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Freida Pinto Covers NY Times Style Magazine

Freida Pinto Covers NY Times Style Magazine

Freida Pinto graces the Womne’s Fashion Fall 2010 cover of T, The New York Times Style Magazine.

The 26-year-old Indian actress next stars in Woody Allen‘s latest London-based ensemble film, You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger, out Sept. 22. In a case of art imitating life, Freida plays exotic musicologist Dia, who leaves her fiancĂ© for another man.

In January 2009, Freida called off her real-life engagement to Rohan Antao and started dating her Slumdog Millionaire co-star Dev Patel.

“I feel what I did was right,” Freida shared. “There were no two ways about it. But when I walked into Woody [Allen]‘s office and read the scene in the nursery, where Dia confesses for the first time that she has doubts about what she is getting into, I was like, Has someone been reading the gossip magazines to Woody?”

Freida Pinto’s Screen Test for NYT
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  • http://j ivanka

    beautiful! i love her eyes

  • lexy hates bilson

    She looks stunning!

  • giz

    how is her accent?

  • Duscan

    She is unbelievably gorgeous

  • Alice

    Omg why is she dating that slumdog patel??..HEY FREIDA PLS STAY AWAY FROM INDIAN GUYS .THEY ARE ALL VERY UGLY.

  • Dark and lovely

    Wow its great to see a gorgeous dark skinned women representing us in west.But In India no one(maybe except for few like me) likes pinto. Racist hatred towards Miss.pinto from her own country ppl just proves how many indians hate there own skin color.

  • AutumnM

    She is beautiful

  • Jada

    #5 Bitch please. my man is Indian and he NOT UGLY. Get your Sh*t together.

  • @Dark and lovely

    Well said gurl.Indians (esp guys) are very racist towards there own people.They are all surprised that a dark girl whom they consider as ugly is hailed as great beauty in america

  • Black boy

    She and dev looks very cute together

  • Lakme

    There is irony in people stating categorically that ‘all’ this and that are racist…lumping everyone together…now what is that called?

    I’m also suprised that some people have met every single Indian male in the world…amazing you must be at least 500 years old to be able to attain such a feat…either that or very stupid.

  • Minnie


  • James

    She is the prettiest indian women i have seen in my life.

  • Sanjay gupta

    @dark and lovely: ur a bitch.what’s wrong with indian liking white girls?..YES WE HATE BLACK GIRLS LIKE THIS

  • Guy lodge

    I think she is one of the most stunning women alive

  • Jasmine


  • Juleanden


    I am assuming you have never been to Indian to say something like that.

  • Juleanden

    sorry India, upset that some one could make a comment like that

  • to Dark and Lovely

    You are absolutely right. When I visited India I was really puzzled by racism towards dark skinned people!
    People other there just don’t care about features, skin or overall body and facial shapes, all they care about is the skin colour! I was amazed to see some seriously ugly actresses like Karena Kapoor and many others who are considered to be beautiful just because they are light skinned, and at the other hand there are some ridiculously beautiful actresses like Kajol and Freida Pinto that they see as UGLY because of their dark skins. Please look at Freida’s face… I favor her a way before Aishwarya Rai because she has the perfect features (while Ash has a CROOKED nose!). Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but in India it’s really about racism!

  • jajulicious

    Dev may not be handsome but he’s very likable. Freida on the other hand is gorgeous.
    Yes, they worship white skin in Bollywood. If you watch their films you will notice how they are made to look so white. The lighting is all geared to make them look white so when you see them in real life they look so much darker. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. Why do Indians worship white skin so much when 90% of them are brown? Their ideal beauty is someone called Aishwarya Rai who dyes her beautiful black hair red, wears tons of make up to look white (she’s actually medium brown in skin tone) She would look so beautiful if she didn’t do all that. There’s someone called Bipasa Basu who is very beautiful and dark but they always make her look white on screen and magazines. They actually sell a cream called Fair and Lovely which is supposed to make your skin whiter and the country’s top star Shah Ruk Kahn is the face for the skin. Shame on him who is dark brown to do something like that instead of encouraging Indians to like who they are. Looks like Freida will be a very inspiring role model in this regard. She’s already talking about this problem.

  • Alice


  • sofe


    I think you have been rejected by too many guy. Your foolish and ignorant.


    Ur 100% right.Biggest selling product in India is a fairness cream called Fair and lovely.India is the only country in the world where they have seperate fairness cream for Men

  • Redina

    Im shocked to know that indians are so racist.They should be proud of freida.

  • lovelydee

    She’s so gorgeous.

  • Fab sugar

    Freida looks like mexican.I can’t believe she is Indian.

  • what?

    @Fab sugar:

    you must be on crack NO WAY IN HECK she looks Mexican and anyway Mexico is racist too, no brown skin people are wanted. The telenovelas everyone looks like European Anglo

  • Jiji


    Hey Alice, incase you didn’t know Freida is INDIAN! lol

  • John

    I don’t like her, i think her acting is poor and her attempt at a fake british accent is annoying.

    She is a social climber using poor innocent Dev Patel to do it.

    Just Jared is always obsessed with untalented actresses.

  • Alexk

    Why indians like white color? Simple. Brahmins are little bit fair color the other indians. In order to control rest of the population they created most hindu gods white and with few dark god just balance it out. Idea is make them look godly against other brown people. India is racist becuase of hinduism and brahmin culture. That is why chinese hate indian racist culture , pakistanis hate hindu culture. Most muslim india were hindus , they all converted because muslim religion did not racial towards its own people not as much as hinduism especially if you had dark skin.

    India is one of most racist country and the world know little about it

    Indian elite obsession for white skin nauseating. They control media in india. they defend their pathetic behaviour.

    Freida has perfect face. Aiswarya rai has crooked nose , karisha kapoor has long horse face.

  • @JOHN

    U know the meaning for social climber??..Freida is a bigger star than dev.He gets publicity only because of her


    F*c* all those dumb indians who hate freida.

  • truth

    Here is the really truth bollywood doesn’t give a crap about skin color as Freida claims. What bollywood cares about is making cash. Are you marketable in India and International. Ash and the other bollywood A listers are marketable in different demo-grapics that is why they are picked, also they have little thing called talent which Frieda doesn’t have.

    Here are some dark skinned actors and actress in Indian Film.

    Kajol is dark skinned and is considered a great beauty among indians and is talented cont….

  • truth

    amitah bachaan is coffee color and he is considered the king of bollywood

    Bipa basu is dark skinned and very pretty.

    Point is you need to have talent, and marketable face. Frieda doesn’t fit the bill, she is pretty but not talented sorry, 8 lines in the movie slumdog doesn’t make you movie star. It is because slumdog was popular that frieda is able to visable on the film industry. Without the movie she would be nobody. most indians think she is fake, and social climber.

  • @TRUTH

    Stop lying man.kajol become a top actress only because of Srk and karan.Without there support no one who have cared about her.Bipasha was a supermodel before entering bolly.INDIA IS THE MOST RACIST COUNTRY IN THE WORLD.THOSE WHITE WANNABE INDIANS ARE PLAIN JEALOUS OF FREIDA’S SUCCESS IN THE WEST


    Well said man..I too hate those ugly slumdogs aka indians who are jealous of freida.

  • Really?

    i’m asian but not indian, and I honestly dont agree that Indian are racist towards their own people. I guess in asia ppl are just not used to embrace their own uniqueness, if you look ‘better’ different than the rest of your people than you’re better, if you look the same then u’re mediocre..I personally think Frieda is beautiful, I don’t find Ashwarya rai that beautiful, just okay though a lot of ppl say she’s like a goddess.. I mean don’t white people do the same thing now? They love tanned people instead of pale people.. White ppl are obsessive with being tan, just like Indian ppl perhaps obsessed with being fair skinned..that’s just the way it is, people want what they don’t have..I just thing that we all should just embrace what we’ve got..

  • Snigdha

    Hey ppl, dont get judgemental..I’m from India and I dont judge people based on their skin tone at all!….Sure there are plenty of fairness creams in the market..but you know who buy them?..people with dying self-esteem..its almost like how people would do anything to get into the cheerleading team but you know not all cheerleaders do those knida things to get into the squad….umm i dont know if you got what i meant..but not all of us are racist when it comes to skin tone..only the illerate ones :)


    @snigdha: If only iliterate Indians are racist then how come fair and lovely became biggest selling product in ur country??..according to a survey almost everyone in India use skin lightning products

  • Annie

    She’s beautiful! I like her nose! :)

  • kajol


    lol alice ..dont go around saying garbage such as all Indian guys are ugly..that is not nice ..try to be respectable to ones race ok..although its ur preference u can try to be a bit more kinder in ur choice of words..coz u really seem very ignorant..i am from India and my complexion is of frida and there has been no discrimination against me regarding my skin colour!!! it just boils down to individual and there perception of white people love to tan and make there skin colour darker..while Indians prefer a lighter look….@JAJULICIOUS im in event managment from mumbia and i have personally seen ashwariya rai and he skin colour is fair she is a normal women who applyz make up and like any other gal she likes to chnage her hair colour as well..u see white gals gyin thr hair from blond to blak like lindsy lohan.thr is no issue behind this ,sum gals like red sum like pink so plez dnt say all tat…if u live in india ten u will no abt the pollution problem and wat it does to ones face (makin it look dull/dirty) fair and lovely fairness cream contains normal vitamins as any other product like chanel !! fairness is highlighted as a marketing strategy..just as u guys have body lotion tat contains a tint in it …but yes i wnt deny the fact tat fairness was considered more appealing than dark skin but now times r changing the younger generation are more wordly than our grandparents..we have a better understanding of wat is beautiful and wat is not..freida is gorjis and so is ashwariya nt coz of skin colour but coz of facial shape…gals here love beyonce and kimora and them both r dark skinned so this whole idea of generalizin abt people from india and fairness is wrong…..alice ur comment abt indian guys look worse than slum dogs …this statment jus sums up on what level u operate dnt be silly plez..u r jus been nasty……
    namaskar to all

  • Alexk

    I am watching how all indian media are bashing Freida now as her movie miral was a downer.

    Just type freida pinto in google , you will see many articles trash miral as though it was western media , then u look at url , it was indian media websites.

    Indian media and indian elites are racist!.

    Hope USA abandon india and block all software business with india.
    Then we will see.

    Chinese are less racist than indians

  • kajol

    the person who commented on truth wordz……..u talk as if u no karan and srk personally ….dear kajol is talented and a diverse actor ..jus like rani ..ty made it on thr own !!!! come see our models here during lakme fashion week we have a variety of skin tones!!!!!!! as far as white wanabe its the same as how young girls try to copy thr fav star …ty r nt trying to be white..thr is nothing special abt been white ok…our best indian designers such as rocky s and vikram all r coffee colour i dnt see people boycotting ther clothes jus coz ty r dark
    frida as a actresss ( the gal said a few lines in the movie and suddenly she is a star lol) she needs to prove herself as an actor first b4 slumdogs as u call them can be jelous of her…

  • @ALEXK

    I have too noticed that.Its shocking to see how they try hard to put down there own country girl.

  • kajol

    ..we all have our likes and dislikes
    within the usa racism still exsists (white /black thing)
    its every wher in the world
    frida based purly as talent she is nt rated high hence the negative words towards her….. chiness women wore special shoes wen ty wer little to keep thr feet small so it wnt grow which caused so many problmes later on, this was done becoz thr perception of beauty within a women was for her to have small petite feet so wat happens to the gal wid big feet is she considered ugly? plez each religion has thr issues…..

  • jajulicious

    A few reviewers criticized Julian Schanabal the director of Miral and the film itself and only one reviewer didn’t like F’s acting but the Indian media made it seem like all the western critics didn’t like F. I really see a bias against F in India. She has signed up to 6 hollywood films the latest being with the famous french director Jacques Annuaud but the Indian media hardly gives her any attention. Infact Miral is just start doing the festival rounds and the real reviews haven’t come in yet. Some British papers praised the entire cast of Miral and called F distractingly attractive but no mention of that in Indian press. Anil Kapor with just a guest role for the tv series 24 gets so hyped up.

  • not impressed

    Frida is very pretty, and very articulate and well spoken. But she had a cameo in a hit movie which catapulted her to stardom. The kids were the real stars of the movie, and dev patel (he also did a very nice job), but somehow Frida who had the smallest role got the most recognition, and i think that people in india see the unfairness in that. I think that she has been snubbed in india, because she ate up and ran w/ the glory that everyone knew belonged to the kids who made slumdog magical. So, they see her as a bit of a phoney, and exremely lucky (right time at the right place), without paying her dues. And the fact that she keeps talking about how india doesn’t recognize her the way the west does, it seems like she’s trying to cultivate some drama , and make india look bad for not rolling the red carpet out for her. It’s almost like she’s saying ” yeah, could you believe they (the nobodies) don’t give me the time of day?” Well, maybe they’re not as stupid as americans and they know real talent when they see it and obviously in their eyes, Frida’s not it, and i don’t think her coloring has anything to do with it. Frida is not a great actress period. and bollywood has some superb actors, so no it’s not surprising that they don’t give her the time of day. Why should they? Just because she became famous here, ? And where did she pick up that awful pseudo british accent. her mumbai accent was so charming!


    Indians have horrible taste in everything.Even a donkey could become a super star in bollywood if it looks white.

  • Alexk

    Indian curry is smelly. All indians are smelly. To act in bolly wood you do not need acting skills , you just have to have fair skin and sleep with producers and actors. It is simple. But you must have “really” fair skin.

  • omg


    this is such patent BS. there are SEVERAL “dark” skinned people in their entertainment industry. There are several who are famous and applauded including Nandita Das (Water, a Cannes juror), Kajol (GREAT actress), Tabu (Namesake) who are not only applauded for their beauty but who can also ACT and are considered prominent stars. Pinto, gorgeous girl, but is unproven.

    Using fairness creams is an epidemic ALL over asia – you only have to look towards Japan and Korea and they have entire high end brands (on the level of Lancome) who make plethora of fairness creams. it’s the equivalent of tanning cream here. and i find it hypocritical for us to criticize – how many of hollywood leading ladies are “dark skinned”? NOT THAT MANY.

    but thanks for accusing Indians of being racist and then simultaneously calling them smelly. i think that says more about you then about them.