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Jonathan Rhys Meyers: Fashion's Night Out with Reena Hammer!

Jonathan Rhys Meyers: Fashion's Night Out with Reena Hammer!

Jonathan Rhys Meyers couldn’t look happier with girlfriend Reena Hammer while celebrating Fashion’s Night Out at the Armani boutique on Wednesday night (September 8) in London, England.

The 33-year-old actor is set to star in Belle Du Seigneur, an adaptation of Albert Cohen‘s French novel about an affair between a Jewish diplomat and a married Swiss woman on the eve of World War II.

Elsewhere in London, Inception breakout star Tom Hardy was celebrating FNO with his fiancee Charlotte Riley with Mulberry.

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Credit: Dave M. Benett; Photos: Getty, MavrixOnline
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  • ihateph

    this dude always looks crazy

  • Heads/Tails

    Jonathan R-M skin has a ghastly pallor. He looks sweaty, anemic and like he hasn’t had a decent rest in ages. He can be a very nice looking guy—but I’ve read several reports that he’s a heavy drinker (he was banned from United Airlines…and has had several brawls at airports for drunken behavior.) Meyers has proven some great work in his acting and he CAN be a handsome guy—but sometimes the wild eyes and now, the pasty skin, makes me wonder if he’s healthy.

  • James

    What’s the story with this guy? Is he on drugs?

  • Whatever…

    CRAZY EYES!!!!!!!!

  • MissAnthropica

    He has substance abuse issues for a long time now. These events have alcohol everywhere for the taking to someone like him so there is temptation everywhere for a recovering addict.
    Most likely he is off the wagon again…. sadly.

  • numbers game

    Be nice! If he is having problems, then have a heart! I think he looks great in some of these shots, particularly the one where he is smiling. He is pale in a few too; he is white…and Irish. We are a pale people. And enough with the “crazy eyes” shit! If you had a gazillion flashbulbs going off in your face you might look a little dazed too. I think the paps try to get bad shots of him now to try to get rumors started. He is gorgeous and talented. I cant wait to see his new film. Thanks for posting this Item, Jared:)

  • Leila

    I don’t have respect for him….he used the N word. & don’t tell me it was the drink talking because alcohol only heightens & brings out what you already think.

  • jeezzer

    He really got creepy eyes – eeewww scary!

  • Kara

    he always looks like a serial killer

  • :/

    JRM is closeted and deeply uncomfortable with it……….extremely self hating about it………I suppose that’s why the alcohol problems started…

  • well

    I feel bad for him :( His interviews are always so intense and uncomfortable. You can see he has personal demons. :(

  • Matt

    That’s not the eyes and skin of a drunk. I know he had/has heavy drink problems………’s clear he’s also touched drugs……….damn I should know. Son, get back in Rehab before it all spirals again.

  • numbers game

    Glad to know so many of you are omniscient. I am in love with that shiny suit! I wonder if it is Armani. He looks like he has trimmed down a little, and thank gawd he trimmed that facial hair. Lord have mercy, I love that pic of him smiling.

  • California Dreaming

    I personally think it’s wonderful to see Johnny out and about since entering rehab again. And smiling, too! I sincerely hope he’s cleaned up, is healthy and can move on to have a beautifully blessed life. He deserves something good for once. The poor guy has been through hell and back too many times.

  • numbers game

    @California Dreaming:
    Amen to that! I have seen no photos or appearances from him since May, so I am glad to see him venturing out. My heart goes out to him, and I wish him well.

  • Mari

    @Leila: Yeah, right…because he is SUCH a racist, he’s always had girlfriends which so support your theory.

    Stupid morons always see racism where there is none.

  • DD

    Oh gosh, Reena looks even uglier than the last time I saw her.

  • ivory

    @Leila: You are ridiculous.

  • ==

    Ahh, enough about crazy eyes! He can’t help it if he was born with small pupils – honestly! It’s perfectly natural. And pale? Please, he’s Irish!
    It’s absolutely brilliant to see him out and about after rehab. And personally I think he’s always gorgeous.

  • Pilgrim

    I love Reena’s dress. She looks stunning. Is it Armani?
    I don’t know what to say about Jonny. He needs rejuvenation or something.
    Are Jonny and Reena married? I see a small diamond band on her third finger, left hand.

  • tandy

    I think he looks wonderful. Love what they are both wearing.

  • newton

    I’ve missed seeing this beautiful man. He so handsome and such a great actor

  • grace3

    So good to see this handsome man. Love the suit and love seeing him without the facial hair

  • showbuz

    I love him. Anxious for his new film. It sounds sexy.

  • the truth

    Don’t get to see him much here. But glad to see back in the public life.He has a nice smile. Also its good to see his girlfriend still standing by him.Good luck with the movie.

  • Natch

    Wow. I’ve missed seeing JRM. Sure has been a long time. I hope he’s doing well. He’s way too gorgeous and talented to lose.

  • LUV U

    Not sure I agree he looks happy but I love seeing him. The pale skin is the Irish thing, plus the photography here is not great and he looks light in comparison to his girlfriend.

  • Carol

    I think that Jonathan looks fine. It is a great shame that people have to make such nasty remarks about him. He is a really good looking man and a marvellous actor. I hope his new film is a great success. I am a big fan of his.

  • Shelly

    I think he looks like hell. She does, too. They’ve both aged 20 years in the past five. He’s gained a lot of weight. Look at the straining buttons on his vest. He looks sick and sad to me in these photos. The smile is very forced.

  • Juno

    He does look rough. Lets hope the sick look is indication that he’s recovering from a very bad time in his life, rather than heading into another fall. Reena surprises me. She used to be really pretty. Now, they both look very very used up.

  • Candy

    I don’t know either of these people. Who are they? Her platform shoes bother the hell out of me. Maybe it’s supposed to be high fashion, but when I look at those things, all I see is giant hooves attached to gnarled boney legs. It’s bloody hideous. Makes her ankles look like a little old lady’s, all tortured and arthretic. If this is the new “hot”, count me out.

  • june traner

    I think he has a sort of fragile beauty and he is naturally pale. That’s why in some pictures he looks wonderful while others are less flattering. He is an absolutely beautiful man, though. I don’t think he looks happy to be here. But that could be for any reason — even something less serious like he’s missing his favorite football match.

    The girlfriend. I could pick her apart and she’s not my style but she’s not ugly … far from it.

  • sugarbabe

    Why is this rich Indian woman dating this ignorant racist?

    Oh right, he’s white and famous.

  • june traner

    Pictures speak louder than the unconfirmed words of some unnamed source on a gossip site. I’d say she probably likes the guy and he’s good to her since they’ve been together for five years

  • friendly

    He has the bluest eyes I’ve ever seen

  • Shanti

    Very happy to see this gorgeous man again..
    He looks fine, maybe a little tired or uncomfortable: he doesn’t like those events. His skin is pale because he is Irish and the flashes of photos, in that light, at night, don’t help. Have you seen some pics of David Gandy, who was at the same event? Nobody would say he is the most famous model in the world.

  • London

    Another dot-head self-hating EAST INDIAN woman who bought herself a white man. All East Indians bleach their skin in an effort to be more British. They are filled with self-hate.

  • S*8hallo

    These pix say alot….too much to comment…don’t know what’s going on with them.

    I will say this….her dress is beautiful.

    JRM’s performance in THE TUDORS moved me more than many actors. I will miss him and the rest of the brilliant cast. The guy played henry with such intensity …you really felt like he was King.

    So even though tghe show didn’t get awards ..or nominated by the political snobs at the Emmys…the fans really appreciated their great, stellar performances…weekly.

    I thank them for taking me back in time every week!

  • CraftyColl

    Nice group of people JRM calls a United Airlines worker the n-word. Lelia brings that incident up and a bunch of you haters jump on her like a pack of wild animals. Nice people… And that is what America is built on right allowing racists a free pass because they are……..actors?
    Quite frankly he looks seriously medicated in these pics scripts or maybe something else. His girlfriend/beard looks gross in the hooker platforms and it appears she may have put tanner on her legs because they are somewhat orange…..and asians are not orange by the way…… I guess one might say I dislike racists as much as peoplel on this site dislike Lelia for mentioning the racial slur at the person trying to earn a living…

  • friendly

    Seriously CraftyColl. A pack of wild animals? I don’t think so.

    Much more to the point: Are these posters really to take moral guidance from someone who makes fun of a woman because she decides to put tanner on her legs to try to look good for a fancy event? Go

  • Fifi

    Oh STFU will you!

  • CraftyColl

    friendly…I am not asking anyone to take moral guidance from me….afterall I am not one of those nutballs who log on to these sites and get INSANE just because someone says they don’t like something about an actor….or his GF/beard….. you know the nutballs that feel they must defend the honor of a racist actor (who they don’t even know sad, very, very sad and desperate)….know who I’m talking about?

    Fifi….spoken like a true Intellectual… what was your degree in English Lit?


  • ethel

    I think there’s something about his eyes, I don’t know what it is but scares me

  • anna

    what an ugly girlfriend!They seem sweet least he doesn’t go for blond bimbos. I thought he was gay.. I guess he’s bi then..anyway, I don’t care about him, I want henry cavill news!

  • friendly

    Well Crafty I don’t think I’m obsessed. I just think you are a bit mean. Anyway I do think he’s gorgeous. And what a wonderful actor. So glad to see some news about him

  • ms bar jolie gaga

    he is a coward like mel gibson. ef ur going to go into a racist rant about a group of ppl, afterwards just admit you did it or just say you were exercising yr right to speak your mind but don’t blame it on rehab, coward!!!! therre are plenty of drunks and drug addicts who don’t go inot racist tirades. on top of it, using slurs toward a hard working airline person wh doesn’t even make a quarter of what he makes. yup, just like mel, a douche and coward. why excuse these rich brats? cowards.

  • Jessica

    why is he with that ugly girl when he can get anyone?

  • Liset

    Glad hes out of rehab. x

  • twisted sister

    I am so glad to see pix of him. He’s going to be in a really sexy new movie. I love when he plays in romantic roles

  • Rose

    Separate the man from the actor. Personally I think JRM did a fantastic job playing Henry VIII in the Tudors. I would like to see him in more roles of this nature. Then again, if the most recent airport incident in May 2010 is true, I abhor that kind of behavior in anyone. Obviously he’s a man with a great deal of inner turmoil. Hope he gets help because he is a very good actor. Hate to see such talent go to waste.