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Gisele Bundchen: Balthazar with Baby Benjamin!

Gisele Bundchen: Balthazar with Baby Benjamin!

Gisele Bundchen pushes her sleepy son, Benjamin, around in a stroller after grabbing brunch with friends at Balthazar on Wednesday (September 8) in New York City’s Soho neighborhood.

The 30-year-old supermodel’s son turns nine months old today! Can you believe how much Benjamin has grown already?

Last night, Gisele rocked the runway at Fashion’s Night Out held at Lincoln Center!

FYI: Gisele is using her Maclaren stroller.

10+ pictures inside of Gisele Bundchen and Benjamin out to brunch…

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gisele bundchen benjamin brady balthazar soho 01
gisele bundchen benjamin brady balthazar soho 02
gisele bundchen benjamin brady balthazar soho 03
gisele bundchen benjamin brady balthazar soho 04
gisele bundchen benjamin brady balthazar soho 05
gisele bundchen benjamin brady balthazar soho 06
gisele bundchen benjamin brady balthazar soho 07
gisele bundchen benjamin brady balthazar soho 08
gisele bundchen benjamin brady balthazar soho 09
gisele bundchen benjamin brady balthazar soho 10

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  • ms bar jolie gaga

    bar rafaeli is 100,000 times MORE beautiful. gisele looks kinda manly. the kid seems cute though.

  • lexy hates bilson

    The paps need to quit bugging her when she’s with her baby! It’s disgusting!

  • athena

    yeah, very manly lol

  • Infaqmously Cool is pathetic

    IC is so negative.

  • Luna

    I love her hair!

  • ging

    @ms bar jolie gaga:

    aww too bad bank account and status proves otherwise

  • kk

    she is stunning face body hair <3 love gisele. the last supermodel

  • CanadaGirl

    Beautiful Gisele. Everything about her is enviable – hair, figure with legs that go on for miles, and a husband that loves her and practically ran to get her down the aisle.

  • John

    @ms bar jolie gaga:

    why are bar peeps so obsessed with gisele? they wont stop talking about her! I mean for people who claim they dont like her they sure seem to focus on her alot….WEIRD.


    She is simply stunning.

  • ms bar jolie gaga

    bar and leo will have amazing looking kids! can’t wait! love you bar!

  • share

    she is a natural beauty and looks so supermodelicious at all times! never like a random bar girl…. she screams supermodel. she doesnt need tons of makeup and fixed hair to look stunning. natural beauty. and yay for a model with no face bloat/double chins! say no to the bobble heads. love giseles small head and face.

  • asheley

    seriously one of the cutest hollywood babies. well no wonder with parents like his, lol. it was a given

  • pp

    benjamin is sooooooo cute!

  • ms bar jolie gaga

    where is poor bridget moynahan and poor little jack? sad.

  • Julie

    oh you fatties could never get a man like tom brady or leonardo, shut up and go get lost! if you dont like her, dont click on her name. but i know she is pretty interesting and hard to resist. we all make her more famous! haters and lovers alike! its awesome. Gisele is the Queen.

  • whitney

    @ms bar jolie gaga:

    who is bar?

  • ms bar jolie gaga

    bar is a beautiful, sexy woman who is a throwback to sex symbols like christie brinkley, marilyn monroe and brigitte bardot. bar looks like a young brigitte bardot. men love women like that. manly looking giraffes are for hanging clothes. curves are for loving! bar we love you. your kids with leo will be the most perfect in hollywood!

  • gx

    she is elegant and graceful and natural looking. love her tiny face and long swan neck. Such a Supermodel!

  • brazilnut

    @ms bar jolie gaga


  • ms bar jolie gaga

    why did she do bridget moynahan wrong?

  • brazilnut

    funny nobody gave a shit for Barf at the fashion’s night out lol

  • polly

    miss goo goo gaga why dont you go look her up then? lol
    they are both beautiful in different ways. gisele in a more unique supermodel way, bar in a more commercial actress-y way. Its what you prefer I guess. but yeah lol you did see who ruled the fashion show right and who wasnt in it right? lol

  • Fer

    @ms bar jolie gaga:

    and only one is a supermodel from your list, lol. that says alot and nope Christie Brinkley had Vogue Italia and Vogue Paris covers AND was 5/10. curvy, but never stubby. dont compare please.

  • supermodels

    Gisele,Cindy,Linda,Christy,Claudia,Kate,Naomi,Christie,Elle <3 one namer icons. yep. bar? you want to go to the bar for a drink? thats all that name means…

  • Joise

    lady looks like a dude!

  • Apple

    Gisele is gorgeous and the last supermodel! funny people say who is hotter etc…yet their bank account and modeling portfolio says otherwise.

  • mare

    i don;t want to be noticed but I go to Balthazar. please

  • mare

    “Mom i can;t breath please take the blanket off of me. It is so hot”

  • pulease

    oh thats right, thats why bar has had 98 Vogue covers,50 or more Harpers Bazaar covers,10 or more Vanity Fair covers, 2 Rolling Stone covers,every edition of elle,marie claire,cosmopolitan,galmour cover you can imagine…i-d,pop,numero, you name it Gisele’s done it and bar hasnt. LMAO. no comparisons. thats why gisele has been the face of versace ,dior ,dolce and gabbana,missoni,celine,valentino,roberto cavalli,etc muliple times louis vuitton,..the list is endless. thats why Gisele is worth over 15o million dollars based on her “oh so dreadful looks and body” ALONE. lmao. bar is probably just pinchin leos bank account. doubt she has one of her own. she doesnt do anything other than hang out and look like a soap opera actress.

  • ken


    Jealous much? You nobody.

  • fatso


    sorry your face is so fat you think that is the female norm. how sad, this fat woman obesity epidemic. It is normal to have thin dainty faces and high cheekbones you know. well for the attractive above average kind that is. you average fat women with chipmunk cheeks look like you take cancer therapy or drink too much alcohol or eat too many chips. its not normal to look like that! All the greatest beauty icons of all time had thin dainty faces with beautiful sculpture and high cheekbones. chipmunk “beauty” only became in style a few years ago. its will never be iconic/ideal beauty. Giseles face strcuture is, its only her features that people may not prefer. I love how unique she is. no one looks like her.

  • pulease


    actually flashlights from the gazillion papparazzi cameras are worse for a baby, lol.

  • anna

    @ms bar jolie gaga: I’m sorry but this post is about one said anything about bar, why are you here??

  • Name


    I agree, lol. I only talk bad about girls when I have been jealous of them or when I was feeling insecure about myself that day ahaha. haters pretty much prove by their words,what they look like….lol. but no one cares,afterall they are the anonymous nobodies online.

  • Smith

    so mare…what you are saying is she’s too good to enjoy a nice beautiful day in NYC with her baby and friends for a nice walk and some lunch like the rest of the normal folk do every second of everyday? Pretty double standard and unfair if you ask me. I’m sure Gisele needs to eat to survive too.

  • Stomp

    Its always madness when Gisele visits NYC. when she lived there new pap pics everyday. That is why she moved to Boston, so those crazies would leave her alone! the minute she steps into NYC again they are all over her. A Listers don’t go unnoticed .

  • US

    she always gets so many comments. like her or not. she is powerful if even her haters love to check up on her! haha

  • Britta

    beautiful German woman with her beautiful german-American son!

  • rain

    Gisele looks gorgeous!! I admire her for what she has done with her career on her own. She is an amazing supermodel, i hope to one day be a stylish mom like her. I wish her the best!

  • Brooklyn

    Weired. Both parents are blond and blue eyes. Why this baby has brown eyes?

  • reba

    her body is AMAZING. That being said, who ever told her she is pretty – lied!

  • lol

    @msbar jolie gaga: G R O W U P!!!!! Does it make you feel better about yourself that you trash Gisele and this way try to prove how great Bar what`s-her-name is? How old are you? Just look at the ratings of your comments! Very popular! LMAO! Get a clue, loser!
    PS: You miss Bridget M? Honey, she moved on years ago maybe you should do the same! Btw where is Bar`s ex-husband? Don`t you miss him?

  • lol

    Gisele looks amazing as usual just like last night on the runway! She is breathtaking and even at the age of 30 with a baby her body is to die for!!! Married life seems to fit her very well. I just wish her hubby was Leo…
    @mare: So well-known people are not supposed to go to popular restaurants anymore? It doesn`t matter where she goes paps will find her and take her picture anyway. At least she is trying to protect the baby unlike other celeb moms like Jessica Alba who never made an attempt to do the same with her daughter and they are permanent fixtures in tabloids. If you hate her so much at least try to come up with something reasonable to prove your point.


    extrodinary catwalk in fashions night out !
    she rocked the whole show !
    beautiful shoe here also her bag
    alwyas perfect
    gogo gsiele i love u more than i can say !!!

  • ms bar jolie gaga

    hmm fer: are you serious? marilyn monroe and brigitte bardot don’t have to be supermodels, they are beyond that. they are icons of beauty and so is bar. why do you think the hottest actor in the world is with her? get over your jealousy. gisele used leo to get in that taxicab movie with jimmy fallon that bombed. bar=marriage material for leo, the hottest actor in the world (besides brad).

  • ms bar jolie gaga

    britney spears sold a TON of records, doesn’t mean she is a good singer. gay male fashion execs like gisele because she looks like a man – a 19 yr old man. bar is a throwback to brigitte bardot – the kind of women that men who are interested in women like. that’s a fact. gisele=good to hang clothes on. bar=good to make men drool. leo the hottest star in the world has her. don’t let the jealousy kill you lil girls. haha!

  • @47

    Get lost already with your Bar obsession. What on earth does she have to do with this thread? Because she is the current girlfriend of Gisele`s ex? How old are you? 10?

  • @47&48

    You are pathetic! Laughable just like Bar! LOL!