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LeAnn Rimes: Williams-Sonoma Shopper

LeAnn Rimes: Williams-Sonoma Shopper

LeAnn Rimes is all smiles as she picks up a few home furnishings at Williams-Sonoma on Tuesday (September 7) in Calabasas, Calif.

Before her shopping trip, the 28-year-old singer grabbed lunch with her boyfriend, Eddie Cibrian, and his son, Jake! The trio ate at King’s Fish House together.

“Just finished cooking dinner and hanging with the sweetest 3 boys around!” LeAnn tweeted last night. “Watching Scoooooby Dooo right now and ordering Halloween costumes”.

20+ pictures inside of LeAnn Rimes doing some shopping…

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leann rimes williams sonoma eddie jake cibrian lunch 01
leann rimes williams sonoma eddie jake cibrian lunch 02
leann rimes williams sonoma eddie jake cibrian lunch 03
leann rimes williams sonoma eddie jake cibrian lunch 04
leann rimes williams sonoma eddie jake cibrian lunch 05
leann rimes williams sonoma eddie jake cibrian lunch 06
leann rimes williams sonoma eddie jake cibrian lunch 07
leann rimes williams sonoma eddie jake cibrian lunch 08
leann rimes williams sonoma eddie jake cibrian lunch 09
leann rimes williams sonoma eddie jake cibrian lunch 10
leann rimes williams sonoma eddie jake cibrian lunch 11
leann rimes williams sonoma eddie jake cibrian lunch 12
leann rimes williams sonoma eddie jake cibrian lunch 13
leann rimes williams sonoma eddie jake cibrian lunch 14
leann rimes williams sonoma eddie jake cibrian lunch 15
leann rimes williams sonoma eddie jake cibrian lunch 16
leann rimes williams sonoma eddie jake cibrian lunch 17
leann rimes williams sonoma eddie jake cibrian lunch 18
leann rimes williams sonoma eddie jake cibrian lunch 19
leann rimes williams sonoma eddie jake cibrian lunch 20
leann rimes williams sonoma eddie jake cibrian lunch 21

Photos: GSI Media
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  • ugh

    Two cheating douchebags, and Rimes is soooooo fugly to boot.

  • offtheproperty

    She’s the best !

  • christyjolie


  • gwen

    Wow JJ, do you think that this photo-op with EC and his son has something do with the fact that EC is being slammed for buying Leann bracelets AFTER he hadn’t paid his son’s school bill?

    This is getting disgusting, the manner in which you glorify these two.

    So while EC is out having lunch, did he pay BG the $20,000 in child support and alimony that he owes her.

    So now you want us to believe that EC is a good dad because he took his son out to eat with Leann, who is so insecure that she uses another woman’s kids to taunt her?

    So we are supposed to think it’s okay for EC to dine out, since he did take one of the kids with him, right?

    JJ, did you know that Katy Perry single was number 1 and you don’t even post about her with the frequency that you post about Leann. So what can we conclude? That Leann is paying you to post this fluff?

    EC is disgusting and NBC should take note. No one is going to watch that show knowing that he is on it, just look at what little concern he has for his kids.

    EC reminds me of a crackhead, pimping out his kids in exchange for LR money. And the positive reinforcement he gets from JJ and People mag for doing it.

  • Vanessa

    No one cares, LeAnn.

  • gwen

    Seriously, who didn’t see the “HAPPY FAMILY” photo-ops coming?

    No one is buying her “romance” with EC, so Leann thinks that she can make us believe that EC loves he if she tweets about his kids and tips off the paps so that they can see them with her.

    Hey JJ, didn’t EC say that it’s not child focused to expose the kids to the paps and that the person who does that is just trying to draw attention to themselves? Yeap, check out his custody petition. So why don’t you post Eddie’s words, you know the ones where he contradicts Leanns? Because that would ruin the fairytale you are trying to sell?

    So once again, JJ confirms that EC is a liar and if he can’t even keep a promise he made to his own kids we know that he isn’t even keeping a promise to Leann. So EC is cheating on LEANN.

  • gwen

    Of course she is all smiles, GREMLINS take much pleasure in the havoc that they cause in the lives of others.

    She is using BG own kids to taunt her and you pat her on the back for that. Why wouldn’t she smile? You and People mag tell her that this type of behavior is cute.

  • AnitaB

    God damn is she homely. Man. Poor little boy, bet he wishes mommy and daddy were together. I guess this horribly dressed old lady who is constantly on his daddy, like a hawk circling a rodent, buys him a lot of things. And daddy doesn’t have to work or anything, so he is around a lot more. Since he’s not allowed to leave the house or anything, since he might fall down and have his dick land inside some random woman anywhere at any time.

    And wtf is with Cibrian’s hair since being with this horse faced hosebeast? Does he do it with a flowbee? Is he not allowed to get it cut at a hairdresser? Is homely mcgee worried he will sleep with a female hairdresser OR a gay male hairdresser? I imagine there are a few straight male hairdressers she can sit in a chair beside while he gets it cut. I know she’s a homely pig with the personality of a mentally stunted 12 year old, but really. Let the man enough space to get a decent haircut. He looks like crap.


    White Trash extraordinaire.

    Just sickening.

  • sissy

    she’s really pretty…so natural….doesn’t need a shred of makeup!

  • Hugh24

    if you call that pretty then i don’t know what ugly is! lolz. her eyes look like she has been attacked by wasps and bees. sideview, she looks like a horse!

  • AnitaB

    Haha…”naturally” looks like a pasty yet weathered sow. Yeah, that’s a look I suppose. Nothing most women on the planet aspires to.

    All I see in her pics is squinty fat-filled eyelid slits and huge horsey fridge door looking veneers (reminiscent of Hillary Duff’s, before she so smartly had them replaced. So currently a comparison for neigghhhh!!! Rimes could be…Gary Busey).

  • gwen


    Hey CBME(aka RACY, allison) Who we now know is LEANN.

    So what you are saying is that Leann still doesn’t have any support, despite the fact that People mag and JJ keep writing all this fluff for her?

    CBME, we know it’s you because there are a ton of posts on JJ where you write that LR is natural, not to mention that when you post as allison you also use that word.

    Leann isn’t natural. she curls her hair, dyes it, wears makeup, tans, and works out. If she was natural, she wouldn’t do any of those things.

    If Leann doesn’t need make-up, why then was she wearing it at Tabu? See you really need to think before you post.

  • ++Logan++

    She is ugly inside and out. Can’t believe how smug she is after breaking up a family with her and Eddie’s cheating ways. They both make me sick.

  • gwen

    Hey JJ how come you won’t address the issuse of EC exposing his kids to the media after he said that it’s not child focused to do that? I mean he allows LR to tweet about his kids and then tip off the paps so that they can see them being a “happy family”, yet he had a fit when his wife was spotted on a beach with her kids. So why do you keep ignoring this? Is selling LR “fairytale” more important than the truth?

  • AnitaB

    My fave pics…when old gray haired Cibrian and the cute kid are totally blocking home wrecking atrociously homely slut Rimes, who is skulking stalkerishly behind them. While she’s carrying bags of crap she paid for, to bring to the house she paid for with utilities she pays for, for her way hotter than her, though looking like ass gigolo. lmao. What an effing moron she is. Love it.

  • gwen

    Can anyone explian why EC looks so DEFEATED or DEPRESSED? Or looking AGED after he goes away with LR on those trips, like he
    spends the mornings throwing up because he spent the nights getting trashed on tequila and cough syrup?

    You think that this is the look of love?

  • Not Impressed by AJ

    gwen get a life and get over it, Leann is happy with her life and I know that pisses you off, but seriously GET OVER IT.

  • Not Impressed by AJ

    gwen get a life and get over it, Leann is happy with her life and I know that ticks you off, but seriously GET OVER IT. Leann owes you NOTHING.

  • gwen


    Hey, don’t insult Gary Busey like that.

  • Not Impressed by AJ

    Leann isn’t ugly inside and out, her haters are. Hating hurts the haters but doesn’t hurt the one being hated on.

  • Not Impressed by AJ

    Can someone explain why gwen is so obsessed? It’s sickening and needs to stop.

  • http://deleted lol

    @Not Impressed by AJ:
    lol its hurting her career because her single has flopped..concert tickets are not selling well, and her album is going to flop as well..eddie is unemployed and mooching off of say the hate she gets is hurting hers and eddie’s career..instead of not being impressed with jolie u shouldnt be impressed with ur idols least brad defended aniston AND jolie when the media attacked them..eddie just remains quiet and leeches of wewe

  • gwen

    @Not Impressed by AJ:

    Hi Leann(aka allison, racy, cbme, irean, heavenbound, maried, kaylyn)

    So your fanbase is so low that you are reduced to posing as fans.

    Yes, Leann we all know you need to get a life and get over it, how many hours do you spend tweeting about another woman’s kids and then paying JJ and People mag to glorify your behavior?

    Oh come on, if you were happy, you wouldn’t be on twitter always trying to validate it.

    Leann is NOT happy with her life, hence why she taunts BG with her own kids.

    Oh Leann you are just pissed off because no one believes that EC bought that bracelet for you. Isn’t that why you ran to People mag? All you did was make the public dislike you even more, bragging about a bracelet when EC hadn’t even paid his child support so the kid can go to school.

    Seriously, Leann, you need to GET OVER IT. No one likes you or believes that EC loves you and payng JJ to post about EVERYWEEK isn’t going to make that so. Tweeting about how you and EC have sex isn’t going to make us believe that he loves you.

  • http://deleted lol

    @Not Impressed by AJ:
    this is sickening.
    .read her crazy rants to brandi..many have suspected ths is leann because she knows too much info including when the divorce was finalized and other imp things that only an inside person would know..leann has stalked brandi on twitter before in the past as wewenlove as well..and u thought gwen was crazy..allison needs to go in the insane aslyum ASAP

  • gwen

    @Not Impressed by AJ:

    Hey Leann(ka allison, racy, cbme, marie, kaylyn, irena), perhaps the better question is to explain why you are so obsessed with BG to the point where you dress like her, wear your hair like hers, act like her kids are yours, and stalk BG using the name of allision.

    I mean if EC loves you, why then are you stalking BG as allison?

    Yes, Leann it is very sickening the way that EC pimps out his kids so that he can have his fix(your money). The public also thinks it’s sickening how you keep tweeting about those kids, they are not yours and you are burning many bridges.

    Well you know that, hence you showed up posting under even more different names.

  • gwen

    @Not Impressed by AJ:

    Leann (aka allison, cbme, racy, kaylyn, irena, marie)

    So since YOU hate on Brandi, by your own logic the hating is hurting you.

    I mean in the past THREE DAYS, how many different names have you used on JJ? If you had the fan support, you wouldn’t be here posting on JJ and paying JJ to allow you to harass and stalk the regular posters.

    Check out your ticket sales? Has yoru single even moved from being in the 50s?

    You have to pimp out a 7 ans 3 yo child, something is really wrong when an adult has to use a child to promote her album and single.

  • AnitaB

    Sorry Busey, you are so much prettier, I’ll admit it.

    Leann is happy with her life? Uh, OK then. So can she let “her” man out of her sight for more than about 1.4 seconds? Yeah, didn’t think so. No matter how smug (and obnoxious) she looks she is completely insecure and rightly so. Without the millions in her bank account to buy a “hot” man with she is absolutely nothing, whether she could yodel as a 14 year old or not. Because that’s all she really is, to more than her biggest top 24 fans, with all of their “issues” and whatnot, since anyone who follows on twitter (out of morbid curiosity I subscribe to, like I guarantee most “followers” do, like a car crash to be honest, soooo embarrassing to read) sees all that “stuff”. Her 10 or 15 TOETELLY DEVOOOOTED fans who she gets all her rabid stalker fan messages from, daily, multiple times, obsessively, about how teh AWSUM!11!!! she is. Teehee. Entertaining, that’s for sure. I would never admit I follow though, to anyone I actually really communicate with. lmao.

  • rubyc

    Leann is delusional and pathetic. It’s not hating, just a truthful observation. And no amount of your- sassy-trashy talk can change that!

  • gwen


    Did you see what JJ wrote in the other thread?

    That Leann and EC are two peas in a pod. It’s like you said, LR is so afraid that EC affairs will be exposed and thus show that her “romance” with him isn’t better han his marriage to BG that she makes him go EVERYWHERE with her.

    And I find it so funny that she makes him dress like her, as if wearing the same colored shirt and pants is going to make us believe that EC is in love with her.

    EC looks horrible, and yet JJ and People mag keep insisting that it’s love. EC is depressed and it shows. He is probably upset because he really believed that his “hotness” would get him out of the trouble with the public and now he has to rely on JJ and People mag to do that for him.

    I just find it funny that JJ keeps posting LR tweets about these kids when EC said that it’s not child focused to expose them to the media and press.

    Why does she refer to EC as a boy? He is a grown man. I guess it reflects EC maturity level.

  • Bella

    She is ugly and classless and her old gigolo is selling his son to the paps. So sad for the kids…

  • Ruth

    Seriously I wish they would stop their constant PR.

    He is an unemployed actor with little chance to work in the future because he has no talent, and she spends her entire life talking about herself on Twitter.

    Don’t they have a gram of decency! Give it a break, stop the PR, let the children, who have suffered enough because of this couple’s behaviour’, live normal lives without camera all the time. They aren’t Pitt and Jolie, who wants to see them?

  • Lawrence

    Some of you people should be sterilized for the sake of future generations.*lol*.

  • susan

    So. It’s come down to blaming the economy for Leann flop single and unsold concert seats Strange when ALL the other artist out there such as Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton are doing so great albums flying out the doors and sold out concerts that’s just to name two many many more Leann is playing Susie homemaker right now ,but she will tire of it and want her house back to herself and she will get it when Big sad looking pathetic excuse for a man gets tired of her and she starts running out of money

  • charity

    anyone with even half a brain such as racy, leann and 3 horses could see that that is one sad looking man in those pics think he is in deep depression and why wouldn’t he be. look what has happened to him He has lost everything even his manhood and all the while Leann struts around grinning from ear to ear over the prize she won If that man had one sinle ounce of strenghth left He would run for the hills there is no way on this earth that he is in love with that nasty, ugly,horse faced woman She looks o.k. with heavy spray tan on but outside she looks like she was hit with the ugly stick many many times He just old and defeated and his hair think maybe Leann is cutting it for him so he won’t be exposed to any other person male or female

  • Sami

    What is with the haters posting within seconds of each other and changing nics? You really think its not obvious, Gwen/lol/Bessy/Blair/Paul/Bella etc 100 others. My god, could you at least try to be less obvious?

  • Kristin

    I think people are being too cruel to LeAnn. People get divorced, it happens. I think she is really in love with EC, but I am not sure about him, what he wanted out of this.

  • charity

    Why sami racy allison I do declare aren’t you all full up of righteous indignation You got up pretty early today If you post under many more names you will have gone through the English names and have to start using Arab names well, I’m off to work to make my own money ; heaven forbid that anyone in the entire U.S.A didn’t work for their own money per Miss Spacey RacyI have many friends who are stay at home moms and deeply resent Racy allison saying that they need to work now or later THAT IS NONE OF HER BUSINESS she has indeed made a lot of stay at home moms furious I’ve told a few of them myself and they are on these sites now letting Miss LR, racy, allison, 3 horses have it

  • blair

    Eddie looks miserable!

  • blair

    Eddie looks miserable!!!!!

  • susan

    Blair goody goody he should be miserable after what he did to his wife even Brad Pitt came to the defense of Jennifer amd AJ when they were being slammed but poor old Eddie doesn’t dare say ONE WORD in defense of his wife because Leann would take away his allowance

  • blair

    @ Susan
    So true. Plus I think the short leash and choke collar she has on him is cutting off his circulation!

  • susan

    Hope it cuts off the circulaion to his wandering D*C*

  • janet

    everybody knows that LR is happy with Eddies situation for him to be dependant on her and with no job where he just might have to do a love scene and kiss another woman She would never trust him that far because she does remember what happened the last time he went on a location shoot

  • http://deleted lol

    allison is leann..allison said jake starts school sept 8th and leann tweeted jake starts school today…leann is one sick individual

  • blair

    That makes sense since no one else cares (except Brandi). Just like no one cares how many lunches she makes each day….what does she want homemaker of the year award? She already got homewrecker of the year.

  • hatecheaters23

    Remember Allison knows that Jake starts school because her “girls” go to school with the “boys”. She has to cover her a$$. Just like she knew that the divorce will be finalized last Friday. It’s so obvious but she has to cover it up by saying she’s Eddie’s best friend….lol.

  • Munchie

    I don’t follow twitter much but I did check out LeAnn and Eddie’s morning’s tweets from Las Vegas….Funny as ever.

    LeAnn: “Eddie and I wore out each other last night”
    Eddie: “I’m still thinking about how great the David Gray concert was last night”.

    Oh yeah, this is all going to work out.

  • janet

    rubyc couldn’t have said it better myself you go Brandi Cibrandi, you are free but your huband will NEVER be free. He has become a sad pathetic poor excuse for a man

  • troll is bent out of shape

    Goodness gracious troll, y ou are not having a good life!

    LeAnn is glowing and Eddie’s little boy has daddy’s dimples. Looks just like Eddie.

    Thank you troll for running up the posts, it mean continuing coverage of LeAnn’s happy family life.