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Kate Gosselin Runs Away

Kate Gosselin Runs Away

Kate Gosselin keeps her fitness routine consistent, running around during Labor Day Weekend on Sunday (September 5) in Wenersville, Penn.

The 35-year-old mom recently shared a cute story: “The other day as we were traveling home from a faraway trip, [my son] Joel repeatedly asked me, ‘Mommy what kind of state are we in?’ My first inclination each time I was asked was, ‘We are in a state of boredom,’ or ‘We are in a state of exhaustion,’ or even, ‘We are in a state of deafness’ (from loud kids on a bus!), but I would answer him each time he asked … ‘Virginia, Joel. We are still in Virginia, Joel‘ and so on.” Ha!

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  • Weber from Brazil

    ONLY 35 ??
    she looks SO much older :o
    look at J.Lo. Gwen Stefani, even J. Aniston look younger than her….

  • ThomYorke

    I am in a state of boredom…whenever I hear about this woman.

  • Janey

    She’s really beautiful. Hair pulled back, no make-up, jogging, still beautiful. I can understand why people HATE her so much. Jealousy is an ugly thing – but Kate Gosselin is NOT.

    Oh, no, no, no! That’s not why people hate her. it’s because of her PERSONALITY! LOL She is nasty to expect her kids to behave and nasty to expect her husband to help out, and look where it got her.

    She looks so much better since losing that 250lbs of dead weight she was carrying around.

    Nope, people hate her because her kids WORK while she doesn’t, even though they are all on the same show and even though there are hundreds of reality shows with kids on them. No, they hate her because they think she is only famous because of her kids, even though she’s really famous because her husband cheated on her. No cover stories or pap hounds came calling until Jon cheated. Kate’s fame is not about the kids even though they are sweethearts. it’s about Kate.

    She looks great!

    Hey, that was fun!

  • june

    running away from those kids, again, huh?

  • vool

    wow look how hollywood she’s become

  • Dianna

    if only it were “Kate Gosselin Runs Away… From Earth”

  • busted

    I think she is in great shape.

    but it just seems all her interest is in her fame… I had dinner with my aunt who watched the Jon/Kate plus 8 show at the very beginning..She talked about how impresses she was with that Kate.

    She doesn’t watch anymore..because she says that Kate is no more, and the one she sees is all about herself. I get that she has a right to a life outside her children. She likes taking care of herself as every woman should..But when I saw her out with her kids on the show one day.. her in a short dress and heels going on a walking trip to the Statue of Liberty.. well it was clear..

    At least to me.

    good luck new Kate.. just wished you had kept a bit of the ORIGINAL Kate before the fame.

  • Catchy

    having abs after giving birth to eight kids is awesome.

  • lexy hates bilson

    Ugh! She’s such a disgusting pig! Too bad she doesn’t run on a train track or on the highway in front of a truck! Best thing that could happen to her kids!
    BTW Kate, all the plastic surgery and exercise in the world won’t help you get a man! It’s your personality – and a doctor can’t fix that!

  • Andrew

    Look people, rag on this woman for whatever you want, but when you start picking on her looks then we KNOW you’re just being nasty. She looks a heck of a lot better than 99% of most American females, and she’s in much better shape – and you all know it.

  • Maureen

    @Catchy: What’s awesome is being able to have a free tummy-tuck.

  • Charl

    Wow Janey, I mean Kate maybe you should read and reread your comment and then read Busteds comment! How can you be jealous of someone so pathetic as Kate Gosselin. She is a horror show. I read the article from Elin Woods about her divorce and keeping her kids away from the paparazzi. What a class act she is. Then we have Khate Gosselin with her short skirts and high heels shoving her kids faces in front of the camera every chance we get. How can you people watch that nonsense?!?!?! How can you watch her on yet her 1000th free trip at the expense of her kids? I just don’t get it. I refuse to watch her for a second. I turned off the emmys as soon as I saw her. What a fool. she makes me sick. and you Kate lovers just blow me away. You must be mindless – imagine asking KATE GOSSELIN questions about mothering?!?! my god, NEVER!!! This article was named Khate Gosselin runs away……..we should be so lucky!!!!

  • Charl

    Yeah, I would look that good too if I had free tummy tuck, free hairdo’s free nails, free gym, give me a break. You kate lovers need a life!!! I mean, pick an idol!!! A REAL IDOL!!! Not someone who takes, takes, takes and laughs at YOU Andrew, and YOU Janey ALL the way to the Bank!!! You can Bank on it!!!!! If she can mistreat and exploit her own children, imagine how she thinks of fools like you who fall for her hype!! Unbelievable!!!

  • *Eye roll*

    @Maureen: @Charl:

    A tummy tuck wont ensure good abs.

    @lexy hates bilson:

    I’m sorry but you need counseling. You have a ton of hate in you, and that’s not healthy. You come on here and spew your hatred for all these people when I believe the person you hate the most is yourself.


    How has she become so “Hollywood”? Are you referring to her looks or the fact that she has paparazzi following her? Either way, I don’t believe she asks to be followed everywhere. And there is nothing wrong with keeping up the looks they gave her for DWTS.

  • ihateph

    don’t care for her but thats a great tummy tuck.. she’s in great shape but there’s no way her belly looked like that naturally after carrying all those kids

  • ihateph

    @*Eye roll*: she didn’t ask to be followed eye roll she’s making a pretty penny getting followed on all those reality shows.. if she didn’t want to be famous she should have kept her life private.. i’m not saying celebs don’t get tired of being followed or that the paps have a right but its part of what she wanted if she didn’t she would stop doing her show she made plenty of money already

  • Janey


    Thanks for so beautifully proving my point. You weren’t even trying to, were you?


  • Helen

    she really does look old for 35, I thought she was 40

  • chelsey

    4 episodes equals 1 million dollars, plus all the freebee’s. Maybe I should have invetro pop out some kids and live like a movie star too.

  • missy

    Just Jared, who pays you to put this woman on your site?

  • Kareen

    @Catchy: It helps when you get a tummy tuck!!! LOL

  • #26

    Hello—-I’d like to order 1 large Khate road pizza

  • Krista

    I wonder how many moms with lots of kids can take the time to run and have the kids looked after?

    Who does the cooking, cleaning, gardening?

  • Kate Gosselin

    Thank God for my sub-moronic fans

  • Jena

    I hope TLC can see that we are not going to watch such a person as this. Kate Gosselin is nothing but a selfish human being to do what she has done. Use her family for fame, left her husband so she could control the kids and work them more. Kate Gosselin is the poster child for how to use and abuse your family and husband. No one with any morals or values would watch her on anything. So disgraceful.

  • lexy hates bilson

    @ Andrew – well she’s looking for a guy…if you don’t mind dating a super b!tch go for it. She’d love to have a man to pimp for her shows.

  • Thais


  • but..MOMMY….. WE NEED YOU!

    shad-up you little money makers,,,mommy’s workin’ on her six pack

  • but..MOMMY….. WE NEED YOU!

    shad-up you little money makers,,,mommy’s workin’ on her six pack

  • Sue

    While I commend her fitness regime, her face is just plain average without all the makeup.

  • Liz

    She’s got more free time with 8 kids than I had with 2! But then again, I couldn’t afford nannies, so if I wanted to go jogging, I had to wait for my husband to get home from work. Maybe Mady is watching the kids and beating them with her shoes, you know, the shoes she hates and threw a temper tantrum about because she wanted “the other ones”? Just knowing that Mady is Kate’s daughter, and Kate CAN’T change that, brings me such joy. Mady is Kate’s payback for all the years of berating Jon, and all her other family members who can’t stand her either. Stupid bitch.

  • Jen

    I think Kate should just stay home and learn her children’s names.

  • Elle

    I wonder if this so-called “christian” is still attending church on Sundays with her children. My guess is….no. Another religious hypocrite. Stardom is now her priority.

  • lexy hates bilson

    Please – if she were going to church we’d have heard about it. Has anyone heard any news about a church being struck down in PA?

  • kizbit

    Just proves how mean she is. Seriously, maybe she can be nice to those poor kids instead of so disgusted by them. Maybe if you had an ounce of brains, Kate, you could teach little Joel something about Virginia. Or stop once in awhile show them something interesting. They’re children, for God’s sake, not just YOUR meal ticket!

  • butterflier

    Kate Gosselin takes her tummy-tucked, spray-tanned abs, thunder thighs and cankles out for a run as she escapes from her children once again for yet another hour of self-indulgence. At least the kids got an hour away from this witch who has exploited them from the day they were born.
    Then its on to the tanning salon, yet another nail job, fake hair extensions trimmed and maybe a little lipo if she has time. All paid for on her children’s dime.

  • Jena

    @Kate Gosselin: @Kate Gosselin:
    It is you Kate that has an intellect below that of a moron and it is you that was stupid and disgraceful enough to have 8 kids and thn to only divorce their father (who cared for them and loves them deeply like a good father does) so you could control them and have them work more for you so you could buy all the tihing you want and live a lifestyle you want not the kids. Who does that? Kate does, give up family for money by selling her children for any profit she can get. Jon took care of them not you Kate! You was and still are to busy with Steve the bodyguard and trying to transform yourself into some slezy street walker. You are doing it all for you Kate not the kids, use them before they grow up and fight back to stop using them. No one wants to see you or them on tv ever again freak!


    Jon who?

  • Paula

    Wow, what a superwoman!!! All that running a not even a bead of sweat???

    FAKE, FAKE, FAKE picture.

  • anyone

    we kive in a Kate-istic society. This woman is very popular, having the most copied hairstyles in modern history

  • lexy hates bilson

    LOL! Who would copy her hair-do? Spinsters?? Man-hating lesbians?

  • lacey

    Should have ran off a short pier and never heard or seen again…great news that would time maybe

  • anon

    I find nothing attractive about Kate. Beauty is only skin deep and her personality only makes her look even less attractive. I never watch her show and I don’t want my daughter to watch because she is not a good role model. My question is, what talent does this woman have??? She can’t sing, can’t dance and can’t. act.

  • frankie

    I am sorry, to all of you Kate lovers, she is such a big fat liar. She looked right into the camera on the View and said she didn’t have breast augmentation, she just wears a really good bra. Hello, she is wearing a sports bra and her breasts are enormous. Such a big fat LIAR. And I think her stomach looks gross. She should cover it up. YUCK

  • emily

    The abs are sprayed on. Notice how they disappear in the shade. Also her tummy doesn’t have ripples in the side view pix as of would if she really had abs. No one with so many stretchmarks would have the skin tone to have abs anyway, no matter how much she worked out. Also, the bitch has cellulite galore and lipo scars in the non-photoshopped photos. Why the hell is she displaying this nastiness? The woman is gross

  • http://none Hannahlightfoot

    Hey Thais, she didn’t breast feed her kids, they were bottle fed.. The boob job is to heighten her already inflated ego. If you look closely at these pictures you can still see stretch marks on the belly and cellulite on her legs. Anyway, she has a selfish and horrible personality. I would be shocked if she gets a man. If so, off to boarding school for the kids. In Switzerland maybe???

  • http://none Hannahlightfoot

    No Elle, she does not attend church anymore nor do the kids. I used to go to her church. You can’t dress like a slut and be a “born again Christian” Assembly Of God does not allow for her lifestyle. They are very Fundamental. You will see her out and about Sundays so I doubt she picked a new church either.

  • ar

    I think Kate Gosselin should hook up with Levi Johnston. They would get the highest ratings for the most obnoxious people TV keeps shoving in our faces.

  • Isabella

    Her “cute” little story about Joel is such a great example of Kate demeaning and dismissing her children. The responses she thinks about saying to Joel are awful – “boredom”, “exhaustion”, “deafness” – but instead she says (and it is easy to imagine the tired, belittling tone of voice) “We are in Virginia, Joel. Still in Virginia, Joel.”

    Her funny ha-ha anecdote suggests that Joel is stupid. This is how she reacts to most of the children when they have a question. She always wants to give what she thinks is an extremely funny, sarcastic answer. When she said that the Pirates might eat them, the kids looked at her like she was insane. Of course, she always looks at the cameraman or bodyguard or other crew member, rolls her eyes and makes sarcastic comments about her children all of the time. This is basically the show: Kate dresses in shorts, high heels and revealing tops, dresses her six year olds alike and then makes unfunny asides to her crew rather than talk directly to her children.

    Here is an idea for Kate: even though she didn’t want to learn any of the history of Bald Head Island because she is “into sand and sun,” she could take a couple of minutes to learn something about the states she drives through and then EDUCATE her children.

    The sextuplets come across as 4 year olds rather than 6 year olds. And naps? They are six! Oh – but there is a real risk of ratings dropping even further if the sextuplets don’t come across as innocent, clueless little children (who Kate can constantly make fun of and then roll her eyes at the crew). Honestly, one of the boys says he wants to “squeeze the baby turtles like one of his stuffed animals.” This is something a much younger child would say. Just how much longer can Kate continue to suppress the development of her children?

    I knew the minute those turtles started crawling out of the sand that ultimately Kate would compare it to delivering multiples. “Look at me, Look at me, everybody!!!!!” Just like Kate’s “Look at me!” at the lighthouse causing her poor little kids turn to their babysitter for a normal experience. But that’s right – they kids are just having fun doing what they always do and the crew just happens to be there.

  • anon

    my goodness… when i read one of the comments about Elin… Tiger’s ex-wife… and a comparison to Kate Gosselin? How can you compare the two?! They are total opposites. Elin made her money our of Tiger’s philandering ways… and she got a big lump sum didn’t she? $100 Million dollars!! Of course she can keep her kids off camera!! ELIN doesn’t have to work a day in her life again with $100 MILLION DOLLARS!! Kate Gosselin just got divorced because her husband was also a cheating dirtbag…but you think she can go back to the world of nursing and raise 8 kids on her own AND stay at home with her kids?! If she worked as a nurse again, not only is it a big pay cut, but she would spend even less time with her kids… they you trollers will be telling her she’s a bad parent!! Jon can hardly keep his child support… so what does that leave her? She has the opportunity to keep the show going and make 75,000 per episode and still have time with her kids… if i were in that same position, i would take it in a heartbeat! why would any sane person take a nursing job that pays the same amount ($75000) a YEAR and work 12 hour shifts?!?! she won’t see her kids at all! if she pulled the plug, she would have made a veryveryvery stupid mistake!! GO KATE. maybe she does have to be more mellow and easy going in terms fo her personality as well as being nicer to her kids… but in any terms… she’s a great mother. she’s keeping the kids together, she’s feeding them, she’s putting a roof over their heads and she’s giving them experiences to explore the world! she wouldn’t be able to do all that if she quit the show! people need to stop biatching and complaining about her life and put a fork in it and maybe go get a life and keep dreaming about your chances to win the lottery… then you won’t be so frigging bitter and jealous.