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Ryan Gosling: Rachel Bilson Support!

Ryan Gosling: Rachel Bilson Support!

Dead Man’s Bones bandmates Ryan Gosling and Zach Shields play the FYF Fest in Los Angeles on Saturday (September 4).

Before they performed “My Body’s a Zombie For You” with a children’s choir, a Vaudevillian opened the show. He cut out the words “Dead Man’s Bones” into a blank folded piece of paper with a scissor. Neat!

In the audience to support Ryan: Rachel Bilson! (She was wearing the same outfit from earlier in the day.)

25+ pictures inside of Ryan Gosling performing at the FYF Fest

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ryan gosling rachel bilson dead mans bones 02
ryan gosling rachel bilson dead mans bones 03
ryan gosling rachel bilson dead mans bones 04
ryan gosling rachel bilson dead mans bones 05
ryan gosling rachel bilson dead mans bones 06
ryan gosling rachel bilson dead mans bones 07
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ryan gosling rachel bilson dead mans bones 13
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ryan gosling rachel bilson dead mans bones 16
ryan gosling rachel bilson dead mans bones 17
ryan gosling rachel bilson dead mans bones 18
ryan gosling rachel bilson dead mans bones 19
ryan gosling rachel bilson dead mans bones 20
ryan gosling rachel bilson dead mans bones 21
ryan gosling rachel bilson dead mans bones 22
ryan gosling rachel bilson dead mans bones 23
ryan gosling rachel bilson dead mans bones 24
ryan gosling rachel bilson dead mans bones 25
ryan gosling rachel bilson dead mans bones 26

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115 Responses to “Ryan Gosling: Rachel Bilson Support!”

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  1. 51
    C3 Says:


    Mia only the trolls will make up something you see. Jared was stupid enough to interject a something they can’t back up with a photo. And that’s fuquen messed up.

    @Just Jared

    You have been guilty of printing so many things that is inaccurate. You did it to Rachel and Christensen. You do it to other people too. Why don’t you stick with getting photos of what you are actually printing. If you print something that you cannot back up you can actually make yourself libel can’t you?

    Stop trying to guide everyone’s thinking. You’re acting like a typical troll when you do that. You guys start printing false $hit you can’t even show proof of then you are going to be accused of being fake when you print your $hit captions next to these photos.

  2. 52
    MissAnthropica Says:

    @@41: Ty Ill check them out there.
    And Hales calm down Im not Lexy not everyone can be Lexy
    I believe I made that clear on the post about her the other day.
    I didn’t bash Rachel I pointed out her people are not helping her with this kind of attention they are making her look worse for it.I am going to call things are I see them that is all. If you dont like it child dont read what I write.

  3. 53
    kristen Says:


    She was there. There are pics of her there at But she’s in the mix with the rest of the audience talking to girlfriends. But I do agree that Jared is trying to invent/imply something he can’t back up and that is totally false.

  4. 54
    Lenikins Says:

    @lexy hates bilson: “Ryan probably doesn’t even know who Rachel Bilson is!!!”
    LOL!! Spot on!!

    Ryan looks uber shmexy as usual.

  5. 55
    C3 Says:


    Lexy, Ryan is a man with a ****. How does that prove he has taste? Jared can’t prove Rachel was even there. And you believe that $hit? You are a moron then. Rachel has more class than you’ll ever have baby. She dumped Christensen’s @ss on the pavement. She deserves better than Christensen or any guy like him. When a guy takes Rachel and shows her off to the world proudly then that will make him a pretty decent dude. Christensen fuquing messed up there and didn’t show her off. He didn’t hold her hand and kiss her and publicly profess anything. It wasn’t Rachel’s fault. It was Christensen’s problem. I don’t hate the dude. Those two just weren’t meant for each other. Christensen wanted to make the split between his parents a private thing. So that way no body would hurt his mum. He allowed folks to visit his farm and to get the engagement thing started to take the attention of the negative $hit that hit him like a Mack truck. He was not in control of himself when his family went to hell in a hen basket. All these charades were blamed on Rachel. But wouldn’t you girl fans be so shocked to find out just how manipulative Christensen was with you?

    He didn’t show one ounce of affection to back up his claims that he was engaged to Rachel. And his silence allowed Hayden fans to crush her. Sounds like a fuquen dweeb to me. I understand when a dude goes through $hit but he played a charade with the media and all of you. He’s to blame for all the negative media cause it backfired on him. You can’t manipulate people without it backfiring.

    Why would Christensen allow you girls to see those photos of him looking like $hit back in 08 in the summer after Jumper? He’s the one who set it up. Do you think Rachel can be guilty of all that and Christensen’s not equally to blame for all the trips to the coffee shop he made to get his coffee and cigarettes? How many times did I read under all of you Christensen fan girls posts “why isn’t he doing anything? What’s wrong with him? Why does he look sick? He looks like he’s on drugs. What would possess him to dress so shabby? You remember because you wrote that $hit. There isn’t anything that Rachel is guilty of that Hayden isn’t guilty of first. He’s more responsible in my book. A man gets engaged to a woman then he needs to show off his woman and show everyone he loves her and will defend her. Hayden moron Christensen didn’t do that.

    So all of you who say Rachel’s got no class why don’t you look at your little boy Hayden. That dude is not straight in the head. Any smart dude would set the record straight about things that go on or that have made the news whether it be just internet news. They would be proud to tell the world about their girl that they proposed to. And they wouldn’t be so damned afraid to say so. Christensen is a chicken.

    Rachel is the lucky one. After what Christensen put her through I don’t think she even needs to be thinking about being with another dude. She just needs to rest, think and have some fun. It’s too early to be start talking about her being with another man. What kind of people are you. Christensen probably got his @ss hurt when she called it quits. And she probably hurt too. Maybe it was a mutual agreement thing but still you people thinking that either Hayden or Rachel is going to jump into another relationship already are pretty stupid.

    They are just normal people everybody. They were in a relationship for a long time. That means it’s going to take some time for em to get the hell over it. Only dweebs and trolls say the $hit about Rachel getting involved with someone else already. Stupid!

  6. 56
    MissAnthropica Says:

    No offense C3 but why do you keep bringing up Hayden Christensen? Whats done is done its over with them
    The post is about Ryan Gosling although I highly doubt Gosling and Bilson are or would ever date.

  7. 57
    C3 Says:


    Thanks Kristen for that update. Nope I didn’t see that until now. I hadn’t seen that site in a month. Still Jared has no right to print inaccurate $hit they can’t back up with photos. If they start doing that I’m going to fly the coup. I’m not going to support internet sites that continuously print inaccuracies in order to misguide the fans and redirect their thinking for them, just so they can get some hits. The photos are what is supposed to get the hits Jared. Stop printing things you cannot back up. Better yet next time why don’t you go to the festival and get your own photos? Or couldn’t you afford to pay the pap to get those? Was he on his lunch hour? Couldn’t afford it possibly when you asked him to trail Rachel again for a second time in the day?

    You guys are getting sloppy Jared.

  8. 58
    C3 Says:


    I think I made the clear sweetheart you know under Bilsons and Christensen’s post. When the troll work stops under her photos I’ll stop talking about what the Christensen fans don’t want to talk about. You see sweetheart they’d rather troll all the $hit against Rachel and have done it for more than 2 years really. I didn’t start saying $hit until they broke up. When the trolling ends with Rachel then this issue with Christensen will drop won’t it. The Christensen fans are the ones trolling against Rachel everywhere her name is mentioned.

    Guess what? I’m going to be there and will say my piece too. And I think you already knew that. So you asking me this over and over again just re-enforces how turned on you are by these little discussion you seem to have with me. You are something else Ms Anthropology. Keep talking though. It’s exciting.

  9. 59
    nutural observer Says:

    C3 is nuts with nothing to do.

  10. 60
    lexy hates bilson Says:

    @ MissAnthropica – C3/Hales or whatever he’s calling himself is lonely and bored. He doesn’t give a crap about Rachel. LOL! The only reason he even knew about her “fan site” (if you want to call it that) is b/c someone here told him…he’s not familar with any of her work. He’s just lonely and bored so he comes here and writes a lot of crap (that no one reads) while the other students are out having fun and hanging out! Notice that he only comes to this board to talk about Rachel. You don’t see him or his alias personas in other threads talking about other celebs. He doesn’t even know much about Rachel – he just comes here to engage in conversation. I guess there’s not much going on with the Rachel fan sites!

  11. 61
    HALES Says:

    Ugh Lexy Hates Bilson will never leave, Jared, please block that troll.

  12. 62
    C3 Says:

    @nutural observer: @lexy hates bilson:

    Lexy you are a riot to me. You make me laugh and give my world meaning. LOL

    I thanked ms Kristen who happens to not be a troll and has some class. I haven’t been to the site in about a month and it’s no big deal to me. All care about are photos really. You know that and just want a chance to play with me again. You know most of these people who like Ryan and Hayden are going to get pretty sick of you playing games with me. You and all your made-up trolls.

    I don’t care about Rachel fan sites. I don’t much care about Rachel’s fans or admirers. I just hope Jared and other people can get more photos of her. I hope the best for her and that she will get something in modeling because that is what struck my fancy for her. She’s awesome and she’s just going to have to bounce back after what the dweeb Christensen put her through.

    Oh yeah Lexy I think Ms Anthropology has bone to pick with you. She was just wondering why I was bringing up Christensen. It might me more suitable if you explain it to her. She seems not to take into consideration your trolling action.

    Lexy you still haven’t come up with anything unique. Girl you’re just not cutting it. Work it harder baby. Make it good now. LOL

    You’re doing so good at negating your own $hit.

  13. 63
    C3 Says:

    @lexy hates bilson:

    You’re so stupid Lexy. Student meaning intern. I fuquing work for my schooling at a hospital dumb@ss LOL! You are too much.

    Stop trying to make it personal anyway. This is about you the TROLL who is jealous of Rachel bilson. You are here to try to trash her. But guess what there are people who actually like her and are fair to her.


    Dude are you a dude or a chick? I’m not sure yet. I’ll figure you out yet though. Do you even like Rachel? You pick on the TROLL fuquen Lexy. But why would you? You haven’t said much in favour of Rachel. Why put the troll down if you haven’t anything good to say about Rachel or even Christensen?

  14. 64
    MissAnthropica Says:

    @C3: Asking you this over and over? When have I ever asked you that over and over?Give me a break.
    Turned on? You have got to be kidding me.
    Unlike some here I can agree with you on some of the things you say but then you go right out into left field and its odd.
    You yourself said you have a “big head” and it clearly shows when you say things like you must turn me on.
    For the last time Im not Lexy and I dont fight with you like she does.
    Why? Because fighting with you isnt worth my time hun :)
    Might be worth her time but not mine.
    As far as why you still bring up the whole Bilson and Christensen thing as long as you talk about him also I imagine they will still bash her so youll still bash it and it will never end .
    A vicious cycle of stupidity on everyones part on the two threads involved.
    Really your just sinking to the trolls level and the others by doing it, just my opinion of course , but like I said they will eventually let it go.
    Well I hope they do first because its annoying second because its getting old as hell really to read about. Everytime its stirred up again it just reminds the haters on both sides to start the crud back up again.

    Round and round we go when the Bilson and Christensen cr@p stops…. no one knows.

  15. 65
    MissAnthropica Says:

    mis·an·thrope   /ˈmɪsənˌθroʊp, ˈmɪz-/ [mis-uhn-throhp, miz-]
    a hater of humankind.

    Btw its MissAnthropica as in to be “misanthropic ” not Ms.Anthropology .
    I dont call you
    so you can atleast do me the favor of not toying with my screen name. Of course then again maybe you just didn’t know what misanthropic means?

  16. 66
    MissAnthropica Says:

    Btw who is Zach Shields? He is a cutie I think :)

  17. 67
    shannon~luvs~alaska Says:

    I don’t see Rachel in any of these. Good going JJ. So what? Rachel’s guilty of liking a little bit of music. Ryan is soooooooo cute. Look at those tight breeches he’s got on. OOoooh Boy! And holding a guitar! Ooooooh Ryan! That’s soooo hotttt! Mmmm mmm mmm.


    Hi C——. Didn’t I tell you to stop arguing with the little no life trolls? As soon as you do that I might message you. See 2 + 2 does = 4

    Somebody just needs to tuck you into bed don’t they? I can tell you are sorely missing out. ;-)

  18. 68
    shannon~luvs~alaska Says:


    I think they are just in a band together. Both of them are sexy hotttt. I’ve always loved Ryan though. His eyes just melt me. When he puts on the facial hair it’s even sexier.

  19. 69
    HALES Says:

    @C3: I don’t give a damn about Hayden, never even seen him act or talk and it’s none of your business what my gender is. I’m putting down Lexy and her other ‘aliases’ because the Lexy psycho is bringing down Rachel in every single post and I’m sick of it. Someone has to defend Rachel, I did defend her in the previous posts but that troll never goes away. She uses too many names to keep track of and never stops trolling so I stopped replying to the shitt she writes, I basically just reply to make that troll realize what she’s doing is obvious.

  20. 70
    HALES Says:

    @MissAnthropica: OK.
    I don’t even remember what you wrote.
    C3: im a huge rachel fan, I love the OC, The Last Kiss, edie rose.

  21. 71
    butterfly Says:

    Ryan is hot, and his bandmate is just as hot, if not hotter!
    Always been a Gosling fan. It’s cool he stays out of all the hollywood crap, and seems to maintain a private life as well. He seems to be a pretty decent guy.

  22. 72
    C3 Says:


    Ok so you like Rachel. That’s all I wanted to know. I hadn’t seen you post much in favour of her so I was just asking. Honest question. Sorry if you don’t like me asking if you are a dude or not. It’s just there was someone here posing at Jared as dude making the kind of remarks that guys just don’t want to hear. I wanted to be sure. Sorry I offended you.


    Not sure how your user means anything to me sweetheart. I gave you a nick name because it was funny to me. And you were getting all agitated and saying your $hit against me just because I happened to say some nice things about Rachel and said my opinion of Christensen. I made it pretty clear that there was a troll by the name of Lexy posing as many people under the threads related to Rachel. But you haven’t quite figured it out yet that I don’t address you as that idiot Lexy. I’ve just addressed you as you since I figured you were too smart to be her. So maybe you can resolve yourself that maybe we both are surrounded by the same troll. Trolls use what we say and it usually pitts people against each other on anonymous boards like this. You think?

    And I haven’t seen you ignore me yet. Maybe you think I have a big head. No worries there. I don’t care what you think of me personally cause you don’t know me. I don’t know you so I can’t really judge you as a person. But I have every right to judge what you write here just like you do with me. So we could decide to be neutral here or if you want we can continue on with the argument. Be smart. That’s all I have to say. And if I’m not worth your time arguing honey then don’t respond to me and argue with me. Because if you address me I’m going to respond back. And I’m not going to hold back. Why would I hold back when I’m entertained by it all?


    So Ryan rocks your boat now does he? Facial hair? You like the mountain man look do you? I bet a lot of dudes look like that in Alaska. Hey Shannon, I’m going to print whatever I want here and whenever I want to. Problem with that? I see you’re still flirting. Gets old though sweetheart.

  23. 73
    nutural observer Says:

    C3 is not a student nor is it employed, it is a nut with no life.

  24. 74
    vivien Says:

    there are some nice crotch shots of Ryan which i enjoy very much

  25. 75
    MissAnthropica Says:

    Haven’t seen Ryan in a film lately. Wonder what he has coming up, he always makes interesting choices as an actor.

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