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Angelina Jolie Speaks Out Against Quran Burning

Angelina Jolie Speaks Out Against Quran Burning

Angelina Jolie has spoken out about a Florida church’s threat to burn copies of the Quran to mark the anniversary of the September 11 attacks.

“I have hardly the words that somebody would do that to somebody’s religious book,” the 35-year-old actress shared while on a trip to Pakistan to raise awareness about the disastrous floods.

Angie also spoke out about the floods and the lack of media attention about the devastation.

“There’s lots of speculation about why this one has not gotten the attention it deserves,” she shared. “Even all of the wonderful coverage … is not getting the response that usually it’s able to get.”

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  • Iffy Miffy

    Book burning is a barbarous act, doesn’t really matter that it’s a religious book so I couldn’t really agree more.
    Also, she looks gorgeous in that photo, gorgeous! The pose and the scarf makes her almost … ethereal!

  • Catchy

    ahaahahahh DARTH VADER!!
    beware)))) he looked very kind too))

  • milla



    she’s right !!

  • Next

    I LOVE YOU Angelina :D

  • Sami

    @boston61: Erm, she’s Democrat. Get your facts straight next time.

  • WBPfan

    So glad she’s speaking out against this stupid man’s stupidity!! Did he burn Bibles when Timothy McVeigh blew up the Fed. building in Oklahoma? No. He not only is blatantly ignorant but his ignorance is putting our troops overseas at terrible risk. More people – religious leaders, celebrities, politicians, CEOS, small business owners, teachers, retailers, everyday people should stand up for religious tolerance.

  • grace

    amazing. but she isn’t the only one who does these things in hollywood so don’t adore her like she is the new mother teresa.
    Good for you Angie, you’re a nice person.

  • Ashley

    It makes me sick to be a Floridian, thinking that one nutcase is going to to abuse his power as a Reverend to burn someone else’s holy bible, as a “message”. The problem with that is that it’s not just terrorists that follow the Qur’an. I have friends that follow that, and are some of the most open-minded people on the planet and condemn terrorists for using their holy bible as a means to excuse their hatred. It’s an attack on them too, as much as terrorists.

    Why not burn the Bible in protest of this Reverend, on Christmas? See how much he likes it when people burn his religion and beliefs. I find it so hard, as a more spiritual than religious person, to respect everyone’s religions, when it’s people like this whose actions speak louder than words, for an entire religion.

  • Martin

    that pastor of 50 parish members is an IGNORANT BIGOT!!!

    go Angie. You are so smart & beautiful wih a heart of gold.

    I am honored to be a fan.

  • hopeso

    Angelina is working as UN Ambassador to bring awareness of the plight of millions of disadvantaged people, i commend her efforts, just think a few more like her and the world would pay attention.

  • Whamo

    Hey look it’s Mary Magdalene!

  • ALEX

    Regardless of whether she’s a democrat or a Republican she’s a fake. As far as burning the Quran … the only reason why I see it wrong is that it will piss off the Quaida’s both in the Middle East and the sleeper cells in the country. Didn’t anyone learn from 9/11? If we piss them off they attack.

  • Yvonne

    Directed to Iffy Miffy……Hmmm, barbaric you say…. but in Iran there going to stone a women to death for adultery and were all crying over the fact that a church is going to burn the Quran…. where is your humanism, you care more for a book then a human life!!!!!!

  • california asset protection

    burning the koran is wrong.

  • Agatha

    Angelina is wonderful

  • Sami

    @Whamo: Hey look. Its spiteful envious hater!

  • Suritard

    Dear Angie,
    Love ya!
    But, heck book burning is part of expression of freedom.
    Just like your disagreement.

  • edna

    Burning their book will not solve anything, they will probably create more hatred.

  • lurker aka angel

    hmmm this is what is wrong with this world very narrow minded and shallow people

  • Kriss

    now she plays Maria Magdalen..
    Whats happen to he? Where is that independent women? In njihab?

  • Elle

    @lurker aka angel: sticks and stones…

  • Haters Suck!

    I want to make this point clear I think burning the Quran is a deplorable act and I in no way shape or form support it. It will solve nothing
    However, where is this kind of outrage when the people in other countries burn the American flag. Why is no one speaking out about that? That is our symbol of freedom and no one seems so upset when they burn it.

  • Free Angie

    In my eyes Angelina Jolie did Jennifer aniston a favor by exposing brad Pitt for the Cheater that he is. Is she stuck with six kids? Didn’t think so. Angelina is stuck with six is and a cheater. Yes, once again bradnhas been exposed as a cheater. He cheated on his ex wife and now he’s cheating on he Mother of his children. Surprised?

  • sillyme

    As usual, all the lefties come out of the woodwork to support the Muslims. Why is it that Muslims are the only group that is not allowed to be offended? You can insult Christians and burn the Bible; you can insult Jews…but, don’t dare offend a Muslim, that’s not allowed.

    Europe is already beginning to lose its culture and is turning Muslim, very slowly, and the same will happen to America. These idiots on the left think if we appease the Muslim community and just be nice to them, maybe they won’t attack us. By the time they realize what’s going on, it will be too late.

    I don’t support the burning of the Koran, but, why don’t these celebs shout as loudly when it’s Christianity or Judaism that is being attacked?

  • Elle

    @sillyme: I could not have said it better!

  • ran

    for the first time ,,,i think angelina is someone i look up to ,,,,,she just stand for all that is right,,i m really starting to like her ….

  • bats

    when are the men in white coats going to catch up to wacky Ang?

  • Orion

    Wearing a cloak doesn’t mean she is a darth vader :-) Women wear it all the time there, so i think she is doing this out of respect.
    I couldn’t agree more, burning the Quran doesn’t make sense and it is highly disrespectful. So i am glad she outed her mind. These days we don’t hear any straight remarks towards some critical things. The people tend to be somehow ignorant everywhere and don’t have any nuts.
    Yes, it doesn’t mean she is a new mother Theresa and people should worship her. She just did a good thing. That’s all.

  • Whamo

    I wonder if she’s actually talking to God in this picture? I mean let’s face it she has a direct line to the big guy I’m sure.

    And all the while Brads out bangin stewardesses…say it ain’t so.

  • queen bee

    I can’t get over how BEAUTIFUL Angelina looks with that black covering on….and NOT A STICH OF MAKE-UP ON!!!…..Brad must by VERY anxious to have her come back to cuddle with him…and do other things…LOL!….Here below are the two interviews….

    …link from CNN with Sanja Gupta and Angelina Jolie is first…..he calls her ‘Ambassador’, and gives her the respect she deserves, which is so great. below that there is an interview from the Washington Post website……SHE LOOKS SOOO BEAUTIFUL and she speaks out against the preacher promoting burning the Koran in Florida…. I think the pakastani reporter asks her if she supports burning Korans, and she responds vehemently that she absolutely doen NOT……and she seems VERY emotional about it…..Bravo! WE LOVE YOU ANGELINA!!! GET HOME SAFE….and soon!

  • GOD–to ang


  • me

    guys i am muslim and i am just saying if you born the holy quran you will see another 11 sep and belief me any thing is good until you talk a bout quran . We want peace but usa want war so take what you chose . .

  • Sami

    @ALEX: No Alex, she’s real no matter how much she makes you feel guilty. YOU are fake.

  • Shelly

    Today, the Mother Theresa act————–> Tomorrow jamming her tongue down Johnny Depp’s throat like a common homewrecking HO

  • Sami

    @Whamo: Ah, so whamo is Free Angie as well. Your gulliblility knows no bounds. You think we’re crazy, yet YOU are the one believing STAR magazine? You truly are the lowest of the low and are so ignorant and naive.

  • Sami

    @Shelly: Angelina has never been a homewrecker. Don’t project your personality onto her.

  • Sami

    @jen the Hag: “Geezzz does ANUSton’s fans live to wait for any Angelina Jolie thread then start the same posts again and again”
    I think they do. They are so threatened by Angelina’s goodness, that she is not the devil they believed her to be or was BRAINWASHED into believing by the trashloids, that she makes them feel so insecure and resentful. I can only feel sorry for them. They must lead a truly sad and lonely life with all that bitterness and hatred.

  • jen the Hag

    Shelly @ 09/08/2010 at 2:08 pm Today, the Mother Theresa act————–> Tomorrow jamming her tongue down Johnny Depp’s throat like a common homewrecking HO

    The homewrecker is your IDOL MANISTON THE HAG. She wreck their home loooooonnnng before Angelina Jolie came into the picture. She was never in love with Brad Pitt since she said in one of her interview HE IS NOT THE LOVE OF HER LIFE !! oH by the way HAG you need to stop projecting your hurt to ANgelina Jolie just because you were dumped by your bf/husband… stop your pity party and MOVE ON!!

  • bats

    Angelina’s team of psychiatrists has told the press to “just go with it”, next week she may show up somewhere as Catherine The Great or Florence Nightingale.

  • teri

    Good for Angelina. She is such a great woman. I’m sure the book burning will add more fuel to the fire so get ready. I’m sure ignorant people won’t care until it’s at their front door.

  • Free Angie

    @queen bee: oh I bet he’s anxious alright. Anxious to beg for forgiveness. Will she forgive his cheating? Uh oh I don’t tink so fannies! Lmao

  • queen bee



    IGNORE THE TROLLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • jen the Hag

    Free Angie @ 09/08/2010 at 2:20 pm , bats @ 09/08/2010 at 2:18 pm

    I think this HAGS lost their mind waiting for Brad and Angelina to break up as you can see in their post they are now resorting to writing FANFICTION bwaahahahahhah


    @sillyme: Umm.. my Muslim cousins are bullied to death in the USA, a Qatari Muslim was killed in England a few days ago, I have seen British children strangle Muslim children in public PRIMARY English schools (and receiving no consequence’s for their actions).. and basically the whole wide Western world fcks up Muslims.

    So who said they’re not offended?
    They’re always OFFENDED, the way you portray them in their movies as terrorists and barbarians also offends them, you know in reality the majority of well-off Muslims really like American culture, american movies, american music. Moderate Muslims don’t have a problem against americans no matter what they do.

    If a dark-skinned Muslim man auditioned for a character that’s ‘race’ isn’t specified, do you think the man would receive the role? in Hollywood. NO!

    Muslims are offended just as much as Jews are. And as if anyone dares offending Jews anymore. The woman at the White House was FIRED because she said ‘the Jews should get out of other people’s lands’. She offended Jews so they fired her.

  • queen bee
  • yep

    Emperor Palpatine !

  • Sami

    Wait… let me get this.
    Angelina is a ‘phoney’, yet she is taken seriously to the extent that she is meeting with the PAKISTANI *PRIME MINISTER* ??
    Yeah, sure. Sure she’s a ‘phoney’. (rolls eyes) TRUE phonies throw cheques, hold telephons and donate old ratty things for auctions. Angelina is respected by a) NELSON MANDELA, and b) is taken seriously enough and has certainly impressed officials enough that she is meeting with the fuqking PRIME MINISTER!!!
    Some ‘phoney’- BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA :)))))))))

  • Musilm

    God bless you Angelina

  • ran

    i starting to have such a respect for angelina ,,,she s stands for what s right ,,,i love that about her