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Zac Efron: Sleeveless Sexy

Zac Efron: Sleeveless Sexy

Zac Efron is the pits!

The 22-year-old actor kept it sexy in a sleeveless tee for this new exclusive shot provided to from the upcoming September/October 2010 issue of Wonderland Magazine. (The cover shot of him in a leather jacket and the pic of him biting into his necklace are equally as hot.)

The Zac issue goes on sale September 9th in the UK, and then three weeks later in the US and as an iPad App. Stay tuned for more!

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  • hannah


  • hannah

    SEXAYYY : )

  • ZanessaFanForever

    OMGGGGG!!! I <3333 this picture, Zac Efron is sooo hot :)
    Vanessa is so lucky :)

  • patry


  • ThomYorke

    So are they releasing one picture every day? Stupid.

  • facts

    @ThomYorke: Why is that stupid? It’s a way of building the hype.

  • Tiptoes

    He looks good! I am looking forward to reading the entire article.

  • Julie

    So are they releasing one picture every day? Stupid. [2]

  • katie

    OMG!!!!!!! *thump* soooo sexy, dude, vanessa, dont ever forget how lucky you are

  • peggy

    This picture is not one of my favorites

  • Dan

    @ThomYorke: @Julie: You clearly do not know anything about marketing and how to build hype around a product (Zac) that’s the stupid thing, commenting on something you ignore.

    Anyways, he looks gorgeous as always.

  • Chuck

    This boy is delicious.

  • amy

    This shoot makes him look so young though!

  • jo

    totally don’t get this guy’s appeal. he looks like a 14 year old child who can’t help but be gay. don’t want to insult anyone, i just don’t get it, absolutely unattractive dude!

  • Jiji

    Oh my! that is one super hot photo! I’m loving this photshoot from what i’ve seen so far. Those are some sexy hot pits!! Wow.

  • Julie

    @Dan: They can release one photo everyday BUT Jared shouldn’t post it everyday. .-.

  • rada

    really? he looks like he’s about to cry and poop at the same time!

  • ..WTF


  • Michelle

    He looks absolutely ridiculous.

  • Sara, 23

    LOL @ his nasty unshaven armpits in contrast to his plucked brows and ladyface

  • http://www. V

    I don’t care for him but I burst out laughing as I was scrolling down the main page & had to comment. That is the fugliest, cheesiest photo I have ever seen….what the hell lol?

  • trinity

    ok all haters, stop!
    HE looks good! HOT!
    are u jealous?
    are u STUPID???!?!


    Zac efron, i’m so proud of you!

  • fran


  • um, no

    @trinity Jealous? Hahahahahaha honey I’m a GIRL and I think he’s gross. I remember someone described him as the kid who looks like he would pick his nose in class then hide in under the table. Describes him perfectly lmao. Do not get his appeal AT ALL.

  • Ben

    man this dork is trying way too hard lately and just comes off as a douche.

  • Elle

    @um, no: Your obviously blind. I BET someone did something to you to make you “not get his appeal” because if you find robert pattinson appealing and not THIS, then please do everyone a favor and GO TO THE EYE DOCTOR SWEETY k? k & your the GIRl who finds shemans extraordinarily sexy :( So sad. Get a life.

  • Macchiato

    i don´t hate him or anything but he just SCREAMS GAYYY !
    ( i don´t have anything against gays just for the record )

  • Danielys

    Looks like he just ate a sour candy, but still unbelievably hansom.

  • Malia

    Don’t know why they felt the need to photo shop pictures of the very handsome Zac Efron. This picture kind of reminds me of Grease. The black sleeveless shirt John Travolta wore. And when that movie came out, everyone considered John Travolta (Danny Zuko) a stud. It was ELECTRIFYING!!!

  • Hannah

    @Ben: I agree but put this into perspective: the guy is nearly 23 and is still being referred to as the “High School Kid.”

  • smokey005

    lovE u zaC!!!
    mwah..u uber hot n sexy
    but pleeeeaassse shave ur pitz….it nASTy

  • Tanya


  • um, no

    @Elle: Robert footface Pattinson? Hahahahahaha PLEASE. That street hobo is just as gross. Neither are remotely attractive, looks or personality wise.

  • susan1

    Here come the haters!!!!!!
    Your right JJ this is an exclusive shot, this picture is the best one sleeveless sexy,absolutely handsome.

  • Malia

    Yes, where do all these homophobic people and just plain haters come from?

    Electrifying–You’re The One That I Want.

  • Evie

    He is a good looking guy, but men shut shave their arm pits too!!

  • Julluf

    He gets more annoying and gross by each day. F$k off already, Efron.

  • diana prince

    The cut of the t shirt is really icky, a total turn off. The whole shoot looks verrrrry gay. It won’t help the rumours but I guess he doesn’t pay too much attention to that.


    We get one Zac picture a day so JJ can stretch it out and get many hits.

  • vic

    total eye candy


    I have a major armpit fetish when it comes to men, and this photo is total PIT PO.RN for me! I bet he smells delish!

  • Marga

    This pic is much better than others!
    Others look like a gay@_@
    He is hot in this pic!!

  • darla


    He needs to adjust his image for his retarded fans. A way to make himself relevant But I can see the agony in his eyes begging to be release from this poorly imitated masculine image and one day he will reveal who he truly loves and to the horror and dismay of all it will not be Vanessa and it will;l not be another girl. But someone whose hiding in the closet with him.

  • darla


    Did you forgot to take your meds again? Take it it will do you good.

  • demetrius

    Ok, not a hater. I’m feeling a bit in A weird dream. Am I the only one who is shocked by the under arm hair? Why did they add this shot? I’m sure he must be upset. I would be.

  • kgg

    Zac looks amazing in these pics. I don’t know why these wonderful images irritate some people. If it truly bothers you, get off this board. And no, he is not gay and quit making it sound like that is an incurable disease. He’s been in a 5 year relationship with a beautiful girl, so that should tell you something.

  • boston61

    Armpits are a no no to most fashion editors. Wonder how they got through here? He is bloodless and boring to me. Not exactly a young Mickey Rourke. No very masculine.

  • bella

    @darla: you shoul be grown up!

  • Soni

    What is the problem with you haters on this site? The guy haters are so jealous because they don’t look sexy like him. and the girl haters are jealous because they can’t have him.
    So you haters need to get a life and stop bad mouthing Zac just because he famous.

  • Soni

    #20 Sara:

    Alot of guys don’t shave their underarms. My husband doesn’t thank god. It is gross guys with no underarm hair.That is just as bad as a girl who has underarm hair. As as for his eyebrows, where are you looking? He doesn’t shave his eyebrows.

    #25 Ben: What is your problem?