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Willow Smith - 'Whip My Hair' Song Leak

Willow Smith - 'Whip My Hair' Song Leak

Willow Smith comes out to support her big bro Jaden at the sold-out Justin Bieber concert last week at NYC’s Madison Square Garden.

The 9-year-old daughter of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith is currently working on her music career and a new track “Whip My Hair” has reportedly leaked.

Listen below! Rumors state that Willow might sign with Jay-Z‘s Roc Nation music label.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Willow Smith’s song debut??

Willow Smith – ‘Whip My Hair’
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willow smith whip my hair 01
willow smith whip my hair 02
willow smith whip my hair 03
willow smith whip my hair 04
willow smith whip my hair 05
willow smith whip my hair 06

Credit: Kevin Mazur; Photos: Wireimage, INFdaily
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  • Dubya Bush

    I think it’s cute. I’d rather my 9 year old listen this rather than Gaga or that girl who shoots whip cream from her chest! That’s if I had a 9 year old.

  • didi

    she sounds great

  • damn

    i’m surprised she’s R&B/pop and not heavy metal like her mom. whatever happened to Jada’s heavy metal band… WICKED WISDOM? lol

  • rocky

    this is sad…its a computer not a person.

  • Neathen Alero

    …Just Whip It!… This Song ROC’s / If Willow Signs With Jay-Z’s ROC Nation Music label, It Will Be A Smart Move. Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith Have Been Grooming Her For A While – Now It’s Almost Her Time To Shine! Congrats 2Her On The Song! “Freedom Anthem” The New GURL Power! Ha!

  • tal

    this is cute :)

  • damn

    never forget Wicked Wisdom. it’s too hilarious to forget

  • Iffy Miffy

    She has an average voice at best, so overall another talentless Smith kid being pushed by her parents to be a “star” when they should be out there playing with friends and attending a proper school. Oh what joy /sarcasm.

  • lalala

    She is only 9. For goodnes sake, go ride a bike, play with your dolls and live life!

  • Iffy Miffy

    @Neathen Alero: “Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith Have Been Grooming Her For A While – Now It’s Almost Her Time To Shine!”
    Oh yes, just wonderful. Two parents grooming their child for a while and now at the ripe old age of 9 it’s her time to shine!
    Apart from the fact that you write like a 10yo you need your head examined if you think that is normal or good parenting.

  • Jaye

    Anyone can sing with auto-tune and audio recording programs. Check out youtube and you’ll know this is true. I’d like to hear her ‘singing’ voice without all the enhancements and background noise. If she CAN sing, I have no problems with this, but if she’s just a trick pony, then she and it should be put out to pasture with all the other ‘noise’ makers.

  • beth

    Oh, so Miley and others can be teenage stars but a girl who can obviously sing cannot be? You all racist idiots need to get the hell out of here. She sounds good.

  • jasmine

    She sounds like rihanna


    She has an amazing voice for a 9 year old.

    Miley Cyrus couldn’t sing at all when she was 9 and her vocals were beyond weak when she was 13 in the beginning of hannah montana, it took her a lot of vocal lessons to improve.

    This 9 year old can sing better than teenagers.

  • Ace

    Ahh the magic of overproducing.

  • facts

    I love it when haters say such nonsense like “Anyone can become a singer these days!”. Then why don’t any of you do it? If making millions of dollars is that easy, what the hell is stoping you or any of us?? If you think music today sucks, then this should be quite easy for you to fix, shouldn’t it?

  • sooo

    shes very tall and skinny, should be a model.

  • Leo

    this just knocked rihannas new single off the chart. by a 9 yr old?

  • Ali

    their promotion of this girl is starting to feel disturbed to me. Why not have her have a childhood and go into the business later? Certainly they have enough money. She is way to conscious of her “look”. I find it way over the top. Eventually, there will be a backlash and the kids will suffer.

  • Laura

    Oh Willow is soo cute/pretty! I cant wait to see her blossom and give my kids something positive to watch/listen to in the future!! :)

  • Celia

    She can really sing!! I can’t believe that voice is coming out of a 9 year old. I think they should wait a couple of years though. She’s too young to start a career right now.

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    …`one rihanna’s enough, thank you.

  • q8yGirl

    i love the shoes !!!! where can i get them ?!?!

  • zzzz

    Great voice and sound for a 9 year old, or 20 year old for that matter! I don’t know why some people here assume that this kid doesn’t play with dolls, go to school, and play with her friends, as well as enjoy making music. Don’t listen to old meanies, WIllow, you sound great!

  • haha

    rihanna fans are such cowards….they even afraid of a nine year old…lmao

    i aint mad @ them they know their goat is weak

  • elisabeth

    i definitely wasnt respecting this, haha. she exceeded my expectations, though i wasn’t expecting much. mini rihanna.

  • juniper

    That sounds like a 25 year old, not a 9 year old.

  • afan

    hurts my head to listen to. hope she goes far, just don’t release this song.

  • Jasmine

    @Ali: Unfortunately I agree with you. It seems like a little too much, too soon for her. Why not sit back and have fun instead? It always disturbs me to see kids so heavily involved in this business. She seems to come from a stable family, so hopefully she’ll end up just fine. I wish her and her siblings the best :)
    It IS a catchy song, by the way. Not really my style, but it’s good.

  • gal

    get it girl!!! i ain’t mad–she’s doing her thing!

    it’s so funny cause she probably doesn’t give a fcuk what her haters think because you know what–you still listened to her song!

    whether you thought she was garbage or not you listened, and being a hater you probably turned to your hater friend and said, “have you heard this garbage will smith’s spawn put out??” and that hater listened and so on and so on.

    you’re only getting her plays and for every one hater, she will have at least 20 fans because for a 9 y.o., her ish is hot!! =]

  • Jae

    Lol other than everyone else. I love Wicked Wisdom, and this song by Willow is AMAZING. This song slays, and she’s only 9!
    It was only a matter of time that one of their kids will be doing music, just look at their parents.

  • Claire

    She’s cute awww, yes a song for little girls, not those fake Disney whores.

  • Anonymous

    Auto-tuned to death. Sounds terrible.

  • http://@starrfresh Starr

    @Iffy Miffy: Yo you dont know what goes on in their home. You dont know if she plays like a regular kid and with her friends, I’m sure that they do. I know many young kids that have a desire to sing or dance or act or whatever they may want to do.

    The point is that their parents have millions upon millions of dollars in their bank account and im sure are not PUSHING their kids to be stars. Its sort of like a family business though. Many kids want to be like their parents. Why not let them do it now they may grow out of it. Its nothing to do a movie or a song. You dont know if Willow sits in her room and write books of songs and make her own beats as a hobby.

    People love to make judgmental comments and assume the worst out of people these days. Passion for performing starts as a toddler sometimes. SMH

  • JC

    I see this kid and I just laugh. It has nothing to do with ” Aww, she’s cute”. It has everything to do with her being a living doll for a couple of goofy parents. She looks like an idiot. Let the poor girl be a kid for a little while.

  • jenny

    “when they see me pull up”
    umm, I wasn’t aware 9 year olds could drive Lol

  • ms bar jolie gaga

    sounds cute but how does she sound without autotune and all the dressing? also, can’t she wait until she is older to do all this? why now? it’s not like she needs the money. let the kid live a little like a normal kid.

  • grace31179

    are you serious ? it has nothing to do with race it’s about the fact that this girl is a small child who hasn’t even hit puberty who’s in “talks” to sign with Jay-Z’s record label? a record label that could sign numerous amounts of amazing talent that have spent the majority of their lives pursuing the industry vs a child who has parents with connections. no one said anything about race other than you grasping at straws, so please watch who you call an idiot

  • bren

    i’m actually impressed, it actually sounds pretty good, everytime i hear it, i wanna bounce and whip my hair back and forth, lol, her voice sounds pretty mature for a 9 year old, watch out rihanna, lil willow may give you a run for your money, lol, the whole smith family is multitalented

  • amandooo

    she’s so cute! and to everyone, i doubt she is being pushed by her parents too much. she probably wants to have a career to be like her brother and parents. what 9 year old wouldnt want to get to sing and be treated like a princess? will and jada have one of the most real and long marriages in hollywood, and they seem down to earth.


    Hail to Willow. Now Rihanna will finally go away. Far, far, away. It’s quite embarrassing being upstaged by a 9 yr old. Willow has the “it” factor. Rihanna new single is a reflection of her: stiff, cold, and auto-tuned to hell.

  • S*

    that’s HER REAL VOICE??? Sounds like an 18 year old, damn!!
    im suuuper surprised..she does sound good

  • luisaonline

    i think the Smith’s family are really pimping their kids!

  • amy


    hahah lol @ “rihanna fans are scared of a 9 years old”

    i gotta admit when i read she had a song I was shocked like “xtf she’s only 9 years old” but it’s actually good for a 9 years old !!

  • Dream

    gay anthem! smart move. I loooooooooove the Pinkett-Smiths and support everything they doooooooo. Now let me go whip my hair back and forth. You think Will was gonna let his daughter sound wack? Hell naw.

  • shauniece

    not to hurt the feelings of a recording singer, she sounds lousy, I have heard much better from 6 year olds

  • Ulike

    She’s just too adorable!

  • mimi

    Willow and Angel (Eddie/Melanie kid), their hair looks ridiculous. Why do some black people hate their hair? Love your hair black people! I love my knappy hair!!!!!

  • Jane

    @beth: #12

    Thank you

  • Jane


    I agree. She has a great voice. I was surprised.