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Lourdes Leon: First Day of School!

Lourdes Leon: First Day of School!

Lourdes Leon heads to class during her first day of school at the NYC public school LaGuardia High School of Music and Performing Arts on the Upper West Side on Thursday (September 9).

The 13-year-old daughter of Madonna, who runs a Macy’s clothing line with her mom, sported leather ankle boots, a black skirt and a plaid sleeveless shirt over a white tee.

“I saw her in the morning and in the cafeteria,” a fellow freshman told the Daily News. “She was talking to people. … She blends in with everyone. She seems like a normal person.”

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  • KellStar

    I wouldn’t wish a “normal” high school experience on her because most people seem to have hated their high school days lol. I’m sure she will study hard and make plenty of friends.

  • the african darkside

    Public school that’s very impressive. But public school is hard for some average people. So i’ll understand if ms leon chooses private school after awhile.

  • Keyla

    Is she Madonna’s daughter?? Omg she looks nothing like her

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    …i cant belive madonna sends her there. LOL

  • lexy hates bilson

    JJ why are you paying for pics of this kid being harassed by the paps?? Where is Madonna? I don’t see her in any of these pics?

  • Jaded

    I kinda feel bad for the rest of the kids there. It’s a performing arts high school and everyone goes there with the intent to eventually become a performer and shine in their own right. It’s going to be very hard to stand out with Madonna’s daughter there attracting attention just for showing up.
    One the flip side of that we’ll probably get a much more mature group of talent coming out of that school after spending the next few years dealing with paparazzi and having front page press for every performance that Lola’s in.
    They get the bonus of the bigwigs showing up, but will the bigwigs even see them with the spawn of Madonna standing next to them?

    @Keyla: She looks like Madonna did before she started trying to beat back the effects of aging with a needle and a knife.

  • elizabeth

    madonna was on the news for riding the subway, yesterday! must really be deperate for attention

  • the European whiteside

    She’s so dark and Cuban! EWWWW!


    I bet she has a hairy back and legs.

  • ihateph

    she’s a beautiful latina Madonna.. I think its great Madonna sends her to public school even though its not your average public school..

  • elizabeth

    they’re peddling a “new” shabby chic! its just pr people! yea, I’ll bet she went there for 20 minutes.

  • Nina

    She really looks very much like her mother:,,21823422,00.jpg

  • luxegirl

    Kinda cool – she’s going to the FAME school.

  • Kendra

    Elizabeth, get a life and stop being a bigot. It’s no coincidence all those negative comments were written in a row.

  • ms bar jolie gaga

    Yeah, she is going to the FAME school. Nice.

  • elizabeth

    I only made one comment, this makes two!

  • Mel

    Why are paparazzi at her school?

  • LOVE

    MaDonna Is more then likely a very hard to please Mom. Lola will be expected to do things like any other teen. MaDonna did things on her own…… This girl is not getting a free ride. If anything she will be expected to excel…… Above ….. Guess we will see if she has talent?

  • to the european whiteside

    and you are a racist fool!!!

  • lovelydee

    she’s such a gorgeous young lady.

  • Bebe Fran€aise

    Pretty girl awww, she finally got rid of the extra facial hair {= Whats up with comment #8?? Are a brainwashed ten year old or something? Try to grow a brain.

  • pickles

    jared, you need to take this thread down!!! Lourdes is only 13 years old! Why would anyone post the name and location of her school! That is just SO wrong. The fact that paparrazzi are there is evil and horrible. When this minor child is out with one of her parents, or attending an event with her mother, I understand that she will get photographed. But she is not supposed to be harrassed and stalked while going to school. I think this is disgusting. It’s a violation of her privacy, it is not good for the school and the other kids, and it is a threat to her safety.

  • Angelica

    -_______- you know guys. We had famous people coming to our schools in the past 4 years i was there. Models, Actors, Photographers…..we really don’t care if she’s famous. Actually…we really just don’t care in general. You’re making a big deal out of…pretty much nothing. Although i can’t lie, i hated my H.S. days. But if she doesn’t like it she should be able to leave. Privileges of having a certain amount of money. I think if its for your kid’s education. Then utilize as necessary.
    trust me. Everyone is snapping pics and on her back now but it’ll calm down. As kids we kind of care but after a while its like….okay. so? That’s the best thing about choosing LaGuardia. Everyone is talented and even with your fame its not like you’re going to be harassed or shunned by it. (In the SCHOOL. But insane media crazed adults….i don’t know about that. you guys are crazy and desperate harping on a 13 yr old)

  • mike

    At least she is not going to Arizona High where she could be subject to racial profiling. No Grand Canyon for this latina Lolita.

  • Linda

    Wow she’s grown up so fast. Where does the time go? I remember when she was first born the paparazzi were going crazy trying to get a picture of her. There were 1000s of paparazzi waiting at the hosipital. It was unreal. But Madonna did a good job of keeping her little girl away from them. And then Madonna finally decided to let the world see her in Vanity Fair magazine when she was around 2 yrs old. Unlike other celebs Madonna did not sell pictures of her child to any magazines. Madonna started the whole celeb baby trend. Before Madonna most female actresses/celebs would hide their pregnancy and such. But after Madonna had Lourdes it became cool for celebs to have kids and to be open about their pregnancy.

  • loli

    so beautiful!..

  • Lani

    She is very pretty for a 13 years old

  • Alice

    i’ve never heard of a 13- year old high school freshman before…
    don’t know, i’m not american, but it’s not common, is it?

  • Amazed


  • $

    Shes very pretty. I wouldnt be surprised if those girls will be jealous of her and make her life difficult. By the way, she reminds me more of her father but maybe with madonna’s eye shape.

  • it

    ahhh…lola in La guardia high school!! amazing!

  • j

    why is she being stalked by paparazzi at school. this is so wrong

  • interesting 101

    Very interesting that Madonna has chosen to send her there.

  • yu

    i love this girl!!

  • Jaded

    @Alice: I was 13 my freshman year. It kind of depends on when you started school.

  • just saying

    wow! she’s homely!

  • marta

    she looks just like Madonna at the last pic… by the way why there are her photos from a school here?

  • maia

    Wow she looks gorgeous and she’s grown up too fast. I like her style