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Katie Holmes: Suri Has Great Taste!

Katie Holmes: Suri Has Great Taste!

Katie Holmes heads to the ABC Studios to tape her appearance on Live with Regis & Kelly in New York City on Tuesday morning (September 7).

The 31-year-old actress received the support of her whole family — husband Tom Cruise, daughter Suri, and Tom‘s kids Connor and Isabella.

Before promoting her new movie The Romantics, Katie shared a bit about Suri‘s fashion.

Suri‘s very helpful,” Katie shared. “I ask her which shoes to wear and she picks them out! Many times, I’ll be getting ready for an event and I’ll ask her what she thinks. She goes, ‘Definitely those.’ And she won’t let me leave unless I’m wearing what she wants me to wear. She has great taste and I want to make her happy!”

FYI: Katie is wearing Dries Van Noten shoes paired with pants and a shirt from Stella McCartney.

15+ pictures inside of Katie Holmes at Regis

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  • mememe

    wow – i used to think Katie was just Tom’s doormat. Apparently she now multi-tasks as her daughters’ too. It’s cute when a mom and daughter play dress-up, but Suri sounds like a total control-freak with major attitude problems if she’s telling her own mother what to wear to an event in which she will inevitably be in the spotlight and judged by what she looks like. If that’s what Katie thinks makes Suri “happy” then she needs a backbone, stat. A future Anna Wintour in the making?

  • veronica

    OMG. it’s a stupid mother who let her life decided by a four year old!

  • Leni

    Jesus christ, that girl is going to loose all the muscles in her legs if she keeps getting carried EVERYWHERE. The girl can walk, stop spoiling her.

  • Pookie

    nutso lady! so full of crapola

    guess she has a brain full of marbles !


  • damn

    Tom looks ridiculous

  • coolpix

    For god’s sake leave katie alone. I don’t specially like, nor dislike her, but I think she’s grown enough to make her own decisions. Why do you hate her so much, cause she married cruise and the scientology church. Fine, but stop hating man, she’ll deal whith the consequences of her decisions later, like we all do.

    AS long as she’s not beating or harrassing the child, i’m pretty sure suri will be fine.

    @leni: it’s not because she tries to escape the paparazzis, that she will loose her leg muscles … i’m sure she walks the rest of the time. Last time i checked, she was walking fine, wihtout any malfunction in her leg.

    WHy so much hate?? if you don’t like her don’t comment. What goes around comes around man.


  • Danielle

    No wonder Katie looks like such a fashion disaster all the time–she lets a four year old dictate her wardrobe.

  • Babou

    Yep no wonder EVERYTHING Katie wears looks awful and a fashion disaster then, that explains it, Suri is calling the shots!! I can’t see why mags/blogs call Suri a fashionista, that child looks messy ALL THE TIME, with her uncombed hair and raggedy clothes, she looks dirty.

    Tom and Katie talk like this kid is above average yet she still holds her like a baby and Suri still has a baby blanket that they wrap around her like a newborn??! Such odd parenting.

  • Frida

    Once again she proves that she’s a slave to her child.

  • kizbit

    What’s with the guy with the garment bag? Katie didn’t change for Regis. She wore that horrific mauve sweater, those jeans and those horrible gold spangled shoes on the show. And when Regis asked how old Suri is, Katie said 4 1/2!!!! Wow. And still being carried and carrying that blanket. And I guess Scientology school is on a different schedule than other schools, since none of the kids is actually in school right now.

  • Bella

    Conor is a little Hotie like his father. Katie is a great step mother . Suri will be mina Lourdes.

  • I just watched the show

    Kelly and Regis made her look like an idiot (hahahaha). Who cares if Suri picks your shoe? Katie needs to stop saying amazing, fun and incredible. Is it a Scientologeewhiz thing to yank on your right ear every time you’re asked a question? We can see it happening, duh. Why does she always have to plug Tom’s movies and talk about his stunts? Why doesn’t she get her teeth fixed and why are they so gray? The botox combined with her new whisper voice make her seem comatose. The washed out blah make up and clothes didn’t help either. She is horrible in the clip they showed. Her arms were CONSTANTLY flapping up and down. You can see her acting. Anna Paquin is perfect though.

    Katie is at best, a snooze.


    Does a professional bring her ENTIRE fake family to film a short interview?

  • Suritard

    Geez, you really believe that??

    Nay, I think this vapid no talent D-listed woman was only fabricating Suri the wonder tot myth to kill the time slot.

    I don’t believe a word about Suritard’s great taste.
    What cr@p, both of them look crappy sh!tty all the time.
    Suri maintains a feral look, Kaka looks like homeless.
    Both need shower and combs.

    Great taste? more like foul smell.

  • lUCY

    Katie looks like she’s ready to be on that Housewives of New Jersey Shore. It certainly seems an odd bunch. The girls/women are seem pathetic in some way, and the two males do not. Katie seems like a drugged out mess with absolutely no personality, intelligence or emotion; Suri seems like a feral, frightened little thing; Isabella seems always relegated to the corner. Connor, by contrast, smiles and seems to move with some confidence, and Tom, while aging and manic 1/2 the time, is clearly running the show. I’m thinking that the man does not like women one bit, and that any female in his path pays the price.

  • bebe

    Maybe they were going out to breakfast or something after the interview.
    In any case, they’re a beautiful family. Connor in particular is so handsome.

  • lUCY

    oops – that would be “all seem”, not “are seem”

  • stupid overrated people

    They give 0 attention to their other children! Tom Cruise is an big idiot runs after stupid Katie like a moron, his older children need protection to. Isabella looks always very sad. Would he die if walks with his other children together or is he so sick for attention that he runs direct to the cameras?

  • Suritard

    Picture #9, the gay midget holding Suritard’s full size comfoter, the look is priceless!!

    Tommygurl must be thinking what have I done to sink so low?

  • anymouse

    wonderful Family. the girl is going to have some issues when she becomes an adult. it’s okay to spoil your child, except they have taken it to extremes. please, if you Love your child that much…..let her walk and you need to dress her! children need to be children, with the Adult in charge. Suri is going to be a wild, wild one…….look out Tom and Katie!

  • ugly people

    Tom Cruise has his evil smile on! You never see him with Isabella together, it’s obvious she needs more attention than this spoiled ugly kid Suri.

  • boston61

    Isaballa grew up to be the type of girl Tom would never consider using for a beard. She is to plain.

  • Jan

    Why is Tom’s older kids NEVER photographed with Nicole Kidman? Is it because she does not display them when she sees them or has Tom stolen the 2 oldest from her? Nicole would not stick with scientology and Tom dumped her. The 2 older kids go to HIS church. It makes me think they turned the kids against Nicole.

  • Iffy Miffy

    Can it be that this is the only thing you find worthy in your child when you talk about her?! Her taste?! Of a 4yo?! And you don’t leave the house until she is pleased with what you’re wearing?! Absolute disaster in the making.

  • Ali

    giving this child so much power is the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen. she will become controlling and intolerable as she grows up, and because she will feel as if the whole world rests on her shoulders, she’ll be a wreck as a teenager. so stupid. don’t talk about her. set some limits. and keep her away from the media. learn from jackie kennedy and other smart mothers who raised healthy children. even brangelina know better. meryl streep raised 4 beautiful children who were not overexposed like suri. stop. no one but you is gaga over this girl. put her in school and let her learn some social skills.

  • Anna

    Can anyone PLEASE tell me what brand are her glasses!??????????????????????? I’ve been lookıng for some just like them for years!!! Please if anybody know please share! Thanks a bunch!

  • Suritard

    @Iffy Miffy: @Ali:

    Do you guys seriously believe the lies this vapid, boring, no talent D-lister put out about her daughter? Her little PR pony that she sold to their gay employer.

    I don’t believe a word about Suritard’s “great taste” and “advancement’.

    And I believe the parents only brag or lie about their kids when there’s nothing else interesting in themselves.

    I wonder if Suritard co-ordinate her daiper and comforter? And I am amazed people can get such huge diapers, well maybe custom made for Suritaed, part of her 3 mil wardrobe.


    this is so disgusting! when are they going to potty train that kid?

  • cheese

    Katie and Tom have psychological issues. I dont care what your daughter thinks, she’s just a kid who still has to achieve some goals in life. I dont see anything special in this girl except that sometimes shes very well dressed. If you want your daughter to be happy give her a ‘normal’ life away from the media and dont spoil her like that because as an adult she will be unbearable.

  • Big Mama

    Looked at the Getty Images link; does look like Suri’s wearing a diaper. I’m sure it was her choice though. I just hope somebody’s not still wiping her butt when she’s 21.

  • Kary

    Bella has a serious acne problem. Just in case, they do not know the name: dermatologist. Perhaps this will help to have better attitude.

  • AEP

    I thought it looked like she was still in diapers too…but now there proof. What pathetic parents!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • @ Kary

    I don’t think that Tom and Katie care for Bellas acne problem, they don’t treat her as their child, they only need her to carry something for Suri or Katie

  • sheila

    The kid is a freak like the rest of her family! Bleccch!

  • OM!

    She bragged about Suri in her interview and happily shouted out Suri is FOUR AND A HALF years old. Those are clearly diapers, not even pullups, DIAPERS. Pullups (she is too old for those also) aren’t padded like that by the leg. Maybe she should bribe Suri…….You can pick out mommys shoes once you start using the potty like a big girl! Wasn’t Leah Remini, another Scio cult member, on tv asking for help for her 5 yr old who was still on the bottle and wearing diapers? Something is wrong with that cult. Very scary.



  • georgiegirl

    Tom and Katie are both morons…….Suri will probably turn out to be the biggest pain when she grows up. Should be interesting at their house when Suri is a teen…….those teenage years can be terrible even with the nicest kids.

  • j

    Suri is very cute, yet so incredibly spoiled! She is going to be worse then Paris Hilton when she’s older.. she can have everything she wants when she wants it! Just wait..

  • Star Fox

    Mind your own kids, #3!

    Agreed, #6.

    What botox, #12?

    Sometimes, #13.

    Stop insulting a little girl, #14.

    You have a flair for being melodramatic, #15.

    It’s strange to say that those two kids aren’t given any attention when they’re seen with their parents all the time, #18. No one looks sad or attention-deprived.

    You can’t predict the future, #20.

    Yes we do, #21! Why is obvious she needs attention? Don’t call a child that.

    Why are you knocking her looks, #23?

    Or maybe Kidman is just too busy, #24. Quit blaming Cruise for everything.

    Brangelina is a bad example and you should mind your own kids, #26.

    Stop telling other people how to raise their kids and let TomKat worry about the consequences of their actions, #30. You don’t know them.

    How can you say such things, #34.

    You can’t predict the future, #38 and #39.

  • grace
    and her priority is her kids and Keith: “My priority is to keep the family together and not be away from them, ”
    And this: “What I love most about motherhood is altruism. I love to see them become who they are”

    This is Nicole Kidman.

  • ovid

    So much overcompensation about this child is turning into a freak show. This is not normal and has become annoying.

  • Lolzzz

    I hope Katie doesn’t regret giving a four year old that much control over her life. Its okay for kids to voice their opinions to their parents…but to dictate what one should wear is a bit much. Its cute when their little but children grow up and its not so cute when a teenager acts out and is bratty. I hope for Suri’s sake that her parents now where to draw the line.

  • not her own style

    I’ve been catching pics of Suri for some time know… although I think she cute, (all kids are) her style is copied. Its obvious mom is helping her pick out outfits out to look like Blair from Gossip Girl…. which is not hard to copy,

  • annie

    Katie is extremely pretty with a beautiful smile. loved her black pants and pretty pink top. Very classy girl.
    It seems to me they ask HER questions about Suri, and she just answers them .
    ” I want to make her happy”…..spoken by a real mother, because people who have kids can’t help themselves , and spoil them. I don’t think Suri will grow up like Paris Hilton at all. Suri is a beautiful litte girl, a true combination of Tom and Katie. Just adorable!

  • IA girl

    Do they realize how disfunctional they are?

  • ms bar jolie gaga

    connor looks identical to tom – just a black tom cruise. he is the most attractive of the kids. isabella hardly gets any press.

  • charlie

    I think Katie looks better here but aren’t we tired of seeing her carrying her stylist around as an accessory? It’s still pretty pathetic that the 4 year old kid is still in diapers and has to be carried everywhere. And carrying the kid and a bag on the same side while wearing those really high heels, Katie is setting herself up to take a fall and hurt her back. Talk about raising a little narcissist, but then again look at the dad.

  • hcf13

    How can the kid walk? Her ding bat mother has her in high heels

  • lipz

    All i know is Toms son is going to be a heartbreaker!!!