” vibe from him. He is young and is secure and confient in his looks and acting..if he looks vunerable and sensitive in his pics…he is…He’s a very beautiful guy that will have to patiently grow into a tough guy…Leo’s done it, Rob Lowe has done it and even beauty Brad Pitt have changed into their hotness since growing up as beautiful boys.

  • ellen

    looks like a woman……..creepy

  • lauren

    i think alot of ppl are just haters of him in general,
    i think ppl are just jealous of the fact that he’s been with vanessa for five years now and nobody gives them credit for being together.

  • BOJI

    That’s my Boy, Zac. He does make a handsome picture. My local mag featured a 4 page article with pics of his handsomeness. Am so looking forward to this movie, will be showing off his physical prowess, I bet. I thought it was called Snaba Cash or something like that? In that mag, it also showed him and V on their Hawaiian Hols. They got top marks for being the most together couple.

  • LALA

    Zac and Tom make a beautiful couple – not that there’s anything wrong with that ;-)

  • athena

    Malia, you’re so right….In my humble opinion, I think photogs are afraid to capture true Zac…remember those pics from a long time ago when he was brooding in a black t shirt and jeans? His hair was a little wet…I think with his hair a little longer :e looks tough and a bit rough around the edges, more masculine believe it or not.

  • Hannah


  • ashley loves efron


    GO ZAC!!

  • florence

    Zac is no James Dean looks wise and definetly not acting wise. He looks like a woman in this photo and as far from brooding as you can get.

    He’s still a long way to go yet before he even comes close to being a man.

  • popi

    Looks like a lesbian in that pic


    @popi: plz stop !!

    if u don’t like him don’t comment U DON’T HAVE 2…LEAVE HIM ALONE !

  • ZACY


  • florence

    @Sarah: Could’nt agree more, and comparing him to James Dean is just a insult to James Dean, he could do this look and look down rght sexy and hot, Zac just looks EWWW

  • florence

    It seems that the films that he is going to make from now on will all be about hm getting the girl, taking his clothes off, and trying and I add TRYING to be taken as a serious actor, please that day will never come. He’s only interested in gettin the female audience to see his films.

    CSC did’nt do well at all and Idoubt this film will either, and specially ‘ The Lucky One’ again about him getting the girl and living happily ever after. how’s that supposed to get the audience to take him as a serious actor and leading man, it’s not.

    It would’nt hurt him t be a supporting actor in a movie not every movie a actor does has to have him as the main part, and sometimes the smaller roles gives them a chance to show what a good actor they can be. All Zac and his team are interested in is shoving his face into everyone else’s regardless of how good a movie script is or not, and CSC proved that it takes more than that to mak a movie good.

  • ms bar jolie gaga

    HOT! Is he really gay though? Perez Hilton thinks so. I’m on the fence cause I wouldn’t mind a little roll in the hay with him! ;)

  • ZAC

    LEAVE HIM ALONE…he’s not gay and he look cute….and he’s only tying to be ZACHARY ….so f**k off..

  • love zac efron 4ever

    LOVE HIM SOOOOO MUCH<3 can’t wait for his new movie:)

  • BOJI

    Florence, get yr nit-picking cynical ass outta here. Do you have to seek out every Vanessa and Zac thread just to spew your venom? What’s with the griping? Why should he go for supporting roles when he’s being offered the meatier ones?! Looking the gift horse in the mouth, I would say.

  • Therapist

    I do believe ONE very jealous, vindictive person is doing all the gay bashing and negative comments. She is not only bitter about Zac’s good looks, she is angry because of the roles he’s getting, and because of his being recognized as a great actor by critics and award winning directors. People who count.

    Changing her name does not change the sameness of her comments. The same rage is coming through.