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Zac Efron's Body is a Wonderland -- EXCLUSIVE

Zac Efron's Body is a Wonderland -- EXCLUSIVE

Zac Efron takes a bite out of his necklace in this exclusive — and very sexy — shot from the upcoming September/October 2010 issue of Wonderland Magazine. (Have you seen the cover yet with him in a leather jacket?)

Zac is the cover boy for the mag’s 5th Anniversary Special Edition, on sale September 9th in the UK (available three weeks later in the US and also as an iPad app from iTunes for the first time ever).

Stay tuned for lots more — even better shots of Zac from inside the issue (both color and black and white). There’s also a a “very, very” revealing interview. Watch this space!

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80 Responses to “Zac Efron's Body is a Wonderland -- EXCLUSIVE”

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  1. 26
    popi Says:

    He looks like a lesbian biker. EWWWWWW He cant look manly at all

  2. 27
    mailey Says:

    this is a really horrid pose. what were they thinking pubishing this..
    he looks stupid.

  3. 28
    Katty Says:

    Haters are gonna be haters. Maybe he is with Vanessa because he loves her and has said he is not one of those guys who enjoys dating around. Him and Vanessa are a lot alike relationship wise. They both are content where they are and are having fun and understand the other.

    These pix are hott, but if you ask me, a little too photoshopped. The necklace thing is kinda odd as well. I can’t wait for the other pix and the interview, I want to see just how revealing it is.

  4. 29
    Katty Says:

    @Teen Beat:

    He doesn’t really have too much say in how the photoshoot goes. You kinda gotta go with the photographer and such.

    And as for the gay comment, it’s just rude and he has said himself that if he was gay, he would have made a statement about it by now and that him dating Vanessa as a ‘cover up’ would have made things worse and they would have never agreed to it. I am not sure WHO would agree to it. It’s stupid.

    These are only two pix out of the whole photoshoot, I hope they others are better. I love Zac and even I am not too keen on these photos. He still looks good though!

  5. 30
    kyle Says:

    What’s the photographer thinking about this shot, i wonder? Biting his necklace is kinda odd but nevertheless, he is gorgeous.

  6. 31
    Ashlee Says:

    What is Wonderland mag? I never heard of it before? Is it a tabloid? I understand the reason Zac gave them an interview because CSC is coming out in the UK this month. Maybe it’s a mag that has a big audience. And even though they photoshopped the cover and this pic, Zac is still handsome.

  7. 32
    amelia25 Says:

    Beautiful Zac!

  8. 33
    Sierra Says:

    He is gay.

    She needs to dump him and look for another as soon as possible..

  9. 34
    celestine Says:

    And the gay rumours are back again! Why can’t the haters accept that he is actually in love with Vanessa? And if it was a publicity stunt wouldn’t the relationship be done a long time ago ? Since HSM was like 2 years ago! Come on haters accept that he is going to go far in the industry !! Because for every hate comment you write , you are actually encouraging him to prove you wrong!

  10. 35
    celestine Says:

    @Sierra: Who are you to say that he must be dumped ?? If they were to break up or anything it would be their decision not yours!! And why must she look for another man? Cause he is not good looking in your books? Hello?! Its V’s decision!!! And in relationships character matters the most! So what if the guy is good looking but treats you horribly stay with him cause he is good looking? That’s just a stupid reason!

  11. 36
    kaya Says:

    @celestine: good job

  12. 37
    hanni Says:

    This is probably the dullest, most plastic look ever!
    i loved the old zac efron. The authentic, real zac. Not the one who tried too hard to sell himself. He’s listening too hard to the media and his people and he’s trying to hard.

    Zac : what made you stand out was how different you were. Give us THAT Zac. Not the manufactured public image zac. Its kinda revolting tbh. I”m kinda scared to read this interview considering that he’s hit a strip club up and also said that ‘right his girlfriend is servicing him’ in his latest interviews. I might skip this one all around.

    Wow i just really thought he was better than this.

  13. 38
    Ann Says:

    disgusting zack

  14. 39
    Shelly Says:

    He’s Not Just ‘Hot’ He’s Actually Beautiful!
    Omg Jared!Post The Interview Alreadyyyyy

  15. 40
    BOJI Says:

    Goodness, how prudish some people can be! Get real, magazines will print anything that says sensationalism. Quotes in articles from interviews are usually taken out of context. So she services him and vice versa, what else is new?! They’ve been together for 5 yrs and they are still only holding hands?!!! Come On!!!!

  16. 41
    an8oula Says:

    zac is hotty!!!i love him<3

  17. 42
    Charlie Says:

    he’s so gorgeous

  18. 43
    Tennlady Says:

    Young Allen Delon!

  19. 44
    amy Says:

    I think he’s gorgeous so f*** the haters.

  20. 45
    Tiptoes Says:

    Per the wonderland mag FB:

    “The September issue has been inspired by the 50′s aesthetics. Zac Efron looks like a true leading man with his leather jacket on our cover. Leather jackets have become closely associated with iconic moments in an actor’s career. “

  21. 46
    Whitney Says:

    Zac Efron You make me sick

  22. 47

    Mr. Photographer apparently still has twink fantasies about Zac – not that I’m complaining. A twinkified Zac is just as good as a grizzly Zac to me (though if given the choice, twink wins.)
    He looks totally hot here of course. (-;

  23. 48

    @Katty: The necklace thing is phallic – that’s what he’s going for (Mr. Photographer)

  24. 49
    jaded Says:

    He kind of looks like he’s channeling a young Rob Lowe. That said, he doesn’t look like he’s feeling this photo shoot. He looks uncomfortable and the eyes look kind of dead. He’s still beautiful as he can never take a bad picture.

  25. 50
    lauren Says:

    wonder what so “reveling” and “sexy” about this interview maybe he talks about vanessa more? there relationship? how there relationship works so well? lol its prolly nothing special.

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