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LeAnn Rimes & Eddie Cibrian are TABU

LeAnn Rimes & Eddie Cibrian are TABU

LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian are two peas in the pod as they celebrate LeAnn‘s 28th birthday at TABU Ultra Lounge at the MGM Grand Resort Casino in Las Vegas on Saturday (September 4).

Eddie really stepped up to the plate and got jewelry for LeAnn‘s birthday! “Eddie gave me some rose gold bangles which were beautiful. It was very sweet!”, said LeAnn.

As for her birthday wishes, she only asked for “peace and quiet”! I guess Eddie‘s two children – Mason, 7 and Jake, 3, are a bit rowdy!

10+ pictures inside of LeAnn and Eddie being TABU…

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leann rimes eddie cibrian birthday tabu 02
leann rimes eddie cibrian birthday tabu 03
leann rimes eddie cibrian birthday tabu 04
leann rimes eddie cibrian birthday tabu 05
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Credit: Judy Eddy; Photos: WENN
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  • betty

    @Kaylyn aka Racy I see you haven’t retired..Brandi is reaching out to her friend because her children are with Eddie. At least she has a friend to reach out too. Leann is the only desperate woman wanting Eddie. Eddie has lost his appeal aging, graying and unemployed. Who would be jealous of this relationship, two losers.Leann trying to buy love and Eddie the taker.and the kids caught in the middle.

  • Racy

    @anon: When the day arrives that a nasty, no-good, worthless troll can make me angry, I will let you know. Meanwhile, go hunt some woman to put down because she has a great voice and was blessed with being pretty. Pick on women – isn’t that what you do best? Don’t you hide behind a rock or something and criticize LeAnn and Eddie? Let me know when you want to donate.

  • Racy

    @former joffrey ballet dancer: If I was LeAnn with all her money, do you think I would answer a bunch of jerks that only get their kicks by criticizing a female and run out and hit and run back under their rock and hide? You are just a bunch of jealous people.

  • rubyc

    @Racy that is a stupid argument. If you’re a full-time housewife and mother you are not a moocher. Your part of the marriage is making home and taking care of the children. That is a decision a couple makes and according to what they deem important for the family. You are dumb to even say that!

    Eddie is neither. I wonder how much is his allowance from his sugar mama.

  • Racy

    @former joffrey ballet dancer: You couldn’t even dance worth a s*** either, huh? Why weren’t you successful?

  • rubyc

    And oh..the only thing you are right is Eddie is a dingdong. I want also to add that Leann is a homewrecker.

  • Racy

    @kaylyn: Kaylyn, What are these people going to do if they don’t have LeAnn to demean. Jealousy is not a commendable attribute (look it up, people, most of you can read, can’t you?). No, they will have to make this a life’s work. You see, they have never, never done anything wrong – but they know all about it and use the word “trash” – among other things – often. I would bet I know why they are such authorities on ugly and sin.

  • Racy

    @betty: Oh, it’s “ye old crow” come back to life. Knows all about the laws of the state in which she lives!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She knows a man can pay even when he has no money because some opened their ugly mouths and did all they could to him. Yep, experts here, folks, experts.

  • Racy

    @rubyc: By the way, how do you know what kind of decisions LeAnn and Eddie made about his working? My Mom had a saying – six of one and half-dozen of the other. How does it feel for somebody to call you far below the superiof person you see yourself to be?

  • betty

    Racy You still playing the blame game. Whether he pays or not is of no consequence to me thats a debt he owes his ex wife and kids and believe me the debt will be paid. This old crow would never buy a mans love especially one that doesn’t have your back. Since you like to bash married women that live off their husbands what about men that live off their girlfriends like Eddie. Dean lived off of Leann also thats the only way she can keep them around.

  • former joffrey ballet dancer

    @Racy: who made you moses going around slinging your ten commandments at everybody…sheesh!!! lighten up !!

  • back off haters

    leann is a bright shining star who has been blessed w/ a beautiful voice and great looks. . She should play patsy cline in a lifetime movie.

  • Debra

    Racy, for someone who thinks ‘trolls aren’t worth talking to’ (see post 151)

    and someone who calls everyone on here who doesn’t happen to agree with you a ‘troll’……you sure do alot of talking

    they should change the name of this site from Just Jared to Just Racy since yours is the only opinion that matters

  • charity

    have to go to work in a few minutes but wanted to say that Racy is 3 horses on twitter and clearly LR mammy or pappy 3horses has the same problem as Racy loses control when people say what they think about an adulterer who puts out twitters and posts every single minute about her life that’s called being fair game She should just shut her big fat veneered mouth and get on with her so-called has been career I work but have many friends who have stayed home to take care of little ones and for Racy to try and shame stay at home moms is an example of how ill she is Staying at home with kids is a decision that the husband and wife make not Racy and all the other names she uses. I personally dont think the divorce is final or Leann would have twittered about the weding coming up and it would have been on one of the other sites

  • jo jo

    What’s interesting is if you go to Eddie Cibrian on the web and hit his twitter accct there, every single reference to him is an after thought in relation to Leann but on her pages there she is once again the main focus Poor Mr Cib he is just a paid companion now Whatever happened to his career He is now standing in Deans shoes and I would think that would be uncomfortable ,but he does not seem to care and that’s o.k for him He never comes out and defends Leann or Brandi at all like Brad Pitt did in defending both Jennifer and A.J I thought that was pretty classy of Brad to do thatbut, I think LR would not stand for him defending his wife against hateful people such as Spacey Racy

  • anon

    @jo jo: I noticed the same thing. He definitely seems to have stepped in Deane’s shoes. Leann apparently has that effect on men which ultimately shows she doesn’t love these men…she needs them to validate her as a woman.
    Deane was a classical trained ballet dancer, who’s career took a back seat to leann’s . Same w/ eddie . It’s almost like she prefers they don’t work so they become dependent on her and weaken , just so they don’t stray. But after she clips their wings, she’lll get bored eventually and dump them for someone new. This type of thing is more common in men than women, but clearly leann is the breadwinner in the house hold. Good thing Deane got a way and got his life back. Any man in leann’s life is going to merely serve as her shadow. She’ll never allow them to have the spotllight. Run eddie run!!!!

  • fjbd


  • sally

    she is such a narcissist. She was on this radio talk show / deane being interviewed. and she very blatently admitted to how competitve she is and loves outdoing people. I couldn’t believe it. Welll, at least i give her credit for her honesty. So, now i do believe when her critics accuse her of wanting to out do brandi glanville. All her twitter confessions are aimed at sticking the knife in , and not just sharing pure honest joy. She probably doesn’t even love those kids….it’s just a ploy to get back at Brandi. Leann seems to possess some sociopathic qualities.

  • Shelina

    Brand’s a NARCISSIST, is that what troll is saying!

    Twoll, ya got your boxers all twisted in a big knot. bwahahaaaaa

  • ollie

    Brandi had a housekeeper, a nanny, the kids in school, a car cleaner, landscaper, Eddie’s parents were at her home much of every week taking care of the kids and business, and had them every other weekend. Let’s get the facts straight!!!!!!!!

  • Camilla

    Brandi tweets expose a desperate woman. A good friend should give her some advice to grow up and seek some professional help so she can quit latching onto men who cannot find her appealing or interesting enough to not stray.

  • betty

    @Ollie Leann is doing most of that for Eddie free of charge. Eddie was the one that afforded his wife all these luxuries because he wanted her to have the best life had to offer.Like I posted before some men will give to one woman and take from another. Eddie was also out playing around so this was his penance. Leann is the new nanny.Brandi was no fool,if he could afford to play he could afford to pay for these perks. I noticed Leann tweets how tired she is already.If the parents were there that much where was Eddie he didn’t have a steady gig he was only guest starring when he had a job. You will only get used if you allow it to happen . You notice Leann never tweets what Eddie is doing for “HIS”kids he has Leann fooled good.

  • Debra

    @ollie: If Brandi had all that….it must have been because Eddie was out getting scre*** by every tramp in california, where was he on the weekends when his parents had the kids? playing golf? on the boat with scheana? in a roach motel with Leann?

  • blair

    Every time Leann tweets she just makes herself look good (I made lunches, I fed the dogs, blah, blah)….she is soooo selfish.

  • laura

    Leann reminds me of a child playing house she wants every one to tell her how good she’s doing and every time she tweets something about her mothering the kids and how much she is doing for them she just makes her boyfriend look bad ,not that she cares as long as people think she is a big=hearted person. she is a lying cheating adulterous sinfull fiend who chased after a married man even while he was in counselling with his wife Leann Rimes is a totally manipulative childish person who truly believes that she should have what ever she wants Well, life is not that way and when she has no career left and no boyfriend left, then we will see how much tweeting she does truly a self=centered woman with no morals

  • anon

    In that one side view pic up above Mr cibrian looks about 45 or 50 years old guess that’s what burning the candle at both ends does to a person Really do wish he could get a job any job don’t believe anyone will hire him now but there are many other things he could be doing think he is a college grad forgot Miss Piggy won’t let him work because he might come into contact with other women what a shame to have your cahoonies taken away like that

  • blair

    Well said and absolutely true!

  • lol

    Racy/allison/wewen u get on brandi for not working but eddie isnt working either not only is he not working but he doesnt do shiit in the house..he could at least feed the dogs or get meds for wewe when she’s sick..doesnt wewe work? what the eff is eddie doing at home..if he was doing something wewe would tweet it bc she tweets EVERYTHING..this is some serious deja vu..she better hope he doesnt shoot a film off location with a hot young thing,,at least the kids are permanent to brandi..wewe is the temporary stepmomma until daddy finds a new side piece

  • lijah

    Brandi had a housekeeper, nanny, landscaper, Eddie’s parents helping with the kids and business. Don’t wanna hear some whiny troll telling us otherwise. She’s not a victim and the new-old boyfriend got wise and bowed out. Si?

  • blair


  • http://deleted lol

    and eddie now has those same perks that brandi had..the hyporcisy with u leann fans is amazing

  • http://deleted lol

    forgot to add the only difference is leann is now the nanny and housekeeper and cook while eddie sits on his a## and downs tequila while wewe worships the ground he walks on..he’s living the life.

  • lijah

    whats it like to be your own audience? talking to oneself has bad connotations in our culture.

    The boys must truly love LeAnn and the warm and fun home life she creates. You must be rather shocked Eddie got half after all the screaming about liquor and the other stupid ramblings.

  • http://deleted lol

    the boys also love santa clause and the tooth fairy..of course the boys will like her..shes gives them everything they want..which 3 year old woulndt like someone that buys them lots of things..when they are old enough to understand what wewe did then things wil then they will be on stepmother number 5..with eddie’s track record only God knows how many girlfriends he’s gonna bring in their lives.forgot to mention didnt wewe once hate her father because he did the same thing to her about issues

  • blair

    This mess is going to take a life time of therapy…..I seriously feel for those boys. And speaking of Santa Claus, I see Leann (wewe) more as the Grinch that stole Christmas.

  • betty

    Leann is no more than a nanny to those boys and they like her as such. The details of 50-50 were never disclosed and if Brandi is unhappy with the arrangement she can sue for full custody. I’m happy Leann is creating a fun and warm place for them to live but home to most kids is where their mother is. What is Eddie doing?

  • Massie

    You look super beautiful LeAnne.

    To whomever is the ole grinch here, of course children would love her. She knows how to have fun, is sorta like a kid at heart and loves life. So sorry you missed out on the important things in life when young that turned you into a cantankerous ole coot.

  • anon

    Well, lets see not only does Leann look like the grinch she is green like the grinch as in green with envy she is so jealous of Brandi that she makes herself sick She wanted Brandis huband then her kids then she copies her clothes, shoes hair style and now she even copies her vocabulary. Leann must follow Brandis tweets because she is now using the word Casa for home which Brandi used several weeks ago, not that common a word to use ,all you LR followers When was the last time you called your home a Casa L>R is playing house which she probably didn’t get to do much when she was a kid but now her playing is hurting innocent people Brand’s kids included Every bit of this mess has been caused by an ugly has been who tromped on any one who stood in the way of what she wanted

  • blair

    The “important things in life” are having and instilling morals in one’s life. Leann’s little fantasy world is built on lies & immorality…’s a house of cards.

  • Strykered Out

    Every single talking point has failed:



    LeAnn and Eddie have put together a welcome and satisfying environment together. Second failure….Sienna is with a much better man now. Would hate to be batting your record!

  • Debra

    @Massie: she’s more like a kid in her mind than heart……what kind of adult goes around shooting birds at anyone, much less when your pic is being taken? a trashy one, with a kid’s mentality…..even my 8 yr old niece knows that’s not cool….Leann seems to think “if it feels good, do it” not matter who you have to step on in the process, that’s the kind of fun she knows….See it, Want it, Get it

  • Strykered Out

    anon aka gwen or Mr. troll

    casa is a word that is in common usage in SoCal. Is that what gwen does? Yup!

  • Debra

    or should I say See it, Want it, Buy it

  • KnowtheRimes

    I saw Belinda last week and thought she would pass out crossing the street. Wilbur is no prize but everyone understands why he left Belinda for Kat. If Belinda doesn’t start taking care of herself, she’ll be dead in six months.

  • Strykered Out

    Troll, you are too angry in life. Must not have much happiness or companionship. Your kind needs lots of prayers and sunshine. Pobrecito!

  • betty

    Strykered Out You mean Miss Moneybags put it together.Eddie is broke as a joke. You have no talking point. The backlash against these clowns is still there,no matter what you say..

  • Strykered Out

    There is no backlash, though you get a good grade for effort. But you failed at your task. Not one thing has gone the way you labored so long, so hard for. Not one!

  • judith

    strykered out or Racy as we all know you, you have serious mental health issues Please get some help soon I for one am praying for your recovery you must get well don’t knoewwhat the rest of us would do on this site if we didn;t have you to ridicule and make fun of but that is not nice since you are one sick mama You have major anger issues to be just a fan more likely you are a member of LR family

  • NO Backlash???LOL

    Neither has a career left. She’s playing bars for nickles.

  • http://deleted lol

    @Strykered Out:
    lol no backlash..the funniest thing i heard all did that single swingin do? hows her concert tix selling? does eddie have a job? yea no backlash wat so eva..keep drinking that tequila