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Katie Holmes: Private Jet Take-Off!

Katie Holmes: Private Jet Take-Off!

Katie Holmes hops out of her SUV and into a private jet in Toronto, Canada on Monday (September 6).

The 31-year-old actress was seen carrying adorable daughter Suri Cruise in her right arm and a Lanvin purse in her left.

Tom Cruise‘s daughter Isabella Cruise, 17, also came along for the ride. Looks like she’s holding onto a plate of delicious cookies!

FYI: Katie has been in town shooting her new miniseries The Kennedys.

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Credit: Sean ONeill; Photos: INFdaily
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  • missy

    Isabella is treated like she’s the help. Anyone else notice?

  • Dubya Bush


  • sara

    Wow……..what happened to Nicole Kidman/Tom’s daughter…?
    She looks so diffferent O___O

  • Summer

    @missy: yes, definitely. It’s disturbing.

  • ck

    Off to NYC to do Regis & Kelly/Letterman tomorrow

  • bebe

    How is she treated like the help? Because she’s holding cookies? OH NO!
    For all you know, they might be hers. ANd even if they’re not, what’s wrong with her holding them?

  • bebe

    sorry, I meant to reply to missy.

  • Suritard

    Amazing, how the shameless Kaka Homely uses Bella like a handmaid, or following Kaka’s talk, it must be Suritard’s idea, for she’s strong willed and determined.

    Just like this freak show of the century cannot put up with shoes and what’s up with the comforter?

  • Danielle

    This kid is 4-1/2 years old. She is big enough to wear shoes and walk. It isn’t like they are being rushed by paps and fans on the tarmac.

  • !!

    katie is carrying suri and her bag. bella is carrying a plate of cookies.
    what is so hired help about that. all I can see is that bella likes hanging out with her stepmom and little sis. totally adorable!!

  • Suritard


    You are very stupid, alas! What am I talking about? Must be imbecile as Kaka the Beard to defend this shameless no talent wannabe entertainer.

    Anyone can see how many bags Bella was carrying in these snapshots. And many many other big diaper bags or lunch boxes she carried whenever she appears with this shameless no talent beard of the gay nmidget. Those cookies are not for her, they are for the tard called Suri to bribe for hwer cooperation.

  • DarkEmpress

    I guess we have high expectations of how someone named Bella should look.

  • Thais

    the oldest daughter is suri’s maid

  • Ginny

    I saw a picture of Conner and Bella with Tom last weekend and she was smiling…AND NOT TOTING ITEMS FOR CONNER AND TOM…what a difference a week makes.
    (run Bella…then share the truth with everyone so that Suri can get out!!)

  • Larissa


    Why judge so quickly? Maybe Suri slept during the flight and just woke up…who knows.

  • Danielle


    Well since they are going to the plane and not deplaning, I am assuming she was awake for the ride to the airport. It is light out. I’m sorry, but I think this child is old enough to walk when she isn’t in danger of fans and paps.

  • Pippa

    Nice to see Kat is so environmentally conscious .

  • bubbaness

    Ohhh, plickity-COW!

  • Ginny
  • commonsense

    WOW! You crazy people! Oh yeah, Bella is such a maid, I mean a step-mother expecting her step-daughter to hold a plate of cookies!! How dare Katie Holmes demand such a thing of Bella. NEVER-MIND that the cookies might actually be Bella’s.

    How dare Katie include Bella in her activities with Suri?!! When there were no pictures of Katie and Bella together, everyone jumped on the bandwagon that Katie Holmes was a mean step-mommy who excluded Tom Cruise’s kids. Now that she regularly spends time with Bella, Katie is accused of dragging Bella along for the sole purpose of treating her like a maid.

    ANYONE notice the absurdity of this situation??

  • Azote moral

    Bella chooses to hang out with Katie instead of being aroun her mum or dad, this says something very positive about both of them. I say kudos to them. Love Katie, Love Bella.

  • Teddie Bear

    I see that Katie’s 2 friends have arrived.
    Too bad JJ took away the ratings option…I bet Tom had to pay JJ a lot for this.
    Thumbs down whack jobs “commonsense” and Azote moral”.
    Isabella is counting down until December….tick tick tick…

  • sweetness

    Why isn’t Bella with mommy Nicole/Keith and baby Sunday?…I suspect that mommy Nicole doesn’t want Bella who is not “Hollywood” standard of raving beautiful o be associated with Nicole’s picture perfect image of mother and daughter.

    Bella is old enough to decide who she wants to be seen with or hang with. She chooses Katie and her little sister who don’t shun her.

  • annabella rockafella

    @ commonsense

    Haters scraping the bottom of the barrel——–for ANYTHING.

    @Azote moral
    Love Katie, Suri, and Bella too. Team Cruise.

  • bertha

    Poor Bella!!! Somebody needs to help this girl.

  • AEP

    This is NOT the first time Bella has been treated like a sh*t maid!!!! Just look back in the archives, that poor girls is ALWAYS carrying cankle pig girls crap!!!!! I just hope she feels SAFE enough to get the hell away from the crazy bat sh*t cruise compound as soon as possible!!!

  • Where”s Tom?

    Divorced couples spend more time with there kids.

  • Tom Sucks!

    He’s abandoned his family. So selfish.

  • Nanny Kate

    She’s always lugging the kids around.

  • qball611

    If the cookies are for Bella, she should think about laying off them for a while. Her skin will thank her.

  • Bella

    I am quite the budding artist you know, Katie loves painting as does Suri, we do things together.
    Katie is not my mom , she is my very good friend, that is why I hang with her a lot. And….. she was in Dawsons Creek. Can anything be more cool than that!
    Bella Cruise


    This is NOT normal.

    A normal American 17 year old girl is with people her own age.

    She is in school, at the movies, driving, hanging, dating, laughing, and becoming a young woman.

    It is obvious that Bella is always behind Katie and always carrying things for Suri ( who obviously cannot walk nor leave her full sized crib blanket behind at age 5)).

    Kidman would never allow this. The judge who gave primary custody to the Cruise should be ashamed. Instead of a fit, healthy, open education, the girl has been home schooled her entore life by a woman, Tom’s sister who didn’t go to college.

    Tom is the puppet master and won’t allow his daughter to escape lest she learn about the real world and leave his cult.

    Kidman was already living in Europe at 17 and spreading her wings, acting, traveling, and challenging herself. Her parents encoruage vounterrism and activism with a strict scientific education at good schools.

    It is a travesty how depressed this girl has become. Weight gain is directly linked to depression and it’s obvious Katie pushes sugar on all three children while never eating it herself.

    Katie is not only a horrible mother, she is a horrible step-mother.

  • Carli

    Judging by the size of Bella…those are probably HER cookies

  • yes

    Tim Gun is Nicole Kidman. I always thought so, yes yes!

  • grace

    WTF are you talking about?
    Figure out Nicole is so “Hollywood standard” that decided to live in Nashville. She is so “Hollywood standard” that didn’t expose her daughter like a prize like this stepwife does, when was the last time you saw Sunday’s pics? In june..3 months without pics of her daughter.
    Is this what you call “Hollywood standard”?
    You don’t really know what you’re talking about, so shut up!
    You don’t know what’s happening in this people’s life, between Nicole and her children, you have no permission to accuse Nicole of anything, in particular to have left her daughter because she isn’t beautiful? What’s wrong with you? It must be hell inside your head.

  • Not Impressed by AJ

    Calling Suri Suritard is so pathetic . One does NOT insult a child that way, ever.

  • Danielle

    I see the Kidman haters have also arrived in full force. I guess the only thing we are missing is Pac Man ala Star Fox!

  • juge M

    @ Tim
    Go back to Bellas soccer matches, and see the hugs and kisses that that she shares with her father, and sometimes with her stepmother. The joy and happiness she showed , at times the three of them were in the same hug. Go have a look Tim. Refresh your memory a bit.
    No sign of Nicole at any game , not for her son or daughter.
    You conviently forget her extreme wealth.
    Money talks baby and she is loaded.
    She is not your ordinary mom who doesn’t have the money or means to do something.
    Get off your high horse Tim Gun
    Money talks and Nicole Kidman is loaded, if there is a problem, she CAN do something.
    Always remember Tim she is not an ordinary woman, she is a celebrity, she can kick up a stink if she wants action, and she has the MONEY. Lots of it!
    Case dismissed!

  • Iffy Miffy

    Is it just me or does Suri’s leg look reddish to you all?

  • Dol

    TIM GUNN talks the TRUTH! Way to go Tim Man!

  • Jess

    Why is it that Suri’s feet always look bruised? The tops of her feet…now that is odd. Maybe that is why she is always carried. NO, forget that, Cankle is a sh8t mother.

  • yes

    Yeah you’re man TIM GUNN oops meant NICOLE.

  • Karrie


    You have absolutely not idea what you are talking about. I believe that Connor and Isabella are so bound by Scientology that it leaves little time for those who are not part of that group. I’m sure that Nicole would love to take her adopted children and have them happily with her and Keith in Nashville. I’m sure that they would be better off with Nicole and Keith.

  • bebe

    What do you mean “the Kidman haters have arrived” Kidman fans are the ones doing most of the bashing. I’ve only seen poster say something negative about Kidman

    @Tim Gunn,The judge did not award Cruise full custody. They have have joint custody, meaning that Kidman could have them 50% of the time.

  • Alissa

    I assume that she bought offsetting carbon credits for the big-a$$ SUV, the big-a$$ private jet and he big-a$$ Isabella.

    And… Why is she STILL carrying that horrid child?


  • bebe

    BTW, Tim Gunn, your post is full of contradictions. You mention that Nicole was travelling in Europe at age 17 and Bella’s life is so horrible in comparison. Well, Canada is a great country too with its own unique arts and culture. Isn’t it great that Bella got to spend the summer in foreign country instead of staying back home in L.A. or Tenesee for that matter?

  • Nymph

    The cookie comments lol. Bella looks depressed, they should hire a personal trainer for her with all that money they have, run fatso run.

  • juge M

    Facts don’t count much on this site. Telling the truth isn’t bashing. Kidman is a great actress, doesn’t mean she’s great at anything else. Saying awful things about a child is dreadful, the only thing it does is , throw light on how awful and pathetic , the person who is writing these awful comments about a child is.

  • Danielle


    Why do you always assume that people who don’t like Tom and Katie are Kidman fans? It is possible to like Kidman and not like Holmes. It is possible to dislike both of them. It is possible to like both of them. Katie is a vapid idiot as many an interview has shown. She is an inept parent. A poor actress. She married an A lister and has done nothing to deserve the roles she has purchased such as the Romantics — as executive producer she put herself in the film. She designs a horrible line of clothing. No one would have allowed her to do this if she wasn’t Mrs. Tom Cruise.
    So sorry if many of us are tired of this no talent vapid woman who’s only claim to fame these days is the MRS. rather than any kind of talent.

  • Geena

    The absurdity is paying attention to remarks of the retards sitting on their couch with nothing better to do in life than say mean things about celebrity and not. Think, what pathetic life they live!!