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Michelle Obama: Play 60 in New Orleans!

Michelle Obama: Play 60 in New Orleans!

Michelle Obama congratulations players after a football game in support of the NFL’s Play 60 campaign at New Orleans’ Brock Elementary School on Wednesday (September 8).

The First Lady was joined by NFL alums Deuce McAllister and Eddie George as well as Taylor Swift!

Play 60 is an NFL movement designed to tackle childhood obesity!

“It’s not just enough that you exercise, but you also have to watch what you put in your body,” Michelle said as she addressed an audience of kids. “You can’t live on soda and chips and all that. You can’t. Sorry. If you could, I tell you, I would. But you can’t. You’ve got to have vegetables and fruits.”

10+ pictures inside of Michelle Obama at a football game in support of Play 60…

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Credit: Chris Graythen; Photos: Getty
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  • KellStar

    Childhood obesity is no joke, especially when it’s then passed down from generation to generation. They say kids today will be the first not to outlive their parents and that is truly sad.

  • nojunk

    Good on Michelle for advocating a healthier lifestyle. Inform children directly so they can bother their parents to buy decent food instead of junk.

  • zaraaaa

    michelle is a hot first lady

  • JM

    Turn off the TV, turn off the computer, put the cell phone down and go outside and play!!!

  • well

    Good for our First Lady! Go Saints! Everyone up and exercise!

  • anon

    Jared your info is a little sketchy. First of all, the First Lady was promoting her own initiative, Let’s Move! which is partnering up with Play 60. And the NFL event was not at Brock School, FLOTUS was there earlier that morning for a talk with the kids and the pictures above were taken at Woldenberg Park in New Orleans.

  • rhonda

    Moochie is a prize alright! She has a two lobster dinner and then goes out at preaches nutrition to all the little black kids! the obamas are the fakest things on the planet. so glad MOST of America is waking up to this communist bullshit.

    Most of the stupid people still supporting Moochie don’t realize Moochies program cost 8 BILLION DOLLARS and the 8 Billion Dollars is being taken right out of the FOOD STAMP PROGRAM.

    So your going to love Moochies program as long as you don’t have a fat kid on FOOD STAMPS!

  • christie

    to bad she didn’t stay in Spain!

  • LeoRD

    Great example coming from the First Lady. Can we see more congress women and men going out with the same example? What a welcomed change in the image of First Lady of the United States. I am totally inspired!!!!

  • Ricardo

    With our children expected to live shorter lives than us, Obesity could not be more SERIOUS! Please write to congress and ask them to pass a bill that will improve school nutrition as a basic and necessary step. American schools are being take over by Asian students while we debate the politics of whether it is good or not to give our kids more exercise, better food, and keep them healthy and smart!!!

  • rhonda


    have you ever had food in the public schools, I wou ldn’t feed it to my dog! when I went to school we had green hot dogs and shriveled up carrot sticks. they wouldn’t put that slop in a vending machine. The Obama’s want UNIONS to take over the entire school lunch program. you should learn about what the OBAMAS REALLY WANT before you advocate punishing every kid in America with it. Shared misery, thats what the Obamas want, its not fair that one kids mother will fix her kid breakfast and mothers will prepare their lunches, we must ALL be assured green hots and shriveled up carrots just to make it fair. Mothers should get their asses up and fix meals that would cure alot!

  • KellStar

    @rhonda: Mothers AND fathers should be more proactive in preparing nutritious meals for their kids.

  • laverdadduele

    Quick! Call the zoo, they left the monkey cage open.

  • Halli

    She been such an active and lively First Lady. She’s not afraid to run around and get sweaty or anything like that. Totally awesome!!!

  • rhonda


    there probably isn’t a dad

  • KellStar

    @rhonda: Sad but valid point.

  • ObamaFan


    You’re a racist ass. A miserable, uneducated, ignorant, racist, Tea Party-lovin, Republican ass. So go f*ck yourself and take your evil breatheren like Laverdad and others who post such vile things on this site with you. Filthy pigs !! You spread nothing but lies, evil, bigotry about The Obamas to anyone who will read or listen to your dumbasses. I can’t wait until white trash like you dies out. Hopefully, it’ll be soon. The world will be better for it. That’s for sure.

  • rhonda


    NOT to many people ADMITTING to be Obamafans these day. Come November you’ll be the DYING breed. Thank-God! Communism is for losers like YOU!

  • ONO

    Jared – You need to reread your first sentence-it doesn’t make sense.

  • ObamaFan

    >>NOT to many people ADMITTING to be Obamafans these day. Come November you’ll be the DYING breed. Thank-God! Communism is for losers like YOU!>>

    @ Rhonda — Wishful thinking, beeoch !!! You anti-government-hating whale !!! You are the Communist. And you Repugnants don’t have a crystal ball like you want people to believe. We upstanding and decent, responsible people just may surprise you and all of those bull$hit pollsters who only seem to poll white Repugs to get their desired poll results, and turn out like we did for Obama and the Dems. (You obviously still can’t get over it and it’s been two years already !!)

    And even if you dummies go the route of the wrong again and take the house and senate, which I highly doubt despite all the threats and screaming, there’s such a thing as a veto pen, which My President holds. So there, you bunch of obstructionists will be out in the cold once again. Go run and cry on the shoulders of your disgusting, bigoted breatheren like Rush, Beck, Pailin, Schlessinger and the rest.
    You all make me sick. !!!!

  • MBAGRAD2010

    I love you ObamaFan!!! But the only way to really get back at those uneducated redneck bastards is to ignore them and not acknowledge their posts. Just remember they are beneath us. These trashy people have no real lives. They are miserable; they have dead-end jobs, and eat TV dinners when they’re not out hunting for possum. They’ve probably never set foot outside the boarders of the counties they live in. Refined people like us don’t even bother ourselves with these insects. Sooner or later they will be crushed like the cockroaches they are.

  • jackson


    refined people like us, lmao

  • MBAGRAD2010


    I guess you found my statement funny….Refined meaning someone who has both common sense and education. Some who uses their brain as a thinking tool. Not everyone has the ability or know how to do that.

  • julie

    go michelle, and first family, a welcome change

  • Best fatburner

    Great pictures