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Angelina Jolie Pleads For Pakistan

Angelina Jolie Pleads For Pakistan

Angelina Jolie carries her own bags as she arrives in London en route to Pakistan on Monday (September 6).

WATCH: Angie’s PSA for Pakistan

The 35-year-old UNHCR Goodwill Ambassador recently called on everyone who can lend their support for the “economic and social catastrophe” that has hit Pakistan due to the flooding.

For more info on how you can help, visit

On Wednesday, Angie took twins Knox and Vivienne to visit dad Brad Pitt on the set of his new movie, Moneyball, in Culver City, Calif.

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  • sav

    Beautiful Angie

  • sav

    Wonderful Angie

  • Hornet

    way to go beautiful!

  • sav

    Amazing Angie

  • Mrs. Chancellor

    She looks amazing. Thank you Angelina

  • ola

    You go girl!

  • emma

    Wow she’s busy lady. Go Angelina

  • lil

    I love her UNHCR boots.

  • lurker

    She’s done a lot of trips with the UNHCR this year.

  • Lexi

    She is so lovely just gorgeous. I heard her film ‘Salt was a huge BO hit..still is so can’t wait to get around to seeing it.
    It’s too difficult for me to get into the movie theater so we wait till the movie comes out to rent . We are always very excited about seeing Angie’s films and Brads too. My gosh they sure made themselves a happy supportive family filled with love and joy.
    All my best to them both and their adorable family.

  • Casey

    I wonder if she’ll make a cameo for Stand up to Cancer telethon on Friday? Maybe Brad will be there.

  • Happy Labor Day


  • Finally

    A colour other than all black. The world will stop rotating.

  • srb

    Angie, you’re amazing lady full of enthusiasm and love for your family and others and real inspiration for us and generations to come.

  • bdj

    Thanks for the information and where to support the crisis in Pakistan. AJ is an inspiring woman, beautiful on the inside and out.

  • fwizz

    shes ben very busy lately, hope she and brad are ok. tan, stat.

  • Violet

    Still a HOMEWRECKER! Charity begins at home!

  • margarete

    Someone should tell her the praying mantis look is not her friend, lol. She’s a piece of trash. Such a phony.

  • Scorps

    Angie is so beautiful. She always looks great. Her work as a Goodwill Ambassador is overly supporting at its best.

    Brad must get a big kick out of his twins visiting him onset of his new film Moneyball.
    KUDOS! To Hollywoods most powerful family.

  • bibi

    i hope the loons take her advice and donate

  • Love her

    She better start eating or she won’t be able to help any damn body. What he’ll is she always looking so sad and anorexic if she’s so damn happy with Pitt? She’s always leaving going to help bring awareness to situations makes me think she can’t stand to be home with brad and six kids.

  • busted


    Then get off the computer and go do some charity..

    Angie is committed to her work and has been for almost 10 years.. If others followed her example and did the same well things would be so much better..She is involved in Refugees. Those that criticize that as some kind of anti American thing just show how ignorant they are.. America is not an Island . If it means so much to you then get off your as* and do something in the US.. Angie is helping people all over the world.. including the US. But fools never do their research before showing they are fools.

    It must be a short trip.. not much luggage.. but then she travels light anyway..

    She is an amazing woman..

  • Lori

    Angie looks fabulous. She is a great actress and loved by many.

  • bdj

    Hens should take some good advice and stop whining, start caring and stop living in the past. AJ is probably more healthier, happier and content than the whiny troll sitting on a blog spamming.

  • Raquel

    what a skank

  • Love her

    Angie just dump him and gain weight. We all know Pitt likes ultra skinny but this is going too far. She’s as thin or thinner than posh without the overbaked tan. What the hell man…. She always looks skinnier than the refugees. Sorry bradgelina fans but Angie is so not happy with brad in fact she’s obviously very unhappy but she’s know she has to stay with him for her career and family. How sad. She looks terrible at this weight. Please send healthier celebs to bring awareness. The only awareness she’s bringing is to the fact that she’s anorexic and doesn’t eat solid foods.

  • bdj

    Love her
    While you at it, get Baby Jane(Whiny Jen) to fulfill her donation to Haiti, apologize for the R word and not make another bombtastic rom com. Thanks.

  • sissysissy

    Angie is amazing!!!

  • getalife

    Angie looks good and Love Her Brad and Angie are still together.
    Maybe its you that needs to loose the weight and eat heaither!
    God bless the jolie-pitt family!

  • niwatori

    What a beautiful woman. She cares about everyone no matter their race and ethnicity. Love you so freaking much Angie ♥

  • busted

    Same troll changing names..Really get a grip and a life.

    Angie would not stay with Brad or anyone for any reason other than she is happy and in love..


  • patras

    A.J is really great women,
    i praise her for her effort to love all human beings,
    she is loving women, she is Ambassador of God to help and suport his children on Earth.
    may God bless her as she is going to help pakistani people in this time as flood has ruined all things in pakistan.

    thanks A .J




  • Catchy

    feed yourself firstly

  • to violet

    still harping on the home wrecker stance; you sound like a broken record. or wait do you have OCD; is that it. this is one of the symptoms of the condition. an inability to move on. but let me see if i can help you understand a basic fact of life. no man, repeat, no man can be taken away from his wife/girlfriend/partner if he doesn’t want to go. do you get this or do i need to use smaller words.

  • to love her

    let me get this straight. you want angelina to leave the man she has made no secret that she is in love with, the father of three of her children, because YOU have decided that she is not happy? all this because angie has lost weight. WHO THE HELL ARE YOU TO DECIDE WHO AND WHAT MAKES ANGELINA HAPPY!!! WHO DIED AND MADE YOU GOD!!!

  • BAP

    You over weight trolls! You mirror life, when a person has a slim body, their under nourished. When in fact you and weight is the problem. I found that people who are over weight can not stand anyone who is slim and got a nice figure.

  • bun

    Angie you should be proud your self….Angie should get a humanatrian award….

  • soi

    Fabulous lady. Always looking good and always doing good. Love ya lady!

  • Lara

    Angie is doing wonderful work to bring attention where it’s needed, and has done so for 10 years.
    She is able to do this with the full support and love from her husband, and she does the same for him, as his wife. They are happy and in love, let them and their children be protected from the disgusting haters in our world.

  • Please

    Angelina has recieved humanitarian awards but nobody does charity work for that. It’s more personal.

  • hopeso

    Angie have worked tirelessly on behalf of the needy and displace people who needs a voice to speak for them, she is a beautiful person, a great lady, a humanitarian, you are the best Angelina Jolie.

  • Perlin

    God bless Angelina Jolie, her husband Brad Pitt and their children Maddox, Pax, Zahara, Shiloh, Knox and Vivienne.

  • LL

    Angelina is consistent that’s for sure.

  • sprite

    @to love her:
    I agree with almost everything you said, except Brad is the father of ALL six of the children.
    She looks beautiful!

  • BAP

    I just gave my donations. When Angelina can unselfishly give her time away from her family, I know that I need to also contribute to society.

  • Angelina Ballerina

    I love her no nonsense trench. She really is something. Very nice and so down to earth.

    I love the pictures of her with the twins. They are growing so fast.

  • luvangie4ever

    Gorgeous, gracious, classy, intelligent, and amazingly kind. I love that her boots have been around the world and tell countless stories. Is she wearing Brad’s necklace?
    What happened to the thumbs? I would love to thumb down a certain jealous twit on here.

  • dd

    @Love her: that is what you call dedication, devotion, trust and teamwork. so if we going to compare with your idol, Aniston, all her efforts are just flaunting her body and doing flop movies.

  • blahh

    dressed like crap