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LeAnn Rimes & Eddie Cibrian are TABU

LeAnn Rimes & Eddie Cibrian are TABU

LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian are two peas in the pod as they celebrate LeAnn‘s 28th birthday at TABU Ultra Lounge at the MGM Grand Resort Casino in Las Vegas on Saturday (September 4).

Eddie really stepped up to the plate and got jewelry for LeAnn‘s birthday! “Eddie gave me some rose gold bangles which were beautiful. It was very sweet!”, said LeAnn.

As for her birthday wishes, she only asked for “peace and quiet”! I guess Eddie‘s two children – Mason, 7 and Jake, 3, are a bit rowdy!

10+ pictures inside of LeAnn and Eddie being TABU…

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leann rimes eddie cibrian birthday tabu 04
leann rimes eddie cibrian birthday tabu 05
leann rimes eddie cibrian birthday tabu 06
leann rimes eddie cibrian birthday tabu 07
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Credit: Judy Eddy; Photos: WENN
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234 Responses to “LeAnn Rimes & Eddie Cibrian are TABU”

  1. 1
    jilina Says:

    LeAnn looks very pretty and glowing. Congrats Eddie on the divorce being finalized. You two look happy together. All blessings shine on you both.

  2. 2
    Loma Izquireda Says:

    Thank you Just Jared for these photos. LeAnn put some up of ur rose gold/diamond bangles b’day prez. Wud luv 2 c them.

  3. 3
    lol Says:

    @Loma Izquireda:
    please eddie doesnt have a job and he is way behind on child support..leann gave eddie the money to buy the present..she also has been paying for all the vacations and trips..eddie shows stays with leann in return leann pays for all the perks..aint that something..too bad he’ll still cheat on her

  4. 4
    Cassidy lol Says:

    You look very good in white Le! Love your hair!

  5. 5
    Davy G. Says:

    If you haven’t ever seen her perform, she puts on a great show. Her voice is so fine she doesn’t need a bunch of props. It’s a stand alone kind of voice which is always the mark of a superb talent.

  6. 6
    lily Says:

    cute girl….so happy things are working for you and eddie…you are a handsome couple…the happy between you two is blinding….

  7. 7
    My eyes!!! Says:

    Look up “butterface” in the dictionary. The picture next to the definition would be one of Leann Rimes. She is “Ugh”-lee(ann).

  8. 8
    vibrations are good Says:

    lol comes off as a jealous and fretting. LeAnne taken care of herself quite well for quite some time. Don’t worry, be happy.

  9. 9
    lol Says:

    does anyone else think these posters are the SAME person..most of the public cant stand her as seen with her flopping single barely full concerts and low number of twitter followers..keep believin that eddie is happy because he’s smiling..HELLO he doesnt have a job yet he gets to mooch off wewe who worships the ground he walks on..even to the point where her insecurity makes her tweet about their sex life on twitter..who the eff tweets about their sex life on hilton and kim kardashian dont even do that..the breakup will not be pretty..she’s fatal attraction crazy..imagine if she caught hm cheating again..she would prob go pyscho and turn into her alter ego allison

  10. 10
    Tunian fantasy Says:

    Where can I find information on Eddie’s divorce? I heard he is now free and clear but I want to see the document.

  11. 11
    lol Says:

    @vibrations are good:
    give me some credit leann if im going to be jealous of ANYBODY..give me beyonce, carrie underwood, taylor swift..these ladies dont have to have an affair with a married man to remain relevant..when was the last time that leann had a post about her on jj before the affair happened..why would i be jealous of an insecure singer who is taking care of a man who has no job, is a known cheater, never defends her, and cant even get her freakin meds when she’s thank you nothing to be jealous of :)

  12. 12
    Rossi Says:

    LeAnn Rimes is incredibly gorgeous. American perfection doesn’t get much purer than her.

  13. 13
    Penelope Says:

    Two WHORES!! And its just like JJ to have a story on the two immoral jackasses every two seconds like anybody cares. By the way Leann stop posting on yourself.

  14. 14
    kensie1212 Says:

    Sweet! Thx JJ for these!

  15. 15
    Doua xia Says:

    Cute couple

  16. 16
    Janet Eustace Says:

    Belated happy birthday Le Ann with lots more ahead. Eddie your a good guy for looking after Le Ann so good.

  17. 17
    betty Says:

    What is wrong with Eddie,he dresses like a slob he is graying and aging fast and looks older than 37. Is this what true love does for you.? He looks terrible. This relationship seems to be draining him. He is not glowing with happiness he has that I’m here and I don’t give a da*n look. LOL

  18. 18
    AnitaB Says:

    Yikes…Cibrian has hit the wall in terms of looks. In that close up pic where he looks “serious” he looks incredibly sad. He’s not a good enough actor to fake it and has totally lost that hot latin look he used to have, the sex on a stick look. George Clooney he AIN’T in terms of aging, that’s for sure. He’s only just past mid-30s. Yikes. Rimes brings about aging worse than smoking a few packs a day and being an alcoholic. Look at HER face for proof of that. lol

  19. 19
    melissa mahoney Says:

    docs should appear this wk. betty freaking out the way you and lol do will age you fast. why worry? its not your concern. leanne and eddie are living a life together and let them figure things out. they are both successful and seem to be finding meaning at the stage they are at.

  20. 20
    lol Says:

    @Janet Eustace:
    lol looking out for leann..the user has yet ot defend her all the backlash even though he is just as much to blame for the affair..he hardly ever talk about her,,and he couldnt even get her med when she was sick..u need to switch ur words and say leann looking out for eddie. notice he is looking away from leann in one of the pics..prob saw a hot waitress and got distracted

  21. 21
    -o.p.- Says:

    Refreshing to see new faces on here. Life begged for adjustments, evolved a new arrangement, stabilization in place.

  22. 22
    Mer Says:

    Great to see Eddie and LeAnn happy and smiling as always. Congrats to Eddie on the divorce. Now they all can truly move forward.

  23. 23
    Janis Says:

    Her smile is like a sunny day ~~~~GORGEOUS GIRL

  24. 24
    Tell All Says:

    Doesn’t it seem Eddie was in celebration mode. Finally relieved of a past he no longer wanted a part of. Bright days today and tomorrows.

  25. 25
    A Real Winner Says:

    when eddie gets caught cheating again i will be sure to come back to jj and read these posts from the one leann fan that keeps using diff remeber that u said bc eddie is smiling even though he was smiling with brandi and scheana that means he is happy..and i luv how these new posters are coming out the woodwork too bad theres not enough of yall to resureect ur idol’s dying career

  26. 26
    A Real Winner Says:

    @Tell All:
    we must be looking at two diff pics bc eddie hardly looks happy..he looked more happy in those vegas pics with brandi and the vacation pics with mistress nmber fact as a poster pointed out eddie is looking away from leann in some of the pics..cant stare at that face too long..cant wait to see the breakdown wewe has when eddie cheats..maybe this time he’ll go back to mistress number sure if she called him up he woudlnt think twice abt hooking up and then of course going back with leann,.the man doesnt have a job so he needs money somehow.

  27. 27
    when when when Says:

    live in the here and now, prepare for the future but deal with it when it arrives

  28. 28
    Erin Renee Says:

    LeAnn looks great. I love her dress. The light color shows off her summer glow! I think Eddie looks happy too. His dimples are so cute!
    On a side note, I too have seen LeAnn preform. Her voice is amazing.

  29. 29
    Bella Says:

    She’s ugly and classless with an aging boy toy.
    She has sunk so low …

  30. 30
    A Real Winner Says:

    he looked happy here too
    in fact he looked happier in that pic than here

  31. 31
    Kik but Says:

    Get over it worry wart! The effort got a big F! Sienna got out of a bad situation with fatstuff, and Eddie got what he wanted too. OUT !!!

  32. 32
    betty Says:

    @melissa mahoney If it no concern of mine ,why is it yours? Eddie looks bad and seems to be sliding downhill. All that fawning does not change things. Leann is still desperate and insecure and Eddie appears trapped.

  33. 33
    Racy Says:

    @lol: You somehow feel the need to compare everything that LeAnn does to someone else – P. Hilton, Kim K., etc. Also she shouldn’t be happy because she has a disc that is “flopping,” etc. Do you have a disc that is flopping or ANY sex life, or someone who smiles like Eddie does? Then how can you be happy? Does someone compare you to all the successful people around you who have things you don’t? Are you trying to prove a point? If so, what is it? They look pretty happy to me with things going on in their lives. Mind your own business and look just to see how successful you are before you pull someone else’s cord.

  34. 34
    Racy Says:

    @Penelope: It is LeAnn’s life and some of us are interested. Take your great morality, your sinless existence, and your better than thou attitude and do something worthwhile with it – give to your local food bank, St. Jude’s for children (and I am not even Catholic), deaf and blind, cancer foundation, etc., and stop being such a p*** ant about someone else’s life. Do a little good for a change while you are messing around with us sinners. In case you haven’t heard “There is none that doeth good, no not one.” I am sure that applies to you as well as the rest of us.

  35. 35
    Racy Says:

    @betty: What has true love done to you? If you don’t look as “bad” as Eddie (ha ha, yeah!!) then you should find you another “true” love. If you are looking good, according to you, life must be a b****.

  36. 36
    Racy Says:

    @A Real Winner: Don’t believe LeAnn needs resurecting – we are just saying that we fougt for her all the way and we will still be there regardless of what the future holds. Where did you get your insurance for a great life? Tell us all ’cause we want to get some of it. Would love to see what a perfect future looks like – got any pictures?

  37. 37
    Racy Says:

    @A Real Winner: When you decided Eddie’s degree of happiness, did you use some kind of curve (i.e., Bell curve) or give us a measurement that you used. We know for certain it wasn’t brain power.

  38. 38
    betty Says:

    @Racy There you go spouting nonsense again, when someone gets your goat your come back is with a lot of non sensible gibberish. Its too bad your idol a young woman that is suppose to have class is obsessed and allowing herself to be used by an aging player usually its vice versa. The women Leann is being compare to are successful and are the players not the one being played.When you put all your private business in the open expect it to be critiqued or don’t put it out there no one ask for it , it their choice.

  39. 39
    Where is Says:

    Mikey? Not there when she needed him? What is with that!!!!!!!

  40. 40
    Where is Says:

    Karma for messing with other people’s boyfriends?

  41. 41
    Racy Says:

    @betty: You don’t ever understand a d*** thing that anybody says. You are totally unbelievable. Have a good day, betty, as much as you are capable of. Lord have mercy on us!!!!

  42. 42
    leigh ma Says:

    I love her hair like that and the light color dress.

  43. 43
    Ravishing Says:

    Absolutely ravishing

    LeAnn is beautiful and looks content. She’s definitely a keeper..
    Happy 28th LeAnn!! My kind thoughts for you and Eddie.

  44. 44
    Diane Says:

    I just don’t get how Leann gets space on JustJared every.single.week. Here and now on People Magazine about this birthday party in Vegas.

    Her PR people are working hard to keep her in the spotlight until October’s album drop.

    Is that dress she’s wearing white or that pale pink like the former Mrs. Cibrian wore in Vegas a few months ago? Just sayin. haha

    I really think the more some on here harass Eddie & Leann with Twitter Tweets saying “Eddie’s gonna cheat” will keep the guy glued to Leann just 2 prove y’all wrong. I really do. But seriously, he’s not going anywhere until he gets mucho $$$. I so hope she’s dumb enough to take the plunge w/her live-in bf without a prenup…

    Oh, I’m back. Not going anywhere, Racy makes me wanna stay. haha
    Off for Labor Day festivities with my fam and our friends. Happy Labor Day peeps!!

  45. 45
    Nanci Says:

    nice young couple. solid. doing fun stuff together, kids, dates, things with friends etc. play together, stay together.

  46. 46
    Blair Says:

    Leann should be tweeting any minute about her latest bowel movement…..don’t forget to flush!

  47. 47
    U just said Says:

    the same thing on L’s Twitter page. Bwahahaaaaaa………

    This is hysterical! Luv ya LeLe!

  48. 48
    A Real Winner Says:

    @Where is:
    um brandi doesnt need a guy beside her every 2 sec like leann…i guess elin woods is a looser bc she doesnt have a bf and neither does sandra..u think its normal for leann to be this obsessed, clingy, and insecure..then u must be just as crazy as ur idol

  49. 49
    betty Says:

    @Where is Where was Eddie when Leann needed him to pickup meds.? Brandi did not need Mikey and she knew where he was and had another date. If you’ve got a man and can’t count on him when in need that like not having one. Your concern should be with Leanns man instead of Brandi relationship. I bet her man would had someone to pick them up for her if he couldn’t.

  50. 50
    jay Says:

    She can think of others……she is so self centered. I can’t believe she can hurt those boys so badly and their mother and be smiling and talking about them. Can she not put herself in someone elses shoes??? I mean come on….what if you have kids by eddie and you know this will happen to you. How will it feel when another woman is calling your babies sweeties and my kiddos….youll see life has a way a making sure lessons get taught. I hope you life school starts soon. And the reason I’m not mentioning Eddie and he is too far gone.

  51. 51
    betty Says:

    @Racy May the Lord have mercy on you !!! .Leann has no friends ,associates and acquaintances maybe if she had friends she would be able to call upon them for a favor when you are sick . You can always find “friends” to party with but that is about all.A friend in need is a friend indeed.

  52. 52
    On and on Says:

    It was troll who was going on and on about her incredible boyfriend and she was bragging about being soooo in love and date night and POOF! It blew up in the face. Now your trying to save face on her behalf. Just admit it fell apart, there was another disappointment. What is causing this repetitive bad choices? Bad luck aka karma or what?

  53. 53
    A Real Winner Says:

    @On and on:
    the only person having bad karma is leann..single flopped, cant sell concert tix, unemployed known cheater for a boyfirend, the said bf is living off of her and she has to pay for everything including school clothes, the least he could do is get u meds when ur sick sheesh, in order to prove shes in love she has to talk about her sex life..

  54. 54
    On and on Says:

    Keep spinning it troll until your dizzy. No one’s buying your ad nauseums.

  55. 55
    Bruce Says:

    Her legs look great!

  56. 56
    boston61 Says:

    She Had better hurry up and get pregnant. She ill need something to guilt trip him about when he meets his next girlfriend.

  57. 57
    betty Says:

    I bet Brandi can count on her POOF MAN!!! better than Leann can count on her KEPT MAN!!!!and Brandi is not sleeping with him every night.

  58. 58
    On and on Says:

    Its a touchy point after a year plus of such hard work. A for effort, F for accomplishment. One more and your OUT, that resume will have to be tweaked then. bwahahaaaaaaa

    Best of everything under the sun for LeAnn and Eddie!

  59. 59
    On and on Says:

    4:54 post makes no sense at all

  60. 60
    On and on Says:

    Nope he’s sleeping with other women on those other nights bwahahaaaa

  61. 61
    Brie Says:


  62. 62
    A Real Winner Says:

    @On and on:
    yup eddie is sleeping with other women..he’s a serial cheater…im sure he’s getting pletny of numbers while he’s “working out” in the gym in cali

  63. 63
    golden coup Says:

    She looks lovely in white with her golden strands and healthy figure.

  64. 64
    azz Says:

    She looks like a man in da face.

  65. 65
    On and on Says:

    Your running from the issue. Its the EX’s other pick who is doing that on her again that you refuse to face.

  66. 66
    betty Says:

    You refuse to face Eddie is a serial cheater. We know about Eddies past. A single man dates whom he wishes a married man when he can. Brandi just got rid of a loser so now she can play the field I bet Eddie wish he could. But he is trapped with his meal ticket. Brandi will be fine ,Leann is the one thats acts like shes glued to Eddie.She has yet to learn a man going to do what a man going to do/Furthermore Brandi is not paying for companionship few women are that desperate.

  67. 67
    On and on Says:

    Spin it but she wanted Mikey real bad! And you made it sound like they were a done deal. Why does she pick playas?

  68. 68
    betty Says:

    On or whatever Leann has one now you finally admit Eddie is a player something we’ve known all along. At least Eddie didn’t play Brandi the way he’s playing Leann and how do you know how bad she wanted Mikey or if they are a done deal/In the dating game you have options thats what makes it fun you’re only tied one person if you want to be/Since when has Brandi love life been of such concern. Eddie is the one with the wandering eye and being married doesn’t stop him.

  69. 69
    On and on Says:

    Oh he played the EX all along but isn’t it karma too for interfering with other women’s relationships? Seems to have a bad habit that’s coming full circle.

  70. 70
    nayah82 Says:

    I can’t stand this surfboard looking chick.

  71. 71
    betty Says:

    Oh Racy Stop the BS If he played Brandi at least she got paid outside of sex what is Leann getting? That tramp Leann interfered with a marriage.with children. This back and forth banter is getting boring;Leann is a tramp and if she and Eddie marry he still can’t make a housewife out of a ho okay.

  72. 72
    Suki Says:

    She looks great in white against her tanned and toned body. Good luck to gether.

  73. 73
    6anon0 Says:

    give up the ridiculous attempt troll. nothin’ but frivolities spilling from your boca

  74. 74
    6anon0 Says:

    Fret about the one who can’t hold a man no how! Why dat!?

  75. 75
    Karma Baby Says:

    if u want to get a good laugh read the comments on the article..pretty much as i guessed 99% of the commenters think these two are cheating disgusting homewreckers…oh yea according to racy and her various aka’s one person created 32 facebook accounts and somehow found a way to even comment at the SAME well as add pics and thousands of diff friends..ur idol is finished and is only relevant bc of an affair..thats karma for u

  76. 76
    Busy Says:

    So you’ve been busy on People troll. Remember it’s known what you think you’re hiding behind. You’re exposed!

    Le loves Eddie, Eddie loves Le and poor baby got stood up and cheated on AGAIN!!!!! KARMA BABY KARMA!!!

  77. 77
    Tony Says:

    He has lots of time to go on vavation, but not enough to get a job to support his kids. When this worthless douche goes to jail for non-support, I will laugh my **** off. We will end up with an “Ohhhhhhhh Billlllyyyyyyyy!!!” And then she will tweet “Had awsome phone sex through plexiglass with my hot man!!”

  78. 78
    Karma Baby Says:

    hey “busy” ur an idiot if u go to those ppls facebook pages u will see they have hundreds of diff freinds as well as albums not to mention ppl commented at the SAME TIME and within minutes..that means i was able to get in on fb leave a comment then sign out and do it 32 times using 32email adresses 32 did i get hundreds of ppl to friend me or how was i able to create all these albums within minutes..i must be i also responsible for leann’s single flopping and her ticket sales flopping as well..who knew i had so much power :)

  79. 79
    Busy Says:

    Look TROLLIE I know what you use. Ask stryker what a troll uses. It’s not a mystery!

    Ya lost !!!!! Big lose!!!

    Ya need to help da boss get sum help in picking better guys. Strykin’ out over & over.

  80. 80
    TMNox Says:

    Stop reporting on her!! She’s awful!!! AWFUL!

  81. 81
    Lala Says:

    Ugh, home wrecker.

  82. 82
    Karma Baby Says:

    u give me too much power..please answer me how was i able to make leann’s single flop and her concerts flop as well?

  83. 83
    shallow hal Says:

    LeAnn, are you paying people to post messages for you on this blog saying how “good” you both look together?
    You are ugly and immoral- and karma will catch up with you soon, you cheating *****!

  84. 84
    ag Says:

    I think that Leann tweets way too much. In my opinion twitter is a huge waste of time. However, I think everyone talking a lot of sh*t needs to get over it. She didn’t hurt any of you. (Unless you are the ex). But seriously, why do women always blame the woman in affairs? What about what Eddie did? Leann didn’t force him to cheat on his wife. Who knows what he told her. Seems like a lot of celebs have been telling women that their marriages are for their public images. I’m not a fan of anyone involved in this, but I really don’t think Leann sought out to hurt anyone. She was married VERY young and to be honest I think her ex was confused about his sexuality (still is?) and he wasn’t giving her what she needed. This is just what it looks like from the outside looking in. None of us really know what happened. I think that Eddie’s ex is making herself look like a fool tweeting about their private issues. If she had a little more class, maybe she would get somewhere with whatever problems she’s having with him. Putting your financial problems out there to the public isn’t good for anyone.

  85. 85
    former joffrey ballet dancer Says:

    okay. we need to get leann a fashion consultant asap! Those shoes are most hideous things i’ve ever seen! The dress is darling and feminine, and the shoes completely clash and look like she paid only 5 bucks for them, and i’m sure they’re 5,000. She keeps wearing the same style shoes w/ everything and they make her look c$heap. Also girls who are not very tall do not look good in those style of shoes,( covering the ankle) because it makes them look shorter and cuts the line of the leg.

  86. 86
    Bella Says:

    Reading the comments above, it seems that leann is still obsessed with her aging gigolo’s ex-wife. I mean she keeps tab on her and her love life. It’s pretty scary !!
    Man, leann is a crazy & she should get help, seriously .

  87. 87
    charity Says:

    Just Jared You really do need to enforce the rule about posting under multiple names this is getting ridiculous Racy has used a least twenty names in this post Unless you like all this back and forth from One big nut case Racy also known as Allison Then we would see how many FANS Leann has JUst one the infamous Racy Allison and Wibur all the ame or is it BelindaWho cares just stop the cr** . I quite frankly don’t care anymore It sems Brandi is happy now and that is good Brandi and Dean were the vitims in this whole farce and Edide and Leann the villians and nothing Racy posts how about how good she thinks LR looks will ever change that . It’s a shame that she will always be known for her sordid affair instead if any singing career that she HAD

  88. 88
    Krissy Says:

    Reading on here and other sites, I cannot believe the hatred people have for cheating, as if it were a crime akin to pedophilia or something. Sure its wrong, but its not a capital offence. NO ONE deserves this much hate. She never raped anyone, or bashed an old lady on molested a child who chopped a dog into pieces. Yet, thats how the (I suspect only one person pretending to hate LeAnn under many nics) hater on here acts. gees, get the eff over it! Almost everyone cheats at some stage. Its not a major offense. Reserve your hatred for REAL crimes.
    Oh, and no, I’m not a fan of LeAnn Rimes. I couldn’t give a f.ark able her one way, or another. I hate country music, and don’t even own any of her CDs, so I feel I can be objective. And also, no, I’ve never cheated on anybody, nor have I (to my knowledge at least) ever been cheated on. I just don’t see it as this HUUUUGGGGGEEEE crime warranting so much viciousness and hatred. Be careful. Karma has a way of paying back the witch-hunters and aggressors.

  89. 89
    Krissy Says:

    @ag: “But seriously, why do women always blame the woman in affairs?”
    EXACTLY! Women are are own worst enemy and give the men a free pass whilst turning on the other woman, who wasn’t even a PART of the marriage!
    Look, there is no such thing as a ‘homewrecker’. ONLY the 2 IN the marriage, can make or break it. No third person can break a marriage.
    If a marriage breaks up, for WHATEVER reason, then the WIFE *ALSO* needs to take 50% of the blame. Brandi was 50% of the marriage, so takes 50% of responsibility for it breaking up. You can’t be one half of a partnership, but only claim credit for its success, but not for its failure.
    Two people were responsible for this marriage; Eddie. And Brandi. BOTH bare RESPONSIBLILTY and BLAME for its breakdown. NO ONE ELSE. That is how mature adult relationships work, people. That is how marriage works. Brandi is as much to blame as Eddie. Thats what marriage is about.

  90. 90
    @Krissy Says:

    A wife is loyal and taking care of the home as a loving mother while the husband is sleeping with every piece that comes along and you think it takes two to wreck a home. You are as delusional as your boss. Tell us please, how much did LeAnn have to pay for Eddie’s divorce?

  91. 91
    Krissy Says:

    Perhaps you’re too young to understand how marriages work. People stray, because they are unhappy at home. Whether it be the husband, or the wife. You are saying that a wife (or husband as circumstances allow) can claim credit for a marriages success, but not for its failure? is that what you’re saying? If so, you are the one who is delusional and INCREDIBLY naive. A marriage is a PARTNERSHIP, and it requires communication, from BOTH sides. You’ll understand when you experience a serious relationship for the first time. A marriage is made up of TWO people, not just one. And BOTH make, or break, the marriage. Its life honey. Accept it.

  92. 92
    @Krissy Says:

    People stray because they are people of bad character and then will make every excuse to explain their lack of decency…..or hire someone to explain it for them.

  93. 93
    Blair Says:

    Let’s hope this is the end of her month long birthday bash/binge (by the way she’s aged 10 years since August!) and she and her old gigolo can go back to their hole. Night night, Lemann.

  94. 94
    Krissy Says:

    So everyone who strays is of bad character? Not just someone being a human being with human desires? Human nature? Sorry, but that is so simplistic and naive. Adult relationships are a LOT more complicated than that. Than just ‘only a person of bad character strays’. Lol, oh, to be that young and simplistic and naive again. Women often blame the man, because it stops them having to look at themselves and the role THEY played in the partnership and what they could ahve done differently. lol Sorry, but you’ll have to find out yourself.

  95. 95
    Krissy Says:

    @Blair: Agree with that. I don’t know why on earth someone would have a birthday bash that lasts for a week or more. Is she trying to copy Paris Hilton? Its pretty immature and tacky. I’m 33, but I’m at the stage where I don’t even WANT to have a birthday or get older, and I’m only 5 years older than her. If I could AVOID having a birthday, I would. I certainly wouldn’t celebrate the fact that I’m getting old, for a whole week!

  96. 96
    Krissy Says:

    My birthday is next month.
    I’m dreading it. Its starting to get me depressed. I’d rather not face it.

  97. 97
    @Krissy Says:

    Happy 34th Birthday, CBME!!!!!

  98. 98
    Deede Says:

    @Tell All:

    Eddie will ALWAYS be tied to that past. You do remember he has children with his wife?

    You are never free when there are children involved.

  99. 99
    Paul Says:

    @Krissy #94

    Human nature and the pursuit of one’s desires is not a reflection of one’s character? What planet are your from?

  100. 100
    Krissy Says:

    Sorry, I’m not CBME. No everyone who posts in a sane and rational manner is a fan of Rimes. I’m not, and I’ve even said that. Came acorss this thread as I was searching for someone else. First time reading about Rimes, and I’m accused of being a multinicker, by someone whom is obviously one themselves. I guess my post about the realities of life and marriage really irked you. Or is that lol/Betty/slash all the other nicks who pretend they are seperate people who hate Rimes? PMSL

  101. 101
    charity Says:

    never realized that Leann had such a huge vein in her forehead HOpe it pops all over Leann’s boyfriend, whats his name. She does truly look to be in her mid to late thirties and poor Eddie just looks old, anymore JJ please cut out these multiple names people use. I will send a request over your comment page

  102. 102
    Krissy Says:

    @Paul: Paul human nature is not a character flaw, or a character trait. It just IS. Human nature, is human nature. Instincts are natural. Nature. Natural.

  103. 103
    Krissy Says:

    Sorry, I know that didn’t sound right. What I mean is that tempation is a part of human nature. Because one gives into temptation, that is hard-wired in us, does not make a person ‘bad’ or a ‘person of bad character’. I deem a person of bad character to be rapist, a murderer etc. Not someone who gives into temptation and human carnal desires. We all have them. Sometimes they get the better of us. Wise? No. Right? No. But, it is human nature. It is what it is. Sorry, I know thats a bit deep.

  104. 104
    Krissy Says:

    @charity: “never realized that Leann had such a huge vein in her forehead HOpe it pops all over Leann’s boyfriend”

    Are you like, 9 years old? Please, grow up. What you said is the sort of immature nasty comment a child would make. Very childish.

  105. 105
    Krissy Says:

    But I agree with registering nicks. This is the first time I’ve ever really read of LeAnn Rimes on here let alone posted, and within 2 posts I’m accused of being someone. Usually, an accuser of multinickers, is one themself. Which perusing this thread, is without a doubt most certainly the case. Perhaps if the owner of this site makes it so that people have to sign up, sort of like Perez Hilton, then this issue would be eliminated and the true multinickers would be forced to flee this site.

  106. 106
    Paul Says:

    Our ability to base our choices, in response to temptation, on what is positive and constructive in our lives is the very definition of character. Animals simply respond to desire and temptation by nature. You should not pursue this line of discussion with such contradictory thoughts.

  107. 107
    Jake Says:

    @Krissy: For someone who doesn’t care about LeAnn Rimes, you sure do care to respond to all other commenters, so my conclusion is you’re delusional and a liar. Your concept of what “character” is just wrong. Do you know how to use a dictionary? Resisting temptations is exactly what character is about. It’s been part of civilized societies teachings for millennium. Probably the best know story about the subject is about Adam & Eve being cast out of the “garden of Eden”.

  108. 108
    charity Says:

    Yes, I am also glad that she burned her eye lid with the curling iron, got a spasm in her neck and had to walk stooped over, amd had snotty nose in LV and I do so hope the vein in her forehead just keeps getting bigger and I also hope that her album will not be released because her single from it flopped, cannot stand a woman who would chase after a married man while he is in counselling with his wife like a bit** in heat. Leann and Eddie deserve all the bad pubicity that comes their way and what disnguishes humans from the animal kingdom is a little thing called conscience and neither one of those two cheaters have have shown that they possess one,

  109. 109
    former joffrey ballet dancer Says:

    @Krissy: – giving into temptation is a character flaw or defect, or weakness if you will. It doesn’t make you bad as a whole, (it doesn’t define You), but it is a character flaw none the less. I think all the hate campaign against leann rimes is not due to this character flaw, but due to not recognizing it as one! She is human and fell for a married man , but it’s how she handled the aftermath is what defines her character…..not the actual act itself. She flaunted her new relationship in such a shameless way towards the dumpees, that made brad pitt look like his sensitivity chip was fully intact!

  110. 110
    fjbd Says:

    also, keep in mind she and eddie were double dating w/ their spouses the whole time they were having an affair. Now, that’s just sedistic to the nth degree! The fact that they enjoyed playing an act in front of them and secretly got a kick out of making their spouses a little insecure, and jealous of their connection which apparently was very palpable,….it’s that kind of stuff that has enraged people. I think it’s about time the publlic gets a dose of reality regarding celebrities.. Just because they’re famous for a specific talent, does not make them good human beings. You could be rich & famous and still be a piece of ****….and most are!!:)

  111. 111
    charity Says:

    fjbd Well said, Krissy also known as Racy says” I’ve never been on here before “that is a character flaw. Lying like that, and if human nature came into play here Leanns boyfriend would be protecting his young like a father should ,working to support them, not partying all the time and following his mistress around like a whipped pupp yand relying on her to pay his support payments Krissy go back to being Racy

  112. 112
    charity Says:

    If I were Leann Rimes ,I would be afraid to face the people in country music after the shameful way I have manipulated items to make it seem like I am ahead of the other artistes Leann knows what I mean and I am going to make sure the other artitsts know what she did to look like she is not a flop Wonder how they will feel about her hustle on them and their rightful spots.she has flopped and everyone knows it including the other country artists and the public except for her father and mother racy and allison

  113. 113
    betty Says:

    @Krissy I am a separate person I don’t use phony names I give my opinion so therefore I only need my name I don’t hate Leann but I dislike the type of woman she is and all like her.Regardless of how marriages breakup or the causes no decent woman would be a part of interfering in that breakup. Women like her have no scruples and consider any man fair game even though she was married too. Thats why she is insecure and clingy because she knows it can happen to her also and will. It takes a desperate woman to move an unemployed and at the time still married man and his children into her home and support them and lavish gifts on them. A woman of character and self esteem would have too much pride to stoop that low. Love runs both ways or it isn’t love and Leann is doing all the loving.and Eddie doing all the taking. So tell me who is envious of this relationship. Only weak men like Eddie take advantage.

  114. 114
    FACTS 1 Says:

    Well we now the above post is a flat-out lie!!! that’s all one needs to know about the troll. Multiple names, intentional disinfo, hatred, threats, stalking, all-around horrible behavior!.

  115. 115
    betty Says:

    Racy- FYI The truth hurt doesn’t it. You just proved thats what you do. all of the above/

  116. 116
    samantha Says:

    Trending once again! Yeah, LR!!! Belated happy b’day!

  117. 117
    fjbd Says:


    boy she sure does binge doesn’t she. i have yet to see an article about her where alcohol doesn’t play a central role. Maybe that’s why her career stalled so much…..i think she’s an alcoholic or on her way to become one!

  118. 118
    charity Says:

    and I’m with Betty on that Racy is a digusting human being the only troll on here is Racy and all her alter egos and the fact that she is related to the snout nose be it by parentage or in=lawa makes no dirfference all sick self-entitled people

  119. 119
    WIDER Says:

    UGLY! UGLY!!! SO UGLY!!!! ugh…. :O

  120. 120
    remember well Says:

    I’m with krissy on that troll! And yes the troll is a patho liar!!!

  121. 121
    Henrik Says:

    Cheeks so rosy I’d love to plant a kiss on one.

  122. 122
    financy Says:

    Let’s hope she doesn’t slip into over imbibing like too many. Reading tweets that E’s ex might suffer that impulse as well.

  123. 123
    anon Says:


    she really does seem like a cutthroat! i remember watching an interview w/her talking about her star search experience and the other little girl who was her competition. I remember her making a very cut throat and catty remark about the other little girl. It’s like she accidentally let out the ***** in her, and then after her catty remark, she attempted damage control. LeAnne has a great voice, but she lacks the likeability of taylor swift, and warmth of some of the other country stars. Just her comment on her twitter page about some poor girl throwing up at the airport screams volumes about her. She’s a competitive, catty beotch!!

  124. 124
    lonie abrms Says:

    Handsome two >>>blessings on your future together >>> true love shines >>> hugs

  125. 125
    astrogirl Says:


  126. 126
    Diane Says:

    LOL, I know Racy will.never.believe.this. BUT…

    I’m at my Mom’s and we got the laptop out and I used the 2nd pic of Leann up there to show my sister & Mom what color of blonde I wanted my highlights to be and my Mom (bless her heart) says:

    She is not pretty!


    Spoken from someone who couldn’t care less about country singers, celebs, etc. Anyway, very candid reaction. I actually thought Leann looked good in those pics, except yeah, her face is not pretty. Not that peeps can help what they look like due to genetics. But the fact Leann “thinks” she’s so hot, it’s kinda funny.

    Happy Labor Day all! Beautiful weather…like fall here.

  127. 127
    H.G Kona Says:

    Doubt your at mom’s and who the he ll cares what your mother thinks. Piss poor attempt!

  128. 128
    sunfi Says:

    This woman has a terrific voice Check her out on you tube to see for yourself. xoxo

  129. 129
    Blair Says:

    A terrific voice……too bad she has the face of a wild boar.

  130. 130
    Debra Says:

    she may have a great voice….but it doesn’t hide the ugly inside….everytime I hear her sing now, that’s what I see, the UGLY

  131. 131
    FAN of LELE Says:

    SU TROLL!!! No one is as UGLY inside as U & all your AKAS. U don’t fool any 1.!!!!!

    Jealous of Le and Eddie’s warm happy love.

  132. 132
    charity Says:

    never would have thought that Eddie Cibrian would have turned out to be such a moocher At on time thought he was a real man Think Leann turns her men into feminine cartoons now, that Dean got away from her he has found a great woman and is happy eddie needs to get a job and quit living off his mistress a real J.O.B and that doesn’t stand for JUMP on Buttface most men would be enbarrassed to have to rely on a woman for their daily bread,but not the Cuban who speaks Spanish,very nice macho Latin man

  133. 133
    Diane Says:

    Oh stop it with the “doubt you’re at your Mom’s” “doubt you’re who you say you are” “you’re a paid troll” “you’re all the same person” blah, blah, blah.

    Freaking idiots. LOL!

    this is funny. Gotta tweet that to Leann & Eddie guys doncha think?
    I tell ya, the more nutty Lele fans are, the more I’m gonna have to tweet her, hmmm…..

  134. 134
    Racy Says:

    @charity: No, I AM NOT JRISSY!! That is a lie, pure and simple, and a character flaw – one of the worst – is lying. You have not the first concept of character. You sound like a fourth grader and to wish somebody would be hurt is the first big sign of an a** h***. Keep your mouth shut if you have no more respect for yourself than you do. I would appreciate it if you would keep my name out of your stupid remarks. You are not half the person I am – at least, I don’t wish soebody to be hurt or calling you other people’s name. I would really enjoy telling you what I think you are. Sadly JJ would frown on that.

  135. 135
    katie Says:

    How can that stupid man stand to be standing beside her smiling for the cameras when everyone knows that he is a kept man and pays for nothing just trails along behind moneybags and waits for his allowance He looks just like cra**ola and probably smells like it to after doing leann Rimes

  136. 136
    Racy Says:

    @former joffrey ballet dancer: Does it make you somebody special because you were a dancer? Does that make you a fashion consultant? I am a former beauty contest winner (and that is an honest to God truth). Would you like me to give you a few hints on makeup, AND HOW TO DRESS? H*** no, you wouldin’t. Just because you disagree with somebody’s clothes doesn’t make you a great consultant any more than my winning a contest makes me a great beauty. Save it for somebody who asks for it. We are already VERY impressed because you can dance – is that not enough????

  137. 137
    anon Says:

    whoohoo Racy’s blood pressure is sky high she has a nasty little temper who are you to tell anyone else what they can say or to not use your name in a return post why don’t you go take one of your chill pills and calm down before you have a heart attack see there I’m showing my concern for you as all the anti LR posters have to do from time to time because you really are a messed up person who has a superiority complex Poor old Allison.”racy” she has to pretend she has kids so that no one will suspect who she is
    we all know who you are in real life and who you are related to poor you

  138. 138
    Racy Says:

    @charity: Of course you haven’t been on here before!!!! Ask Diane how trying to ruing somebody makes out. She can tell you all about how far making fun of somebody’s veneers and finger up the nose gets you. Ha Ha

  139. 139
    Racy Says:

    @Jake: Yes, we know about Adam and Eve – do you know about the verse that says “there is none that doeth good – no not one!” Soak some of that up, buster.

  140. 140
    anon Says:

    If Racy was a former beauty contestant winner bet she didn’t win Miss Congeniality Think the beauty contest must have been for hog calling now that Miss Racy could win and with her temper she probably needs anger management classes Let’s all take up a collection for her so she can go before she hurts herself with all that nasty anger

  141. 141
    joe Says:

    Does anyone else think Leann’s boyfiend whats his name looks like one of the coneheads Head goes straight up to a point maybe he just needs a haircut but probably spent all his allowance on LR bangles . Man,.need to find myself a woman like that so I don’t have to work and still make a tidy little sum each week

  142. 142
    former joffrey ballet dancer Says:

    @Racy: Sorry Leann, i mean racy…..just trying to help. I really do like the dress though.

  143. 143
    former joffrey ballet dancer Says:


    Racy says ” save it for somebody who asks for it”

    Attention seeking celebrities who manage to get themselves in gossip rags on a weekly basis…. and staged photo ops are fair game….they seem to be” asking for it”! We’re just indulging their need.

  144. 144
    yo mutha Says:

    dang she is butt ugly…she looks more of the dude than her paid lover.

  145. 145
    kaylyn Says:

    Well! I see nothing has changed much! The troll is present! Been away and kept away from celebrity news. This is Monday night-so catching up on my most favorite people in the whole wide world-Ms. Rimes. She sure looks good and I would love to have that dress. It is gorgeous. She has very good taste and looks great in it! Well just looking thru the news I see Eddies divorce was finally a done deal! Betcha he is relieved.Now he can be w/his love. I find the comment made suggesting Ms.Glanville does not have to have a man linked on her arm that she is just glad to be free. I find that her tweets contradict this. She is reaching out to her best friend-sounds like she does not like to be alone either. I think she will find someone -she just needs to lay off Eddie because it makes her look as if she is still in love with him. No man wants to compete with that-its a turn off. Hopefully all of you haters will retire now that this is over. But I see nothing but haters-jealous-evil people still after it. But then that never stops me from catching up on the latest news of my most favorite celebrity-Ms. LeAnn Rimes.

  146. 146
    Racy Says:

    @Debra: What do people see when they look – and listen – to you? Are you the finest we have to stand up against wrong doing? Examine yourself before you judge others.

  147. 147
    Dunza21 Says:

    i hope they get married soon without a pre-nup. if leann really thinks eddie loves her then she should go for it. lolz i can’t wait till eddie runs away with her money and with the next cute thing he sees. and i can’t blame him…leann looks horrible with makeup and i can’t imagine how she looks every morning. hope the kids don’t get nightmares seeing her morning face. yuck!

  148. 148
    Racy Says:

    @charity: @<a Eddie isn’t a moocher – he is unemployed. Do you live off a man and you are never employed? I would say if that is true, then look in the mirror at a moocher, ding dong.

  149. 149
    Racy Says:

    @Diane: Yeah, people, this is big stuff here who made it her life’s work to show a picture of LeAnn’s veneers and her finger in her nose. Didn’t go over too well, did it? Go ahead and tweet. Nobody pays any attention to a half wit regardless of what they say.

  150. 150
    Racy Says:

    @anon: Trolls aren’t worth talking to.

  151. 151
    betty Says:

    @Kaylyn aka Racy I see you haven’t retired..Brandi is reaching out to her friend because her children are with Eddie. At least she has a friend to reach out too. Leann is the only desperate woman wanting Eddie. Eddie has lost his appeal aging, graying and unemployed. Who would be jealous of this relationship, two losers.Leann trying to buy love and Eddie the taker.and the kids caught in the middle.

  152. 152
    Racy Says:

    @anon: When the day arrives that a nasty, no-good, worthless troll can make me angry, I will let you know. Meanwhile, go hunt some woman to put down because she has a great voice and was blessed with being pretty. Pick on women – isn’t that what you do best? Don’t you hide behind a rock or something and criticize LeAnn and Eddie? Let me know when you want to donate.

  153. 153
    Racy Says:

    @former joffrey ballet dancer: If I was LeAnn with all her money, do you think I would answer a bunch of jerks that only get their kicks by criticizing a female and run out and hit and run back under their rock and hide? You are just a bunch of jealous people.

  154. 154
    rubyc Says:

    @Racy that is a stupid argument. If you’re a full-time housewife and mother you are not a moocher. Your part of the marriage is making home and taking care of the children. That is a decision a couple makes and according to what they deem important for the family. You are dumb to even say that!

    Eddie is neither. I wonder how much is his allowance from his sugar mama.

  155. 155
    Racy Says:

    @former joffrey ballet dancer: You couldn’t even dance worth a s*** either, huh? Why weren’t you successful?

  156. 156
    rubyc Says:

    And oh..the only thing you are right is Eddie is a dingdong. I want also to add that Leann is a homewrecker.

  157. 157
    Racy Says:

    @kaylyn: Kaylyn, What are these people going to do if they don’t have LeAnn to demean. Jealousy is not a commendable attribute (look it up, people, most of you can read, can’t you?). No, they will have to make this a life’s work. You see, they have never, never done anything wrong – but they know all about it and use the word “trash” – among other things – often. I would bet I know why they are such authorities on ugly and sin.

  158. 158
    Racy Says:

    @betty: Oh, it’s “ye old crow” come back to life. Knows all about the laws of the state in which she lives!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She knows a man can pay even when he has no money because some opened their ugly mouths and did all they could to him. Yep, experts here, folks, experts.

  159. 159
    Racy Says:

    @rubyc: By the way, how do you know what kind of decisions LeAnn and Eddie made about his working? My Mom had a saying – six of one and half-dozen of the other. How does it feel for somebody to call you far below the superiof person you see yourself to be?

  160. 160
    betty Says:

    Racy You still playing the blame game. Whether he pays or not is of no consequence to me thats a debt he owes his ex wife and kids and believe me the debt will be paid. This old crow would never buy a mans love especially one that doesn’t have your back. Since you like to bash married women that live off their husbands what about men that live off their girlfriends like Eddie. Dean lived off of Leann also thats the only way she can keep them around.

  161. 161
    former joffrey ballet dancer Says:

    @Racy: who made you moses going around slinging your ten commandments at everybody…sheesh!!! lighten up !!

  162. 162
    back off haters Says:

    leann is a bright shining star who has been blessed w/ a beautiful voice and great looks. . She should play patsy cline in a lifetime movie.

  163. 163
    Debra Says:

    Racy, for someone who thinks ‘trolls aren’t worth talking to’ (see post 151)

    and someone who calls everyone on here who doesn’t happen to agree with you a ‘troll’……you sure do alot of talking

    they should change the name of this site from Just Jared to Just Racy since yours is the only opinion that matters

  164. 164
    charity Says:

    have to go to work in a few minutes but wanted to say that Racy is 3 horses on twitter and clearly LR mammy or pappy 3horses has the same problem as Racy loses control when people say what they think about an adulterer who puts out twitters and posts every single minute about her life that’s called being fair game She should just shut her big fat veneered mouth and get on with her so-called has been career I work but have many friends who have stayed home to take care of little ones and for Racy to try and shame stay at home moms is an example of how ill she is Staying at home with kids is a decision that the husband and wife make not Racy and all the other names she uses. I personally dont think the divorce is final or Leann would have twittered about the weding coming up and it would have been on one of the other sites

  165. 165
    jo jo Says:

    What’s interesting is if you go to Eddie Cibrian on the web and hit his twitter accct there, every single reference to him is an after thought in relation to Leann but on her pages there she is once again the main focus Poor Mr Cib he is just a paid companion now Whatever happened to his career He is now standing in Deans shoes and I would think that would be uncomfortable ,but he does not seem to care and that’s o.k for him He never comes out and defends Leann or Brandi at all like Brad Pitt did in defending both Jennifer and A.J I thought that was pretty classy of Brad to do thatbut, I think LR would not stand for him defending his wife against hateful people such as Spacey Racy

  166. 166
    anon Says:

    @jo jo: I noticed the same thing. He definitely seems to have stepped in Deane’s shoes. Leann apparently has that effect on men which ultimately shows she doesn’t love these men…she needs them to validate her as a woman.
    Deane was a classical trained ballet dancer, who’s career took a back seat to leann’s . Same w/ eddie . It’s almost like she prefers they don’t work so they become dependent on her and weaken , just so they don’t stray. But after she clips their wings, she’lll get bored eventually and dump them for someone new. This type of thing is more common in men than women, but clearly leann is the breadwinner in the house hold. Good thing Deane got a way and got his life back. Any man in leann’s life is going to merely serve as her shadow. She’ll never allow them to have the spotllight. Run eddie run!!!!

  167. 167
    fjbd Says:


  168. 168
    sally Says:

    she is such a narcissist. She was on this radio talk show / deane being interviewed. and she very blatently admitted to how competitve she is and loves outdoing people. I couldn’t believe it. Welll, at least i give her credit for her honesty. So, now i do believe when her critics accuse her of wanting to out do brandi glanville. All her twitter confessions are aimed at sticking the knife in , and not just sharing pure honest joy. She probably doesn’t even love those kids….it’s just a ploy to get back at Brandi. Leann seems to possess some sociopathic qualities.

  169. 169
    Shelina Says:

    Brand’s a NARCISSIST, is that what troll is saying!

    Twoll, ya got your boxers all twisted in a big knot. bwahahaaaaa

  170. 170
    ollie Says:

    Brandi had a housekeeper, a nanny, the kids in school, a car cleaner, landscaper, Eddie’s parents were at her home much of every week taking care of the kids and business, and had them every other weekend. Let’s get the facts straight!!!!!!!!

  171. 171
    Camilla Says:

    Brandi tweets expose a desperate woman. A good friend should give her some advice to grow up and seek some professional help so she can quit latching onto men who cannot find her appealing or interesting enough to not stray.

  172. 172
    betty Says:

    @Ollie Leann is doing most of that for Eddie free of charge. Eddie was the one that afforded his wife all these luxuries because he wanted her to have the best life had to offer.Like I posted before some men will give to one woman and take from another. Eddie was also out playing around so this was his penance. Leann is the new nanny.Brandi was no fool,if he could afford to play he could afford to pay for these perks. I noticed Leann tweets how tired she is already.If the parents were there that much where was Eddie he didn’t have a steady gig he was only guest starring when he had a job. You will only get used if you allow it to happen . You notice Leann never tweets what Eddie is doing for “HIS”kids he has Leann fooled good.

  173. 173
    Debra Says:

    @ollie: If Brandi had all that….it must have been because Eddie was out getting scre*** by every tramp in california, where was he on the weekends when his parents had the kids? playing golf? on the boat with scheana? in a roach motel with Leann?

  174. 174
    blair Says:

    Every time Leann tweets she just makes herself look good (I made lunches, I fed the dogs, blah, blah)….she is soooo selfish.

  175. 175
    laura Says:

    Leann reminds me of a child playing house she wants every one to tell her how good she’s doing and every time she tweets something about her mothering the kids and how much she is doing for them she just makes her boyfriend look bad ,not that she cares as long as people think she is a big=hearted person. she is a lying cheating adulterous sinfull fiend who chased after a married man even while he was in counselling with his wife Leann Rimes is a totally manipulative childish person who truly believes that she should have what ever she wants Well, life is not that way and when she has no career left and no boyfriend left, then we will see how much tweeting she does truly a self=centered woman with no morals

  176. 176
    anon Says:

    In that one side view pic up above Mr cibrian looks about 45 or 50 years old guess that’s what burning the candle at both ends does to a person Really do wish he could get a job any job don’t believe anyone will hire him now but there are many other things he could be doing think he is a college grad forgot Miss Piggy won’t let him work because he might come into contact with other women what a shame to have your cahoonies taken away like that

  177. 177
    blair Says:

    Well said and absolutely true!

  178. 178
    lol Says:

    Racy/allison/wewen u get on brandi for not working but eddie isnt working either not only is he not working but he doesnt do shiit in the house..he could at least feed the dogs or get meds for wewe when she’s sick..doesnt wewe work? what the eff is eddie doing at home..if he was doing something wewe would tweet it bc she tweets EVERYTHING..this is some serious deja vu..she better hope he doesnt shoot a film off location with a hot young thing,,at least the kids are permanent to brandi..wewe is the temporary stepmomma until daddy finds a new side piece

  179. 179
    lijah Says:

    Brandi had a housekeeper, nanny, landscaper, Eddie’s parents helping with the kids and business. Don’t wanna hear some whiny troll telling us otherwise. She’s not a victim and the new-old boyfriend got wise and bowed out. Si?

  180. 180
    blair Says:


  181. 181
    lol Says:

    and eddie now has those same perks that brandi had..the hyporcisy with u leann fans is amazing

  182. 182
    lol Says:

    forgot to add the only difference is leann is now the nanny and housekeeper and cook while eddie sits on his a## and downs tequila while wewe worships the ground he walks on..he’s living the life.

  183. 183
    lijah Says:

    whats it like to be your own audience? talking to oneself has bad connotations in our culture.

    The boys must truly love LeAnn and the warm and fun home life she creates. You must be rather shocked Eddie got half after all the screaming about liquor and the other stupid ramblings.

  184. 184
    lol Says:

    the boys also love santa clause and the tooth fairy..of course the boys will like her..shes gives them everything they want..which 3 year old woulndt like someone that buys them lots of things..when they are old enough to understand what wewe did then things wil then they will be on stepmother number 5..with eddie’s track record only God knows how many girlfriends he’s gonna bring in their lives.forgot to mention didnt wewe once hate her father because he did the same thing to her about issues

  185. 185
    blair Says:

    This mess is going to take a life time of therapy…..I seriously feel for those boys. And speaking of Santa Claus, I see Leann (wewe) more as the Grinch that stole Christmas.

  186. 186
    betty Says:

    Leann is no more than a nanny to those boys and they like her as such. The details of 50-50 were never disclosed and if Brandi is unhappy with the arrangement she can sue for full custody. I’m happy Leann is creating a fun and warm place for them to live but home to most kids is where their mother is. What is Eddie doing?

  187. 187
    Massie Says:

    You look super beautiful LeAnne.

    To whomever is the ole grinch here, of course children would love her. She knows how to have fun, is sorta like a kid at heart and loves life. So sorry you missed out on the important things in life when young that turned you into a cantankerous ole coot.

  188. 188
    anon Says:

    Well, lets see not only does Leann look like the grinch she is green like the grinch as in green with envy she is so jealous of Brandi that she makes herself sick She wanted Brandis huband then her kids then she copies her clothes, shoes hair style and now she even copies her vocabulary. Leann must follow Brandis tweets because she is now using the word Casa for home which Brandi used several weeks ago, not that common a word to use ,all you LR followers When was the last time you called your home a Casa L>R is playing house which she probably didn’t get to do much when she was a kid but now her playing is hurting innocent people Brand’s kids included Every bit of this mess has been caused by an ugly has been who tromped on any one who stood in the way of what she wanted

  189. 189
    blair Says:

    The “important things in life” are having and instilling morals in one’s life. Leann’s little fantasy world is built on lies & immorality…’s a house of cards.

  190. 190
    Strykered Out Says:

    Every single talking point has failed:



    LeAnn and Eddie have put together a welcome and satisfying environment together. Second failure….Sienna is with a much better man now. Would hate to be batting your record!

  191. 191
    Debra Says:

    @Massie: she’s more like a kid in her mind than heart……what kind of adult goes around shooting birds at anyone, much less when your pic is being taken? a trashy one, with a kid’s mentality…..even my 8 yr old niece knows that’s not cool….Leann seems to think “if it feels good, do it” not matter who you have to step on in the process, that’s the kind of fun she knows….See it, Want it, Get it

  192. 192
    Strykered Out Says:

    anon aka gwen or Mr. troll

    casa is a word that is in common usage in SoCal. Is that what gwen does? Yup!

  193. 193
    Debra Says:

    or should I say See it, Want it, Buy it

  194. 194
    KnowtheRimes Says:

    I saw Belinda last week and thought she would pass out crossing the street. Wilbur is no prize but everyone understands why he left Belinda for Kat. If Belinda doesn’t start taking care of herself, she’ll be dead in six months.

  195. 195
    Strykered Out Says:

    Troll, you are too angry in life. Must not have much happiness or companionship. Your kind needs lots of prayers and sunshine. Pobrecito!

  196. 196
    betty Says:

    Strykered Out You mean Miss Moneybags put it together.Eddie is broke as a joke. You have no talking point. The backlash against these clowns is still there,no matter what you say..

  197. 197
    Strykered Out Says:

    There is no backlash, though you get a good grade for effort. But you failed at your task. Not one thing has gone the way you labored so long, so hard for. Not one!

  198. 198
    judith Says:

    strykered out or Racy as we all know you, you have serious mental health issues Please get some help soon I for one am praying for your recovery you must get well don’t knoewwhat the rest of us would do on this site if we didn;t have you to ridicule and make fun of but that is not nice since you are one sick mama You have major anger issues to be just a fan more likely you are a member of LR family

  199. 199
    NO Backlash???LOL Says:

    Neither has a career left. She’s playing bars for nickles.

  200. 200
    lol Says:

    @Strykered Out:
    lol no backlash..the funniest thing i heard all did that single swingin do? hows her concert tix selling? does eddie have a job? yea no backlash wat so eva..keep drinking that tequila

  201. 201
    Strykered Out Says:

    Didn’t they just buy a house? Maybe she has a top-notch investment mgr. They’re doing just fine, it’s your boss that needs to get something going for herself. LeAnn doesn’t need your advice, she’s a savvy chica. And they are happy as a family.

    And your efforts are a MAJOR FAIL! You really “strykered out”


  202. 202
    lol Says:

    @Strykered Out:
    did u fail the analogy section on your SATs. Sienna and Getty would be compared to leann and according to your reasoning sienna and getty did not last so why should anyone expect wewe and loverboy to last as well. getty cheated on his wife and his career went downhill the same with dejavu eddie’s career continues to sink and wewe’s album is destined to sienna got out of her relationship with getty meaning wewe or loverboy will do the bet is on loverboy bc wewe is so obsessed with him i cant imagine her leaving anymore comparisons about how everyone warned britney about kfed, she married him had kids with him and now shes paying all the support not to mention kfed had two other kids who britney loved..kinda like how wewe”loves” brandi’s kids..when is the last time u saw britney playing mommy to shar’s kids thats exactly whats going to happen when eddie moves on to his next sidepiece..leann will be a lost memory to the kiddos….gotta luv it :)

  203. 203
    lol Says:

    @Strykered Out:
    what does buying a house have anything to do with the fact that ur idol and her lovers career is sinking fast..first off leann bought the house because eddie could barely afford to pay child support..leann has money but her career is faltering as is eddies..cant wait to see her oct music will be hilarious..damn eddie has been in the acting biz for how long and he still cant find a basic acting gig..then again why look for a job when u can just sit home all day and mooch off of ur obsessed girlfriend who cooks for u, does all the housechores, and takes care of ur kids while u do nothing lol

  204. 204
    Strykered Out Says:

    BIG difference twollie! getty didn’t divorce, Eddie is OUT! exactly where he wanted to be , GONE! Sienna got lucky dumping the dumpy one. Now Rosie has to live with a “once a cheater always a cheater”-
    if she sticks it out.

    Every star’s movie or album is not always a huge success and they survive, or thrive, spectacularly well compared to 98% of the population.

    Since misery loves company you must be pretty dang miserable to want company. Sorry but LR isn’t joining the ranks of the miserable. Failed effort.

  205. 205
    allison Says:

    I totally agree with you, Betty Edide sits home on his lard Butt and watches football or eats what Leann fixes for dinner , why he can’t even do the laundry Know Brandi is glad to be shed of such a needy man Let Leann do all the work. What little work she wil have left and I agree with every one else, they will not be releasing that album because they will lose big time on it They just don’t release one when the single is such a flop

  206. 206
    lol Says:

    @Strykered Out:
    are u dumb or are u dumb lol you just said “Rosie has to live with a “once a cheater always a cheater”-
    if she sticks it out”
    HELLLO doesnt the same thing go for wewe she is now living with a serial cheater a man who finds no problems with cheating on a pregnant spouse…at least getty wasnt frolicking with sienna while rosie was lets see getty is a looser and rosie is dumb because she is with a cheater..yet eddie who is umemployed and is mooching off of leann and hardly seems to do any work around the house is a prize and winner and leann is a winner too even though she is dating a man like eddie who is more of a scum than getty..leann put the effin tequila DOWN u make no sense lol

  207. 207
    15 horses Says:

    Take a look at that picture of Eddie up there the side profile He looks about 50 yearsd old too much idleness, drinking and constantly being watched by an obsessed woman who follows every move he makes She probably even watches while he takes a dump to make sure he can’t see any one out the bathroom window What a life At this rate within six months he will look 55 you go Brandi girl a brand new life of freedom ahead for you and your babies I really don’t believe the divorce is final tho or Miss Piggy would be tweeting about wedding plans

  208. 208
    15 horses Says:

    Take a look at that picture of Eddie up there the side profile He looks about 50 yearsd old too much idleness, drinking and constantly being watched by an obsessed woman who follows every move he makes She probably even watches while he takes a dump to make sure he can’t see any one out the bathroom window What a life At this rate within six months he will look 55 you go Brandi girl a brand new life of freedom ahead for you and your babies I really don’t believe the divorce is final tho or Miss Piggy would be tweeting about wedding plans

  209. 209
    Racy Says:

    @lol: Y E A H , but she has one thing on you – well two. SHE IS HAPPY!! She still has her beautiful voice and you are merely predicting since you can’t find anything else to try to hurt her with. AND SHE STILL HAS BIG BUCKS. Pains your a** doesn’t it? Don’t see her losing anything but if it helps you to feel that way, so be it. Happy misery day!!

  210. 210
    Racy Says:

    @laura: AND how would you know how life is? I would bet anything that you are one of thos fat housewives who sets on her a** all day long and looks up things to try to make bad decisions about those who have more than you do. I have read where ticket sales, album sales, etc., are down because of the depression. You are not immune to the bad economy so keep on wishing bad things for someone else – your karma and theirs too may find you.

  211. 211
    Strykered Out Says:

    BG ought watch her man more closely for whenever she turns her back they’re enjoying someone else. Why is that?

  212. 212
    lol Says:

    Hi Strykered Out..back with ur usual name racy after i schooled u about ur lack of sense in my last post..leann can have all the money in the world her career is still sinking and she is still obsessed living with a man who doesnt defend her and mooches off of her..lets all rejoice that leann is happy at another woman’s expense..hey u still want to talk about the getty analogy.u said with ur own words racy once a cheater always a cheater how come that applies to getty but not serial cheater eddie..

  213. 213
    lol Says:

    @Strykered Out:
    i would say wewe should watch her back..eddie has a wandering eye and is a serial cheater if anybody should watch their back it should be her..then again she is with him 24/7 to ensure that he doesnt cheat..that wont last for long..once he gets a breath of fresh air for at least one day he will be back to boinking waitresses..lets just hope he doesnt get caught this time :)

  214. 214
    allison Says:

    Oh my at least every one pro and con says ONCE A CHEATER ALWAYS A CHEATER I really want the Bid Ed to get a job how much can he take just fiollowing the hog snout around and watching ball games he just has to reach a breaking point. Leann, for cripes sake get him a job you have connections with jerry Bruckheimer or are you afraid to let him out of your sigh tAt least let the man have a little dignity although you never let Dean have any

  215. 215
    Strykered Out Says:

    But isn’t Brandi “sooooo in LOVE” ? Since she is “soooooo in LOVE!” she must be very happy. Contradiction there.

    I’m not racv and I’m repeating your “once a cheater…” words. You must be soooooo happy for Rose that she lives with an “always a cheater”.

  216. 216
    lol Says:

    @Strykered Out:
    first of all i never ever said i was happy that rosie is with getty..i think she should hae kicked his a## to the curb..secondly u are here bringing up sienna when in fact the sienna and getty situation is just like wewe and loverboy..according to u sienna escaped getty and is now with a better wewe should according to ur comparison leave loverboy since he is a serial cheater and is a looser..what the eff does brandi’s relationship have to do with the fact that leann is supporting a man who is a known cheater, is unemployed, and based on ur idols tweets does nothing in the house..brandi doesnt live with mike nor did she have an affair with him so idk why u are bringin him up..if they split up oh well brandi can date other least she doesnt have to be saddled down with i cant keep it in my pants eddie..thats ur idols prob now and based on the fact that she is obsessed with him and wont let him out her sight id say she has the bigger problem not brandi

  217. 217
    12 horses Says:

    Racy, as a former beauty contest winner maybe you can tell us what your talent was twirling a baton, reciting the Gettysburg Address,clog dancing, or just plain picking your nose bet the last one was your talent and what you are good at not too many people do that in public ,but bet you did that with all the flair of a demented soul looking to bag the big one At least your talent would have been different What year was that again 1932 ,real looker ,you were

  218. 218
    Strykered Out Says:

    The connection is the same effort poured into trolling for the SM/BG affair. Both SM and LeAnn and Eddie are better off today than they were in their unhappy former arrangements.

    You have no power to effect any change in LeAnn’s life. Flaccid in fact.

  219. 219
    betty Says:

    If they bought a house ,What “they”Eddie has no resources. Leann is the they.I’m sure her attorneys had the sense to tell her not to put Eddies name on anything especially.if he owes back support. That happy homemaker act will change because she knows she doesn’t have to be there 24/7 and she will have her lapdog to follow because she can’t leave him alone. Who said Leann is savvy only dumb broads let men like Eddie use them. Usually its the other way around.

  220. 220
    Strykered Out Says:

    And what makes you believe Eddie is behind or out of money? Don’t tell me “Brandi’s word” PUHLEEZ!!!

    No more waxing on and on about Meldman. You were tripping all over yourself in praises of this and that about him. Now dead silence as though he never existed.

    You remind me of the Aniston hens plugging away for a long lost cause. There is no backlash and all the thousands of hours of effort add up to a colossal WASTE OF TIME.

  221. 221
    7 horses Says:

    at least we all agree on one thing ONCE A CHEATER ALWAYS A CHEATER with leann he would never dare to cheat because he will never be allowed to be by himself She will watch him 24-7 and well she should , just remember honey-cakes how you get em is how you lose em No more golfing dates and telling LR that where he will be golfing will be out of cell phone range , no more slipping in late at night and saying you were with the boys Brandi trusted him but Missy veneeres will not ,so that will be Eddie’s punishment and so very well deserved

  222. 222
    lol Says:

    @Strykered Out:
    u still lack comprenhesnio skills…gwen was on jj talking about sienna and getty about how she was disgusted with the affair fastforward two years later and now she is disguted with leann and eddie because like getty, eddie cheated on his wife and flauted the eddie and leann=getty and sienna..getty and sienna career failed after their affair they have since broken up..leann and eddie are feeling the effects of their affair via their sinking if history repeats itself eddie and leann wont last either..why are u the only one not seeing this comparison..put the tequila down..sienna did not cheat on her husband to get with jude and jude did not cheat on his gf to be with sienna right now so how the eff are u making a comparison with leann and eddie since leann and eddie CHEATED to be with each other..not the case with sienna and jude, but it was the case with sienna and getty..if u dont get it now then u really need some help

  223. 223
    betty Says:

    You need to stop waxing on about Eddie.You act as if Leann has some prize bull.Some prize unemployed ,liar cheater,deadbeat dad,user and fair game for any woman. A man certainly that cannot be depended on in a time of need. Men like Eddie or a dime a dozen.At least the men Brandi has been dating has more redeeming qualities then that scumbag Eddie. Eddie looks like a trapped animal. He’s gone from calling all the shots to being a lap dog and kept man and I bet he does not like that label. He has had this beat down look since he lost his CSI gig .and all these perks Leann has given him has not helped she is knocking herself out playing house and he is letting her.Say what you might but Eddie is not a happy camper and it is beginning to show more and more. He is on a downward slide.

  224. 224
    rubyc Says:


    your comments only show you are as delusional and twisted as your idol, if you’re not leann yourself. you think that what she did breaking up a family will result in anything good? ha good luck with that! the relationship is screwed from the very start and it will have the same ending as it began. leann = homewrecker, now refute that! she is desperate and all her tweets give a clue to how she is bothered and insecure, good for her! she is a leech just like her paramour eddie. they deserve each other. they are doomed.

  225. 225
    gwen Says:

    Oh look, JJ didn’t do a good job at convincing us that EC bought LR that bracelet so what does LR do?

    She runs to People mag and have them tell us that EC bought her a bracelet because she somehow thinks that if People mag said it, then the public has no other choice but to believe it.

    The best thing that comes from the LR and EC saga is that it exposes that LR is one of those celebs who manipulates the media and press for her benefit. What are the major flaws with LR latest pr stunt?

    1) Now can JJ and People mag kindly explain the public how EC bought LR that bracelet when he is UNEMPLOYED, owed his ex-wife $20,000 in child support and alimony, and asked a judged to suspend his child support and alimony payments?

    Seriously, where is the common sense in JJ and People mag reporting of this gift? Did they even think about the implications, like EC lied about his finances so that he could get out of paying child support and alimony? Or worse, if EC doesn’t even have any money to pay for this bracelet, then it means that LR bought her own gift.

    2) LR is being so inappropriate, yet JJ and People mag keep rewarding her for that behavior and reinforce it. So the more they pat her own the back, the more she uses those kids as weapons against BG? Where is JJ and People mag humanity? It is disgusting the way that they glorify her behavior.

    3) Are we supposed to think that EC loves LR because he bought her a bracelet? Because EC also bought SMJ a bracelet. So does that mean he loved her? And what does that mean in regards to that Life and Style article about his affair with SMJ? That EC still has feelings for SMJ because like LR paid JJ and People mag to push, bracelets=love.

    4) LR obsession with Brandi. It is creepy to see how LR modeled her hair and dress AFTER Brandi. Now why would she do that? If Leann has EC, why would she dress up and do her hair like his wife?

    5) Leann is on tweeter 24/7 TALKING about how “great” her life is.
    That is odd. Because people who are happy are not going to validate it on twitter.

    6) EC custody petition, he states that it’s not child focused to expose his kids to the media and paps. Yet his kids names and faces keep showing up on LR twitter page, in People mag, and so and so on. Sp what are we conclude? That EC is a liar and nothing is scared, not even those kids he claims to love so much. EC just proves that those kids are nothing more than props, bargaining tools that he uses to get trips and shopping sprees from Leann. Where is JJ and People mag in all of this? Telling EC that it’s cute that he went against a promise he made to his kids.

    7) Leann is tipping off the paps and negotiating with the media for positive coverage. Katy Perry single is number 1 and she has TWO, NOT ONE, songs in the top 20 list. So why then isn’t JJ posting about her with the frequency that they post about Leann?

    8) How does JJ account for the “fans” that show up in these threads? That is over 30 “fans”/day and yet even with the “fans” that show up LR single couldn’t make it to top 20 and her concerts are so empty that it’s noticeable. So what is going on here? We can conclude that these “fans” are LR or her pr person posting under different names.

  226. 226
    karma Says:

    Stop being so mean people- all sides!! pro and anti leann! What you put out in the world is what comes back to you. If you send out positive messages, positive things will come back to you, and vice versa. This is no joke, it’s the law of the universe. So, think carefully before you speak and act. What you put out is what you get back!

  227. 227
    gwen Says:

    Of course EC and LR are two peas in a pod, LR isn’t going to let EC out of her sight because she is too afraid that he will be at some hotel with another woman.

    Seriously JJ, Leann was the OTHER WOMAN so she is all to familiar of what will happen if EC is left to venture the world on his own.

  228. 228
    betty Says:

    If Leann and Eddie had heeded your message we all wouldn’t be having this debate now would we? You can’t send positive messages on negative actions,but nice try Racy.

  229. 229
    gwen Says:

    Wow where did all these “fans” (aka racy, krissy, kaylyn, the TROLL poster) come from?

    Yeah that is right, it’s just CBME posting under different names to make it look like LR has fans.

    Now we know that CBME is actually Leann and it explains why JJ stood back and allowed her to make threats against other posters and ignored how she has been stalking other posters and even stalking BG and her boyfriend.

    Hey Leann, what’s the matter? Are you upset because no one believes that EC bought you that bracelet? That’s it isn’t it? No one believes that EC bought you that bracelet and now you are going to post under all these different names.

    JJ CBME is LEANN, she accidently let it slip when she was posting as allison. You know the poster who is stalking BG.

    You can always tell just how bad things are for Leann by how many different “fans” show up.

    Yeap, LR album isn’t doing very well. So is that why Leann was rubbing elbows with the “rich” guy? She is going to get him to invest into her album so that it doesn’t fail?

  230. 230
    gwen Says:

    Oh Leann, if “trolls” are not worth talking to, then why are you taking the time and energy to make all these posts? Well one thing is for sure, what poster is always taking the time and energy to write “I am ignoring your posts” posts? CBME. So RACY=CBME who we now know is LEANN.

  231. 231
    gwen Says:

    RACY (who we all now know is LEANN) was in a beauty contest?

    So you mean to tell me that there is a Beauty Contest where the mistresses compete against one another?

    What is the prize? Does the winner get a MARRIED MAN as her prize?

  232. 232
    gwen Says:

    Oh Leann why are you posting as Ollie, Camilla, shelina, and back off haters.

    So if things are going so well for you and EC, why are you still introducing “new fans” to JJ and stalking EC wife as allison?

    It doesn’t help you much because many people want to know how with an average of 30 “fans”/day your single landed in the 50s? How does that happen when JJ shows over 30 “fans”/day? Because these fans are not real and are created when you post under different names?

  233. 233
    gwen Says:

    Strykered Out (aka cbme, racy, allison, kaylyn, irena, heavenbound)

    Hi Leann, another name? Really? So this little stunt didn’t go over so well did it?

    Can you tell me why you are always stalking BG and then dressing like her? What is that all about?

    What are you still stalking those posters from Popsugar? JJ don’t you have some obligation? Are you going to sit here and allow LEANN to keep stalking those other posters? I mean it looks very bad when you have the direct quotes where LEANN admits to stalking those other posters and then you do nothing.

  234. 234
    betty Says:

    Brandi called Leann out on Twitter about Leann tweeting about her children daily and justifiably so. Leann is one insecure obsessed bi*ch. Who wants their kids daily lives broadcast on twitter if Leann was doing it out of love she would just do it with no fanfare. Brandi knows Leann is devious and I bet Eddies parents know it too. Trying to make herself look caring and thoughtful when it is having the opposite effect. Where is Eddie in all of this? Speaking of Eddie,I wonder who paid for the “lil one” tuition for school.and I wonder if Eddie caught up his back support payments if so same thing. No wonder the grandparents are staying close to the kids

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