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LeAnn Rimes & Eddie Cibrian are TABU

LeAnn Rimes & Eddie Cibrian are TABU

LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian are two peas in the pod as they celebrate LeAnn‘s 28th birthday at TABU Ultra Lounge at the MGM Grand Resort Casino in Las Vegas on Saturday (September 4).

Eddie really stepped up to the plate and got jewelry for LeAnn‘s birthday! “Eddie gave me some rose gold bangles which were beautiful. It was very sweet!”, said LeAnn.

As for her birthday wishes, she only asked for “peace and quiet”! I guess Eddie‘s two children – Mason, 7 and Jake, 3, are a bit rowdy!

10+ pictures inside of LeAnn and Eddie being TABU…

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Credit: Judy Eddy; Photos: WENN
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  • Strykered Out

    Didn’t they just buy a house? Maybe she has a top-notch investment mgr. They’re doing just fine, it’s your boss that needs to get something going for herself. LeAnn doesn’t need your advice, she’s a savvy chica. And they are happy as a family.

    And your efforts are a MAJOR FAIL! You really “strykered out”


  • http://deleted lol

    @Strykered Out:
    did u fail the analogy section on your SATs. Sienna and Getty would be compared to leann and according to your reasoning sienna and getty did not last so why should anyone expect wewe and loverboy to last as well. getty cheated on his wife and his career went downhill the same with dejavu eddie’s career continues to sink and wewe’s album is destined to sienna got out of her relationship with getty meaning wewe or loverboy will do the bet is on loverboy bc wewe is so obsessed with him i cant imagine her leaving anymore comparisons about how everyone warned britney about kfed, she married him had kids with him and now shes paying all the support not to mention kfed had two other kids who britney loved..kinda like how wewe”loves” brandi’s kids..when is the last time u saw britney playing mommy to shar’s kids thats exactly whats going to happen when eddie moves on to his next sidepiece..leann will be a lost memory to the kiddos….gotta luv it :)

  • http://deleted lol

    @Strykered Out:
    what does buying a house have anything to do with the fact that ur idol and her lovers career is sinking fast..first off leann bought the house because eddie could barely afford to pay child support..leann has money but her career is faltering as is eddies..cant wait to see her oct music will be hilarious..damn eddie has been in the acting biz for how long and he still cant find a basic acting gig..then again why look for a job when u can just sit home all day and mooch off of ur obsessed girlfriend who cooks for u, does all the housechores, and takes care of ur kids while u do nothing lol

  • Strykered Out

    BIG difference twollie! getty didn’t divorce, Eddie is OUT! exactly where he wanted to be , GONE! Sienna got lucky dumping the dumpy one. Now Rosie has to live with a “once a cheater always a cheater”-
    if she sticks it out.

    Every star’s movie or album is not always a huge success and they survive, or thrive, spectacularly well compared to 98% of the population.

    Since misery loves company you must be pretty dang miserable to want company. Sorry but LR isn’t joining the ranks of the miserable. Failed effort.

  • allison

    I totally agree with you, Betty Edide sits home on his lard Butt and watches football or eats what Leann fixes for dinner , why he can’t even do the laundry Know Brandi is glad to be shed of such a needy man Let Leann do all the work. What little work she wil have left and I agree with every one else, they will not be releasing that album because they will lose big time on it They just don’t release one when the single is such a flop

  • http://deleted lol

    @Strykered Out:
    are u dumb or are u dumb lol you just said “Rosie has to live with a “once a cheater always a cheater”-
    if she sticks it out”
    HELLLO doesnt the same thing go for wewe she is now living with a serial cheater a man who finds no problems with cheating on a pregnant spouse…at least getty wasnt frolicking with sienna while rosie was lets see getty is a looser and rosie is dumb because she is with a cheater..yet eddie who is umemployed and is mooching off of leann and hardly seems to do any work around the house is a prize and winner and leann is a winner too even though she is dating a man like eddie who is more of a scum than getty..leann put the effin tequila DOWN u make no sense lol

  • 15 horses

    Take a look at that picture of Eddie up there the side profile He looks about 50 yearsd old too much idleness, drinking and constantly being watched by an obsessed woman who follows every move he makes She probably even watches while he takes a dump to make sure he can’t see any one out the bathroom window What a life At this rate within six months he will look 55 you go Brandi girl a brand new life of freedom ahead for you and your babies I really don’t believe the divorce is final tho or Miss Piggy would be tweeting about wedding plans

  • 15 horses

    Take a look at that picture of Eddie up there the side profile He looks about 50 yearsd old too much idleness, drinking and constantly being watched by an obsessed woman who follows every move he makes She probably even watches while he takes a dump to make sure he can’t see any one out the bathroom window What a life At this rate within six months he will look 55 you go Brandi girl a brand new life of freedom ahead for you and your babies I really don’t believe the divorce is final tho or Miss Piggy would be tweeting about wedding plans

  • Racy

    @lol: Y E A H , but she has one thing on you – well two. SHE IS HAPPY!! She still has her beautiful voice and you are merely predicting since you can’t find anything else to try to hurt her with. AND SHE STILL HAS BIG BUCKS. Pains your a** doesn’t it? Don’t see her losing anything but if it helps you to feel that way, so be it. Happy misery day!!

  • Racy

    @laura: AND how would you know how life is? I would bet anything that you are one of thos fat housewives who sets on her a** all day long and looks up things to try to make bad decisions about those who have more than you do. I have read where ticket sales, album sales, etc., are down because of the depression. You are not immune to the bad economy so keep on wishing bad things for someone else – your karma and theirs too may find you.

  • Strykered Out

    BG ought watch her man more closely for whenever she turns her back they’re enjoying someone else. Why is that?

  • http://deleted lol

    Hi Strykered Out..back with ur usual name racy after i schooled u about ur lack of sense in my last post..leann can have all the money in the world her career is still sinking and she is still obsessed living with a man who doesnt defend her and mooches off of her..lets all rejoice that leann is happy at another woman’s expense..hey u still want to talk about the getty analogy.u said with ur own words racy once a cheater always a cheater how come that applies to getty but not serial cheater eddie..

  • http://deleted lol

    @Strykered Out:
    i would say wewe should watch her back..eddie has a wandering eye and is a serial cheater if anybody should watch their back it should be her..then again she is with him 24/7 to ensure that he doesnt cheat..that wont last for long..once he gets a breath of fresh air for at least one day he will be back to boinking waitresses..lets just hope he doesnt get caught this time :)

  • allison

    Oh my at least every one pro and con says ONCE A CHEATER ALWAYS A CHEATER I really want the Bid Ed to get a job how much can he take just fiollowing the hog snout around and watching ball games he just has to reach a breaking point. Leann, for cripes sake get him a job you have connections with jerry Bruckheimer or are you afraid to let him out of your sigh tAt least let the man have a little dignity although you never let Dean have any

  • Strykered Out

    But isn’t Brandi “sooooo in LOVE” ? Since she is “soooooo in LOVE!” she must be very happy. Contradiction there.

    I’m not racv and I’m repeating your “once a cheater…” words. You must be soooooo happy for Rose that she lives with an “always a cheater”.

  • http://deleted lol

    @Strykered Out:
    first of all i never ever said i was happy that rosie is with getty..i think she should hae kicked his a## to the curb..secondly u are here bringing up sienna when in fact the sienna and getty situation is just like wewe and loverboy..according to u sienna escaped getty and is now with a better wewe should according to ur comparison leave loverboy since he is a serial cheater and is a looser..what the eff does brandi’s relationship have to do with the fact that leann is supporting a man who is a known cheater, is unemployed, and based on ur idols tweets does nothing in the house..brandi doesnt live with mike nor did she have an affair with him so idk why u are bringin him up..if they split up oh well brandi can date other least she doesnt have to be saddled down with i cant keep it in my pants eddie..thats ur idols prob now and based on the fact that she is obsessed with him and wont let him out her sight id say she has the bigger problem not brandi

  • 12 horses

    Racy, as a former beauty contest winner maybe you can tell us what your talent was twirling a baton, reciting the Gettysburg Address,clog dancing, or just plain picking your nose bet the last one was your talent and what you are good at not too many people do that in public ,but bet you did that with all the flair of a demented soul looking to bag the big one At least your talent would have been different What year was that again 1932 ,real looker ,you were

  • Strykered Out

    The connection is the same effort poured into trolling for the SM/BG affair. Both SM and LeAnn and Eddie are better off today than they were in their unhappy former arrangements.

    You have no power to effect any change in LeAnn’s life. Flaccid in fact.

  • betty

    If they bought a house ,What “they”Eddie has no resources. Leann is the they.I’m sure her attorneys had the sense to tell her not to put Eddies name on anything especially.if he owes back support. That happy homemaker act will change because she knows she doesn’t have to be there 24/7 and she will have her lapdog to follow because she can’t leave him alone. Who said Leann is savvy only dumb broads let men like Eddie use them. Usually its the other way around.

  • Strykered Out

    And what makes you believe Eddie is behind or out of money? Don’t tell me “Brandi’s word” PUHLEEZ!!!

    No more waxing on and on about Meldman. You were tripping all over yourself in praises of this and that about him. Now dead silence as though he never existed.

    You remind me of the Aniston hens plugging away for a long lost cause. There is no backlash and all the thousands of hours of effort add up to a colossal WASTE OF TIME.

  • 7 horses

    at least we all agree on one thing ONCE A CHEATER ALWAYS A CHEATER with leann he would never dare to cheat because he will never be allowed to be by himself She will watch him 24-7 and well she should , just remember honey-cakes how you get em is how you lose em No more golfing dates and telling LR that where he will be golfing will be out of cell phone range , no more slipping in late at night and saying you were with the boys Brandi trusted him but Missy veneeres will not ,so that will be Eddie’s punishment and so very well deserved

  • http://deleted lol

    @Strykered Out:
    u still lack comprenhesnio skills…gwen was on jj talking about sienna and getty about how she was disgusted with the affair fastforward two years later and now she is disguted with leann and eddie because like getty, eddie cheated on his wife and flauted the eddie and leann=getty and sienna..getty and sienna career failed after their affair they have since broken up..leann and eddie are feeling the effects of their affair via their sinking if history repeats itself eddie and leann wont last either..why are u the only one not seeing this comparison..put the tequila down..sienna did not cheat on her husband to get with jude and jude did not cheat on his gf to be with sienna right now so how the eff are u making a comparison with leann and eddie since leann and eddie CHEATED to be with each other..not the case with sienna and jude, but it was the case with sienna and getty..if u dont get it now then u really need some help

  • betty

    You need to stop waxing on about Eddie.You act as if Leann has some prize bull.Some prize unemployed ,liar cheater,deadbeat dad,user and fair game for any woman. A man certainly that cannot be depended on in a time of need. Men like Eddie or a dime a dozen.At least the men Brandi has been dating has more redeeming qualities then that scumbag Eddie. Eddie looks like a trapped animal. He’s gone from calling all the shots to being a lap dog and kept man and I bet he does not like that label. He has had this beat down look since he lost his CSI gig .and all these perks Leann has given him has not helped she is knocking herself out playing house and he is letting her.Say what you might but Eddie is not a happy camper and it is beginning to show more and more. He is on a downward slide.

  • rubyc


    your comments only show you are as delusional and twisted as your idol, if you’re not leann yourself. you think that what she did breaking up a family will result in anything good? ha good luck with that! the relationship is screwed from the very start and it will have the same ending as it began. leann = homewrecker, now refute that! she is desperate and all her tweets give a clue to how she is bothered and insecure, good for her! she is a leech just like her paramour eddie. they deserve each other. they are doomed.

  • gwen

    Oh look, JJ didn’t do a good job at convincing us that EC bought LR that bracelet so what does LR do?

    She runs to People mag and have them tell us that EC bought her a bracelet because she somehow thinks that if People mag said it, then the public has no other choice but to believe it.

    The best thing that comes from the LR and EC saga is that it exposes that LR is one of those celebs who manipulates the media and press for her benefit. What are the major flaws with LR latest pr stunt?

    1) Now can JJ and People mag kindly explain the public how EC bought LR that bracelet when he is UNEMPLOYED, owed his ex-wife $20,000 in child support and alimony, and asked a judged to suspend his child support and alimony payments?

    Seriously, where is the common sense in JJ and People mag reporting of this gift? Did they even think about the implications, like EC lied about his finances so that he could get out of paying child support and alimony? Or worse, if EC doesn’t even have any money to pay for this bracelet, then it means that LR bought her own gift.

    2) LR is being so inappropriate, yet JJ and People mag keep rewarding her for that behavior and reinforce it. So the more they pat her own the back, the more she uses those kids as weapons against BG? Where is JJ and People mag humanity? It is disgusting the way that they glorify her behavior.

    3) Are we supposed to think that EC loves LR because he bought her a bracelet? Because EC also bought SMJ a bracelet. So does that mean he loved her? And what does that mean in regards to that Life and Style article about his affair with SMJ? That EC still has feelings for SMJ because like LR paid JJ and People mag to push, bracelets=love.

    4) LR obsession with Brandi. It is creepy to see how LR modeled her hair and dress AFTER Brandi. Now why would she do that? If Leann has EC, why would she dress up and do her hair like his wife?

    5) Leann is on tweeter 24/7 TALKING about how “great” her life is.
    That is odd. Because people who are happy are not going to validate it on twitter.

    6) EC custody petition, he states that it’s not child focused to expose his kids to the media and paps. Yet his kids names and faces keep showing up on LR twitter page, in People mag, and so and so on. Sp what are we conclude? That EC is a liar and nothing is scared, not even those kids he claims to love so much. EC just proves that those kids are nothing more than props, bargaining tools that he uses to get trips and shopping sprees from Leann. Where is JJ and People mag in all of this? Telling EC that it’s cute that he went against a promise he made to his kids.

    7) Leann is tipping off the paps and negotiating with the media for positive coverage. Katy Perry single is number 1 and she has TWO, NOT ONE, songs in the top 20 list. So why then isn’t JJ posting about her with the frequency that they post about Leann?

    8) How does JJ account for the “fans” that show up in these threads? That is over 30 “fans”/day and yet even with the “fans” that show up LR single couldn’t make it to top 20 and her concerts are so empty that it’s noticeable. So what is going on here? We can conclude that these “fans” are LR or her pr person posting under different names.

  • karma

    Stop being so mean people- all sides!! pro and anti leann! What you put out in the world is what comes back to you. If you send out positive messages, positive things will come back to you, and vice versa. This is no joke, it’s the law of the universe. So, think carefully before you speak and act. What you put out is what you get back!

  • gwen

    Of course EC and LR are two peas in a pod, LR isn’t going to let EC out of her sight because she is too afraid that he will be at some hotel with another woman.

    Seriously JJ, Leann was the OTHER WOMAN so she is all to familiar of what will happen if EC is left to venture the world on his own.

  • betty

    If Leann and Eddie had heeded your message we all wouldn’t be having this debate now would we? You can’t send positive messages on negative actions,but nice try Racy.

  • gwen

    Wow where did all these “fans” (aka racy, krissy, kaylyn, the TROLL poster) come from?

    Yeah that is right, it’s just CBME posting under different names to make it look like LR has fans.

    Now we know that CBME is actually Leann and it explains why JJ stood back and allowed her to make threats against other posters and ignored how she has been stalking other posters and even stalking BG and her boyfriend.

    Hey Leann, what’s the matter? Are you upset because no one believes that EC bought you that bracelet? That’s it isn’t it? No one believes that EC bought you that bracelet and now you are going to post under all these different names.

    JJ CBME is LEANN, she accidently let it slip when she was posting as allison. You know the poster who is stalking BG.

    You can always tell just how bad things are for Leann by how many different “fans” show up.

    Yeap, LR album isn’t doing very well. So is that why Leann was rubbing elbows with the “rich” guy? She is going to get him to invest into her album so that it doesn’t fail?

  • gwen

    Oh Leann, if “trolls” are not worth talking to, then why are you taking the time and energy to make all these posts? Well one thing is for sure, what poster is always taking the time and energy to write “I am ignoring your posts” posts? CBME. So RACY=CBME who we now know is LEANN.

  • gwen

    RACY (who we all now know is LEANN) was in a beauty contest?

    So you mean to tell me that there is a Beauty Contest where the mistresses compete against one another?

    What is the prize? Does the winner get a MARRIED MAN as her prize?

  • gwen

    Oh Leann why are you posting as Ollie, Camilla, shelina, and back off haters.

    So if things are going so well for you and EC, why are you still introducing “new fans” to JJ and stalking EC wife as allison?

    It doesn’t help you much because many people want to know how with an average of 30 “fans”/day your single landed in the 50s? How does that happen when JJ shows over 30 “fans”/day? Because these fans are not real and are created when you post under different names?

  • gwen

    Strykered Out (aka cbme, racy, allison, kaylyn, irena, heavenbound)

    Hi Leann, another name? Really? So this little stunt didn’t go over so well did it?

    Can you tell me why you are always stalking BG and then dressing like her? What is that all about?

    What are you still stalking those posters from Popsugar? JJ don’t you have some obligation? Are you going to sit here and allow LEANN to keep stalking those other posters? I mean it looks very bad when you have the direct quotes where LEANN admits to stalking those other posters and then you do nothing.

  • betty

    Brandi called Leann out on Twitter about Leann tweeting about her children daily and justifiably so. Leann is one insecure obsessed bi*ch. Who wants their kids daily lives broadcast on twitter if Leann was doing it out of love she would just do it with no fanfare. Brandi knows Leann is devious and I bet Eddies parents know it too. Trying to make herself look caring and thoughtful when it is having the opposite effect. Where is Eddie in all of this? Speaking of Eddie,I wonder who paid for the “lil one” tuition for school.and I wonder if Eddie caught up his back support payments if so same thing. No wonder the grandparents are staying close to the kids