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Adam Lambert: Backstage Kiss with Jake Shears!

Adam Lambert: Backstage Kiss with Jake Shears!

Adam Lambert plants one on Scissor SistersJake Shears in this new video, shot late last month after the band’s NYC homecoming show.

The two shared a kiss while Katy Perry looked on, trying to capture the moment on her phone.

If you missed them, check out pics of Adam and Katy at the Scissor Sisters concert at NYC’s Terminal 5 and after-party!

Scissor Sisters News, September 2010
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  • Dan


  • Jennifer

    Damn, SO HOT

    Adam’s hand on Jake’s throat is especially hot


  • Beam


  • I had to

    you’re wlecome

  • Jonte


  • Mc


  • Sacha, 22

    Here’s a better screencap Jared ;)

  • olord

    Katy Perry needs to gtfo. She’s EVERYWHERE & in f****ing EVERYTHING

  • :o

    @I had to: omgggggggggggggggggggggg

  • Londoner


  • hahahahahaha.

    I don’t like Adam’s hair like this but that was hot.

  • http://www. V


  • http://www. V

    Jake’s scream made me laugh so hard.


    I loved Tobell’s part at the end. Hilarious.

  • Leila

    I’m jealous but I’m not sure who of.

    Adam, because Jake’s yummy.
    Jake because everyone says Adam’s an amazing kisser.
    Or Katy because she got to watch.

  • tara234


  • J-F

    They rule. That is all.

  • get out

    @tara234: yes you are homophobe.

  • whaaaaaaaaaaaaaat

    omg <3 LMAO.

  • yea

    @hahahahahaha.: He should go back to this hair short & dark brown but without the shaved side

  • http://www. Quoted for Truth

    It’s sad how Katy Perry wrapped America around her finger with songs like You’re So Gay, I Kissed A Girl and Peacock — SS on the other hand were completely dismissed from their OWN country for being “too gay”. Jake was talking about how the UK embraced them with ease but they were too queer for their own hometown. Lambert had similar problems with radio’s refusal to play Fever merely because the song contains a male pronoun, and with the whole double standards thing he went through. Why’s America so backwards…..?

  • rofl

    LOL at his sadface when he was talking about the cookie thing

  • rock n roll queen

    so funny and very hot kiss

  • …………kk

    I wish this spoof had a sequel.

  • GCHELSEA. one of my fave Scissor Sister tracks

  • Jason

    @GCHELSEA You heard Ti*ts on the radio?

  • KK

    Gee, this HAWT! ♥

  • Amanda

    lol i love them <333

    that was hot!!!!

  • JJ

    omg I LOL’d so hard but at the same time

  • JJ

    omg, I LOL’d so hard but at the same time was totally transfixed on the kiss..

  • FirewithFire

    Katy’s just sitting there, watching?………………..and filming. LOL! I know it’s part of the spoof but LMFAO!

  • bwahahaha

    That scream is fricken priceless…LMFAO!!!! :D

  • Tan Jake Shears is the cutest little thing

    &, has Adam ever made a xxx tape? I would watch.

  • Me

    Mmmm they are both really hot. I don’t know who to be more jealous of.

  • O__o

    @Tan: No…he hasn’t…….lol.

  • Erin

    @O__o: How do you know? Hahaha.

  • O__o

    @Erin: Lol. He was actually once asked in an interview, ['Do you ever worry about your ex hookups doing a Kiss & Tell on you now that you're well known?] he said, “Not really, as I’ve remained close friends with all my exes”

    ['So, then, there won’t be any Adam Lambert sex tapes turning up online?'] To which he replied, “Nooooooooo. I’ve never made a sex tape….thank goodness.”

    Lol. I would wish for a s*x tape if it didn’t have such a negative career ruining connotation attached to it.

  • http://www. ben

    @O__o:thats not why hes not worried. he aint worried because he knows hes well endowed lets be real roflll

  • iiimogen

    Their channel is hilarious, all the videos are worth a watch. Amanda Lepore brings the hilarity in this one

  • smh

    @tara234: ew a homophobe

  • raoul

    Awh he did good with the speaking acting parts as well, proud of him ;)

    I live in America and love the Scissor Sisters even though most people probably have no idea who they are which is so weird to me since they’re like campy-glamrock-disco-national-treasure-modernday-pop-pioneers in England! but not in their own country. Yeah my country is weird cos they accept gaga but not a band like ss. Anyway, I prefer that they’re not as big as gaga. The more fans you have, the more haters you have.

  • Monelle

    So gay and so hot.

  • Zara

    I was so disappointed and disgusted when Adam kissed Kesha. I do not ever EVER want to see a video of that.

    Now this on the other hand was pure fcuking hot and should have been longer.

  • xoxo

    @Zara: Because it was Kesha, or because you don’t like seeing him kiss girls? lol I agree with you.

    Yknow 3/4 years ago, I was so damn clueless……it’s crazy how much I’ve changed & learnt in just the past 3/4 years. And how much my taste has changed.

    Like, my past ignorance aside & on a lighter note, I easily daydream about this sort of stuff now whilst girl-boy fanfictions makes me snort & cringe so hard (imagine sappy fairytales, twlight & taylor swift but x 50). I can only read m/m fic now, it’s passionate & intense & romantic without being embarrassing. & I love girl-on-girl & guy-on-guy stuff more than anything else. Nothing else does it for me…..

    I’m glad I got interested in Adam despite not being interested in the show he was on, because he def changed my mindset (naturally) for the better. Maybe I would’ve grown up anyway but he definitely sped up that progression for me. Also, my bro seems much less of a shifty dbag lately & my mom’s eyes have been opened a little, too.

    Sorry I’m kinda thinkin out loud lol. I’m just grateful : p

    PS. The Scissor Sisters rule. & Katy’s gorgeous.

  • ohhhh

    Hahahahaha I liked it

  • M

    hahaha this was funny:)) Adam is cute and Ketty Perry comes across better than usual for me
    btw I also hated Adam kissing Kesha because Kesha looks unsanitary

  • shelly


  • lepak

    @M: Katy has about 1 second in this maybe that’s why lol

  • M I A

    @Zara: gurl, amen.