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Kate Bosworth in The Reasonable Bunch -- FIRST LOOK

Kate Bosworth in The Reasonable Bunch -- FIRST LOOK

Check out the first OLV pictures of Kate Bosworth shooting her new comedy, The Reasonable Bunch, at The Rochester Chop House in Rochester, Michigan.

The 27-year-old actress and newcomer Ezra Miller will play reckless siblings dragged to a chaotic family wedding by their overwrought mother, portrayed by Ellen Barkin. Demi Moore plays the hot-tempered new wife of Barkin‘s ex-husband, played by Thomas Haden Church.

Reasonable Bunch is the directorial debut of Barry Levinson‘s son, Sam Levinson.

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  • Ace

    …I don’t even know.

  • another day

    Hmm. There really aren’t words, are there? If this is what she looks like, wonder what they’ve done to Demi…

  • http://JustJared KB’s analyst

    Im glad to see that she is eating and keeping her strength up…break ups are a bitch to get thru…..well played, Alex!!

  • nanny825

    Even if it’s a decent movie, she’ll stink it up. She is absolutely talentless, aside from the “audition”.

  • okay

    she has a job!!!!

  • Ellen

    Congrats Kate, you make a lovely couple.

  • http://JustJared KB’s analyst


  • who?


  • mickey

    ugly chick.

  • geez

    Those are not flattering photos.

  • c

    omg, i love the chop house! rochester is my home town!

  • Abby

    Seriously, doesn’t this woman own a hairbrush or comb?

  • oseary

    Kate is looking rough.

  • Wilson

    She suffers from early onset, female pattern baldness.

  • Wilson

    She should speak out about it. She could help a lot of women.

  • azlea

    Come your hair, Kate.

  • vids

    JJ gets paid to blog about this girl.

  • vids

    That’s why he steals from other websites when there’s no new pics.

  • Nat

    What’s with the get up? Is she trying to look younger cause she’s ten years old than her sibling in the film?

  • jives

    She looks like a bum.

  • cute

    Cute girl. Terrible hair.

  • dancer

    Hobo chic

  • WTF

    What happened to Kate Bosworth???
    She used to be adorable.

  • Clue

    She looks hobolicious as she always does.I wonder where we can get the look? JJ’s not doing his job!

    In all reality this post is probably longer than she’ll be in the movie.

    Btw, kudos for JJ for not mentioning another person in this post.

  • groovelicious

    I can’t believe this is the same girl from Blue Crush.

  • what a joke

    found this on an alexander forum TPF get ready to LOL

    From this week’s In Touch magazine

    True Blood’s Next Wedding

    Get ready for another fangtastic wedding: Alexander Skarsgard and his girlfriend, Kate Bosworth, will be the next to make it legal. According to a friend, the True Blood star was so touched by the wedding of his co-stars Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer that he proposed to Kate and now they’re planning to elope. ‘They are very much in love and want to get married’, the friend says. ‘Anna and Stephen’s wedding was just more motivation’.”

    Photo is the sitting on the lap in Sweden/May trip with the caption: “Alexander, 34, reportedly took Kate, 27, to meet his parents when they were in Sweden recently

  • R&M

    Is KHo starring in a bio of Holly Hobby or something?

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    …LOL …fail.

  • Blueberry

    @what a joke


    they weren’t even at the wedding….!!!

  • okay

    @what a joke:

    uh huh, pull this leg….it sings jingle bells lmao

  • Crazy fangirl

    @nanny825: Just keep drinking your Svedka… hopefully you pass out soon so we won’t have to read your crap any more

  • alex on the set of battleship

    ok ok I know its not an alexander thread and I will have to suffer and its killing me by putting it on a KB thread so I will post a sexy picture of AS posing with a fan on the set of his new film battleship and in uniform he looks dashing and smart yum yum hope it cheers you all up instead of looking at KB

  • JM

    I’d much rather look at this:

    What gives JJ? Now that Alex wised up and dropped her bony butt, you won’t post about him? Gotta keep the checks rolling in I guess.

  • alex on the set of battleship


    oh JM that has made my day thank you so much love Alex in uniform great pics

  • JM

    @ Alex on the set of Battleship:

    Thank you too. Love the sweet fan pic. ^_^

  • wishful thinking

    I am in doubt that they have broken up I still think Kate is going to drag her f***in a** to the battleship set when they change location.
    or i bet when they are both done filming expect some pics of them I need more proof that they are actually done.

  • another day

    @wishful thinking: Agree, she’ll be running to Baton Rouge, but maybe if he sees these photos, he’ll be done. Or ask her if she has a curfew to get back to the compound.

  • karen

    Thank you for the photo! it is painful to put it on this thread, but those are yummy photos-love a man in uniform.
    Tell me all this talk about a breakup? I had only heard they had a fight or something, this is the first I heard of a breakup? Can someone explain?

  • Just Joanie

    Alex looks gorgeous in uniform. Thanks for the pictures. I wonder when they’ll release photos from the set (or ship).

    Oh yeah and … WILSON!!!! : )

  • Clue

    @Crazy fangirl: @Crazy fangirl:
    @nanny825: Just keep drinking your Svedka… hopefully you pass out soon so we won’t have to read your crap any more

    Funny that you know that she drinks Svedka. You must have been part of the forum and were banned. Nice that you would you use private info to back stab people who trusted you. Says a lot about your lack of character or integrity. I guess that’s why you’re a fan of backstabber like KB.
    Btw, some of us are not as nice as Nanny. I’m not.

  • F*K U

    This is for the hobo. That is all I got to say to it.

  • http://justjared mjforlife

    No way he proposed to her NO WAY this is ridiculous he wasn’t even at the weeding so how can he get “touched” or “motivated” by that ? I was at a weeding a couple of weeks ago and I really liked it and this was one of the closest persons to me and my family sure it made me happy about him but I won’t get “motivated” to get married because a close person to me did that is ridiculous .He is in no way serious about her he won’t even own up to dating her if they are so serious why not take her to at least the after party of the Emmy’s ? I tell you why because this is a f***ck buddy situation gone wrong I bet he will need a restraining order in the near future LOLZ especially with Orly being married and a feature father.

  • okay


    just hearsay but suprise to see it in print…..there were several sites that said they were arguing in Sweden, a tv program similar to the E channel said she dumped him because she is looking to settle down and he is passe’ and Perez Hilton noted she may have cheated when she went home to Mass. with an old boyfriend

  • evathediva

    @Clue: I agree Clue that was uncalled for. Actually she or he still might be a part of the TPF and hiding behind a different screen name. There are some mean ones on JJ, and for some reason they target Nanny alot , while I’m sure you are not., some of them come from other forums , and start crap, like the one that shall remain nameless, but they supposedly have all the inside info on Alex.

  • Conando

    If you’re waiting around to get Kate Bosworth’s autograph, you should really examine your life choices.

  • @crazy fan girl

    @Crazy fangirl:

    that is a very nasty and a horrible thing to say to anybody on any public forum!!

  • JM
  • @clue @evathediva

    well said to both of you

  • another day

    @Conando: I could not agree more. And just to say it – that food in her hand is clearly a prop. Cigarette/glass of water? That would be a meal for KB. Not real food.

  • LisaM

    Wow! She looks ragged, I guess she’s not used to working! But she will fail at it because she is one shitty actress!!