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Orlando Bloom & Miranda Kerr: Baby Bumpin' Around!

Orlando Bloom & Miranda Kerr: Baby Bumpin' Around!

Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr are quite the happy couple as they fly out of LAX aiport in Los Angeles on Thursday (September 9).

Miranda, 27, and Orlando, 33, are expecting their bundle of joy early next year!

Fashion festivities continue on in New York for Fashion Week without Miranda, but we have no doubt she’ll be bouncing back quickly and strutting her stuff soon enough!

10+ pictures inside of Orlando Bloom & Miranda Kerr baby bumpin’ around…

Just Jared on Facebook
orlando bloom miranda kerr baby bump 01
orlando bloom miranda kerr baby bump 02
orlando bloom miranda kerr baby bump 03
orlando bloom miranda kerr baby bump 04
orlando bloom miranda kerr baby bump 05
orlando bloom miranda kerr baby bump 06
orlando bloom miranda kerr baby bump 07
orlando bloom miranda kerr baby bump 08
orlando bloom miranda kerr baby bump 09
orlando bloom miranda kerr baby bump 10

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  • heidi

    She doesnt seem to happy about her pregnancy. Not judging..

  • flag boy

    What pictures are you looking at? Seems quite happy to me. And, even if she didn’t look happy, you’d know it was about her pregnancy? Psychic, hey?

    They look happy and quite gorgeous to me.

  • heidi

    @flag boy: Woah, calm down. The statement she released just didn’t sound enthusiastic to me.

  • Carol

    This baby will be GORGEOUS

  • @3

    If anyone needs to calm down it’s you. I mean view your statement again, “she doesn’t seem happy about her pregnancy” and you know this through a announcement? You know her emotions how exactly?

  • queen bee

    LOL Wtf she doesn’t seem happy? She has to be rainbows and sunshine all the freaking time? She’s pregnant, pregnancy makes you sick, and throw up and all that stuff, of course pregnant women are not all smiles and hearts all the time XDDD
    And tbh she seems quite happy to me. This baby is going to be so gorgeous.

  • heidi

    @@3: My comment wasn’t the least bit aggressive, so no I don’t need to calm down. Its called an opinion.

  • 222

    @heidi: i agree. many pregnancies aren;t planned so it makes sense if shes shocked/not thrilled right now

  • @7

    An opinion? If you had said, ‘she doesn’t look happy’, then that’s a fine observation, but when you added ‘about her pregnancy’, it’s not an observation, nor an opinion. It’s an unfair statement, since you don’t know how she feels about her pregnancy. (and I wonder how pregnant women would feel reading such things directed at them)

  • heidi

    @@7: i have two boys myself. my comment was about miranda, not every pregnant person. get over it.

  • zimmazimma

    jared post about doutzen!!

  • @7

    But yet again how would you know she’s not happy? Is there a way of knowing without know her personally and without being a mind reader? Nope.

  • heidi

    oh my goodness its just how it came off to me, i didnt say she called me and told me. she could be thrilled, who knows

  • joanne

    wft.? she’s all happy. they make a beautiful couple.♥

  • lola

    Hurrah Orlando’s good hair is back. Much better at this length, with a bit of face fuzz, hopefully it won’t all go when he’s finished on The Musketeers

  • As

    of course she’s happy! Otherwise she would have nothing to forcely talk about on her facebook with her ‘friends’ who need to buy her skincare and her book (I hope people don’t really believe she cares about them on facebook..) and also Orlando would never get married with her if she wasn’t (of course, it’s XXIcen, yes yes say what you want, She wouldn’t have anything to sell to Vogue magaizne, all in all they needed an exclusive info if she wanted to be on the cover of it.
    So, who says she isn’t happy, I’m sure she’s amazingly happy.

  • @16

    Thank you SO much for the laugh. I needed it. Now go and get a life. Try growing up too.

  • @16

    ” (I hope people don’t really believe she cares about them on facebook..)”
    Why wouldn’t they? She’s already making a heck lot of money from modeling, so what money could she possibly need from her products? Why would she spend time to give her fans advice on health and self-confidence. Even starting a whole blog with a lot of helpful tips to those who need it. No harm done.
    “and also Orlando would never get married with her if she wasn’t”
    Poor Orlando, right? He’s been with her for three years, are married and creating a family. What more is there to dwell on? It’s not like he was planning to marry you, anyways, and that’s what really gets you.
    “She wouldn’t have anything to sell to Vogue magaizne, all in all they needed an exclusive info if she wanted to be on the cover of it.”
    Wrong again, she gave no “exclusive” just an innocent confirmation to the photographer. If it was US Vogue, then I guess you would have a point, but Spanish Vogue is nothing to really aspire to, especially if you shot for Italian Vogue, who used her solely as a model, and nothing else.
    Paranoia is not very fun, is it?

  • just sayin’

    @16 – The way I heard it – he chased her until she caught him. I think he’s thrilled to be where he is – looks quite happy with his life. Check out the way he talked about her at the “telethon” for the Australian fires – where he went to be with her – his lips didn’t look like they were lying to me.

  • @16…

    Oh please when are you idiots going to finally realize that Orlando will never be yours………he’s in love with Miranda, happily married and their having a baby……it’s time to move on and get over your jealousy and envy…….again, GET OVER IT!!!!

  • oh please

    some of you guys talk about them like you know them personally. reality check. And if you think she is not happy. you need glasses. Congrats to both. there young there beautiful so why not. good luck to both. I hope they have many more ..

  • Stay healthy!

    She looks great. Hope her pregnancy will be a healthy one from start to finish.

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  • Tata

    She looks beaming! she is very happy! some people are just blind, i suppose…

  • teary
    ^ this photo of them two is very heart-warming and touching, almost got me teary. :(

  • Jayne

    No orlando not happy because he could not fine me LOL,LOL, HAHAHA, LOL. I think orlando looks lovely .

  • sara

    They are so beautiful!
    Anyone who can look at these pictures and then claim that they aren’t happy has to have something wrong with them.
    They are both glowing!
    They are going to make such wonderful parents!

  • Pixie Girl

    What an idiotic first comment to get us started. lol

    She looks positively glowing with happiness & love and he looks happy and protective.

    I wonder where they’re headed? Maybe the art exhibit where his scuplture is on show and then the movie set?

    Love them!


  • maela

    maybe heidi is Kate bosworth who wants to kill herself for letting him go…muhahahaha… they look happy and IN LOVE…

  • More pictures

    @Pixie Girl:

    I agree!

    Plus, Lots more pictures on OL:

    Take a look and feel the love you pitiful haters. LOL

    Enjoy the beautiful couple being happier than you’ll ever be. =)

  • Courtney

    first pregnancies it’s natural to be scared anything can happen it can be going fantastic one minute and end unexpectedly the next obviously Miranda is scared that she might not lose the weight after the baby is born which could mean her modeling career is finito.

    if you don’t believe the first thing I said just look at these two pictures of Joanne Woodward circa 1958 one on her and Paul Newman’s wedding day and one after she won the oscar

    on the occassion of their wedding her pregnancy seemed to be going quite smoothly but unfortunately something went wrong during their honeymoon and she miscarried the baby so the oscars triumph was bittersweet because she missed that bond a mother and child have so when she became pregnant again a few months later both of them were very skittish to show any joy what so ever in public at least because they were terrified of the same tragedy happenning again. and Paul knew if history did repeat itself that it would be more traumatic the second time than it was the first time. but thankfully it didn’t and she happily gave birth to their first daughter Eleanor Teresa April 8th 1959 in New York City whom the proud new parents viewed as an angel sent to help them heal from the loss but not as a replacement one child never replaces another

  • ihatebooks143


  • Beautiful couple!

    They look wonderful. What a joyous time for them. Can’t wait until they are a beautiful family of three!

  • just sayin’

    @31 – you’re scary….take all that negativity away!

    They look marvelous and happy and they’re going to have a beaut of a healthy baby!

  • http://justjared mjforlife

    Can’t wait for January LOL.

  • blaste

    not to be mean, but she kinda looks like she is on cancer meds.puffy face and the hat makes her seem bald.

  • @36….blaste.

    Wow, you really must be consumed with such jealousy and hatred to make such a horrible comment about a pregnant woman……. talk about being one twisted bitter person……ever hear of Karma???

  • Blaste you


    Are you kidding me?! You MUST be trying to get a rise from people here because to say “not to be mean” then follow it with your comment is, well, MEAN! So, you’re trying to irritate people, be a troll or you’re an idiot.


    I agree with all the positve comment. She looks great, he looks great and soon they will have a sweet baby.


  • Aww, the glow of love…

    I bet they’ll be such great parents! She looks healthy and I love how he seems protective. Adorable couple. :)

  • YAY!!

    They look so wonderful together.
    Miranda is glowing and Orlando looks fantastic!
    And it looks like he is taking very good care of Mama Miranda. He’s such a good man.

  • Yikes

    There are some scary people posting comments! What a strange bunch of birds! So full of negativity. Their life – and minds – must be very empty.

  • @41

    They have no one in their lives that love them, so they are resentful of those who have found love.
    They can’t stand to see someone happy.
    This marriage and pregnancy is just killing them.

  • @36

    Actually I was thinking she looks bald too. Especially in the photos where she’s in profile. But I’d never have thought of cancer treatment. I was thinking she looks a bit like Boy George. But certainly looks poised and happy and all that.

  • lola

    They were flying to London.
    OLove has new pics of them arriving at Heathrow.
    How anyone can look as good as they do after coming off that horribly long flight is beyond me.
    They look fantastic.
    I would look like I was ‘rode hard and put up wet’.
    They can’t be human. They are too perfect.

  • callmewhatever

    Anyone who says she’s not happy to be pregnant is an idot! Damn are people suppose to smile ear to ear 24/7??? People act like celebs arent human. Its not like she got knocked up by some loser she met at a bar. She is married to and pregnant by ORLANDO FREAKIN BLOOM!!! OF COURSE SHE’S HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • :)



    Love your comment. Too cute and true!

  • Courtney

    I wasn’t trying to be scary just saying anything can happen and that particular example came to mind because they happen to be my favorite couple in the history of film. and Orlando happens to be in the same industry by back then studios could by a grieving star privacy where as now pretty much nothing can. time changes and waits for no one.

    good luck to the expectant parents with their little one on the way. children are always a blessing.

  • mailey


  • jaye

    I was so heartbroken when I realized that he REALLY wasn’t Legolas and that Legolas was.. a………a ……..fictional character! Waaaaaaaah! D*amn you J.R.R. Tolkien!

  • http://justjared mjforlife

    OK 36 = A PSYCHO . Do you pitiful people feel better about your pathetic lives saying horrible things like that?