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Rooney Mara: Dragon Tattooed Girl In Training!

Rooney Mara: Dragon Tattooed Girl In Training!

Rooney Mara prepares for her role as Lisbeth Salander in The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo in Stockholm, Sweden on Tuesday (September 7).

The 25-year-old actress will be reteaming with her director from The Social Network, David Fincher. The flick, out December 21, 2011, will also star Daniel Craig, Stellan Skarsgard, and Robin Wright.

Production for Dragon Tattoo kicks off later this month.

DO YOU THINK Rooney is looking the part of Lisbeth??

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  • itchy
  • AllForUSophia

    Well she looks like Noomi Rapace, but why remake a film from last year? It’s like doing a remake of Up In The Air or District 9. I don’t get it…

  • hmmm

    is starving oneself part of the contract? her face looks so gaunt.

  • paulc


    cos you yanks can’t cope with subtitles and/or dubbing…

    anyway… I’m convinced the hat is so they can cut down on makeup costs by her not needing the fake earrings in so much…

  • Conando

    Damn, why does she look anorexic? That’s certainly not how Lisbeth is supposed to look.

  • Rhiannan

    Lisbeth Salander is 4 ft. 10 or 11 inches (can’t remember which one) and weighs 90 pounds. I trust this girl is short as well? Some twig 5’6″ would not fit the bill.

  • cliche

    A razor blade necklace prop for the slow-witted. Subtlety is lost on American film makers.

  • freya

    @Conando: Err, have you read the books? Yes, it is.

  • Madam Gaga

    I hope that they include more Americans in the cast. It would be good if they also cast some of Hollywood’s other most famous Swedish stars such as Malin Åkerman, Dolph Lundgren and Lena Olin.

  • ThomYorke

    There really is no point in this film. I don’t like calling film adaptations remakes (that is if the directing is adapting the book, not remaking the film), though.

  • to Conando

    I suppose the word “anorexic” appears about 100 times in the book, always describing Lisbeth. LOL

  • Elise

    I really don’t get why they are remaking this. And definitely not why they are filming in Sweden.. With American actors who are, what, gonna preted that they’re Swedish people living in Stockholm, but speak English..? Would be better if shooting was done in the US, and they only based this new movie on the original. But now it’s like they want it to be exactly like the original one, only with 007 in the lead..

  • Brenda Song Fan

    Yay Rooney!!!!:):):):)
    Love you!!

  • lexy hates bilson

    Is Daniel Craig American? I agree there’s no need for a remake but this one has already gotten a lot of attention. And so far so good. They seemed to have cast decent actors in the roles.

  • Pinkie

    I saw both of the movies in the series and not quite sure why they are remaking it so soon. Reading sub-titles isn’t bad. I can’t see how the American version will be as “real” as the original.

  • to 14

    no he isn’t, neither is Stellan Skarsgård and if they get Max von Sydow the next Swede will join the cast

  • to 15

    I saw all three movies and only the first one was good. The second was a mess and the third one was a bit better. Put away Noomis great performance and you only have a mediocre triology.
    I have great hope that Fincher will do justice to the books and create a real character driven thriller.

  • Dee


    Yeah, cause Daniel Craig and Stellan Skarsgard are sooo American! And they’re not doing a remake of the film, they’re doing an adaptation of the books. Because if you read the book (which I loved) and saw the movie (which was great) you would know that they changed quite a few things.

    Anyway, Rooney looks the part and I think this version will do well at the box office not only in the US but internationally too.

  • Elise

    Dee: Yeah, I forgot Daniel Craig is British, sorry.. He could’ve been Norwegian like myself for all I care. Main point is I don’t see WHY they are making a new adaption, when the one that’s already made was out last year and did SO well. Why not wait at least a few years?

    Oh, and I did read the books..@

  • Jaded

    I loved the books, enjoyed the first film (the second was gone before I got back from vacation waiting for the DVD), and loved loved loved Noomi Rapace in it. Here’s the thing though even Noomi wasn’t the exact description of Lisbeth. Noomi is definitely not 4’10″/4’11″ and she has even said herself that she had to diet for 7 months to get to that “anorexic” looking frame that Lisbeth is described as having.
    I’m not a big fan of studios redoing films that have only recently been done, and clearly there is a trend now of remaking Swedish films… hello “Let The Right One In”, but I am interested in what these actors can bring to the roles.
    In addition I just adore Daniel Craig even before he was Bond.

    The studio bigwigs might want to consider opening up some studios in Sweden though and grabbing these great filmmakers first rather than looking stupid and just re-imagining other people’s work.

  • guinness

    ah, when i look for “daniel craig” now, am I gonna get Mara? jj–are you gonna look for Dan?

    Methinks Mara’s cycle practices are going to get much more private…and people, we don’t need a “Snookie” to play Lis, we need a great actress—and she was chosen. Interesting, will Dan be made “the lead” in this version, because everything else about this series leads me to ba-leeve Lis is the main character. AND–has the third movie been distributed? where am i? who is that? are those MY feet? (will you go see the 2nd one Mendel? I think i missed all venues and have to wait to rent on Netflicks. ~you make it here yet?

  • Cheery

    Re: hmmm @ 09/07/2010 at 3:10 pm “is starving oneself part of the contract? her face looks so gaunt.”

    Probably is. In the books Lisbeth is described as looking anorexic numerous times.

  • to 17

    i saw the first two films; you’re right the second one is a mess. but i was told to stay away for the third film.

  • Jones

    It’s unfortunate a foreign film has to be remade because most Americans refuse to read subtitles. These films were so incredible that I’m convinced anyone would enjoy them if they love a great story! I felt the were wonderful adaptations of the books, and how often can you say that? With that said, I have been following the casting news and I’m happy that Fincher cast a relative unknown as Lisbeth Salander instead of one of the well-known actresses that were rumored to play the part. While the benchmark for Lisbeth Salander will always been Noomi Rapace in my eyes, I’m rooting for Rooney Mara and hoping she can pull it off. I do like Daniel Craig and Robin Wright in the roles of Mikael Bloomkvist and Erika Berger. They’ll be fun to watch together!

  • Mendel

    I like Mara’s look – add the piercings and she’ll look quite like the book Lisbeth.

    Hi Guinness,

    fancy you meeting here! ;)

    “jj–are you gonna look for Dan?”

    Yes, JJ, do go out and look for Dan. It’s been so long…

    “will Dan be made “the lead” in this version”

    I suspect it will be Lisbeth, although the first book was more about Mikael ( the Lisbeth chapters were the strongest though).
    They have to downplay Dan’s sexyness though, because Mikael is not really overtly attractive in the book (more ‘nice’ than sexy), although he’s got all these women fall at his feet…

    “will you go see the 2nd one Mendel?”

    Yes, hopefully sometime this week.

  • lylian

    I’ve read all 3 books and enjoyed them all.
    I saw the first movie of the trilogy and I liked it but I didn’t love it. The swedish version looked like it was made for TV, which is not surprising given the budget it was made on. In particular, I noticed that the swedish movie’s the lighting was very flat. This is not an acting issue. I think the actors were very good.
    I think the problems in the Swedish version lay in the art work, the lighting and the sound effects and all the little bits and pieces which we, the watchers don’t consciously notice but are affected by. I’m sure David Fincher’s interpretation of this book in film could be wonderful. I look forward to seeing his interpretation as he is an incredibly good director.
    I remember many fans of the HK version of the Departed wondered how that version could be improved. Yet, Brad Pitt’s Plan B version, directed by Martin Scorcese won the BEST Picture and Best Director Oscars. A really good director brings his eye and ear and artistic sensibilities into the film and elevates it to another level. I don’t think anyone doubts that Scorcese’s Departed is at least as good as the HK Version, with a different feel and touch and light.
    So I actually enjoy these sorts of cross cultural remakes. It makes me truly appreciate the director’s art and skills.

  • lexy hates bilson

    Is the 3rd movie out yet?
    I only saw the 2nd one recently. I thought it did a good job of cutting through a lot of crap. The 2nd book definately wasn’t as good as the 1st and it was in major need of editing. Talk about a lot of useless information. The 2nd movie managed to keep things moving (which there wasn’t really a lot of in the book) and keep one specific storyline going – not a bunch of other subplots that weren’t very relevant. I’m nervous about the 3rd book. Though it looked like in the movie Lisabeth is an only child and she didn’t get her boob job.

  • guinness

    not all of us americans are the same ya know…some of us can read and watch the movie at the same time…. especially if ya got a loud house and one can’ t hear the tv!!!

    Mendel—you following me? or following DAN!! (both I hope). and yes, uuuugggh–i hate that Mikail or Mikle or Mikael has woman after woman–seriously, is this detrimental to his character or the story? I really think the author had some serious hang-ups!! or was living vicariously through his talent of telling a great story… we will never know-and that adds more interest to the entire series!! Dan can make Mikael any person he wants to make him…. although, bedding every female he talks to adds to his character being reckless and apathetic toward casual relationships—maybe typical in some male brains. hhmm. His character is reaaally annoying me by the time this 3rd book is going…. half way thru it. I want to shake him. He only has passion for his work. Nothing else. dork. That is annoying when i want the 2 of them to end up like all fairy tales….to live happily ever after, after all the horrible stuff that has happened…..DONT TELL ME THE END!!

  • guinness

    HI Mendel–
    hey, did you finish the books? did you see the first movie? what did you like about the first movie? I still tell people I remember it as being in “black & white”, dreary, creative, a great movie.

    there is sooo much i want to complain about the 3rd book. i hope hollywood makes it into a hollywood movie…then the sweedish version will be in a class all its own-as it should be. wonderful.


  • mimi

    Thank you Jones! RIF people! Reading is fundamental. Read the damn subtitles and see a really good film.

  • Guinness
  • Guinness

    An anonymous reporter asks the real difficult questions with our celebrity guests here at Craggy Island….”ahhh, Mr. Craig, what if Guinness presents herself to you, with her friends, in the DAN VAN, dressed in Toga-styled wraps, what would you do?”

    Mr. Craig’s response….”It’s out of my hands, …I’m ready and willing, and if I get the call, I’ll be there.”

    Anyone else have some fun quotes to take out of context from the man?

  • Mendel

    to Guinness

    “Mendel—you following me? or following DAN!! (both I hope).”

    Both :)

    “and yes, uuuugggh–i hate that Mikail or Mikle or Mikael has woman after woman–seriously, is this detrimental to his character or the story? I really think the author had some serious hang-ups!!”

    I guess it was wishful thinking on behalf of the author…

    “Dan can make Mikael any person he wants to make him….”

    He’ll probably stick to the book character, which means, he’ll play against (the Bond) type (apart from the bedding of women, but while Bond is the seducer, Mikael comes across as the seduced who goes along with it, because, hey, can’t say no to an offer!)

    Must get my hands on that 2nd book…but whoever has it out is not handing it back…

    “another thing i can’t get.”

    I am just hoping the vest top has been washed – an unwashed item stored somewhere for nearly a year will not smell of roses…

    “ahhh, Mr. Craig, what if Guinness presents herself to you, with her friends, in the DAN VAN, dressed in Toga-styled wraps, what would you do?”

    Mr. Craig’s response….”It’s out of my hands, …I’m ready and willing, and if I get the call, I’ll be there.”


    Must think of something, but right now all I see is ‘ready and willing’
    Yes, Mr Craig, so am I :)

  • Guinness

    yes, my fair-feathered friend, that would be how he could interpret the Mikael role because that is how it is written. He will be just nonchalant in his clothes, not sporting the latest fashion as in Bond, and he will be without face expressions, which Dan is sooo good at, and lets hope the screen writer does something about that… and he is he just gonna jump EVERY female in the movie? “golly, another woman wants me to jump into the sack? cool, like, lets go”…shuckle shuckle boom boom. His passion isn’t in the bed—-except maybe for liz—so Dan wouldn’t be using those skills he has mastered!!! come on…why can’ t it just be a love story because they are soooo not made for each other…. gawd *stomp stomp*

    call me—I will write the screenplay for HOLLYWOOD!!!

    oh, this is for you mendel….again….

  • Fio

    Rooney Mara arrives in Sweden to prepare for Girl With The Dragon Tattoo

    Rooney is learning to speak with a Swedish accent at the language school in Stockholm. Where is Daniel learning it? In NY?

  • Fio

    Spyglass Partners Inch Closer To MGM Reins; Battle Royals Looms For James Bond Distribution Rights
    “Battle Royals Looms For James Bond Distribution Rights”
    Aww, go ahead!!!

  • MGM reborn as TV producer

    MGM will enter into a pre-packaged bankruptcy and re-emerge between now and the end of October as a debt-free operation that will put much greater emphasis on developing programming — scripted and reality — for cable TV, according to a source familiar with planning for the Lion.

    With Spyglass toppers Gary Barber and Roger Birnbaum having signed a nonbinding letter of intent to become co-chairmen and co-CEOs of the troubled studio, a search is under way for someone to oversee development of TV programming, the source said.

    The two execs have emerged over the past month as the leading candidates to take over management of MGM following discussions with MGM’s largest creditors, which include Anchorage Advisors and Highland Capital.

    Under its new structure, MGM would have a trifecta of executives overseeing film, television and digital, all reporting to Barber and Birnbaum. The top MGM TV slot is likely to be highly coveted in the industry since cable TV is increasingly seen as the platform for Hollywood’s creative talent at a time when movie studios are trimming their output.

    The concept is that TV programs could be developed from MGM’s robust library, including “Robo Cop,” “Silence of the Lambs” and “Dances With Wolves.” Although MGM made its foray into television 55 years ago with ” MGM Parade” on ABC, its TV operations have never had nearly the success that the studio has enjoyed on the bigscreen. Currently, its “Pink Panther” and “Pals” airs on Time Warner’s Cartoon Network.

    With a greater push in TV, MGM will be positioning itself to compete against mini-major Lionsgate, one of three bidders that made formal offers for MGM earlier this year. Lionsgate had TV success in recent years with “Mad Men” on AMC and “Weeds” and “Nurse Jackie” on Showtime. A combined MGM-Lionsgate would have included a library with more than 7,000 titles and the ability to produce and distribute MGM titles.

    But while Lionsgate met with MGM debtholders about a possible merger, it withdrew from the bidding in March after it was asked to sweeten its offer — believed to be in the $1.3 billion-$1.4 billion range, far short of MGM’s target.

    MGM had no comment Wednesday about the development, and reps for Barber and Birnbaum were not immediately available.

    The Spyglass execs presented a plan on Aug. 18 for restoring the Lion’s roar to more than 100 creditors, who would absolve the studio of much of its $4 billion debt and take a majority equity stake in the company, along with providing some working capital. A major component of the plan is likely shuttering MGM’s distribution operation, with MGM’s slate distributed through another major.

    The development comes a week before the Sept. 15 expiration of the forbearance on debt payments. The lenders are likely to be asked soon for another forbearance. The creditors have agreed six times to forgive debt payments since last September. A source said they most likely agreed because they realized the company was headed into an organized bankruptcy that would give them equity upon its emergence.

    The studio was put up for sale in November but failed to draw bids that were high enough to satisfy the creditors, including a $1.5 billion offer from Time Warner last fall. MGM’s assets include the James Bond franchise and half of “The Hobbit” films, its name and logo, the United Artists operations, a library with more than 4,000 titles and a bare-bones film and TV operation.

    MGM’s lone release this year, “Hot Tub Time Machine,” grossed $50 million domestically.

  • guinness

    looks as if MGM needs Erika Berger!!! (did someone else say that here? surry-didnt’ notice. )

    hey–mendel—you want me to send you the books? just send me your private mail box number, with correct spelling, perhaps a picture or 2 of you and some loved ones, 2 phone numbers to be reached at, a private email address, and 3 people who have known you at least 2 weeks. oh, and a password……….

  • guinness

    oh. wow. i reallyt can’t believe it. I am not kidding. how do I emphasize something that I really thought about and kept it in the back of my mind….and now it has come to fruition. I am not kidding. I read EVERY Steven King novel up until 1995 !!!(then i lost interest in his gore, but returned when he didnt’ produce gore–HE is a FANTASTIC story-teller).

    If he makes another Billion dollars–it will be off the Tower Series books. I havent read them in 15 years—but i will review them currently.

    so, back to my major point. As soon as Dan said he would do C&A, I instantly thought of Dan doing the cowboy from this series. omygash. NOT KIDDING> so, if anyone has his ear, he could be on USA tv series, get bigger than Paul Newman–and this will be a role so fun to his form! *fan, i need a fan–the one that cools off hotness, dah?*** –you’re welcome 4 that one mendel.

    ya know, I may even take up a petition to get him to take this role. Hey–its Ron Howard!! and it is a series… in the USA (we want to just adopt him DTM and Mendel–you had him for 30 plus years. yuikes!)

    I feel a photobucket coming on………….

  • guinness

    ahhh, the gunslinger. Dan would be slinging his gun around again…. it is kinda his personality he looks for in roles…but he could NOT be Roland,…maybe samuel jackson…..

  • guinness

    ok, i am freakin here. just this last one….check out the comments…..

    he won’ t have to do the series…just do the movie!!!

  • Mendel

    Hi Guinness

    “he is he just gonna jump EVERY female in the movie? “golly, another woman wants me to jump into the sack? cool, like, lets go”…shuckle shuckle boom boom”


    And yes, Feck Cup! Priceless!

    to Fio

    “Where is Daniel learning it? In NY?”

    He’ll have to cram the accent training inbetween shoots and reshoots… I still think the Swedish accent thing is such a bad idea!

    to Guinness

    “looks as if MGM needs Erika Berger”

    Brilliant! Or Lisbeth kicking a few butts!

    “hey–mendel—you want me to send you the books? just send me your private mail box number, with correct spelling, perhaps a picture or 2 of you and some loved ones, 2 phone numbers to be reached at, a private email address, and 3 people who have known you at least 2 weeks. oh, and a password”


    ” As soon as Dan said he would do C&A, I instantly thought of Dan doing the cowboy from this series. omygash.”

    I know nothing about the books, but I trust your ‘Dan-dar’ (as in Dan radar…)

    “fan, i need a fan”

    Just one? ;)

    “Hey–its Ron Howard!! and it is a series… in the USA (we want to just adopt him DTM and Mendel–you had him for 30 plus years. yuikes!)”

    No chance on the adoption business – he’s ours!!!

    “Dan would be slinging his gun around again…”

    Is this a gun, or are you just pleased to see me, Dan… *grin*

  • Mendel

    Guinness, this one is for you (your Dan-dar is certainly working!):

  • guinness

    hye Mendel— you still here…
    WHOLY helllll this is soooo ha ha ha HOT!!! (this is soo me and DAN in the ‘vator. course, i would be still on him when the doors opened..)

    goin’ down Mr. Craig.


  • guinness

    wholy hayzues, I can get paid to write stuff about future movies and put who i think would be in it? wow. naw–I am not that elegant a writer, and besides i tend to repeat myself and forget things easily…i repeat myself, and where was I? thx mendel, I think they posted Dan first explaining his likeness to the role more so than the others listed. (they like him more!)He could fit the movies in his schedule! come on!!! young still!–not begining until next year, right?.. they would have to include at least 7 lovers though(is blomvkist up to that yet? damn, does anyone know the count. what a turkey)–I don’t think the gunslinger has but one, and the others are with really big creepy crabthingys…. and some delusions and some other funky things they would have to screenplay out.

    but when you are done with the tatoo trilogy books I could send you the Dark towers ones… just need a password!!! …and a few photos with close personal friends you have known for a week.. and maybe an account number with a password….

  • Fio

    Oh Guinness, I see how you are enthusiastic about casting Roland in ‘The Dark Tower’. Daniel has enough pull – He’s working with Ron Howard/Universal just now :)
    to Mendel
    Well I don’t understand why they don’t make the best use of their advantages…

  • Fio
  • guinness

    aaaawwww! anyway–hi fio, thought you were vacationing with DAN!!! and i do hope he considers the Gunsligner!

  • guinness

    soo-that post means that Olivia wrote those other posts? I don’t twitter. sooo–she killed a spider with big testicles? hhhhmmmm. And I don’t get to even meet the man and he works with a women who kills big-testicled-spiders? somethin in the world aint right.

    ho hum. and fio==you got that right—- he has many advantages that this movie can use…sleeping with 15 women…and THE best on-screen kisser EVER BORN. seriously, everytime he kisses someone i roll my tongue around and touch my lips, and then put my fingers on them to make sure they are dry. he makes it surreal–soooo real!! wow…i could just imagine what he could do if he can do what he can with his little finger…holy shittballs…i gatta go……………………..

  • guinness