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Bristol Palin Never Made It To Prom -- She Was Pregnant!

Bristol Palin Never Made It To Prom -- She Was Pregnant!

Bristol Palin stopped by The Tonight Show with Jay Leno on Friday (September 3) in Los Angeles.

The 19-year-old daughter of Sarah Palin admitted that despite being an athlete in school, she is nervous about her new gig on Dancing with the Stars.

“I never danced at dances or anything,” she said. When Leno asked if she went to her prom she laughed, “No, I was pregnant!”

When asked about her ex Levi Johnston, Bristol quickly replied, “I’m not disappointed [by the break-up]. I’m not heartbroken. I tried to make it work for my son. It didn’t work and I realize that we’re not meant to be and I’m just focused on being a good mom.”

Watch Bristol‘s appearance on Leno inside…

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47 Responses to “Bristol Palin Never Made It To Prom -- She Was Pregnant!”

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  1. 26
    just saying Says:

    Only because she’s white. For almost half a centure the GOP has made the “problem” of urban America, such as pre marital sex, and out of wedlock unwanted teen pregnancy the bread and buter of their platform. They are of the “we don’t do those things” only people with no morals do.. We are conservative and those “other” people aren’t so we will ostracise the ones who don’t fall in line. If this teen were african american or latina with a mom who was anything but a GOP’er, you can be sure, she would be used in ads all over tv screaming that if you don’t vote for their candidate, your daughter will be like this .

    just saying..

  2. 27
    boston61 Says:

    Republikkkans suck! They are destroying our country. She is from a family of unAmerican traitors.

  3. 28
    rock n roll queen Says:

    @Scott: what meds r u on?the brainwashed fashist pill?of course u owe a big apology to japan for thowing an atomic bomb have u got any idea about all those innocent lives that were lost?and welfare care is every countrys obligation it is even its about the basic human rights

  4. 29
    this Says:

    is a disgrace.

    Being a good mom while you promote yourself selfishly 24/7? Being a good mom while you allow Sarah Palin to promote an ideology of hatred that turns American against American – and get rich off it?


  5. 30
    Jan Says:

    @Iffy Miffy: She was stating the QUALIFICATIONS to run for mayor. One is living in city limits Levi does NOT. 2 is having a high school education and Levi does NOT. Jay asked would you vote for him.She was explaining that no one could vote for him if he does not meet the qualifications. As for her education: She finished high school with her class and takes night college courses. She was SEVENTEEN 17 when of legal age, 18 yr old Levi got her pregnant. She will bring in ratings for DWTS and she will make good money to support her child and get her body in shape from all the exercise. Everybody wins here. All the haters will keep watching the show, mocking her, and blogging nasty things like you. Websites win too.

  6. 31
    Michelle Says:

    Some of you idiots need to calm down & stop being so vicious. You’re like a bunch of vultures picking this poor girl to pieces! She never said she was/is a role model. She’s a single mom with a HS education who needs to support her child. What’s wrong with her going on DWTS? I’m just glad she dumped that loser bf. He was dead weight and a liability to her & their child. As fellow women, we should all be supporting her or at the very least, allowing her to do her thing instead of judging & ridiculing her.

  7. 32
    Danielle Says:


    I don’t care if she is white, black, democrat, republican, wed or unwed. She was 17 and knew her mind enough to have unprotected sex with an 18 year old. Teens are hormone driven and everyone knows it. She certainly wasn’t the innocent young teen you portray her as.

    She is not a star. She shouldn’t be on this show. It is called Dancing with the STARS. Not Dancing with former REpublican candidate’s unwed, pregnant teenagers.

    You say she is making good money to support her child. Haha. How much has she made off of her notoriety already? When will she have enough? I estimate she has made well over a million dollars. She can’t live on that? I’d have far more respect for her if she just came out and said she wanted fame and money. Instead she criticizes Levi (who is just as moronic as she is) for wanting fame and money while doing exactly what he does–pimp herself out.

    And how mature are either one of them? Who the He!! goes on the cover of a national magazine to announce they are engaged because they are afraid to tell their parents? That is really mature. Nice way tho to earn $100,000 for a short week of attention before breaking up (again).

    Both these IMMATURE kids need to grow up.

  8. 33
    Macchiato Says:

    she is the daughter of a “politician” and now she is count as a celebrity . so sad america

  9. 34
    anon Says:


    politicians are not celebrities. they are elected public oficials who are chosen to represent their constituants and if they ignore their consituanst, then watch out, they are outta there.

  10. 35
    Vesper Says:

    I feel sorry for her, she spent most of her youth raising her siblings, maybe DWTS is her chance to have some fun,but the show isnt known for getting real stars so whats the big deal about her being on it.

  11. 36
    missy Says:

    like Bristol Palin is the first teen-age girl to get pregnant. to bad barry obama’s unwed mother didn’t have an abortion, could have saved the whole nation from this little trip down commie lane.

  12. 37
    boston61 Says:


    HER mother is picking our country to pieces. Wake up idiot!

  13. 38
    Alba Says:

    What does Obama has to do with it stick tp the subject at hand Bristol Palin.

  14. 39
    from what Says:

    I have read, Sarah Palin is just about the worst mother in history.

  15. 40
    Kitten Ford Says:

    @J. Ryan:

    J. Ryan,

    I can’t believe how stupid you are, LOL

    Her baby was born in Dec, her prom was 5 months AFTER the birth.

  16. 41
    gleeindc Says:

    I liked the pregnant girl and the prom in the movie Saved a lot more, perhaps because the main character was someone you could like while Bristol . . .?

  17. 42
    asitis Says:

    @J. Ryan:

    Check your facts: Prom was in April 2008 and she didn’t know she was pregnant until May 2008 .

  18. 43
    asitis Says:

    There were rumors in Alaska that Bristol was pregnant earlier in 2008. That’s why she was “missing” from high school and Wasilla for 5 months. Could it be that Bristol was in fact telling the truth on Leno, that she was pregnant ( or post partum) in early Spring 2008? Hmmmmm………..

    And don’t be took quick with “But Tripp was born the end of December 2008. That doesn’t give enough time for a second baby to be born!” Tripp might have been premature or he might not have been born until later. Remember there were no photos of baby or Bristol for several months after the birth announcement.

    It’s possible……………….

  19. 44
    asitis Says:


    Jan, note she doesn’t take night school classes. Just like she isn’t an “office manager for a doctor’s office”. More Palin half-truths.

    She does consider herself a role model and is shilling herself and her baby to Candies and anyone else that will pay to hear her version of the teen single mom story and how awesome abstinence is.

    What’s wrong with her selling photos of herself and baby and going on DWTS and other TV shows? She is chastisng Levi of cashing in the same way she is. And she’s stupid enough to think people will buy her complaints. Well, I suppose some are.

  20. 45
    Zoe Says:

    At least the Bush daughters got an education and didn’t go for the b rate fame on tv road to success. . She needs to be a real role model by educating herself. Maybe spend her junior year abroad so she can realize that the world is bigger than what she sees.

  21. 46
    Zoe Says:

    At least the Bush daughters got an education and didn’t go for the b rate fame on tv road to success. . She needs to be a real role model by educating herself. Maybe spend her junior year abroad so she can realize that the world is bigger than what she sees.

  22. 47
    Debs Says:

    @Kitten Ford:

    That’s because she was referring to her first pregnancy – a slip of the tongue – accidentally revealing that Trig is her son, not her baby brother. Hello, people!!!

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