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Chris Brown: Shirtless Miami Beach Bum

Chris Brown: Shirtless Miami Beach Bum

Chris Brown and some friends hit the warm waters of Miami, Florida on Tuesday (September 7).

The 21-year-old singer was seen having chicken fights with his friends and riding around on a jet ski.

Last week, Chris hit No. 1 spot on the Billboard R&B/Hip-Hop charts with his goodbye groove “Deuces.” The song appears on Chris’ mixtape, “Fan of a Fan.”

Chris also stars in the heist thriller Takers, in theaters now!

20+ pictures inside of shirtless Chris Brown hitting Miami…

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chris brown shirtless miami 01
chris brown shirtless miami 02
chris brown shirtless miami 03
chris brown shirtless miami 04
chris brown shirtless miami 05
chris brown shirtless miami 06
chris brown shirtless miami 07
chris brown shirtless miami 08
chris brown shirtless miami 09
chris brown shirtless miami 10
chris brown shirtless miami 11
chris brown shirtless miami 12
chris brown shirtless miami 13
chris brown shirtless miami 14
chris brown shirtless miami 15
chris brown shirtless miami 16
chris brown shirtless miami 17
chris brown shirtless miami 18
chris brown shirtless miami 19
chris brown shirtless miami 20
chris brown shirtless miami 21
chris brown shirtless miami 22
chris brown shirtless miami 23

Photos: Fame Pictures, MavrixOnline
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  • amy

    his tattoos look really stupid.

  • Stone

    I guess his fans have forgiven him.

  • justsayno

    keep your head up chris, dont let the hater get you down

  • Sama

    WHAT HATERS? he deserve to get people to hate him.
    ugh, I HATE HIM.

  • DD

    hes really changed as a person…..not because of the incident that happened las year…..i dont really like him much anymore

  • Allie

    Takers was a fantastic movie, though it had some silly scenes.
    For people who still hate Chris Brown for what he did, take into consideration that both parties involved have moved on. Rihanna is in a relationship and is working on yet another album and is obviously happy. Chris had a #1 song and a #1 movie and is furthering his career as well. If they can get over it, I think you can too.

  • Gui


  • eyeh8twilight

    Ok, for someone who was accused and plead guilty to beating up his girlfriend, it’s not smart to be photographed at the beach throwing a girl off your shoulders.

    I know they’re playing, and I know it’s in the water, but come on, Chris, really?

  • Get Over It!

    Y do U have to call him a BUM Jared?

    Keep doing you Chris!!

    Move on with your Life! He has!

    Rihanna is still prostituting herself…. Talk about that!

  • sunshine

    =D love him <3

  • the truth

    @justsayno: @Sama: Look he just having fun . Time has pass you all need to get over what happen.His ex has moved on with her life with someone else. He has done a lot better withhimself. And you don’t know what really happen. Keep your head up chris. you have made yourself better by having a no.1 movie and it still bringing in the cash.And jared the one that you should be calling a bum is rachel bilson. She didn’t even want you to have her pictures hen she was on her vacation when she was in hawaii. But still you post her pictures and say nice things about her when you posted her pictures and she don’t do no work at all. So give chris brown a nice title when you post his picture again.Glad to see his singing career going well. His movie has grossed over $40 millon dollars in ticket sales..when the people haven’t counted it making takers nO.2 this holiday weekend.God bless you chris brown. never doubted you for a moment.

  • susanna

    Ewwwwwww he is such a douchbag.His fans may have forgiven this monster,but I never will. When he beats the crap out of another woman, Im gonna say I told you so.He looks like such a thug with all those jailhouse tattoos.

  • walaluda

    So cute! Wish I were in miami!

  • http://justjared mjforlife

    I am happy really happy he is getting his carer back on track if Charlie Sheen can go back to work after threatening his wife with a knife and Sean Penn who let us not forget BEAT THE HELL out of Madonna and his wife Robin Wright can get an Oscar Chris can go on with his life.

  • LEB

    @mjforlife: @mjforlife you took the words right out of my mouth! Thank you!

  • besta

    Love him, he’s my idol!!!!

  • Eh

    I don’t like CB but Deuces is a f****** hot song! I’m gonna give credit where credit is due.

  • Ashley

    Why are you continuing to post articles about this convicted felon? It is really displeasing to see on the JustJared website. It would be greatly appreciated if you would refrain from such disgusting posts regarding disgusting human beings.

  • Leila

    The word gross is overused a lot. But this is one case where it fits perfectly.

    F****n GROSS.

  • monelle

    he is so disgusting

  • http://www. V

    DNW. Not sure why he’s being posted about JJ.

  • Weber from Brazil

    I just love his music
    but I gotta say: why is him so over-inked ??
    Why do rappers/ R’n'B singers have so much tatoo??
    I think it’s gross….

  • Ben

    his music and his voice sucks donkey balls. and hes so fkn ugly

  • Tyrone

    His fans are beyond deluded.

  • Janet

    Chris seems like he’s having fun, whats wrong with that? You want him to cry? Oh wait he tried that and y’all just said it was fake! Anything he does, someone will always hate. But its ok, just because you dont like him doesnt mean others will follow suit. Half of y’all dont even matter so… *shrugs*. Im actually surprised at this post though.. Jared doesnt seem to like him too much so thanks for trying I guess. Oh and I HATE his tattoos!!

  • http://rebel_one/ laurab

    U know what Jared F**k u y do u have to call chris a bum. Damn get over it. This is a young man that made a huge mistake and said he was sorry wat more do u want from him.. he’s 21 years old not 41 let him live.. Damn domestic violence works both ways remember tat.. GET OVER THIS SH*T ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.

  • gaeljet

    what a hot body!(ironic obviously ;)lol)

  • Golf Clap

    Well, apparently, Jared he’s not much of a “bum” to you if you willingly dedicated another topic about him but with 23 pictures. I can pretty much say you as well as those who claim to “hate” him are lying to yourselves and love the ‘ole guy after all. Otherwise, why would you put forth so much energy to discuss a person you couldn’t careless about? It doesn’t make sense to me.

  • clay

    @mjforlife: Agree with that all of the way.

  • wtf

    @besta:A woman beater is your IDOL…………nice to know!

  • lolo

    im so happy to see him back …. Haters back the hell up and let this boy live his dam life gosh

  • BinderiyaE

    That 4th picture is just hilarious!!!!!

  • Tracie

    @Sama: LOL…and your hating him accomplishes what exactly? It means nothing to anyone but you. LMAO

  • Tracie


  • Sage

    Yay for Chris!……..I’m so happy to see him going on with his life because there is no one on this earth who are without sin,so those that judge him are frankly,irrelevant.

    I think haters are mad because Chris has not let their will for him be his will for himself……..He has not allowed the evil of man to sway him from the path God has for him and I so love that.

    Haters are mad because Chris has smile and he continues to do so and he is living his life and having fun at the beach,which I bet many are upset because they wish they were there..There is an agenda by those that continue to hate him because they never mention REAL abuse victims.

    Many with an agenda never mention Charlie Sheen or Mel Gibson who are older white men with histories of abuse….They also never mention the fact that Rihanna hit Chris first or about her history of hitting her brother as told by her.

    This situation with Chris is about racism and jealousy for him.As a Black person,I REFUSE to let hypocritical Whites brainwash me into going against ONE OF MY OWN PEOPLE when I know those same hypocrites are MUTE AS HELL when Whites do something.

  • Shasta

    Just another worthless useless thug now.
    He’s for the BET crowd now. He’ll never be mainstream again.

  • Janeway2819


    “They also never mention the fact that Rihanna hit Chris first…”

    You CB fans are pathetic. Completely sorry and pathetic sub humans. YOU wacked out fans created that ish. There is NO PROOF that Rihanna hit him at all NONE. That is you trying to justify his very horrific, cowardly, and punk ash adult actions. Hopefully, someone pounds, kicks and bites you and leaves you bleeding on the side of the road so we can say that you were responsible for it yourself. You pathetic little cretin. So then his equally stupid mother deserved those shots to the dome by his stepfather then right? Cause obviously she hit him first right? Sorry ash fool.

    Stop thinking from between your legs or like you have a chance with him. You don’t.

  • Erin

    I just threw up.

  • lyric

    UR HOT



  • britny

    @Tyrone: GET A LIFE dont go hateing on Chris you no you love him and it was all rehannas falt if you read thids Chris I LOVE you

  • britny

    @Tyrone: GET A LIFE dont go hateing on Chris you no you love him and it was all rehannas falt if you read thids Chris I LOVE you