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Zac Efron: Sleeveless Sexy

Zac Efron: Sleeveless Sexy

Zac Efron is the pits!

The 22-year-old actor kept it sexy in a sleeveless tee for this new exclusive shot provided to from the upcoming September/October 2010 issue of Wonderland Magazine. (The cover shot of him in a leather jacket and the pic of him biting into his necklace are equally as hot.)

The Zac issue goes on sale September 9th in the UK, and then three weeks later in the US and as an iPad App. Stay tuned for more!

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111 Responses to “Zac Efron: Sleeveless Sexy”

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  1. 51
    lily Says:

    This photo looks cheesy. He looks gay and his face looks like it’s doing a weird pout. Have nothing wrong with him and I like him but just really hate this photo. It screams gay

  2. 52
    BOJI Says:

    For crying out loud, I believe it is normal for women in Germany to have hairy armpits. God intended for us to have hair under our arms and between our legs. They must’ve been put there for a reason, to protect the sensitive parts of our bodies. It is manly to have hair under the arms, didn’t ya know?
    I guess some of you just can’t get over how beautifully gorgeous he is and how sculptured his body and just want to believe he is gay, talk about mindset!! A further note is that he has good genes and lives healthy. Hate to dissappoint but he is a true blood heterosexual inside and out, so Live with it! As for dissing him, it doesn’t deter the fact that he is extremely photogenic and takes effortless good pictures, so nyah nyahnyah nyah nyah!

  3. 53
    Karen Says:

    Frankly, if you read some of these comments from the likes of darla, you can see she has absolutely no constructive criticism or reason for the tone of her comments .I may not like to hear bad stuff about Zac but I understand he will not appeal to every person. BUT to use such hateful words for a person you have never met and don’t know shows you just want to be spiteful andyou simply want to go after someone who many other people like.

    And for you people who keep going on about how these pictures “scream gay”, could all of you—or at least ONE tell me just WHAT screams out gay to you? Does he look like Adam Lambert with all the eye makeup or something like that which is seen as gay? The guy that interviewed Zac for details talked about how there was nothing that was at all gay about Zac but yet when some of you want to insult or demean him and you have no other leg to stand on you people go back to that old tired “gay” business. But people say the same about George Clooney and they still try to get by with it with John Travolta.

  4. 54
    kyle Says:

    To all the haters:

    I found this on the net:

    Uncontrollable rage and hate may be part of Intermittent Explosive Disorder, or it could be traits of a psychopath, rage expressed by a narcissistic person, or many, many other things.
    There could also be a neurological reason for uncontrollable rage and hate (some kind of minor brain damage from an accident or drugs).

    Tsk, tsk, tsk. Better consult a psychiatrist fast before your hatred consumes you!!!

  5. 55
    HIH Says:

    HOT ;-)

  6. 56
    gisele Says:

    I agree with the person who said lately Zac seems to be trying too hard and seems desperate to stay relevant especially after his last movie didn’t t\ do so well. And I don’t know how else to say it, but the pose and the look on his face just screams GAY. and there’s another photo of him biting his necklace?? WTF! Of course underarm hair in men is normal but in this pic, it almost looks like hairy animals under his arms and looks gross.

  7. 57
    eyeh8twilight Says:

    Now this is a good looking guy. He’s clean shaven, he’s clean looking, he has beautiful eyes, he’s just gorgeous. He would make a wonderful male model, preferably an underwear model.

    I gotta get this magazine on ebay.

  8. 58
    Zukayi Says:

    @Karen honey ITA with you…I’m not a huge Zac Efron fan but I agree with everything you said. We need to remember that blogs like these are full of “failed actors” people who have been trying to break in the “industry” so they are spiteful and hateful to everyone who has made it.

  9. 59
    Tiptoes Says:

    Part of the interview:

  10. 60
    Ashlee Says:

    Zac Efron is the best looking, most talented up and coming actor in Hollywood today.

  11. 61
    Malia Says:


    You hit the nail on the head with that. So very true. Time Magazine recently had an article about Intermittent Explosive Disorder and cyber bullies. It definitely is an illness. Think about it. Posting hate-filled comments about someone you don’t even know. Not good for ones mental health.

  12. 62
    Malia Says:

    BTW, LOVE Zac’s quote from the Wonderland interview. How sweet that he thinks Vanessa epitomizes the “amazingness and beauty” of every woman. She’s got it all. Such a sweet guy.

  13. 63
    Macchiato Says:

    @Ashlee: ahahahaha

  14. 64
    Emma Efron Says:

    He is so hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He looks like he’s in the 80s here. And i want him to look really young cause he is really young!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. 65
    lauren lipkin Says:

    what did he mean the amazinness and beatuy of woman? was he talking bout nessa?

  16. 66
    Karen Says:

    It is also sweet how Zac thinks he is experiencing all the POSITIVE amazingness and beauty with Vanessa instead of the bull and drama that he knows he could be experiencing at this age with so many other women. No wonder his relationship with her is not apt to change.

    And we can certainly see just what he is getting at when we read so many insecure comments on sites like JJ/JJJ with silly women who take offense at EVERY single word Zac—or any guy—may say. They are way over sensitive and show no self confidence or common sense. I think Zac KNOWS he has a gem in Vanessa as she is self confident and assured and knows she doesn’t need to stay with someone who doesn’t treat her right just to have a “man”. She knows how to show respect for her lover however which is a great beauty to have. And I’m sure she wouldn’t show that kind of support and respect to Zac if he didn’t DESERVE it. That’s what I like about Vanessa, she has a backbone and independence. I bet that is one thing Zac finds amazing.

  17. 67
    arual31 Says:

    Eww shave your armpits

  18. 68
    Emma Efron Says:

    guys don’t shave their armpits

  19. 69
    Emma Efron Says:

    It’s so sweet that Zac said he loves talking to his fans!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. 70
    kgg Says:

    LMAO at some of the comments on this thread. I don’t know how old you bashers are, but HELLO men do not shave their armpits unless they are very weird. No, No matter how many times you say it or whatever, Zac is NOT gay…deal with it! Now, go back to whatever site you came from and crawl back under your rock.

  21. 71
    Malia Says:

    Well, let’s see. For the people who can’t read or contextualize.
    Zac is in a relationship with Vanessa.
    The article writer mentions that Zac is dating Vanessa. Vanessa Hudgens. For 5 years.
    The writer is talking about Zac and Vanessa. Ok, are we clear on that?
    The article writer asks what their secret is. The secret to Zac and Vanessa’s relationship. Meaning Zac and Vanessa’s relationship.

    But one thing that isn’t about to change is Zac’s love interest. He’s been dating fellow actor Vanessa Hudgens for 5 years and they’re the ultimate young Hollywood couple. So what’s their secret?

    Zac’s reply simplified for those who can’t read:

    Zac is talking about his relationship with Vanessa.
    “There is a lot of bullshit this age with women I don’t have to put up with.”
    He’s saying there is no bullshit in his relationship. His relationship is with Vanessa.
    “At the same time I’m getting to experience the amazingness and beauty of women.”
    He’s still talking about his relationship with Vanessa. Vanessa Hudgens. He is experiencing the “amazingness and beauty of women” through Vanessa.
    Then entire comment was about his and Vanessa’s relationship. That is Zac and Vanessa’s relationship.

    And from some of the previous comments, I’m beginning to wonder just how young and inexperienced some of Zac’s fans really are. Rationally speaking.

    And I suggest some of you read Henry James to hone your reading skills. It will not only improve your reading, but will also take you away from agonizing over every aspect of Zac and Vanessa’s relationship.

  22. 72
    daniel Says:

    his is cute, but so so so so so gay

  23. 73
    Emma Efron Says:

    Zac is NOT GAY he likes girls not boys!!!!

  24. 74
    Vanessa Says:

    I’ll always think of him as that kid from Highschool Musical .. I am not buying his new career move. And as long as that ‘Zanessa’ thing is going on, he won’t get very far either.

  25. 75
    lauren lipkin Says:

    @v malia
    why are you such a *****?

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