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Natalie Portman Pulled by Angelina Jolie's Gravity

Natalie Portman Pulled by Angelina Jolie's Gravity

Natalie Portman may be taking over Angelina Jolie‘s role in the upcoming 3-D survival story Gravity!

The 29-year-old Black Swan actress has been offered the lead in the Alfonso Cuaron drama, according to THR, after Angelina pulled out of the project. Robert Downey, Jr. has already committed to a supporting role in the film.

Gravity tells the story of a woman stranded on a space station after the rest of her crewmates are killed an accident.

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  • zao77254

    A bit too young for that part. Jodie Foster would be perfect, but that may be too obvious a choice.
    (I think Jolie doesn’t want to do it because of the studio messing up with Pitt’ The Assassination of Jesse James. She’s loyal !)

  • Lala

    I’d watch Natalie Portman stranded anywhere. Hopefully Robert Downey’s supporting role is minimal.

  • Damn

    I love Robert Downey jr and Jolie …. Together they would have been great. Good for Natalie terrible for jolie. Jolie would rather do a salt sequel ? Really? Ugh!

  • Damn

    @zao77254: if true she’s an Idiot. He wouldn’t be as loyal

  • hanni

    I doubt they offered Natalie the role.

  • hanni

    ”Although Cuaron, Downey and the studio have juggled multiple potential stars, including Scarlett Johansson and Blake Lively, none has come up all cherries. But the role now is Portman’s if she feels up for it. As an added benefit to the studio, even with a nice raise, her salary would only come in at about half of Jolie’s.”

    Wow.. Natalie Portman will never be in the A-list.

  • me1

    Natalie Portman got the A-list salary for “V for Vendetta”.

  • teri

    Yes I wish Jodie Foster would get back into the game, she’d be great for the part.

  • Connie

    Jody Foster is too cold and too old now, although, there is not a movie of hers I did not like. I also love Angelina Jolee but Natalie Portman is the only one n their league who can do just as well, she is also younger and looks sweeter.

  • the truth

    Hope she gets the part. Like to see her doing something different outside the roles she has made. you got to give it to she does work. She would be working with A -lister. Its part are maturing with each role you place. It would be good for her to do the role.

  • katie

    Jolie is so fool!!!

  • taut

    Jodie Foster is a bad actress when it comes to love stories she is so unreliable. I don’t know if Natalie is a good choice but surely more interesting to watch and she is a good actress, i don’t know anybody else who would be better for the role, i believe that Angie has chosen Natalie. With Robert together a very interesting combination.

  • Who the hell is for Jodie?

    Jodie Fosters career is over, she just would ruin the movie, Natalie is much better. Jodie can only play in horror movies.

  • Suritard

    Really love Angie in that black Ferragamo dress.

  • Brightside

    Two beautiful, talented women in the same post. Natalie Portman can only go up in her career…and to be chosen by Angelina…how inspiring is that! Angelina is A++ and Natalie must be close to an A.

  • boston61

    Natalie is so average in every way. IMHO

  • Tator Tot

    Who said Angelina chose anyone? She backed out, she has no say in who’ll gets the part now. Geez, you idiots.

  • Theresa Jolie Pitt

    It really doesn’t sound like something Angie would do. I don’t like 3-d movies so I hope Portman gets it so I don’t have to go see it lol.

  • lexy hates bilson

    Wow! That’s great for Natalie. She’s been so busy with all her films and they’ve got such great buzz. Angelina has been filming back to back- she could probably use a break!

  • anon


    I don’t know a lot about the story except that it is science fiction and I am so up for that but according to Nicke Finke at Deadline Hollywood the Natalie’s youth is supposed to be more age appropriate. Anyway good for her. Angie has other fish to fry.

  • busted

    This is not Angelina’s role.. she turned it down twice..WHY is it necessary to promote the film by using Angie’s name.. If she wanted the role it was hers. SHE DIDN’T want it..

    so leave her out of it.. I doubt she cares who take the role.. The studio yes because they need someone to bring in the audience..

    Leave Angie out of it.. let this film stand on the name of the people involved…not someone that is not..

    Angie has other things on her plate.. Directing, Producing.. and much more..

  • to zao77254

    no, i think the real reason she’s not doing gravity is because angie has already too much on her plate; writing and directing a film, the role of cleopatra, etc etc

  • well

    they look like they could be sisters.

    There’s only a 4-5 year differene in age between them so Natalie is the right aage range

    She’s gettng rave reviews for Black Swarn so whatever. She’s been around a long time and is very talented. If not Angelina then Natalie would be good.

  • Viper

    I wouldn’t get anyone’s nickers in a twist over this it only states they offered it to NP. Honestely she is an A listed actress seems the Foreign Press seem to believe it after viewing Black Swan she isn’t triple A but she is A+. Natalie is versitial she can pretty much do roles that seem outside of her range but make it work. She took over for JLo with the Love and other Impossible pursuites said she played a step mother rather well. I sort of put her in the same catagory as Julia Roberts.

  • Great

    There is 6 years difference not 4, anyway, Natalie is the right choice , age apropriated for the role, not only she is taking on Gravity but she will also start next to Brad Pitt in the Terrence Malik movie Jerry Lewis biopic!!! mmm hot couple, Natalie and Brad have 2 movies to do together, now this is a beautiful young fresh talented actress, more beautiful than the anorexic granny and younger!

  • anon


    Don’t you haters ever give it a rest?

  • purple poet

    I agree with the Jodie Foster mentions. Natalie just shot down those rumors of her doing it. Give it to Jodie Foster please if Angelina doesn’t want it. Stop going after the young actresses who have no box office appeal anyway. Foster has a box office record, it’s time for her to work again, and she’s actually credible in the role of an experienced astronaut mother. Not Blake Lively. lol.

  • purple poet

    @Who the hell is for Jodie?: Ugh her career is not over if she makes 10 to 15 million a movie. She just takes long breaks between movies. Everyone does that. The only film she’s made that could be classified as horror is The Silence of the Lambs. And that’s more of a thriller. You know nothing about her career and she would be perfect for this role as long as the male and female characters aren’t love interests, which I hope they are not.

  • purple poet

    *I mean everyone KNOWS that she takes long breaks. lol.

  • Raphael Santi

    Jodi Foster is too old for this role. Give it a rest.


    Great @ 09/07/2010 at 10:35 pm

    Sorry for YOU,.. Brad Pitt is not going anywhere…!!

  • purple poet

    @Raphael Santi: How is she too old? She’s only 2 years older than Sandra Bullock.The script just says the role is as an experienced astronaut mother. She’s more age appropriate than the 20-somethings names thrown around. Besides Hollywood needs to realize the over 40 actresses are having success now. The 20-somethings around now have no box office record and would not be credible in the role of an experienced astronaut mother. Give me a break. Gotta love hollywood.

  • purple poet

    @Great: lol. That Terrence Malick movie is just a rumor. The person who said this also said he directed Robin Hood. lmao. So many stupid casting rumors going around.

  • feminist

    How would you know Jodie Foster is too old for the role when it doesn’t have an age limit listed? It just says it’s a female astronaut. Which considering they have to go through years of training, she would be the most believable as. Sick of the ageism and sexism actresses have to deal with at a certain age. The women are deemed too old so quickly, but when it comes to the men like George Clooney who is older and has flop after flop, but no one ever says “he’s too old”.

  • Whamo

    St. Angie is too busy saving the world (by getting her picture taken ) to do this movie. I’m sure they didn’t really want her anyway as she can’t act without blowing something up while pouting “sexily” at the camera.Bawahaaaa!
    Look black again..WTF I’m sure this is what the underlords of hell expect her to wear. I mean what self rightious Voodoo princess would wear anything but? Where has Brad been lately loons?
    Tick tock. Brad’s been not too happy with her for a LONG time now and well…The party’s over, turn out the lights because these to are DONE!

  • Sami

    Sad that true/whamo are so jealous of Angelina’s talent and her family and love with Brad that they have to spend their time wishing a family would break up. Jealousy does such terrible things to people….pmsl

  • Sami

    @Whamo: Again Whamo, your JEALOUSY is so deep and intense, it comes through. Angelina is a far better humanitarian, actress and mother than a slef-loathing, spiteful and seething jealous nutbag like you could ever be. Get help for your issues.

  • Kim

    @Whamo: Angie offered Gravity twice offered a S*itload of money didn’t want it. Movie in jeopardy of not getting made. Salt is @ $262 million. Salt 2 is a go. Angie wrote a screenplay and is directing a film in Nov.(unlike some celebs who talking about directing a feature film for years but never make it happen). That’s why she makes $20 million/film. Angie films on average 1 film a year for 3 months, her Man and her kids visit her on set and she took her kids with her she she did promo for Salt. Keep up the good work Angie

  • Whamo

    Nice to see my comments getting pulled down JJ..LOL

    This site can’t handle people that tell the truth, you all just want to live in your fantasy world where St Angie saves the world! Sorry but truth will be coming out soon, mark my words!!

    I guess if I prattled on with hate against some other actress that would be OK right? Can you say hypocrites!!!!

  • Whamo

    Sami @ 09/08/2010 at 12:08 pm
    Thank you for the kind words! I have no jelousy by the way only hate for this phoney baloney woman. I can see through her crap even if you can’t

  • Sami

    Yes, you DO have jealousy, Whamo. She’s only phoney to you, because you WANT her to be phoney. You only see and believe what you want to see and believe. Most normal sane people can see through the ‘she is phoney’ crap line, even if you can’t, because its what you WANT to believe. There is no more hard-working or real person than Jolie. And THAT is what makes you feel so insecure and guilty. I pity you. It must be so hard to be so cynical and so hateful and envious and negative. Fortunately, Angelina is a much better human being than a spiteful immoral lowlife like you EVER will be. Wallow in your self-loathing and seering hatred. Its all you’re worth, and all you’ll ever be.

  • Whamo

    Sami @ 09/08/2010 at 1:22 pm
    You can include one heck of a lot of people that think the way I do about this PHONEY BALONEY. Take the time to look at what people on other sites have to say about this woman you’d realize what I think of her is by no means unique. You choose to stay on a site that worships her like some sort of God. Do you realize you people are the laughing stock of celeb site? I found this site because people told me how crazy you all are….and you live up to that reputation in spades.
    You have a nice day there Sami.

  • Sami

    Of course, you are following the sheeple of FemaleFirst (who TRULY ARE the laughing stock of celeb sites) because it suits people’s purpose, people who are so full of hate and bitterness to assume the worst of someone who does good. It doesn’t take much nous or thinking to follow the herd and declare someone who goes to war torn countries 15 hours flying time, and on the ground in war-torn countries, rather than do an Aniston and donate 2 old cheap handbags and toss a cheque and go back to tanning, Malibu and Mehico, is a ‘phoney’ because you are so used to the cheap self-centred celeb culture of throw cheques at it and go back to the limo, so when some is there ON THE GROUND and takes the time to go to the war-torn countries, and is even lauded by Nelson Mandela (true kudos and proof of her not being phoney), it flaws you. You are so used to superficial Hollywood bimbos throwing cheques and old clothes, than when someone TRULY dedicates themself to humanitarianism, you can’t relate to that.
    I actually pity you that you are so cynical and so quick to not want to give someone the benefit of the doubt or believe that risking her life equals her being a ‘phoney’. Where did your parents go wrong, that they made you so cyncical, so anti a fair go, so disbelieving and so superficial? I feel so sorry for you, you honestly don’t see how cold and superficial you come across. You are the one with the phoney attitude. I seriously do feel sorry for you.
    Btw, if so many bitter, vindictive and ill-brought up shallow haters like yourself didn’t hate on Jolie because she is making YOU feel bad by doing something good, then we wouldn’t HAVE to defend her so vehemently. Ever thought of that? Its you FemaleFirsters that have the reputation as the evil demonic wackos. Since 99% of vapid shallow internet land is anti Jolie (for their own selfish and insecure reasons), it IS nice to find ONE site which is inhabited by good decent people, untouched by hate, self-loathing and cynicism, and willing to give credit where its due and not see bad in everything. I feel BLESSED, quite frankly, to be on a board where decency, hard work, honesty, the benefit of the doubt, optimism and a fair go is the order of the day, and not bitter cynicism like you have. Good luck to you.
    With your attitude, you truly need it. I can sleep easy at night, can you? With the amount of self-hatred, cynicism and guilt you have, I doubt it. You may feel threatened by people doing good things for others, and therefore have the need to drag others down to ease your conscience, I don’t.
    I truly feel for you and the life you will lead. I am so glad I am not you. And I’m VERY proud! :)

  • Sami

    flaws…should be floors.

  • !!


    Write a book why don’t you!?

    Does anyone have the time to read that crazy long comment?


  • Jokergurl

    I would like to see Robert Downey Jr. and Natalie Portman on screen together, they both have have amazing charisma. I would’ve also like to have seen Jolie and Downey work together too.

  • Helen

    Angie’s probably prego



  • me

    Looks like Natalie nailed the part in Black Swan, can’t wait for its release. She is the only one in HW who can replace Jolie.