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Angelina Jolie in Pakistan -- FIRST PICS

Angelina Jolie in Pakistan -- FIRST PICS

Angelina Jolie visits a camp set up for people displaced by heavy floods in Mohib Banda near Peshawar, Pakistan, on Tuesday (September 7).

While at the Kandaro II Camp in Nowshera, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province, the 35-year-old UNHCR goodwill ambassador shared, “I am very moved by them and I hope that I am able to, today and tomorrow, be able to do something to help bring attention to the situation for all of the people in need in Pakistan.”

So beautiful inside and out!

10+ pictures inside of Angelina Jolie in Pakistan…

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Credit: Mohammad Sajjad; Photos: AP Images, A. Majeed/AFP/Getty
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  • bap


  • j

    poor them : (

  • sakura

    i adore angelina Jolie but she looks like she’s one of the guys from Volturi here…

  • bubu

    one of the greatest persons of the world, with her the world is better place. respect to angelinaaaaaa

  • klove

    oh she’s doing photo op again and again!…..she should go tanning and hv a date night!. Why she didn’t join clooney and other celebrities for cancer telethons?…….wait a minute……..why she’s the only one pleading for pakistan?…..wheres the other celebs?….is cancer telethon more in dire need of drastic help right now than pakistan?…..or could be because it’s an extremist country?

    Angie u need to go tanning and hv a date night please!…lol.

  • lilith

    the most irritating woman on the globe

  • pp

    she is the best!

  • lurking

    @lilith: Are you looking at the mirror?

  • klove

    ooops… i forgot …. in ur date nite pls… wear a supertight micro mini-skirt , u will look fabulous and a total sweetheart. Okay angie, then just wave and smile in the crowd.

  • lurking

    Beautiful woman inside.-out.

  • Free angie

    Superficial note She looks gorgeous ! Sad note not many care about pakistan. I don’t think the trip will help much :( her naive heart is in the right place.

  • Nic

    Truly beautiful inside out, what a woman!!

  • klove

    lilith is looking at her mug in the mirror in her supertight micro mini-skirts displaying her uber tan legz. she realized , she’s looking at the man in the mirror, THAT’S HERE! Lilith u don’t need a man, u look like a man.Just stay lonely and grumpy, that suits u best.

  • klove

    sakura i like u but u looked like one of the vulture in the african west.


    poor them

  • bap


  • Iffy Miffy

    @Free angie: True but a lot of people have been hit by the eco crisis in the west as well so it’s hard living all over the place. We shouldn’t judge too harsh as so many people are struggling and there are so many, way too many, disasters in the world.
    Anyway, love that she is still fighting to draw attention to such places and doesn’t give up. Great woman.

  • anon

    Angelina Jolie visits flood survivors in Pakistan

  • simpleman

    Her hamanitarian work around the world make me to be pround as an American.

  • bubu

    angelina is doing great jobs, she is always ready to help needed people and it’s like her mission in this cruel world… she’so humble and beautiful…
    when in this world is shuch person as paris hilton, we have to respect persons like angelinaaaa

    love you angie and god bless you, your family, yous are truely right model of love

  • cool

    at least she’s trying to bring more attention…

  • anon

    Angelina Jolie Meets Flood Victims In Pakistan

    ALOZAI, Pakistan — American movie star Angelina Jolie met flood victims in northwestern Pakistan on Tuesday and appealed to the international community to provide aid needed to help the country recover from its worst natural disaster.

    The flow of aid money has stalled in recent days, and officials expressed hope the two-day visit by Jolie – who serves as a “goodwill ambassador” for the U.N.’s refugee agency – will convince foreign countries and individuals to open their wallets.

    The 35-year-old actress said she met with many people whose lives have been devastated by the floods, including mothers who lost their children and an elderly Pakistani couple who feared they would never be able to rebuild the home they lost.

    “I am very moved by them and I hope that I am able to, today and tomorrow, be able to do something to help bring attention to the situation for all of the people in need in Pakistan,” Jolie told reporters after visiting a refugee camp in the Jalozai area.

    She toured the area wearing a long black robe and a black headscarf adorned with a thin red stripe – the kind of conservative clothing worn by many Muslim women in Pakistan.

    The floods began in the northwest at the end of July after extremely heavy monsoon rains and slowly surged south along the Indus River, swallowing up hundreds of villages and towns and killing more than 1,700 people. Another 17 million have been affected by the floods, and many will need emergency assistance to survive.

    The United Nations issued an appeal for $460 million in emergency funds on Aug. 11, but only $294 million, or 64 percent, has been received so far, and donations have more or less dried up in recent days.

    Ajay Chhibber, a U.N. assistant secretary general, said he hopes Jolie’s visit will have “a very big impact” on the inflow of aid money and will keep people focused on the crisis.

  • darkangel52

    Looks like just another acting role to me. I do not buy into her “sainthood” act and would be more impressed if she took an interest in the country she is from. And no, her mother is not French….supposedly why she lives there so much.

    I will make my donations to people here at home who need the money.

  • Jill

    To anybody criticizing Angie: tell your pathetic, plastic idol to get up off her ass and do something constructive for once in her worthless life.

  • fresh

    I need to donate. People will die if we don’t.

    Don’t forget the people. They need our help.

  • Passby

    Love Angie–she is doing great thing. I admire her so much…she has so much energy. She lives life to the fullest…very proud of her.

  • Imao

    she looks ridiculous!!!!!! lol
    sooooo fake!!!!!!

  • anon

    Angelina Jolie in Pakistan to highlight needs of flood victims
    News Stories, 7 September 2010

    ISLAMABAD, Pakistan, September 7 (UNHCR) – UNHCR Goodwill Ambassador Angelina Jolie is in Pakistan, highlighting the suffering of millions of flood victims and the need for continuing aid for the displaced.

    Jolie is visiting flood-hit regions on Tuesday and Wednesday as the personal envoy of UN High Commissioner for Refugees António Guterres. The Goodwill Ambassador is travelling to affected communities and meeting people involved in the relief efforts.

    The award-winning actress last visited the country in November 2005 after a devastating earthquake swept northern Pakistan.

    The floods that first hit Pakistan in July have affected millions. UNHCR has delivered help to almost 750,000 people, but continued flooding in many areas of southern Pakistan is creating new challenges for relief efforts.

    “Pakistan remains in the midst of a massive humanitarian crisis as flooding continues across vast areas,” said Mengesha Kebede, UNHCR’s representative to Pakistan.

  • bap



  • Free angie

    Bap: most men cheat. It’s more speculation than anything else. the way brad Pitt left his ex wife for jolie shows that he is capable of cheating and once a cheater always a cheater. Plus, he was really quick to prance around with maddox …. Way too soon after Dumping aniston for it not be some level of cheating. He was very disrespectful to his ex wife. So how and why do you think he would treat jolie any differently when it was so easy for him to stomp all over his marriage. He may say he had love and respect for aniston but Actions speak louder than words.

  • flag it

    Flag it

  • um

    I hope Europe, Africa, Middle East and Aisa are donating. Pakistan is closer to that part of the world than the Americas. It makes more sense that most of the money and other donations come from there.

  • QQQQ

    Annoying rodent is back with her B/S. I really dont get why ‘”fans” feel the need to reply to it.

  • teri

    I’m so happy that she’s there and speaking out for them. Simply an all around great woman. So proud of Angelina JOLIE!

  • lilith

    @Imao: finally someone with common sense spoke here

  • um


  • bap


  • teri

    @Free angie:

    Jen humping and grinding Vince on the balcony wasn’t moving things fast (she was legally married still)? Took no time at all for both to move on, well at least Brad is still with the same person.

  • hales

    why does she donate money and help the poor and tell the world?
    it’s bragging, she wants to raise her public image. she could help people without telling the world. why tell the world? she clearly wants people to believe she is generous person. it’s all publicity.

  • Jill


    She didn’t announce her trip, you ignorant cow, the UN announced it. You have a problem with that, complain to them.

  • klove

    darkangel152 i applaud ur donations at home , u make satan proud!….i know it’s ur real role . U are called darkangel for a reason, speaking with the devil’s toungue.

    Lilith/lmao hv u washed ur panties yet?…i know u’ve been creaming for jolie.

  • Free angie

    @bap: what lies? Is it a lie that salt sucked and Jolie should be makin quaity film given the fact that shes considered a huge star and supposedly has first dibs on scripts? Is it a lie that Jolie fans want her to make quality films?Is it a lie that Jolie turned down a quality director/ movie and will likely do salt 2 instead because most likely Pitt schedule works better for another cheesy salt movie instead of a possibly great movie?I’m sorry but salt is not a qualtiy film and as a fan I would like to see my fave actress in a movie that’s actually good for once and not cheesey salt

  • um


    She’s with the UNHCR do you understand what that means?


    I love Angelina, she is an amazing, giving human being. It’s just too bad that there are a far and few of good people exist in the world.

  • teri

    Hales, Angelina is a UNHCR goodwill ambassador. Isn’t that her job to bring awarenss where needed? Even if you don’t care about anyone but yourself others do greatly. You are here making rude comments about Angelina and her job title while the main reason was for bringing attention to Pakistan flood victims. You simply don’t care so just leave.

  • Free angie

    @bap: she’s very naive

  • Observer2

    LMAO! Someone is having a meltdown. Good times.

    Angelina continues to bring attention to those who need it most. That’s what her job as a UN Ambassador entails. Or, I should say, it’s part of her job as a UN Ambassador.

    But, try getting that through dense skulls and it’s a futile task.

  • klove

    is that hales or whales?…..whales what did u donate?…….ur filthy cow?…lol

  • um


    Exactly. These people are so stoooooopid. NO education whatsoever!!!!!! And what’s worse, they don’t want to learn!!!!!