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Joan Rivers: 'Fashion Police' Every Friday Night!

Joan Rivers: 'Fashion Police' Every Friday Night!

Joan Rivers is known for being brutally honest – and now you can hear her take on fashion every week as she hosts Fashion Police on E!

Melissa [Rivers, co-exec producer] and I are so excited to bring viewers Fashion Police on a weekly basis,” Joan said in a statement. “It’s great to be on E! where I can speak my mind about celebrity fashion choices, including the hits, misses and everything in between.”

Fashion Police premieres TONIGHT AT 10:30/9:30c on E! – right after The Soup.

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  • Anna

    that’s going to be interesting!

  • LOVE


  • Yolanda

    I wonder will Joan vajazzle her slack vjay for the show?

  • cd

    Joan has horrible taste in fashion

  • pinkydoo

    I love Joan, she is so awesome. I don’t care how many surgeries she’s had. She’s managed to stay in the telly business for years. She obviously knows her stuff

  • anon

    Every Friday night? That’s too much!

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    …i cant stand this ugly hating ass bish. she’s so annoying. i wish Trump didn’t let her in his show and ultimately bringing life back to her pathetic dead and gone career. its so funny how on those fashion police shows none of her jokes are funny yet people laugh and allow her to control it. it’s just funny how people who don’t even dress themselves can insult others who do.

  • sarah

    i think someone needs to be brutally honest to her about her messed up face.

  • the truth

    They are getting her for cheap. Didn’t her on there evry friday night. That’s not upgrading the show. Its already not reporting nothing on it anyway. Wish they would bring back coming attractions again Then would watch it more. After they hird RC the E! network has went doen hill. All they talk about now is who hooking up and they don’t do no good job at that. Abouit the romor that rachel bilson and jake gyllenhaal has hooked up no onehas mention that. It was on twitter and other sites and no one mention it.And about mnetion the movie takers they did a poor job at that. I won’t be watching anymore are shows anymore.Look like they don’t want to mention that Rachel bilson and jake gyllenhaal are rumored dating.Rachel and her people can’t keep using the story about jak when hayden comes to la. E! should have reported on that. Cause jake people can’t keep it in thedark that rachel and jake are seeing each other hush hush. JJ why didn’t report on the rumor ? you do it with everyone else.

  • cece yeo

    Joan is a comedy icon. She is a living legend!!!! Ill be watching…. Go R!

  • Best fatburner


  • Annoyedwith Joan

    I couldn’t believe Joan Rivers rascist comment a couple week’s ago when reviewing Amanda Riley’s (Mercedes from Glee) red carpet Emmy’s dress. She was saying how wonderful she looked and then turned and said, now this is so much better than the Precious star’s (Gaby Sidibe’s) outfit at another recent function. Why would she compare the two of them? What? One fat black woman is just the same as another fat, black woman? Does she not see how very different the two of them are? Completely different body types and personalities. So annoying that Rivers has such a narrow view of what beauty is. She showed her true colors in her comment.

  • Gabriel

    I luv u Joan Rivers, the show is the best, I have not missed one episode since it aired.

  • Kay

    Don’t count me as one of her adoring fans. I liked her before I saw her true colors on The Apprentice. She is a hateful, homophobic, prejudiced witch who has the nerve to dish on others fashions when she wears the gawdiest jewelry and clothes that she can find at yard sales. I couldn’t even watch the commercials announcing the show, so you know I’m not watching the show. I’ll be glad when enough people start complaining about how biased she is and TAKE HER OFF THE AIR! I’m like Limbaugh when he (inappropriately) said about our president, “I hope you fail” – not because of any hate I have for her, but because of the hate that she shows for others. She’s too old for this, and her age makes her mean which is unfair to everyone she is critiquing. Let it go, old lady!!

  • Marie

    Joan is an absolute riot! I wish she was on every night! Fashion Police is a nice change of pace….a need to laugh? Watch Joan! She’s fantastic!!


  • O.

    Joan When I need to go out I’m affraid I’ll Look Like A duche Help!!
    What Is Something Lean A guy Would Ware So I Don’t Look Like A Male WH**

  • http://EDDZ08 EDDZ08

    I think Joan needs to wind back the botox clock, Dig a hole to the core of the earth, jump in it with juliana and get Kelly to cover it up and build her house on it.. Kelly’s about the only cool one on here and Joan is just butt ugly and wouldn’t no fashion even if it smacked her in the face..



  • sandra crooks

    I love the show and Joan makes the show what it is. I just wish it was a one hour show.
    I don’t care if I aggree with her or not I just love the comments she comes up with.

  • Alan Katz

    we would like to get tickets to a taping of fashion police with Joan Rivers thank you we are Pam and Alan Katz 23549 Victory bl. #17 West Hills Ca, 91307 we look forward to hearing from you my wife totally enjoys Joans comments 818 716 6739

  • meagan

    im glad to see that there are other people out there who find joan rivers to be annoying. just the sound of her voice is worse than nails on a chalkboard. she bashes people for what they wear but has she ever looked in the mirror?????

  • cola harris

    joan LOVE IT always your sense of humor u keep it real reallly real and on another note i love how u drive ur daughter craaazzzy I live with mine well we live together until her husand come home from the miltary and on BITCH stole my loook look at Jill from new york n the same dress as Lea from miami n the reuion how funnny

  • Victor

    I luv Joan and always have. friday nights can’t come quick enough, I laugh for 1 hour str8 and it soothes the tension of the whole week. she is funny and so quick and I luv sarcastic himor and she still delivers even at her age..KUDOS to her. and as far as plastic surgery , you do what you have to do. you can’t hate her for her comments cause she makes just as much fun of herself as the people she makes fun of… and in most cases they really do look hideous and pathetic.. I have been a fan of Juliana’s since she began working and never realised Kelly was so sweet and likable till I saw her on Fashion Police,,, My only complaint is george and that is on many levels . I don’t know how he can style for others when he looks like Pee Wee Herman.. and everytime he cackles like a Hyena I expect his lips to pucker up and kiss Joans ass… he kneeds to go…

  • carolyn

    i find it very offensive that u think it is funny to make a joke about whitney houston death is so funny u can compare it to an outfit that someone wore to a tv show there is such a thing as respect for the dead she does have family that is grieving for her no one used your husband as a joke on his taking his life and the rest of u idiots on the show laughing everytime she utter some stupid joke that is not funny joan it was not funny u and the idiots on your show it could have been your family member that died respect for the family or shut the hell up what the hell is wrong with u people carolyn sutton

  • Jason

    I really enjoy reading all of the negative comments about Joan. I haave met her several times and she is a class act! she makes jokes and she is just expressing that life is too short and no one should take what she says so seriously. its a joke move on. if you dont like her dont follow her around making snarky comments. I’m pretty sure that everyone who has posted something negative dont have over 150mil. grow up people!