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Willow Smith's Promo Pics -- FIRST LOOK

Willow Smith's Promo Pics -- FIRST LOOK

Check out these hot new promo pics of Willow Smith!!!

The 9-year-old singing sensation recently signed with the Roc Nation label. Her parents Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith shared, “After meeting with several record companies, it was clear that Jay-Z, Ty Ty, Jay Brown and the Roc Nation staff was the unquestionable choice. Their passion for Willow combined with their boundless vision and artistic integrity made Roc Nation the perfect home for our little girl.”

As for Willow‘s first single, “Whip My Hair,” what does it mean? She recently explained, “[The song] means just being an individual. You can’t be afraid to be yourself and you can’t let anyone tell you that that’s wrong. My mom and I are very strong individuals and I just know that because lots of people don’t act like themselves so they’re not happy.”

Whip your hair back and forth! Whip your hair back and forth!

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# 1
Iffy Miffy @ 09/09/2010 at 1:54 pm

Ok, out with it. How much are you being paid by the Smiths Jared?!
She is not a singing sensation except in the delusional minds of her parents. Look at that picture! That child is 9, NINE years old! Horrible, just horrible!

# 2

Wow, she looks great :)

# 3

I want my kid to like that “hot mess” no thanks!

# 4

On the one hand, it’s disturbing that Will and Jada are doing this (sorry, I don’t want to hear how this is Willow’s choice). On the other hand, it might be nice for young African American girls to have a role model, now that Raven is grown up. Lots of child stars got their start at Willow’s age or younger…it’s just rare for for the parents to be celebs. Usually, it’s some stage mom who is living through their kid and using them to make a buck.

# 5

Ridiculous. Willow is a kid and should act like it.

# 6

Whoa shes only 9..
She looks so much older.

# 7

Ridiculous. This kid is 9 years old. Let her enjoy her childhood while it lasts!

# 8
anti-idol @ 09/09/2010 at 2:08 pm

Another overly-sexualized young girl being packaged for profit. Sad.

# 9

I am absolutely shocked. How can any parent agree to their 9 year old kid, wearing something like that. That shirt is absolutely disguting on a child that age.

It isn’t even that the Smith’ are hard up for money.


this is what you call a “role model”? don’t blacks have enough problems.

bubbaness @ 09/09/2010 at 2:16 pm

Really, Jared? We’re calling these pictures “hot”? She’s NINE YEARS OLD.

why are you promoting a Nine year old? shouldn’t she be in school?

She will not have the childhood that she needs to have and then Mr. and Mrs. Smith will be totally surprised when she qualifies for rehab soon(er or later). They have money to give their children the life most of people just dream about, and they could not let thei kids to just enjoy being a child.

Jada is a stage mom. The kid tried to be a movie star and failed and her movie bombed… Jada and child were so annoying during the promotion. so now jada is pushing her to be a singer and it looks like it might wok.

Jared, you always obsess over the most random people that no one cares for. Why must you shove this girl down our throats? She’s 9, I’m not. If I wanted to know about kids I’d go on over to your jr site.

why is she not on Just Jared Jr? She’s way too young to be on this blog as often as she is.

WTF@youpeople @ 09/09/2010 at 2:52 pm

I don’t see what all the uproar is about. She looks like the average nine year old in her summer clothes. Over sexed? Are you kidding me?! What world do you all live in – she looks quite normal to me maybe aside from her hair. When I was nine I wanted to be a star like Michael Jackson – like when he made it big at nine years old – WHO DIDN’T?!. It’s natural for kids to have dreams and even chase them. LUCKILY, some kids have great parents who actually let their kids shine and don’t try to mold them into what the parents want, but let the kids live out their dreams. And instead of being couch potatoes and throwing video games in their face to keep them out of their hair -> actually get their fat asses off the couch and make **** happen for their kids. This isn’t Joe Jackson, it’s Will Smith’s daughter. He’s been in the industry long enough to make sure this is done properly. They don’t NEED any money, so how they could possibly have a want or need to “pimp” this child is beyond me. Don’t be mad cause you couldn’t do it when you were a kid or because your children don’t have any talent or an IQ. Stop being so cynical and let’s just let the Smith’s do what they do best! Entertain us!

How can this little girl stay humble and grounded with everything being handed to her, I read that she has a stylist and now a record deal because Will Smith is her dad….Let this girl grow up


WHOA Hold on now YOU BETTER WATCH WHAT YOU SAY! Not ALL BLACKS ARE TROUBLE! you better check yourself before you wreck yourself.


do you read? this kid is NOT a “role model” for anyone. I was answering sillyme who said she could be a good role model for african american girls. BESIDES what you gonna do, beat me up?

Something about this I find pathetic and sickening. I mean she’s cute and everything but come on! She’s 9 years old. It seems a bit much. I’m sure their kids enjoy what they are doing but it seems like they are pushing their kids into it.

This is not a normal outfit for nine-year-old child. When you walk down the street you don’t see a nine year old wearing a see through off the shoulder shirt. This style of clothing is for teenager. She is a CHILD . By the way she not even a good singer. If you want to hear an amazing child singer you should listen to 10-year-old Jackie evancho.

….you lie, u found an opening to bring the whole race into this post, and oh…boy did you…’don’t blacks have enough problems’? Really

Just because you and your kind need to shout the problems of others to the world to feel good about yourselves, does not mean yours will vanish. Sure you could sweep them under the rug, and pretend to the world that all is well, you are only deluding yourselves…..deary. I’m Indian by the way.

This is so sad

Look how Jayden Smith turned out..he has an additude with Letterman, and have you ever seen him in interviews with Jackie Chan?? The kid has no respect, for people older than him, let alone a martial arts icon, having to do a movie with this little ungrateful brat!

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