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Ryan Gosling: Rachel Bilson Support!

Ryan Gosling: Rachel Bilson Support!

Dead Man’s Bones bandmates Ryan Gosling and Zach Shields play the FYF Fest in Los Angeles on Saturday (September 4).

Before they performed “My Body’s a Zombie For You” with a children’s choir, a Vaudevillian opened the show. He cut out the words “Dead Man’s Bones” into a blank folded piece of paper with a scissor. Neat!

In the audience to support Ryan: Rachel Bilson! (She was wearing the same outfit from earlier in the day.)

25+ pictures inside of Ryan Gosling performing at the FYF Fest

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ryan gosling rachel bilson dead mans bones 01
ryan gosling rachel bilson dead mans bones 02
ryan gosling rachel bilson dead mans bones 03
ryan gosling rachel bilson dead mans bones 04
ryan gosling rachel bilson dead mans bones 05
ryan gosling rachel bilson dead mans bones 06
ryan gosling rachel bilson dead mans bones 07
ryan gosling rachel bilson dead mans bones 08
ryan gosling rachel bilson dead mans bones 09
ryan gosling rachel bilson dead mans bones 10
ryan gosling rachel bilson dead mans bones 11
ryan gosling rachel bilson dead mans bones 12
ryan gosling rachel bilson dead mans bones 13
ryan gosling rachel bilson dead mans bones 14
ryan gosling rachel bilson dead mans bones 15
ryan gosling rachel bilson dead mans bones 16
ryan gosling rachel bilson dead mans bones 17
ryan gosling rachel bilson dead mans bones 18
ryan gosling rachel bilson dead mans bones 19
ryan gosling rachel bilson dead mans bones 20
ryan gosling rachel bilson dead mans bones 21
ryan gosling rachel bilson dead mans bones 22
ryan gosling rachel bilson dead mans bones 23
ryan gosling rachel bilson dead mans bones 24
ryan gosling rachel bilson dead mans bones 25
ryan gosling rachel bilson dead mans bones 26

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115 Responses to “Ryan Gosling: Rachel Bilson Support!”

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  1. 26
    weird Says:

    will she be the next Rachel in his life, and him the next canadian?

  2. 27
    HALES Says:

    @lexy hates bilson: Ryan and Rachel are friends.

    fck off

  3. 28
    bea Says:

    That is the closest that Rachel Bilson will ever get to working with Ryan Gosling. As an audience member.

  4. 29
    hades Says:

    Instead of paying her publicist on a monthly basis maybe Rachey poo should use that money instead to hire an acting coach. Or how about attending regular acting classes. Other well known actresses do that and there’s no shame in it. Why not use some of that spare time going to workshops instead of going on daily shopping expeditions. The paps follow her everywhere but she’s never photographed going to an acting class, or inside a bookstore for that matter.

  5. 30
    HALES Says:

    @hades: F*CK OFF, LEXY!

  6. 31
    Anonymous Says:

    Whos Zack Shields?!
    He is GORGEOUS!!!!!

    And why is Rachel Bilson mentioned everywhere.
    Her career has pretty much gone down the drain.

  7. 32
    jamie Says:

    I think she was dumped. Andy Samberg, Jake Gyllenhaal and now Ryan Gosling… She’s desperate woman! LOL

  8. 33
    lexy hates bilson Says:

    LMAO!! She wishes she were dumped by those guys!! She’s so pathetic and desperate!! And I agree – she should be taking some acting lessons and perhaps some occupational therapy to help her memorize her lines. No one’s going to PAY her with her bad acting, boring looks and little talent. They can go find some talented young women to earn a paycheck!

  9. 34
    silly Says:

    Just because she was in the audience, she gets accused of all this rubbish? She was with a girlfriend, and is not even pictured here! What a way to make something out of nothing, she just went to the concert! Why not put everyone else’s name in the audience in the title of this post as well,then?

  10. 35
    lexy hates bilson Says:

    @ Hales – I could say the same thing about you…if you had friends and a career you wouldn’t be on here every day replying to EVERY thread about this loser!
    BTW Hales/C3 or whatever you’re calling yourself…I appreciate that you seem more interested in me and I’m more popular to you than Rachel actually is! LMAO!! I love it!!

  11. 36
    HALES Says:

    @lexy hates bilson: Lexy Hates Bilson, I’m not C3 and we all KNOW you’re every other troll on this board.

  12. 37
    Michelle Says:

    I’m not from USA, and I’m a huge fan of Rachel Bilson’s style, so thanks for always posting things about her and her style!
    But I Hope you post a picture about her, because u only name her. :(
    I like Ryan Gosling in the music thing. He’s too a really good actor!

  13. 38
    lexy hates bilson Says:

    @ Michelle – just curious – where are you from that Rachel’s such a huge star? We’ve had other posters from outside the States and most don’t know who she is?
    @ Hales – you don’t know sh!t loser! If you did you’d know I wasn’t all those people. Unlike you, I actually come to this board to BS about celebs – not b/c of Rachel. Rachel’s NOT a talented well known actress like Natalie Portman or Reese Witherspoon. So I KNOW she doesn’t have all these “fans” that you pretend to be. If she did she might actually have a career or at a minimum a reality TV show offer or 2.

  14. 39
    baub Says:

    It’s sad to see that most of Rachel Bilson’s decent, quality fans have deserted her. And how could you blame them, given the present state of her career. The only ones left are the fans who bully and threaten, and who let loose with profanity and call anybody who dares to criticize Rachel a troll.
    And they’re even classy enough to do it on the thread of another actor.

    Sad, sad, sad.

  15. 40
    hales Says:

    @baub</a Lexy Hates Bilson is confirmed to be a troll, she uses different names on this site and criticizes her using the same names.
    She always replies to people who defend Rachel or say something positive about Rachel.

  16. 41
    MissAnthropica Says:

    I dont believe JJ that she was there unless I see photos of it. I think it is just another excuse to mention R.B.’s name on here in any post JJ can.
    Why not show her if she was there? Hmmmm
    Also if she was there then I think this proves that maybe she was the one that was dumped by her last boyfriend because her people seem to be working over time to show her with other actors other men, seems to be an act of desperation.
    Sad to see her have to sink this low, she is ruining her name and making herself sound very cheap
    She was seen with Ryan back in May at the Cannes Film Festival where she appeared not wearing her ring at the time, which I think also proves it was all over then and she was already hunting for a new one.
    Like I said first Andy Samberg rumors then Jake.Gyllenhaal and now Ryan Gosling just another rumor and Ryan’s people will deny it and in the end it makes her look bad.
    Like all these guys are running away from being associated with her.

    Her PR people are doing more damage then good for her career I think.
    Trying to get her attention in all the wrong ways.
    They are making her look easy and desperate, which is not good for her future of course.

  17. 42
    Hales Says:

    @MissAnthropica: Lexy hates bilson/baub! Can you go NOW?

  18. 43
    Hmmm Says:

    I’m usually totally gaga for Ryan gosling but damn he’s ugly compared to that other hot dude.

  19. 44
    @41 Says:

    Check on Rachel Online Original, you will see her pics there, having fun with girlfriends attending the festival, just like other people who were there, stop the hate people, it is getting idiotic.

  20. 45
    marre Says:

    lexy hates bilson go stuff yourself in a garbage can, you stupid moronic *****! writing dim comments under different names is really pathetic, and yes we all know its you, you know how? cause your pea-brain keeps writing the same $h!t over and over again.. get a life.

  21. 46
    marre Says:

    may i add, if rachel and ryan went out, they would be the cutiest couple ever!!

  22. 47
    lexy hates bilson Says:

    C3/Hales/Marre – please take your own advice and stop posting under other names. If Rachel had all these “fans” she might actually get some work. If you want to talk about how great she is – go to a Rachel Fan board or create one! Otherwise Welcome to America!!! Free Speech Rules – Especially on Celebrity Gossip Boards!!!

  23. 48
    Mia Says:


    Rachel and Ryan are not friends. He met her once. And you look real mature doing all the things you’re doing. People will totally take you seriously. ~eyeroll~

    Jesus, she was just there enjoying music and some douchebag blogger tries to make it seem like she was there FOR him and that’s not the case.

  24. 49
    C3 Says:

    WTF Jared! You messed up this time. You mention Rachel’s name but you don’t provide a photo. That was pretty lame. Don’t put Rachel’s name in the mix if you aren’t going to prove it with a photo. You guys always screw up what you print so why print anything at all? Just get photos. Stop trying to drag Rachel’s name into a mix where she obviously is not involved. If you guys heard she was there and she’s wearing the same fuquing thing she was in the earlier pic then you fuquen need to get a pic to prove it. Don’t you?

    You’ve been pretty good about getting pics. But don’t start inventing something you can’t back up. I’d fuquing retract what you said. Because that’s just going to make you look like morons.

  25. 50
    Hailey Says:

    LOL at all these people thinking there’s something going on between them. Ryan has taste people.

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