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Suri Cruise: Central Park Playground Time!

Suri Cruise: Central Park Playground Time!

Tom Cruise carries his daughter, Suri, after she plays at a playground on Tuesday (September 7) in New York City’s Central Park.

The duo were joined by Tom‘s daughter, Isabella, who carried I Can Read books for Suri to check out!

Earlier in the day, the family was spotted leaving their apartment together as mama Katie Holmes headed to a taping of Live with Regis & Kelly.

FYI: Suri is wearing a pink skirt by Cherokee exclusively at Target.

10+ pictures inside of Tom Cruise and his girls at a playground in Central Park…

Just Jared on Facebook
tom cruise suri isabella central park playground 01
tom cruise suri isabella central park playground 02
tom cruise suri isabella central park playground 03
tom cruise suri isabella central park playground 04
tom cruise suri isabella central park playground 05
tom cruise suri isabella central park playground 06
tom cruise suri isabella central park playground 07
tom cruise suri isabella central park playground 08
tom cruise suri isabella central park playground 09
tom cruise suri isabella central park playground 10

Credit: Elder Ordonez; Photos: INFdaily
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  • Suritard

    Ummm, Bella is officially Suritard’s handmaid now.

  • Catchy

    looks very much like katie

  • kizbit

    Looks like Bella got her stepmother’s fashion sense. And soon Suri will be as tall as Tom! I guess she’ll carry HIM then! LOL!

  • well duh

    is connor there too? in the pictures theres a guy who looks like a grown up connor?

  • Sammy

    Wow, I thought people were blowing things out of proportion before but this is the third set of images I’ve seen where Isabella is carrying Suri’s stuff.

  • Barbara

    About time they quit carrying Suri, and also make her carry her own belongings. It hurts me to see Isabella having to be her handmaiden.

  • AEP

    Isabella being the sh*t maid yet AGAIN! They treat her like a servant, its disgusting and sad.

  • rainbow

    Wow, does anyone here have a sibling who’s much younger than them? I do, and I used to carry his stuff all the time. Who cares? I can’t believe people make a big deal out of something so trivial.
    Suri looks so cute; nice to see her having fun, and Connor was there too.

  • Babou

    Poor Isabella, feel bad for her (hate to say it but the name “bella” does not suit), now relegated to being Suri’s “help”. Funny how we hear about Conor wanting to act, but nothing about what Isabella wants to do, like she is the forgotten one. Maybe she’s not pretty enough for Tom to pay attention to. Considering all the $ that they spend on Suri’s clothes, she still somehow manages to always look sloppy, dirty and unkept. And she rarely smiles, looks like a grumpy, bratty kid.

  • Sick

    You now can see that Suri is gonna be a very unattractive girl as she grows and a very spoiled to. Bet that even than Tom will use her to get some attention.

  • rainbow

    Actually, if you pay attention to her parents’ interviews, they do talk about Bella’s interests. Both Tom and Nicole have mentioned that she wants to be an artist. I saw photos of her shopping at an art supply store in Toronto with Katie. Just because she doesn’t get as much press attention as her siblings, doesn’t mean her parents have forgotten about her.
    The rest of your post is just mean.

  • Jimbo

    This Suri kid is a brat…Not sure who is the biggest looking mess..her or her mom. That stringy hair is the pits…..

    Poor Isabella…I guess they’ve put her in her place and let her know that Suri is definitely tops on their list of kids…even though we all know that Suri’s dad is not Tom and it’s very likely that Katie is not her mom. I still say Katie was wearing a fake pregnant belly. Who cares that some people say she looks like Katie…’s easy to plan all that when you pick out the sperm and egg donor.

  • Kathy

    What will Suri do if there ever comes a time she is not getting 100% of everyone’s attention? I’ll bet she has the biggest tantrums…totally rotten!

  • bebe

    These photos are cute, but there are much cuter pics on other sites.

  • Suritard

    This way too obvious photo op, the onl;y purpose is to to display Suritard to the paps, both Conor and Bella were only there as extras.

    Poor Bella, not only was she ordered to be Suritard’s handmaid, she also had to do the props.

    Carry 2 books for Suritard to “check out”? What joke!! Very soon this pathetic fake couple would claim that Suritard edits and proof read TommyGurl’s scripts.

    While in fact, Suritard may actually decide which diaper goes with which comforter.

  • to Jimbo

    sorry for the tiny little typo in my post, should read BIG:-)

  • Jimbo

    LOL…#16 – The truth hurts, doesn’t it? ROFLMAO

  • Jimbo

    to #16 – The TRUTH hurts, doesn’t it? ROFLMAO

  • damn

    I take back my reply from the last Tom thread. He looks pretty damn good to be honest and I don’t think he deserves the hate he gets just because he believes in Aliens. He’s American and can believe whatever he wants :)

  • Jimbo

    What a bunch of weirdos this family is? Just look at a group photo of them…. They should have their own reality show called “The Zoo”.

  • QueenOfTrashin

    Street urchin.

  • QueenOfTrashin

    Boston61, L. Ron was born in Tilden, Nebraska, which, last time I checked, was STILL in the US, not the UK.

  • the_boyfriend

    i’m slightly obsessed with candids of Isabella. want more.

  • laura

    take it easy grace! just observations, opinions. Where have you been?

  • yikes

    always dressed like she just picked through the Goodwill box

  • natalie

    Suri is such a cutie pie, and will be gorgeous like her mother, when she gets older.

  • selina

    Thanks for the link . Those pictures are beautiful. Suri is a beautiful and adorable child. Still think she’s looking more like Tom than Katie nowadays.

  • mari

    @Jimbo: Wow, what a nutcase YOU are.

    People, go on bitching about people you don’t know. You are very entertaining. :)

  • Ali

    would love to see someone photograph the surround where these pictures are taken. how many people are ogling this family? how many photographers are shooting them? how many security people are around? how long do they stay there? and do they scoot away to the next location after the photo shoot?

    love to see the truth of this moment.

    the kid looks very spoiled.

  • Ali

    I can’t imagine how this child will turn out well with all of this false attention. She doesn’t look like a happy little girl. They should put her in a good school while in New York and in California and let her get her exercise there, not in the midst of the media circus.

    Isabella looks concerned in many of the pictures. I wish she could go live with her mom and get her body in shape and have some respite from her dad’s energy.

  • Sara

    How much longer is that child going to be carried around as if she were a baby?

    It’s pretty obvious Joshua Jackson is Suri’s bio father. No resemblance to Tom at all. Hence the fake pregnancy belly toward the end of Katie’s pregnancy. I suspect Suri was born a month or two before they really claim she was. Katie was already preggo with JJ’s child when she and TC hooked up. Plus the fact they kept Suri hidden until she was almost a year old…covering up the fact that she was a couple of month’s older than she really was. It makes a big difference when they’re first born. I will believe this theory until TomKat pops out another kid. He manages to get Katie knocked up the first month they met?! Yeah, right.

  • danny

    Poor Bella, how much humiliation!!

  • Suri Jackson

    Suri is cute, albeit undiciplined and generally unkempt. I would comment that I don’t understand why they rarely have her hair in a pony tail or otherwise up(I say that as a person with a daughter who was very active when young), but I know that it’s because they prefer her hair over her face. She looks just like her real daddy…good thing Tom keeps the glasses on so you can’t see that there is no resemblance.
    On that note, I’m relying on the other JJ supporters to keep Pac Man (or whoever) in line. I’m on vacation this week…just logged in to get some work done…on my laptop, so I don’t have my links…(yes Pac Man…I do have a job. so much so that I can’t take a real week off but I’m trying.)
    The Scientology minions seem to feel a little empowered this week since we can’t vote down all of their comments. It just means that the sensible folk need to work a little harder to take them down.
    Have a great week!!! :-)

  • Danielle

    What is with Tom’s hair? Bad hair plugs? Bad cut? Wig? He is usually so vain about his hair and it looks like total crapola.

  • Suri Jackson

    AHHH!!! Thanks Sara!!! Your comment was posted while I was typing. I used to feel alone… now I don’t :-)
    ..and I hope everyone realizes that Katies’s going to be in our face all week. She’s on all of the talk shows pushing Romantics or Kennedys or some personal robo bullcrap.
    Peace out!

  • Jimbo

    Mari #28 – Maybe we should put you on the show too…you can be the ugly baboon!!

  • Jimbo

    Good comments, Sara….I remember when Tom was interviewed when their fake pregnancy was announced. He said that he knew Katie was pregnant before she did. LOL

  • zzzz

    Why is Bella carrying two books, two toys, the blankie, and lord knows what else of Surly’s in her purse, while Tom carries nothing but the spoiled brat who should walk like a normal person. At least have the bodyguards schlep all of Surly’s stuff. Why poor Bella? This travesty is even worse than Tom’s “hair”.

  • zzzz

    Sorry Suri Jackson, we will try to keep Pac Man in line but you know how it is…I am sure he is ferociously preparing his commentary as I write this, that is, if he has come out of his shrine to his true love Tom to check this site!

  • Jules

    Just recently read that Isabella wanted to leave Scientology and now she appears in all this photos with Kate, Tom and Suri….. they have to show how close they are..PR in all its glorious…..
    Why is everything Tom do looks so FAKE…..

  • Suri Jackson

    You rock!! All we can do is try.

  • busted

    It’s nice to see them all together.

    I was curious that Tom/Katie have not had another baby. I really thought they would have by now… But Katie is working a lot so maybe later..

  • damn

    @Sara: well what the hell is wrong win Joshua Jackson and all the other possible suridaddy guys ? They don’t want their kid? To me it doesn’t matter who her bio dad is because Tom seems like a fantastic father and he is he one she knows as her daddy and she looks pretty happy with him

  • confused

    who’s going to donate the sperm?

  • Suri Jackson

    Okay…I’m really getting off line…but check out the photos of Tom lifting Suri at the park on Pop Sugar. It’s not so noticable with Katie because she’s like 5’9″, but Suri is going to be taaallll. Makes sense since Josh is 6’2″ and Katie is tall.

  • julie

    I was the oldest sister by 15 years. Not only did I carry the baby bag but at times I carried the baby and then got frowned on because people thought I was the mommy. LOL Anyway, I am much more upset that Bella has such a rough complexion. Please Tom, Kate, or Nic due something to help Bella before she ends up with permanent scaring on her cheeks. No 17 year old in this day and age should be scared for life. All the adults in her life have enough money to get her the help she needs. If you don’t want to take her to a doctor because of your beliefs at least try some of the over the counter products. If even that is too much against your beliefs try the anti-bacterial soaps and clear complextion makeup that heals blemishes… Please….

  • Sara

    @damn: Katie and Tom did not marry until Suri was a little over a year old…there’s not telling what’s in the pre-nup, or who got paid what to keep quiet. There are stories out there that Tom doesn’t let Katie go anywhere near JJ, even if it’s red carpet events. I think the whole thing is twisted and sordid. I think Katie got stars in her eyes when she hooked up with TC and went along with anything that psycho Tom wanted…now she’s paying the price. She looks like hell and walks around like a woman with heavy shoulders of regret. She looks doped up half the time…

  • mailey

    suri looks exactly like her mother. like reese’s daughter with her.

  • lexi21

    Suri looks more like Tom’s cousin William Mapother. Crazy…