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LeAnn Rimes: Tour Starts Today!

LeAnn Rimes: Tour Starts Today!

LeAnn Rimes makes a quick phone call as she runs errands on Thursday (September 9) in Malibu, Calif.

The 28-year-old singer starts her tour TODAY in Redding, California! Check out tour dates here to see when LeAnn will be in a city near you!

Earlier in the week, LeAnn was spotted out going shopping at Williams-Sonoma after lunch.

10+ pictures inside of LeAnn Rimes running errands in Malibu…

Just Jared on Facebook
leann rimes errands malibu white pants 01
leann rimes errands malibu white pants 02
leann rimes errands malibu white pants 03
leann rimes errands malibu white pants 04
leann rimes errands malibu white pants 05
leann rimes errands malibu white pants 06
leann rimes errands malibu white pants 07
leann rimes errands malibu white pants 08
leann rimes errands malibu white pants 09
leann rimes errands malibu white pants 10

Photos: Flynetonline
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  • jackson

    people pay money to see her? really?

  • Racy

    Anybody have any apologies they would like to make to LeAnn and Eddie? Remember when you said Eddie had a noose around his neck and couldn’t get out of L’s sight? Did the ex wife say that or just that the noose was getting tighter? I don’t hear one word of apology but we are waiting for one of you (at least one) to come forward and fess up.


    Can’t believe you still post about this *****

  • laney

    my goodness Heidi is back in town

  • Joyce

    You will never get an apology LeAnn. Who & What do you think you are? Most decent people could care less about you. You are a sick b****

  • Joyce

    I don’t even know his ex, but everybody knows you don’t they? You are known as the butt ugly homewrecker who uses your boyfriend children to make yourself look good.
    And let me tell you one thing . . you don’t know me and you don’t want to know me

  • New Orleans Babe

    Oh Good: My Girl sure is looking fine! She has turned into a beautiful little lady. I was so glad to catch up on the threads and see her pretty face! She just made my night.

  • 221J

    Y should people apologize to U Leann Rimes? In fact. U will be the one who needs to apologize for
    All the dirt and lies u spread about Brandi poor Leann Rimes the ugly chubby kid grew up
    To be the ugly grinch face homewrecker BTW Leann aka Racy opening act
    Is not a Tour LOL your career is none.

  • 221J

    Another thing Racy if u r not Leann why did u say “we are waiting for an apology”
    Leann you are so d**kmatized you can’t keep your story straight
    Eddie had to pull away from you Leann he HAS to work can’t sit on your couch
    Watching monday night football all day! LMAO!!!

  • Maya

    She is an ugly homewrecker and will remain so…no matter how many tweets she does about someone else’s children…EDDIE is and will remain a douchebag and a deadbeat dad who uses his and lets his mistress use his kids !! They bith deserve each other

  • betty

    Racy Wasn’t Eddie committed to 3 episodes of Chase?You think the producers were going to work him around your schedule. Eddie has support money to pay

  • Not Impressed by AJ


    She wasn’t an ugly chubby kid, don’t project your self esteem issues onto Leann, please and thank you. The grinches are the ones who talk trash about her every day because they have no lives of their own.

  • here to help

    @Racy: Here’s one for you girl, I’m like Leann I like my quotes where they are needed Here’s to you girl “Love your Haters, they’re your biggest fans. Why? Because they waste time just to watch your every wrong move!” Baby you worry that Troll to death!!!!

  • Stacy

    Her filthy behavior makes her beyond disgusting. Karma is going to have a great time biting her in the a$$.

  • lauren

    She looks great…great singer, beautiful woman!

  • 221J

    @Not Impressed by AJ:
    You’re right she was not a chubby kid but she sure was ugly and she stll is.
    Sorry, no self esteem issues here don’t confuse me with Leann Rimes aka
    Racy now that is a desperate ugly phony lying homewrecker grinch Good night Ya’ll
    Hahahahahahahaha I just luvs it

  • AshleeD

    What good pics of LeAnn. She seems happy. Bet she is ready to get her concerts off and running. Hope she continues to tweet with her personel messages. They are so positive and she seems to be such a sweets.

  • butterflier

    A homewrecker and a deadbeat dad. Great combo!

  • Racy

    @BUTTERFACE: Yes, they are still posting about this happy, beautiful, talented woman (has lots of buck too – doesn’t that just burn your a**), has a beautiful, sexy man, who by the way doesn’t wear a collar, AND she can cook. Oh, well, I fit most of those things but I can’t cook, no talent to speak of, and my man isn’t exactly sexy but I am trying, I am trying. Hope I don’t get bitten by the jealousy bug like some of you before I arrive. PS. Am I somebody else that I have not been told about? Maybe Abraham Lincoln?

  • Racy

    @butterflier: Must be terrible for a good-natured, person such as yourself to be exposed to the wickedness of this world!! I have a question – since they are so wicked, why do they all look happy (I’m talking about LeAnn, Eddie and the kids now)? Think wicked might be worth a try? You sound pretty angry to me.

  • Damon

    JJ why did you sandwich a Leann post between two hot chicks (Britney and Vanessa). Now it’s just too obvious how butt ugly she is.

  • Racy

    @Joyce: I would bet that she thinks she is not Racy, that’s what I would bet. By the way, tell Joyce that I am not sure I would want to be “decent people” if these posting sites are any example. Whew! Some hard old broads on here also. Also tell the person who thinks I am aasmall that I AM NOT.

  • Racy

    @Joyce: AND ANOTHER THING – I would bet that if anybody knows what a sick b**** is, you would!! Plenty of experience. AH.

  • Here to help

    @Racy: Some of us kno who you are, you r who u r, but Racy feel good if they think you are leAnn. We all can wish can’t we?Enjoy ur freedom of speech tonight after all its America. Never let anybody take that right away. From the looks of it, he never will, HANG IN THERE!

  • Racy

    @here to help: I cannot count the number of times these lovelies have tried to have me banned. I never know if it is coming but I think JJ sees what is going on and is very fair about letting peolpe (sweet people like me that is) and numb skulls (like others I could mention but wont for fear of beging banned or reported as being the angel Gabriel) have their say. Yes the troll doesn’t care for me – I messed up one so much they had to get him or her help. Poor thing could not carry on a conversation without using my name!! Last I heard, they were teaching him to crochet. Hmm. Think that is why my husband crosses his heart sometimes when I get really tough on him?

  • rubyc

    @ here to help:

    In the other thread you said you don’t know racy, now you claim otherwise. you’re fooling no one. of course you know racy cause you are the same person but different personalities! you can also take lauren, allison, cbme, dallasfan, kaylin, etc.

  • betty

    Racy I posted you are aasmail johnson; I expect you to lie and deny because that is what you do.

  • betty

    aasmailjohnson claims to be a friend and defender of Eddies since when does a GAM (grown ass man)need a defender that his job.

  • Racy

    @rubyc: And you can take idiot, AH, old b**** and paid troll. Which would you prefer? I am not LeAnn; LeAnn takes the high road. I do not!!

  • Racy

    I don’t think that Eddie asked aasmall to defend him. I think she did it because she knows some things that you and I don’t and is merely stating fact and she also probably hates to see someone demeaned just because a pay check paid asks a person to do it. You know what I am talking about – don’t lie. Also, neither aasmall nor I have to wait until someone gives us a hint of what to say. I consider it a compliment to be called either aasmall or LeAnn, but I am not. There are still intelligent people in this world who says that Eddie and LeAnn have a right to their own lives and how they live them. You nor I have to approve. There has to be money involved here for people, who don’t even know either one of them, to try to hurt them after a yr and a half. We know who that concerns so much, don’t we?

  • rubyc

    I wonder what “high” road that is! And that idiot thing you always resort to when you are cornered gets boring! Decent people here know who the real idiot is.

  • Racy

    @rubyc: I will keep your secret if you will. Shhhhhhh!!

  • rubyc

    @racy your humor is pathetic. you wish you could keep your secret but your cover was blown. what sane person would post using different names and talk with herself. last time i checked that person should be in the asylum!

  • Racy

    @rubyc: The person who started this rumor should be in an asylum. I am many miles East of LeAnn tonight – doesn’t really matter if you believe it or not, but why do you think I would try to cover it up if I was LeAnn – or why would you think LeAnn would use the name Racy. She speaks very openly about what she does and thinks. What reason would she have to lie about who she is? There is no great honor in anonymity.

  • Cindy Jones

    @Racy: You need to get a life…………I just came back to turn my computer off hours later and you are still at it. If you can get Leann to stop tweeting for one day I will pay you 100 dollars.

  • Mrs. Cibrian

    I hear she’s dressing up as a girl scout and selling cookies under the name of Mrs. Cibrian. I guess a gal has to do something for a living since she can’t give away her music but this obssession with being Mrs. Cibrian is disturbing. Rock that cradle Lele!!!

  • Karen

    It’s pathetic when these child stars hang on too long. Having a friend take your picture to post as publicity is desperate. She should just marry that guy and start a new life.

  • blair

    Yea!!! Leann is officially on her county fair/chili cook-off tour!! Glad Eddie got to get away from her and live a stalker-free life……run, Eddie, run!!!!!

  • blair

    Can’t wait for the day when Leann’s greatest fear is realized……that she is never going to be Mrs. Cibrian (except in her cazy dreams)!
    Get the padded cell ready on that day!!!!

  • Texas Two Stepper

    eddie better live it up while he can because soon he’ll have to return to the bat cave

  • Karen (aka Mom)

    Don’t confuse “Karen” with me. Someone is trying to fool the good guys on here.

    Sorry Racy I couldn’t lend my voice last night. With y’all in spirit and you know what task I’ve been assigned (BIG SMILE)

  • lily

    leann looks so sweet in braids….and rosy cheeks….smile so bright…..thank you Just Jared

  • anon

    we all know that Leann is a man crazed stalker who chased a married man with kids because once she had a little Edddie she wanted the whole thing. both adulterers, cheaters, liars, , people without a conscience Then leann gets on twitter for over a year and taunts Eddis’ wife and wants everyone to know that she is now June Cleaver Doesn’t work that way If she had just stopped with the details of her job as mistress and make believe mother on twitter, this would probably all be forgotten by now. maybe Leann is a believer in the theory any publicity is good She has ruined over career over that theory and taken down her lover too i really hope Ed does get a job because he could seriously think about leaving her for his sake and his beautiful kids sake

  • somedaysrbetter

    Beautiful young girl. Behind you all the way .


    It seems like she goes to Williams Sonoma every day.

  • rubyc

    @lily and @someday:

    you are posting again the same comments. i miss that beautiful butterfly and bright smile you always puke out. can’t you be more creative than that? i know you’re one and the same person anyways so just cut the crap!

  • blair

    @rubyc….lol….well we know who is putting all the crap out there. I heard she is calling her county fair tour “crazy obsession”.

  • Birmingham

    I see she gets her advertising here a lot but don’t hear much about her anywhere else. I didn’t realize she was still singing except for Anderson’s old tune. I guess she’s singing just to pay the bills. I thought she’d made it big by now but she’s never been much of an entertainer. Mostly sits on a chair and sings. People won’t pay 20 bucks for that now days. Seems she’s up to the same thing she was 10 years ago, running around singing for who will ever listen and hoping somebody will toss a buck in the bucket.

  • Garland Texas

    @Birmingham:I have known Le for a very long time. She has grown in so many ways. She has become even sweeter with age and may I say beautiful. Looking at the pictures on this thread makes me have so many fond memories of LeAnn’s giving spirit and zest for life/I miss her so much.

  • boston61

    I hope she is taking Eddie with her. He should never be left alone.