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Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes: Serendipity Family Fun

Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes: Serendipity Family Fun

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes take their kids — Isabella, Connor, and Suri — to a family fun dinner at Serendipity 3 on the Upper East Side of New York City on Monday night (September 6).

Earlier in the day, Katie, Isabella and Suri flew in from Toronto via private jet. The trio met up with Tom and Connor at their Big Apple apartment!

Tom recently tapped The Hurt Locker actor Jeremy Renner to co-star alongside him in the next Mission Impossible installment.

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Credit: Jason Winslow, Jackson Lee; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • WoW

    Oh geez…. it’s the major brat again chewing on he blanket! Super fugly

  • slug

    Mission Impossible –let the kid walk before her muscles atrophy

  • LOVE

    Suri looks more & more like Tom … Same Nose. I think she is a doll .

  • Maria

    ohhgosh <3

  • boston61

    I wonder why she has never had another kid? Mystery? Maybe Suri nixed the idea?

  • diz

    Seriously people, is it just me or does Tom have a more feminine body than Katie? Gross. He’s got some great child-bearing hips and thighs. And Katie has such a masculine body, very strange couple indeed.

  • holly

    OMG!!!!! Suri is like a jugle kid, Long messy hair, no shoes, lost eyes. So sad. I don’t dislike Katie… I wish I knew what really has happened to her to be so changed. I bet Tom drugs her.
    Can’t child services intervene here??

  • To be honest

    these two have became so boring.

  • Who cares?

    Tome needs a new look. Katie still acts like she’s his mom not his lover.

  • Luv

    Suri looks more and more like Joshua. Same nose, eyebrows, smile… I think she’s a doll.

  • JC

    Still carrying that kid around like a newborn. Weird family.

  • So sad

    to see that Suri isn’t progressing. This family’s a mess.

  • Kate’s Stoned Again

    Whenever she wears sunglasses at night she’s really gone. You can see her bugged out eyes through the glasses in one of the shots.

  • What fun?

    The family is falling apart. I hope they can get Katie into rehab. Tom didn’t know about her addictions before rushing into their relationship. He his a man of honor and commitment. He stands by her through all the bad. Hang in there Tom and Bella!

  • Danielle

    What the heck is that on her head? As usual she looks awful. No sense of style. I don’t care that she is informal, but man that woman cannot put an outfit together to save her life. And she sells “classic” pieces to fools that put out thousands of dollars?

  • to holly

    i doubt social services with intervene. it is not against the law to carry for katie to carry suri in her arms. after all this is katie’s child. nor unfortunately even if her hair is a mess.

  • So Funny

    Mr. PR is at it again!!! When have we ever seen the whole family out? Katie’s on the talk show circuit this week, so Tom’s trying to convince the world that they are just a normal family…
    Too little too late SeƱor Cruise.

  • Suri Jackson

    Thank you Luv… I was thinking the same thing :-)

  • Suri Jackson

    >more Daddy Jackson, because he is just too sweet. Too bad that Katie couldn’t go to any big events this past year since Tom won’t allow her anywhere near JJ.

  • Pookie

    boorrrrrrring…..hope she and Tom don’t breed another brat

  • Lavito

    I’m so sick of these three individuals. Suri has issues, she acts like a baby, takes her blankie and stuffed animals everywhere she goes. She needs to be carried all the time. She has her mommy and daddy wrapped around her little finger. Katie looks like shit most of the time, she doesn’t have any fashion sense at all. I wonder how many drugs this lady is taking. She tries to look like the normal mom, but she isn’t kidding any of us. Tom acts as though the world loves him, he makes sure he gets photographed as he waves to a few of his fans to have it look as though the world loves him, we don’t sweetheart and we’re sick of your train wreck wife and spoiled brat daughter.

  • veronica

    What r they covering with the blankie?

  • Star Fox

    You’re sick, #1.

    You’re an imbecile, #7.

    That’s weird to you, #11?

    You’re very misinformed and incorrect, #17.

    You’re an idiot, #19.

    Why knock a child, #20?

    You lead a very sad life, don’t you, #21?

  • Lavito

    Actually Star Fox, no I don’t lead a very sad life. All of us are entitled to our opinions. You don’t know me or anyone else you point your finger to and make comments. Shame on you….

  • Leed

    Lavito, you on the other hand know Katie and Tom personally that’s why you are entitled to your nasty comments, right? Shame on who???
    It should have read : you are an idiot #21, LOL!

  • AEP

    Earlier in the day, there were pictures of obvious bruising on the upper part of Suris foot and bruises cuts on her leg. They sure are going to all lengths now to cover it up arent they?? And this isnt the first time she has had bruising on the TOPS of her feet. NOT normal.

  • Kara

    Do you think SURI will leave her blanket at the time of High School? :-D

  • Iffy Miffy

    Poor little girl, is all I can say. And the worst of it is that nobody is going to help her until she turns 18 and then well, hopefully she’ll have enough of a personality to help herself though I doubt it. Hope she doesn’t end up like Travolta’s kid in the mean time.

  • Danielle

    We’ve gone a couple of weeks without pictures of these xenu aliens and now suddenly it is time to promote the movie and she is photographed? Coincidence? I think not.

  • Icried4suri

    I love Katie’s haircut. Suri is so fashionable.

  • Tard
  • peace31
  • aml
  • aml

    Look at picture 13 !!! What the heck is her problem??

  • melvz

    How nice to see the couple again…suri’s so adorable..the couple was great..but i liked the old charming katie..tom’s very good looking still..keep up the good work guyz!!!

  • melvz

    @LAVITO, just mind ur own business ok??????? i think ur sick…ur nothing but a fool….ggrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!…………..ILOVEYOU KATIE, TOM and SURI ….muahhhhhhhhhhhhh..God bless us!

  • melani

    i kip on waiting to see their latest pix …what ive seen now is not enough,,i want more…TOMKAT is still alive and very interesting i wish to see the couple in a movie together….hhmmmmmm…hopefully next year.

  • Star Fox

    It’s your opinion that led to that likely conclusion, #24.

    What do you think is going on, #26?

    Poor how, #28? She’s a happy and pampered little girl.

    Of course its not a coincidence given that she’s seen going to and from the city to film talk show appearances, #29.

  • Lavito

    I don’t claim to know Katie or Tom, I write and form my opinions of massive photos of them and articles. I don’t get personal with anyone that share their comments, I don’t any of them including you and Star Fox and I won’t. You probably are in favor of positive comments and with the people that write them, you don’t personally know them, right?

  • suritard

    Suri is definitely weird! She is autistic!

  • MAIA

    SHE’S 4.