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Zac Efron: Sleeveless Sexy

Zac Efron: Sleeveless Sexy

Zac Efron is the pits!

The 22-year-old actor kept it sexy in a sleeveless tee for this new exclusive shot provided to from the upcoming September/October 2010 issue of Wonderland Magazine. (The cover shot of him in a leather jacket and the pic of him biting into his necklace are equally as hot.)

The Zac issue goes on sale September 9th in the UK, and then three weeks later in the US and as an iPad App. Stay tuned for more!

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  • Veronica

    ohh is sexy love you zaccc!

  • Dana

    @Malia Karen Emma : I agree 100%

  • BOJI

    Barbara, I admire you for being so forthright. Yes, there is nothing shameful or wrong about being Gay. Your sexual preference is your own business. But some of these posters use the word Gay(homosexual) like it was demeaning and insulting. I myself have no qualms about Gays. Neil Patrick Harris is exemplary of them. I adore him.
    I gotta agree that we have some intelligent, insightful posters here. I have to say I’m truly proud of the lot of you. Lets continue keeping this thread on a positive note.
    I will predict that Zac is the actor of the future, an A-lister in the making.


    Honestly, why do you fight against each other?

    1) Everyone has a right to their opinion.
    2) Trying to force your opinion upon others is like an atheist telling a Christian God does not exist, or a Christian telling an atheist God does exist. Unless they are involved in a dialogue where each is allowed to express and explain their opinion respectfully, and discuss the issue intellectually, both will go away mad, neither convinced that the other is right.
    3) Unless you’re sleeping with Zac at night (and then you really don’t know what he’s doing when you aren’t there) his sexuality cannot be proven nor disproven.
    4) Who the heck cares – really? If you’re going to argue, argue about something really important, ie: is post-modernity relativity really relative when relativity assumes some fixed point to which it relates?
    5) If Zac’s sex life is as important to you as Rob and Kristen’s relationship is to a Twihard, you really need to see a psychiatrist.

  • lauren lipkin

    i read the article online,
    its not reveling at all, is a regualr interivew,
    he talks about vanessa, there relationship, charlie st cloud, high school musical. his parents and his career

  • Malia

    That was a really great interview with Zac. The interviewer was a gracious, well-mannered person who didn’t express any cynicism the way the GQ and Details interviewers did. And because of that, Zac expressed himself a bit more. And the guy had done his research on Zac. He didn’t go into the interview sounding stupid.

    I suppose the “revealing” part was his saying that Vanessa was “staying” at his house while hers is being fixed. That’s pretty much the entire summer. From recent pictures, they’re still working on it.

  • Karen

    “Unless they are involved in a dialogue where each is allowed to express and explain their opinion respectfully, and discuss the issue intellectually, both will go away mad”

    And THAT is wherein the problem lies and causes the controversies and arguments. Most all the people who have come on these boards using the gay comments are not really voicing their opinions—or certainly it doesn’t sound like it—because they do it in a demeaning and insulting way. They do not do it in any kind of respectful or intellectual way. They never explain it. They never even say “I THINK he looks gay because”… it is always in a condescending way and simply trying to stir up controversy.

  • Karen

    Yes, Malia, the interview was probably the best I have ever read. The guy doing the interview acted like he actually KNEW about Zac and what fans were talking about, etc. And certainly it is the fans who know about their faves the most. The guy didn’t act insecure because he was interviewing Zac Efron of the HSM fame BECAUSE he knew Zac was not just a teenybopper heartthrob but a young 20-something ADULT who actually had a brain. SO the guy treated him as an adult and didn’t have to go acting like some male jerk making an intimate relationship out to be something to make fun of and not something serious like the guys from GQ and even the guy from Details once he got drunk. It was guys like the GQ’s who give males a bad name and rep.

  • pita

    I’m happy i got my own copy yesterday and its a think type of magazine
    307 pages.I read all last night and its really ,really good interview.Matt Mueller is the name of the guy interviewing Zac

  • Tiptoes

    @good to know Pita.
    I am looking forward to reading the mag in my country.

    Zac is now in France.

  • JIM

    Are there haters all over the internet ?? Seriously people ? Stop it, you’re just making yourselves look stupid, Everywhere on the internet, I told my mom about the kind of comments these Disney stars get when a photoshoot of theirs is released or something else, and she couldn’t stop laughing, because it’s just lame.

    I’m a guy, and i agree, he IS attractive, He’s got a man face, and is NOT gay, and he is talented.

    As for his beard, well, I don’t really like facial hair, but i don’t hate it, besides, he looks just fine.