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Maggie Q: 'Nikita' Takes Aim at Record Ratings

Maggie Q: 'Nikita' Takes Aim at Record Ratings

The series premiere of The CW’s new kick-ass show Nikita delivered the largest audience (3.6 million) in the time period in over 18 months. Impressive!

The show also built on its Vampire Diaries premiere lead-in by 9% in total viewers (3.6mil v. 3.3mil).

Congrats to the cast of NikitaMaggie Q, Shane West, and Lyndsy Fonseca! A job well done.

If you missed the premiere, it will repeat tonight along with Ashley Tisdale‘s Hellcats.

WHAT WAS YOUR FAVE part of last night’s premiere episode?

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  • ALEX

    Nikita sucked. I was dozing off halfway through the episode. It was really bad. The acting was bad and the scenes were copied off all other spy shows. I don’t think this show has an original thought in its writer’s mind. The ratings may be up for the premiere but wait till you see the ratings for next week. It will drop.

  • M

    agree with ALEX 100%
    Ashley was the only good thing about the show
    Maggie is way too thin, Shane can’t act, directing is bad, scenes ripped off from La Femme Nikita the movie and the tv show keep forcing the viewer to compare and the result of this comparison is not in favour of this new show

  • hal

    I watched it last night after vampire diaries and thought it wasn’t tooooo bad.. I’m sure ratings wil drop week but that’s only cause the show is not spectacular and seem predictable in some parts

    I think it’s great that a show with Asian protagonist is seemingly successful

  • Buttercup

    Why, oh why, do a remake of a series (La Femme Nikita), that already was a remake of an american movie (The Assassin) , that was a remake of a French movie (Nikita) ?

  • lexy hates bilson

    Nice to see from fresh faces on the board JJ!!

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    …i’m sure the only reason people watched this craap was because they were already watching vampire diaries and after all that awesomeness she didn’t bother changing the channel. ahahahahahaha.. `this show’s a remake or a remake that was copied from something that copied something else. these regurgitated ideas bore the fcuk outta me. if i wanna see anything like this i’ll go watch bridget fonda’s Point of No Return.. or i’ll watch alba’s Dark Angel (not!)

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    …oh yeah, maggie q was looking real fugly on that show to, i peeped a few mins of it i aint gonna lie. there was no sexiness going on. she’s fuglier than the girl they had playing her younger self. real talk.

  • Anthony

    I was a huge fan of La Femme Nikita and this compared in no way.. Not happy with the acting at all. Will not be watching again.

  • Mac

    I found it good. Maybe the idea is not new, but there was Buffy before TVD and there was ER before Greys and Ghostbusters before Supernatural… if you start looking for something new you have to turn off the TV – at all.

  • ms bar jolie gaga

    maggie is an overrated beauty. i find her odd looking actually and way too thin. the original was no joke. this i will pass on. alias was better. maggie needs a body like jennifer garner. oh yeah!

  • zuzann

    I like it, not love but just like .

    P.S Better then hellcats.

  • Ginger

    I didn’t watch it yet but my sister and her friend watched it. I came in ten minutes before the show ended and that’s when my sister and her friend both went “OH MY GOD!! OMG! WTHey!! NOW IT’S GETTING INTERESTING!!”

    So I’ll watch it tonight. And I do agree with Mac… every show is a copy of another show so Nikita is no different. What’s different is the story line… I like Maggie Q but she’s just too skinny for that tough female part.

  • Sadie

    I thought it was interesting and the last twist was great!
    So I will be watching the next episode and so on..
    but hellcats.. no. no. no.

  • Jokergurl

    Maggie Q is lethal in real life. There hasn’t really been an original idea on t.v. though since it was invented, everything is always a version of something else.

  • Davey

    Bionic woman all over again.Why remake a series for it to be 10 times poorer than the original.I can’t wait for them to do this to Buffy and Charmed.

  • Mikayla

    I thought the show was great! Maggie Q kicked ass!

  • Lenikins

    Sucked BIG time. I think most of them are miscast.
    Only one I liked was that Alex girl.
    And the ratings were because people were curious as La Femme Nikita was very popular in the 90s. Sadly, this is like a bad parody of it…

  • lovelydee

    I thought it was pretty good
    so I’ll be watching the next episodes.

  • zzzz

    I cringed through the first 15 minutes of bad writing and even worse acting, then turned it off. The lead actress looks profoundly unhealthy, like a meth addict or anorexic, and I hope she gets well, whatever is wrong.

  • Baixar seriado dublado

    caraio que post é esse bixo, jah to fazendo o download !! ate mais cara, obrigado pelo up

  • sara

    The original show was incredible (Nikita with Peta Wilson and Roy Dupuis)..this one with this untalented cast is boring..

  • zuzann

    Szczerze to nie wiem czemu tak się czepiacie, jak dla mnie to nie jest źle. Serial ma potencjał, tylko dajcie mu szanse!

  • jen

    was watching the vampire diaries, then watched the first 5 minutes of Nikita and had to change the channel, just awful and the protagonist needs to eat something, she is scary thin.

  • Orion

    The show is not oustanding, but it has something appealing to me. I really miss Alias and Dark Angel days. I hope it will last thorough the season and the story won’t stink.

  • Bia

    I found this new NIKITA great!!!

    People nowadays has strange tastes in series. Grey’s talk about sex more than medicine and have an audience outrageous. I do not know why. I think this is ridiculous.And many others who have much support and I dont see any interest.
    I loved this new version of NIKITA. To be honest, with 49 years of age, prefer to see Shane, Maggie and Lyndsy in this new, fresh and original series, than many of the shows that are on TV.

  • ECRC

    Very good show…
    I do not understand how some North American shows have a huge audience. People have a strange taste. And then most people who attend these hollow TV-shows, are still talking bad things about the other actors act.
    Nikita is perfect. It has a fabulous cast. But people here love to say insanidades.Please grow!

  • Philip

    Bring back Peta Wilson any day. She actually was believable as the tough femme fatale. She looked like she could actually do all that spy stuff being 6’2 and athletic not to mention gorgeous looking.

    Maggie Q looks like she would need help lifting a cup of tea to her lips.She’s just toooo skiny. I always laugh when she kicks some big guys ass when In my mind I think she would have trouble wiping her own.

    Alex actually steals the show, she’s quite convincing in her role as the mole and can act. The rest of the cast aren’t particularly watch-able. It’s a shame because I was excited when I heard they were doing a remake but the one one with Peta Wilson was gritty, dark, compelling, tense, pychological and just miles better, in just about every way

  • valerie

    I thought the show was amazing! I’ve been hooked on it ever since it got out (:

  • http://martnlotso martyn bd

    i loved this NIKITA!

  • Roni

    i think its a really good show i loved the story line and every eposide has something shocking happening all of you dont know shit. this show better not be canceled ill be very dissapponted